Subseries 2.2
Other writings, 1964-2004
Boxes 68 - 73; OP9

Arrangement Note

Arranged in alphabetical order.

Box Folder Content
68 1 Anonymous, "Article on the Education Summer School for Inclusion in the Magazine of the Royal Society of Literature" [ RSL], typescript
68 2 Anonymous, "Back Home," poem signed Marco, photocopied typescript
68 3 Anonymous, Collection of poems, photocopied typescript
68 4 Anonymous, Collection of poems, carbon typescript and photocopied typescript, letter signed Chris, holograph notes, 1969
68 5 Anonymous, Discussion of "what Field Day is all about," photocopied typescript with a few holograph corrections
68 6 Anonymous, "Elder," poem with holograph note, signed Patrick, typescript
68 7 Anonymous, "The Feast of Lughnasa," poem, photocopied typescript
68 8 Anonymous, "Fishermen of Neagh, typescript, 24 pages
68 9 Anonymous, "From the 'Amusement of the Muses,' Book I: The Mimic Muse," collection of poems, photocopied typescript
68 10 Anonymous, "Great Irishmen- Padraic O'Conaire," typescript with clipping and letter, undated
68 11 Anonymous, "Guilty of Dust," poem, typescript, 1984
68 12 Anonymous, "Halved," poem for Seamus Heaney, photocopied typescript
68 13 Anonymous, "Hopkins on Skellig Michael," poetry collection, photocopied typescript
68 14 Anonymous, "Hydriotaphia?" poem, typescript
68 15 Anonymous, "Magician," poem, carbon typescript
68 16 Anonymous, "Mushrooms," poem, photocopied typescript
68 17 Anonymous, "Mycenae Wavelengths," poem, typescript
68 18 Anonymous, "Myths," "No Wind," "Vandal," "Moher Revisited," "Weather and Weatherings," "A Visit on Death, " Bigfoot," typescript with some holograph notes
68 19 Anonymous, "Nightshift," "Hearth," poems, typescript with corrections
68 20 Anonymous, "The Provincial Museum Assen," and "Memento Mori," poems, typescript with notations
68 21 Anonymous, "A Refutation," holograph poem
68 22 Anonymous, "The Sea in Winter," poem with holograph notes, photocopied typescript
68 23 Anonymous, "Spirit of the Age," poem, typescript
68 24 Anonymous, "Swifts," poem, carbon typescript
68 25 Anonymous, "Teaching German Literature," "Brothers," "An Easy Death," poems, photocopied typescript
68 26 Anonymous, "A Tie," poem, typescript
68 27 Anonymous, "Time, Objects, and the Body," essay, typescript
68 28 Anonymous, "To a Cuckoo at Coolnalough," poem, typescript
68 29 Anonymous, "Trying on Hats (with a friend), poem typescript
68 30 Anonymous, untitled poem [for John Hewitt], photocopied typescript, 1977
68 31 Anonymous, untitled poem, photocopied typescript
68 32 Anonymous, untitled poem regarding St. Francis, typescript
68 33 Anonymous, untitled short story, photocopied typescript with some revisions
68 34 Anonymous, "Vermeers," poetry collection with note signed Floyd, photocopied typescript
68 35 Anonymous, "A Visit to Poland: Control, Freedom, and the Appetite for Poetry," essay, photocopied typescript
68 36 Anonymous, "The Young Islanders," treatment for television documentary, 1996
68 37 Awano, Lisa Dickler, The Education of Juan Bobo, Chapter 1: "The First Day of School," novel in progress, typescript with letter from the author, 1993
68 38 Bantayehu, Getinet, "Poetry," essay, photocopied typescript
68 39 Banville, John, excerpt from Kepler: A Novel, typescript with letter from the author dated 14 January 1980
68 40 Bazakas, Konstantine C., six poems, carbon typescript, 1978-1981
68 41 Bidart, Frank, "Genesis 1-2:4," poem with note signed by the author, photocopied typescript, 1982
68 42 Bidart, Frank, "The Sacrifice," poetry collection, photocopied typescript with holograph note signed by the author, 1982
68 43 Black, Liam, "Johnny the Goat," poem, typescript, 25 October 1996
68 44 Blumenthal, Michael, "Oedipus II," poem, photocopied typescript
68 45 Booth, Martin, "Four," poem and "Beotham," translation of British epic verse with cover letter from the author, photocopied typescript, 1990
68 46 Breen, Robert P., "America's Reef," poem, typescript, signed by the author, 1997
68 47 Brodsky, Joseph, rhymed foreword to Peter Viereck's Tide and Continuities: Last and First Poems, May 1993, photocopied typescript
68 48 Brown, Celia, "Michelangelo," poem, typescript, 1986
68 49 Brown, George Mackay, "A Harp for a Wedding," photocopied holograph poem, October 1985
68 50 Bryan, Arthur, "Canto II," poem with a few revisions, photocopied typescript
68 51 Bull, Iris, "Facets of War," "The Gulf," "A Backward Glance," "Without You," "A Walk in Winter," "Gifts," "Cavaliers," "Life's Little Ironies," poems, photocopied typescript, 17 November 19[??]
68 52 Burns, Gerald, "In her Selected Poems," typescript, 18 July 1988 with "The Myth of Accidence, Book VII" [first half], typescript
68 53 Buttle, Myra, "Aere Perennius: A Fantasy," typescript, 1964
69 1 Campbell, A.R., "Ord Glen," poem, typescript, 1991
69 2 Campbell, Philip, Celtic poem translated into English, holograph manuscript, 1998
69 3 Crotty, Patrick, review of Ferocious Humanism: An Anthology of Irish Poetry from Before Swift to Years After, W.J. McCormack, editor, facsimile copy, 2000
69 4 Dale, Peter, translator "A Selection of Poems of Erminia Passannati," photocopied typescript, 1997
69 5 Davie, Donald, "Two Poets," poem, typescript, initialed by the author
69 6 Dawe, Gerald, "Against Piety: A Reading of John Hewitt's Poetry," essay, photocopied typescript
69 7 Deane, John F., "Seafarer," a version of the Anglo-Saxon poem, photocopied typescript signed by the author with "The Journey," printed Turret Poetry Poem Card No. 17 inscribed and signed by the author
69 8 Deane, Seamus, "The Broken Border," typescript poem
69 9 Delaney, T.G., "Excavations in Carrickfergus 1974," narrative, photocopied typescript, 1975
69 10 DePoor, Donald M., eight poems, holograph and typescript
69 11 Desmond, John, Introduction of Seamus Heaney [speaker at Walt Whitman Lectures] at Whitman College, 14 February 1999, photocopied typescript with holograph note from the author
69 12 Donnelly, Brian, "Michael Longley (1939- )," entry for Dictionary of Literary Biography, photocopied typescript, 1983
69 13 Dowling, Ben, The Calligraphy Shop, poetry collection, photocopied typescript
69 14 Eder, [?], Untitled collection of poems, photocopied typescript with holograph notes in Seamus Heaney's hand, 1992
69 15 Eijkelboom, Jan, "Wegdrijven," translation of poem by Seamus Heaney, photocopied typescript
69 16 Elman, Richard, translator, "The Old Poet," a map poem of Nicaragua by Mario Cajina Vega, photocopied typescript with note to Seamus Heaney from the author
69 17 Ewart, Gavin, "To Seamus in Grateful Appreciation of Bed and Breakfast," holograph poem, signed by the author
69 18 Fitzgerald, Robert, translator, Aeneid II, 3-56, photocopied typescript, 1979
69 19 Flanagan, Thomas, Afterword for Ireland's Field Day edited by Seamus Deane, photocopied typescript with holograph corrections
69 20 Flemming, Alan, Four holograph poems, 1985
69 21 Foley, Michael, "Seeing Is Not Believing," holograph poem; "Different Fruit," "Bogey Men," "Saturday Night," typescript with revisions; "Three Poems," published, unknown source
69 22 Ford, P.K., "Devorgil," poem, photocopied typescript
69 23 Ford, Walton, Poems with letters from the author, typescript, 1987-1989
69 24 Forester, Michael, Souls, Songs and Solitude, poetry collection, photocopied typescript with letter from the author, 2000
69 25 French, Elain Warren, The Devlin Brothers," poem holograph manuscript, undated
69 26 Friel, Brian, Translations, photocopied typescript of play script, ca. late 1970s
69 27 Gebhardt, Peter, British Bulldog, poetry collection, page proofs, undated
69 28 Grealy, Lucy, ten poems, photocopied typescript, 1992
69 29 Greenblatt, Stephen, "Racial Memory and Literary History," essay, photocopied typescript with holograph note to Seamus Heaney
69 30 Hammond, David, "The Magic Fiddle," a documentary film proposal submitted by Flying Fox Films, photocopied typescript
69 31 Hanna, Davoren, "Lines in Time of Mourning," for Seamus and Niall, poem typescript, 1986
69 32 Hanson, Matthew Vernon, "William Alfred: A Study in Primary Archival Research and a Prolegomena to a Life of Witnessing," [dissertation], pp1-49 and front matter, 2000 [1of 6]
69 33 Hanson, Matthew Vernon, "William Alfred: A Study in Primary Archival Research and a Prolegomena to a Life of Witnessing," [dissertation], pp. 50-99 [2 of 6]
69 34 Hanson, Matthew Vernon, "William Alfred: A Study in Primary Archival Research and a Prolegomena to a Life of Witnessing," [dissertation], pp. 100-149 [3 of 6]
69 35 Hanson, Matthew Vernon, "William Alfred: A Study in Primary Archival Research and a Prolegomena to a Life of Witnessing," [dissertation], pp. 150-199 [4 of 6]
69 36 Hanson, Matthew Vernon, "William Alfred: A Study in Primary Archival Research and a Prolegomena to a Life of Witnessing," [dissertation], pp. 200-249 [5 of 6]
69 37 Hanson, Matthew Vernon, "William Alfred: A Study in Primary Archival Research and a Prolegomena to a Life of Witnessing," [dissertation], pp. 250-275 [6 of 6]
70 1 Hays, J., "Our Dragon Brings Me Her Love Poem for You," poem, typescript, 1982
70 2 Heaney, Carmel, "Northern Ireland- the Policy of the Government of Ireland," address at Harvard University, photocopied typescript, 1979
70 3 Hewitt, Christopher, poetry collection, photocopied typescript, 1991
70 4 Hornback, Bert G., "Tables Turned," poem, facsimile typescript, 1997
70 5 Holland, Jack, "Sean Juan: Cantos 1 & 2," photocopied typescript, undated
70 6 Howell, Christopher, Music in the Ice, poems, photocopied typescript, 1973
70 7 Hudepol, Hank, Coal Dragon and Other Discoveries, poetry collection, photocopied typescript, 2000
70 8 Hughes, Ted, "6 September 1997," poem, typescript [telefacsimile copy], 24 September 1997
70 9 Hughes, Ted, Birthday Letters, photocopied typescript of poems to include, ca. 1998
70 10 Hughes, Ted, “The Burnt Fox,” prose, typescript, ca. 1994
70 11 Hughes, Ted, holograph notes, undated
70 12 Hughes, Ted, "Walt," poem, typescript, ca. 1989
70 13 Hughes, Ted, "A Working Definition of Mythic," in Shakespeare and the Goddess of Complete Being, prose, typescript, ca. 1992
70 14 Jennings, Elizabeth, "A Simple Wedding," "Considerations," and "Friendship," with "Crow and the Birds," and Crow's Table Talk," by Ted Hughes; "Beside the Seaside," "Mountain Swim," "Ulster," and A Nativity" by Michael Longley, typescript
70 15 Johnston, Carol Ann, "Poems My Father Taught Me," photocopied typescript with holograph letter dated 17 December 1989
70 16 Kavanagh, Patrick, "The Battle of the Poets," poem, 2 pp., holograph manuscript, signed, dated March 1940
70 17 Kearney, Richard, After the Face, poetry collection with holograph letter from the author, photocopied typescript, 1978
70 18 Kearney, Richard, "Transitions: Narratives in Modern Irish Culture," essay, photocopied typescript with revisions
70 19 Keefe, Joan, "An Eighteenth Century Irish Curse: On the Death of Dawson," (from the Irish of Sean Clarach MacDomhnaill), photocopied typescript
70 20 Keefe, Joan, Translations of Irish Poems, photocopied typescript
70 21 Kelleher, John V., "Too Small for Stove Wood, Too Big for Kindling: Collected Verse and Translations," photocopied typescript
70 22 Kendall, Tim, six poems, photocopied typescript
70 23 Keys, Kerry Shawn, seventeen poems, photocopied typescript, signed, ca. 1998
70 24 Kiely Benedict, excerpt from his novel, Nothing Happens in Carmincross, holograph manuscript, 45 pp., ca. 1985
70 25 Kobiernicki, Leszek, "The City as a Sea," poem, photocopied typescript
70 1 Kofman, Gil, "A Turn Away From Home," typescript, 1992
70 2 LeMieux, Debbie, "For Yia-Yia (My Grandmother)," four poems, photocopied typescript
71 3 Longley, Michael, poem list for No Continuing City with one poem ("Fanny Hill") from the list, carbon copy, 20 August 1968
71 4 Longley, Michael, Lares, poetry collection, photocopied typescript, 1972
71 5 Longley, Michael, poems dated 1972: "Ghost Town," (1 June 1972), "Curriculum Vitae" (two drafts: 15 April 1972 and 19 April 1972), "Wounds" (undated), "Pateen" (3 November 1972), holograph, some with notes and signed
71 6 Longley, Michael, poems dated in February 1973: "Death-Watch" (13 February 1973), "A Dedication," "Soft Target," "Sea-Burial," "Genealogy," "The Lodger (20 February 1973), "Arc de Triomphe" (5 March 1973), "The Bat" (20 November 1973 and 23 November 1973), photocopied typescript, signed by the author
71 7 Longley, Michael, An Exploded View, poem collection, photocopied typescript, 1973
71 8 Longley, Michael, poems dated 1974: "The White Goose (1 January 1974), "The Swim" (revised version), "Cross Country," "The Cottage," "Triangle: The Pool, The Lesson," "Fleace," "On Sitting Down…" (5 February 1974), "Belladonna" (13 May and 26 June 1974), "A Birth" (21 June 1974), "Ferry" (15 December 1974), photocopied typescripts, some signed
71 9 Longley, Michael, poems dated 1975: "Aunts: Maude, Daisy," "Master of Ceremonies," "Edward Thomas's War Diary," "Hare," "Tulip," "A Small Hotel" (4 March 1975), " Mole," "A Birth," "The Contributors" (21 March 1975), "Mother-of-Pearl," "The Guelder Rose," "Odyssey," "The Old Story," Loamshire" (8 April 1975), "A Small Hotel" (8 May 1975), photocopied typescripts, some with holograph revisions, some signed by the author
71 10 Longley, Michael, "Home Ground" (May 1978), photocopied typescript, signed and dated
71 11 Longley, Michael, Poems dated 1987: "Love Poem," "Parts of the Body," "Whale," "Runes" (February 1987), photocopied typescript, signed and dated
71 12 Longley, Michael, poems dated 1990: "Homecoming," "Tree-House" (17 August 1990, signed and dated with holograph note to Seamus Heaney
71 13 [Longley, Michael?], "Big Derek Walcott," dated 26 April 1993
71 14 Longley, Michael, "Poetry," 10 June 1998, typescript with holograph note and date, signed
71 15 Longley, Michael, undated poems: "Dreams," "The Eel," "Halycon," "Stilts" (for Paul Muldoon), "Pretending to be Drunk," photocopied typescript
71 16 Longley, Michael, undated poems: "Irish Poetry," "Letters: To Three Irish Poets," "To James Simmons," "To Derek Mahon," "To Seamus Heaney," photocopied typescripts with a small number of holograph corrections
71 17 Longley, Michael, undated holograph poems: "The Lamplighter," "Home"
71 18 Longley, Michael, reading sheets for Belfast Poets Group, includes: "Narcissus", "Dr Johnson Dying", "In a Convent Cemetery", "Remembrance Day", "Gathering Mushrooms", "To Bix Beiderbecke", "Nausicaa", "The Freemartin", sixteen copies
71 19 Longley, Michael, "The Robin," undated with holograph letter
71 20 Longley, Michael, poem fragment, holograph
71 21 M[?], Jeff, "For a Sad Absentee," 21 September 1989, photocopied typescript
71 22 McCabe, Bernard, "Shop Talk," poem, typescript, signed
71 23 McCabe, Jane, "Echoes from England: The Poetry of Christopher Reid," essay, photocopied typescript
71 24 McGuckian, Medbh, "How Precious Also Are Thy Thoughts unto Me," essay, photocopied typescript
71 25 McGuckian, Medbh, "Photograph of a Passerine in Song," telefacsimile copy, 2000
71 26 McGuinness, Frank, "Caolin: A Song for Nice Voices," photocopied typescript
71 27 McGuinness, Frank, Carthaginians, drama, photocopied typescript, pp. 1-59 [1 of 2]
71 28 McGuinness, Frank, Carthaginians, drama, photocopied typescript, pp. 60-120 [2 of 2]
71 29 McGuinness, Frank, adapt. Uncle Vanya by Anton Chekhov, scenes from a rural life in four acts, photocopied typescript
71 30 MacIntyre, Tom, "The Kathryn Scene," short story, photocopied typescript with letter from the author
71 31 Maher, Kathleen, "In Media Res," short story, typescript, ca. 2003
OP9 Mahon, Derek, "Beyond Howth Head," (For Jeremy Lewis), photocopied typescript signed by the author, March-April 1970
71 32 Mahon, Derek, "A Disused Shed in Co. Wexford," photocopied typescript, signed by the author, 7 November 1972
71 33 Martin, Augustine, "Hound Voices Were They All: An Experiment in Yeats Criticism" photocopied typescript with corrections
71 34 Montague, John, "A Primal Gaeltacht," essay signed by the author, photocopied typescript
71 35 Montague, John, untitled poem, carbon typescript with holograph note, signed
71 36 Montague, John, "The Water Carrier," "The Little Flower's Disciple," "Back Door," "Sweeney," "For the Hillmother," "Penal Rock/ Altamuskin," photocopied typescript, undated
72 1 Morpurgo, Michael, Twist of Gold, photocopied typescript, pp. 1-99 [1 of 2]
72 2 Morpurgo, Michael, Twist of Gold, photocopied typescript, pp. 100-196 and chapter 35 [2 of 2]
72 3 Muldoon, Paul, "Cauliflowers," poem, typescript
72 4 Muldoon, Paul, Mules, photocopied typescript, ca. 1977
72 5 Murphy, Richard, "Overboard," typescript poem, undated
72 6 Nagley, Ruth, untitled article regarding formation of Commonwealth Library in Athens, photocopied typescript, 1997
72 7 O'Brien, Darcy, Way Down in Little Egypt, photocopied typescript with some revisions, notes, 1989
72 8 Oldcorn, Tony, "Comparison between The Inferno and Purgatorio and 'The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock'"
72 9 Parini, Jay, "Boy, Rising," poem, photocopied typescript with note by the author
72 10 Parker, Michael, "To Grazyna," "Some Time, Years Later" photocopied typescript with holograph letter from the author, 1987
72 11 Pine, Richard, Diviner: The Mind and Art of Brian Friel, pp. 1-89, photocopied typescript, 1989 [1 of 2]
72 12 Pine, Richard, Diviner: The Mind and Art of Brian Friel, pp. 90-184 and Notes, photocopied typescript, 1989 [2 of 2]
72 13 Pinsky, Robert, "Mr. Mintser," short story, photocopied typescript with some holograph revisions
72 14 Quinn, Gerald, "Joyce and Tenebrae: The Ironic Passion and Death of Gabriel Conroy," 1998; and "Frost's Synecdochic Allusions," 1999, articles for publication, typescript
72 15 Rawling, Tom, "The Barn," poem, typescript, signed and dated by the author, December 1989
72 16 Rawling, Tom," The New-born Calf," poem, signed by the poet "for Seamus," typescript, 1982
72 17 Reddy, Srikanth, seven poems from Facts for Visitors: Poems, photocopied typescript, 2004
72 18 Rodman, Selden, "Greco's Toledo," poem, carbon copy
72 19 Rifbjerg, Klaus, "Terrains vagues," poem, photocopied transcript, 2001
73 1 Sargeant, Howard, "Idol Chatter," "Teenage Equestrienne," and "Double Knife-Throwing Act," poems, typescript
73 2 Savidis, [Anthony?], "George P. Savidis, Greek American Emeritus," Nicholas Christopher lecture, Harvard University, undated
73 3 Scanlan, Patricia, "Bullet in the Gullet," poem, photocopied typescript, 1988
73 4 Schaller, Edigne, "Catinuity," and two untitled poems, typescript with revisions
73 5 Schoeck, Richard J., ten poems responding to poems of Seamus Heaney, photocopied typescript, with cover letter to Seamus Heaney, 1984
73 6 Schuchard, Ronald, "T.S.Eliot and Ted Hughes," essay, typescript undated
73 7 Sharples, Rachel, five poems, photocopied typescript
73 8 Simmons, James, "Birth," "Rogation Day: Portrush," "Lily," "The Second Time Around," "The Honeymoon," "Knocking On," "Meditation in time of Divorce," photocopied typescript with some revisions
73 9 Simmons, James, "Naming Your Pleasure," "Gentlemen's Agreement," "The Island Again," poems, photocopied typescript
73 10 Sleigh, Tom, Waking, poetry collection, photocopied typescript, ca. 1990
73 11 Smith, John T., Brave New World, poetry collection with letter, typescript, 1991
73 12 Sommer, Jason, Lifting the Stone, poetry collection, photocopied typescript
73 13 Sommer, Jason, Lifting the Stone, photocopied proofs with cover letter, 1991
73 14 Sommer, Jason, "Singing Something," "Homecoming," "Fighting with My Father," poems, typescript
73 15 Steele, Peter, "Attention to Feeling: Derek Mahon's Past," essay, typescript
73 16 Strachan, Pat, eulogy delivered at memorial service for Anne Sullivan, 30 November 1995, photocopied typescript
73 17 Summerfield, Geoffrey, "All at Sea," story for Michael and Christopher Heaney, typescript signed by author
73 18 Summerfield, Geoffrey, "On Receiving 'A Rich Hour,'" poem for Seamus and Marie, typescript, signed by author, 1989
73 19 Summerfield, Geoffrey, "Treading on Holy Ground," essay, photocopied typescript with revisions
73 20 Tagliabue, John, four poems, typescript, with ACS and ANS and envelope, 2002
73 21 Temple, Elizabeth, "The Picture Vanishes or The Keeper's Story," and Seal Woman," poems, photocopied typescript, 1992
73 22 Tuteur, Mary, "Egg-plant Madonna," "Snake Dreams," "On Earth," student poems, typescript
73 23 de Valera, Terry, Rhymes of Remembrance, poetry collection with TLS from author, photocopied typescript, 1998
73 24 Vazivani, Rectika, three student poems, carbon typescript
73 25 Vendler, Helen, prepublication holograph notes for Government of the Tongue, ca. late 1980s
73 26 Wall, Alan, After Danae, poetry collection, photocopied typescript with cover letter
73 27 Wallace-Crabbe, Chris, collection of poems, typescript and photocopied typescript, 1991-2000 and undated
73 28 Weeks-Pearson, Tony, "The Bridge," novella, photocopied typescript with ALS, 1999
73 29 Wheelock, C. Webster, "The Winter Lingers," "Irish Poet's Reading," poems, photocopied typescript, 1985
73 30 Williamson, Alan, "The Values of Contemporary European Poetry," photocopied typescript
73 31 Wyley, Edna, "Diary of a Fatman," poem, photocopied typescript, 2000
73 32 Zinsmeister, J., "Ketchikan," poem, typescript, 1984
73 33 Unidentified poems
73 34 Unidentified fragments of prose