Series 13
Books, 1978-2002
Boxes 33 - 37

Scope and Content Note

This series contains books collected by the donor.

Arrangement Note

Arranged by content.

Box Folder Content
33 Robert's rules of order, the classical manual of parliamentary procedure, Henry M. Robert, 1978
33 El cholera, historia, prevencion y control, Leonardo Mata, 1992
33 The hills of sidon, journal of an american doctor in lebanon, Leila Richards, 1988
33 Safe water systems for the developing world: a handbook for implementing household-based water treatment and safe storage projects, department of health and human services centers for disease control and prevention, undated
33 Medical epidemiology, Raymond S. Greenberg, 1993
33 Closing the gap The burden of unnecessary illness, Robert W. Amler, H. Bruce Dull, 1987
34 Control of communicable diseases in man, fifteenth edition, Abram S. Benenson, 1990
34 Speech writing a handbook for all occasions, Joseph J. Kelley, Jr., 1980
34 The clinician's migrant health directory, 2002
34 Vibrio cholerae and cholera molecular to global perspectives, 1994
34 Patients the experience of illness, Mark L. Rosenberg, 1980
35 Control of communicable diseases in man, twelfth edition, Abram S. Benenson, 1975
35 Infections in children, Ralph J. Wedgwood, Starkey D. Davis, C. George Ray, Vincent C. Kelley, 1982
36 Cholera, current topics in infectious disease, Dhiman Barua, William B. Greenough III, 1992
36 Quest for the killers, June Goodfield, 1985
36 Infectious diseases, Paul D. Hoeprich, 1972
37 Freedom individual and social, Phra Debvedi, 1990
37 Beirut, a population and health profile, Huda C. Zurayk and Haroutune K. Armenian, 1984
37 Solar disinfection of drinking water and oral rehydration solutions, Aftim Acra-Zeina Raffoul-Yester Karahagopian, 1984
37 Principles and practice of cholera control, World health organization, 1970
37 Guidelines for cholera control, World health organization, 1993
37 Nursing education in the middle east, community health needs and curriculum development, Myrna E. Mathia and Lorena S. Yamine, 1983
37 Nelson Mandela and the rise of the ANC, undated