BEDERMAN, DAVID J., 1961-2011.
David J. Bederman Collection of Printed Material, 1986-2012, undated

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Creator: Bederman, David J., 1961-2011.
Title: David J. Bederman Collection of Printed Material, 1986-2012, undated
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Abstract:Consists of articles written by David Bederman in 27 law journals, as well as teaching materials, offprints, and a book review.
Language:Materials entirely in English.

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Transfer from the Center for Study in Law and Religion, Emory Law School, 2014.


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Collection Description

Biographical Note

Born in Atlanta, Georgia in 1961, David J. Bederman earned degrees at Princeton University, the London School of Economics, the University of Virginia School of Law, the University of London, and earned the prestigious Diploma of The Hague Academy of International Law in 1989. Following his education, Bederman returning to Atlanta in 1991 where he spent the next twenty years as a Professor of Law at Emory. During this time, Bederman taught courses and seminars on international law, torts, admiralty, international institutions, law of international common spaces, legal methods, legislation and regulation, customary law, international environmental law, and foreign relations power. In addition to his teaching, Bederman served as advisor to the Emory International Law Review and was director of international legal studies. He also established the Supreme Court Advocacy Project at the Emory Law School, and was an Associated Faculty Member of the Center for the Study of Law and Religion (CSLR).

A prolific scholar, author, and legal historian, Bederman's academic and professional career focused on international law and its practical impact on American government. He authored 12 books and 125 articles, and presented at more than 80 lectures across the United States and Europe. Bederman also was counsel of record in 52 cases in the United States Courts of Appeals, and he argued four cases before the U.S. Supreme Court, the first case involving torts liability standards in the Antarctic.

David J. Bederman died on December 4, 2011. Prior to his death, the Emory Law School established the David J. Bederman Fund, and in 2014 established the Bederman Research Professorship, to be awarded annually to recognize the outstanding contributions of a faculty member. The David J. Bederman Fellowship in International Law was established in the same year, which will allow two Emory Law students to annually attend the Summer Programme at The Hague Academy of International Law.

Scope and Content Note

This collection consists of 60 articles written by David Bederman over the course of his career. The complete issue of the journal is included with the articles, and for most journals, two copies are included for each. Also included is a teaching manual for admiralty cases which Bederman co-authored, offprints, and one book review.

Arrangement Note

Organized alphabetically by title of law journal.

Container List

Alaska Law Review
Box Folder Content
1 1 "High Stakes in the High Arctic, Jurisdiction and Compensation for Oil Pollution from Offshore Operations in the Beaufort Sea," 1987 June
American Journal of International Law
1 2 "Agora: Medellín, Medellín's New Paradigm for Treaty Interpretation," 2008 July
1 3 "Current Developments: Congress Enacts Increased Protections for Sunken Military Craft," 2006 July
1 4 "International Decisions," Keith Highet and George Kahale III, 1990 October
1 5 "International Decisions," Peter D. Trooboff, 1989 April
1 6 "International Decisions, Larsen v. The Hawaiian Kingdom," 2001 October
1 7 "Jurisprudence of the Foreign Claims Settlement Commission: Iran Claims," 1997 July
1 8 "Symposium: The ILC's State Responsibility Articles," 2002 October
1 9 "The 1871 London Declaration, Rebus Sic Stantibus and a Primitivist View of the Law of Nations," 1988 January
Chicago Journal of International Law
1 10 "AEI Conference, American Sovereignty: Issues for the New Administration and the New Decade," 2001
1 10 "What's Wrong with International Law Scholarship?" 2000
Columbia Journal of Transnational Law
1 11 "Reforming the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act," 2002
Columbia Law Review
1 12 "The Curious Resurrection of Custom: Beach Access and Judicial Takings," 1996 October
Emory International Law Review
1 13 "Antarctic Environmental Liability: The Stockholm Annex and Beyond," 2005
1 14 "Reception of the Classical Tradition in International Law," 1996
1 15 "The Feigned Demise of Prize," 1995
1 16 "The Pirate Code," 2008
1 16 "25 Years of Student Scholarship and Editorship for the Emory International Law Review, 2011
Emory Law Journal
2 1 "Diversity and Permeability in Transnational Governance," 2007
2 2 "Public Law and Custom," 2012

Also includes an invitation of the inaugural David J. Bederman Lecture, 2011 September 26.

2 3 "The Cautionary Tale of Alexander McLeod: Superior Orders and the American Writ of Habeas Corpus," 1992
2 4 "The Randolph W. Thrower Symposium, Foreign Policy Issues Facing the New Administration; Globalization, International Law and United States Foreign Policy," 2001
2 5 "World Law Transcendent," 2005
European Journal of International Law
2 6 "Collective Security, Demilitarization, and 'Pariah' States, 2002 February
Georgetown Law Journal
2 7 "Constructivism, Positivism, and Empiricism in International Law," 2001 January
Georgia Journal of International and Comparative Law
2 8 "Dead Man's Hand: Reshuffling Foreign Sovereign Immunities in U.S. Human Rights Litigation," undated
Harvard Journal on Legislation
2 9 "Of Banana Bills and Veggie Hate Crimes: The Constitutionality of Agricultural Disparagement Statutes," Bederman article, 1997 Winter
2 10 "Of Banana Bills and Veggie Hate Crimes: The Constitutionality of Agricultural Disparagement Statutes," complete volume, 1997 Winter
International Tax and Business Lawyer
2 11 "The Bank for International Settlements and the Debt Crisis: a New Role for the Central Bankers' Bank?" 1988 Winter
Loyola Maritime Law Journal
2 12 "Refusing Salvage," 2008 Spring
Journal of Maritime Law and Commerce
2 13 Volume 27, Number 4, 1996 October
2 13 Volume 28, Number 1, 1997 January
2 14 Volume 30, Number 1, 1999 January
2 14 Volume 31, Number 2, 2000 April
2 15 Volume 39, Number 1, 2008 January
Notre Dame Law Review
2 16 "Admiralty and the Eleventh Amendment," 1997 May
Saint Louis University Law Journal
3 1 "Guilty Pleasures of Teaching Admiralty," 2011 Winter
Southern California Interdisciplinary Law Journal
3 2 "The Classical Constitution: Roman Republican Origins of the Habeas Suspension Clause," 2008
Texas Law Review
3 3 "The New International Law in an Old Age of Indeterminacy," 2003 May
The American Society of International Law
3 4 International Law: A Handbook for Judges, 2001
Tulane Law Review
3 5 "Compulsory Pilotage, Public Policy, and the Early Private International Law of Torts," 1990
Tulane Maritime Law Journal
3 6 "The Contemporary Contours of Admiralty Jurisdiction," 2007 Summer
University of Arkansas at Little Rock
3 7 "A Chilly Reception at the Court," 2003 Spring
University of Colorado Law Review
3 8 "Deference or Deception: Treaty Rights as Political Questions," 1999 Fall
University of Miami Inter-American Law Review
3 9 "Historic Salvage and the Law of the Sea," 1998 Fall
Vanderbilt Journal of Transnational Law
3 10 "Exploring the Foreign Country Exception: Federal Tort Claims in Antarctica," 1988
3 10 "The 'Common-Law Regime' of Foreign Sovereign Immunity: The Actual Possession Rule in Admiralty," 2011 October
Virginia Journal of International Law
3 11 "Law of the Land, Law of the Sea: The Lost Link Between Customary International Law and the General Maritime Law," 2011
3 12 "The Souls of International Organizations: Legal Personality and the Lighthouse at Cape Spartel," 1996 Winter
4 1 "Theory on Ice: Antarctica in International Law and Relations," 1999
4 2 Volume 26, Number 2, 1986 Winter
4 2 Volume 27, Number 2, 1987 Winter
Widener Law Symposium Journal
4 3 "Maritime Preservation Law: Old Challenges, New Trends," 2002
Teacher's Manuals
4 4 Admiralty Cases and Materials, LexisNexis, 2005
4 5 CCAMLR in Crisis: A Case Study of Marine Management in the Southern Ocean, 2000
4 6 Creditors' Claims in International Law, undated
4 7 Foreign Office International Legal History, 2004
4 8 Grotius and His Followers on Treaty Construction, 2001
4 9 Jurisdiction and Admissibility-Interpretation of Jurisdictional Clause in Pact of Bogotá-Contadora Peace Process, 1998
4 10 Religion and the Sources of International Law in Antiquity, 1999
4 11 Rethinking the Legal Status of Sunken Warships, 1999
4 12 Second Newport Symposium: Sunken Treasure, 2000
4 13 The Unique Legal Status of the Bank for International Settlements Comes Into Focus, undated
4 14 "The Sword and the Scales: The United States and International Courts and Tribunals," undated
4 15 Custom as a Source of Law, Cambridge University Press, 2010