Subseries 5.2
Organizations and Faculty Groups, 1937-2008, undated
Box 21

Arrangement Note

Arranged alphabetically by title.

Box Folder Content
22 1 Board of Counselors, 1972-1979
22 2 Board of Counselors (1 of 2), undated
22 3 Board of Counselors (2 of 2), undated
22 4 Faculty groups, 1937-1938

Identified persons include: Decora Adams, Florence Giles, Mrs. James Hinton, E. Walton Strozier, Marion Brooke, Charles S. Forester, Gladys Dorough, Mrs. Jamie B. Smith, Melvin R. Ellington, Virgil Y. C. Eady, C. Lee Harwell, A. W. Jackson, George S. Roach, Wilbur A. Carlton, W. Otis Dorough, Frank Lee McCoy, Charles T. Lester, and E. J. Brown.

22 5 Faculty groups, 1940s-1950s

Identified persons include: Cecil Allgood, Hamby Barton, Richard Bender, E. J. Brown, Jack Carlson, Rem Edwards, A. W. Jackson, C. C. Jarrard, Hoyt Oliver, C. B. Meyer, Neal Ponder, and M. C. Wiley.

22 6 Faculty groups, 1960s
22 7 Faculty groups, 1970s-1980s

Identified persons include: Charlie Burnett, Joseph Guillebeau, Fred Landt, Dan Moore, Hoyt Oliver, Patti Owen-Smith, Lloyd Parker, Neil Penn, Tom Tredway, Jim Warburton, and Ina Jane Wundram.

22 8 Faculty groups, undated

Identified persons include: Carlton Adams, Jack Atkinson, Charles Bennett, Andrew Bible, E. J. Brown, Charlie Burnett, Wilbur A. Carlton, Bobby Chandler, Sammy Clark, V. Y. C. Eady, Judy Greer, Richard Gunter, W. B. Kennedy, Dr. Knox, Fred and Mary Landt, Peg McPherson, Carlos Meyer, Carson Meyer, William Murdy, Hoyt Oliver, Bill Pharis, Dick Shappell, E. W. Strozier, Dick and Peggie Wiegand, M. C. Wiley, and Judy Wood.

22 9 Faculty groups, undated

Identified persons include: Monica Ali, Dan Campbell, Ted Davis, William J. Dickey, Fran Elizer, Marshall Elizer, Bond Fleming, Sarah Gregory, R. T, Houts, Dr. Mintz, William Moncrief, Homer Sharp, Dr. Tarkenton, Roy Varner, M. C. Wiley, Don Wood.

22 10 Faculty, individual, 1967-1968, undated
22 11 Staff photographs, 1969-2008