Oversize Material, 1865-1892, undated
Boxes 11-12

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11 1 Map: Ville d'Orleans Plan, undated
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11 2 Supplement to the Jewish Chronicle. The paper contains a report of the presentation by the Jewish community in England to Manning for his help and interest in the persecution of Jews in Russia, 1890 October 31
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11 3 Oversized letter in Pencil from Sister Magdalene of Jesus, 1888 August 31
11 4 Newspaper articles reporting on Manning's death, 1892 January 14-15
11 5 13 page manuscript draft of the obituary notice of Nicholas Cardinal Wiseman which was written by Manning and printed in the Dublin Review, 1865
11 6 Proclamation of congratulations to Manning from Philip Archbishop of Colon, Latin, printed on velum, 1890 May 25
11 7 Manuscript dictation of Cardinal Wiseman during the last weeks of his life to Manning and William Thompson, 1865 March 16
11 8 Galley Proof: Message to the diocese regarding the Education of poor children, by Manning, 1865 November 19
12 1 Fragment, manuscript page concerning religious belief as a requirement for the holding of legislative office, 1 page, undated
12 2 Fragment, manuscript concerning unemployment, 1 page, undated
12 3 Manuscript for either an article or a speech on outdoor relief, 4 pages 8-11, undated
12 4 Manuscript for an article on national workshops, 3 pages, undated
12 5 Manuscript for an article, "A Pleading for the Worthless," in Contemporary Review, 9 pages, 1888
12 6 Letter to Sir John Simon regarding the Jews in Russia, 2 pages, undated
12 7 Article entitled "Gordon Memorial." The article is part of Manning's correspondence concerning the African slave trade, undated
12 8 Outline concerning education and the Act of 1870, 2 pages, undated
12 9 Manuscript for an article or speech concerning the London Strike and political economy, 7 pages, undated
12 10 Manuscript concerning the doctrine of Papal Infallibility, ca. 1869
17 1 Aula del Concilio Ecumenico Primo Vaticano Convocato Dal Sommo Pontefice photograph print by Altobelli Gioacchino, undated.
17 1 Parish of St. Pancras resolution to express regret at the death of Cardinal Manning, 1892.
17 1 Portrait of Henry Edward Manning, 1878
17 1 "Our Portrait Gallery -- The Cardinal-Archbishop of Westminster," Men and Women: A Weekly Biographical and Social Journal, 1887 Apr 9