Series III
Literary Works, Other Authors, 1852-1951
Box 6

Box Folder Content
6 10 S. Caroli Effigies Bera. Two portraits of St. Charles Borromeo by a Milanese Painter named Ambrosio Fidino. Included is a and written explanation of his life and of the portraits, undated
6 11 Copies of Letters from Monsignor Nicolo Ornameto to St. Charles Borromeo. Included is a newspaper clipping explaining the provenance and significance of the letters, 1565-1566
6 12 Theological defenses by unknown authors. Subjects include Sacred Scriptures, divine Grace, and the Infallibility of the Church, 1852-1853
6 13 The Virgin Mother According to Theology, ca. early 19th century. The author of the original work was Reverend John Baptitalot who was a Priest of the Society or Mary. This copy of his work is a translation from the French to English. The identity of the translator is unknown.
6 14 First Steps in Plain Chant: For the Use of School and Choir Children. This work was done by Charles Walker who was a member of the Irish Society of Cecilia, undated
6 15 The Resurrection of Julian the Apostate. This work by Pere Ragey is an English translation of a French original, undated
6 16 Copy of the Report in the Archives of the Cardinal Archbishop of Erno, 1891 August 10
6 17 Latin Constitution of the Chapter Cathedral of Aesine, undated
6 18 Copies of manuscript translations from the Spectum of St. Edmund. These copies were made from the manuscripts in the British Museum. Included are Seven Prayers of Pater Nostre, undated
6 19 The Myrrour of the Chyrche, author unknown, undated
6 20 Illmo e Revmo Monsignor Vescovo di Nottingham, index of prophecy in Italian. This work also contains a table of the New Moon, 1830-1900, undated
6 21 On Manning Gladstone Letters etc, Shane Leslie, 1919
6 22 On Cardinal Manning, Shane Leslie, 1951