Series VII
Miscellaneous Material, 1856-1889, undated
Box 9

Box Folder Content
9 1 Address Book of Henry E. Manning, undated
Box Folder Content
9 2 Subscription form in French, the form contains many signatures and is numbered 2 with other documents numbered 3 through 7 following, ca. 1856
Box Folder Content
9 3 Autograph Book of Pope Pius IX at Corpus Christi, 1864
9 4 Miscellany, two pieces of music, a sonnet and a litany, undated
9 5 Londini Ad S. Etheldredae [Program announcing the restoration of the Cult of St. Ethelreda], 1889
9 6 Calling cards and book plate
9 7 A photographic copy of a portrait of Federici Cardinal Borromaei. [Found in 1754 Cath v. 2 (part of the Manning Collection)]