Series V
Memorabilia, 1859-1931, undated
Box 3

Box Folder Content
3 29 Printed Invitations and Announcements, 1915-1931
3 30 Military History Notes of Captain Martin Petrie. Martin Petrie was Mary Carus-Wilson's father, circa 1859
3 31 Military Forces of the Nations of Europe by Captain Martin Petrie, 1861
3 32 Geography Notes of E.G. Macdowall (later Mrs. Martin Petrie). E.G. Macdowall was the mother of Mary Carus-Wilson, 1820
3 33 A Highland Adventure, pamphlet by Irene E.V. Petrie. Irene Petrie was the sister of Mary Carus-Wilson, circa 1890
3 34 "Our visit to Ports Mouth", essay by Martin Macdowall Carus-Wilson. Martin Carus-Wilson was the son of Mary Carus-Wilson and her husband Charles Ashley Carus-Wilson, circa 1909
3 35 The Royal Engineer Journal containing an article on Earth Current Telegraphy by Louis Carus-Wilson. Louis Carus-Wilson was the son of Mary and Charles Ashley Carus-Wilson, 1920
3 36 Officers of the Royal Engineers on the Active and Retired Lists. Contains the name of Louis Carus-Wilson, 1921
3 37 Photographs and sketches by Captain L.c. Carus-Wilson (Louis) on voyage from Birkenhead to Port Said, Egypt, undated