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African Missionary Postcard Collection, circa 1900-1950.

Emory University

Pitts Theology Library

1531 Dickey Drive, Suite 560

Atlanta, GA 30322


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Descriptive Summary

Title: African Missionary Postcard Collection, circa 1900-1950.
Call Number:Manuscript Collection No. 353
Extent: 1.25 cubic feet (5 boxes)
Abstract:Consists of roughly 3,000 individual postcards depicting early twentieth century Christian missionary activities in Africa.
Language:Materials entirely in English.

Administrative Information

Restrictions on Access

Unrestricted access. Handling note: Postcards in boxes 1-3 are divided into groups of 50. When viewing these postcards, retrieve a single group at a time and place a flag in its space. Postcards should be kept flat in a pile and flipped through like a book. The items are in numerical order and all attempts should be made to retain this order.

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[after identification of item(s)], African Missionary Postcard Collection, MSS 353, Archives and Manuscript Dept., Pitts Theology Library, Emory University.


Processed by Brandon Wason, May 2015, February 2016.

Collection Description

Historical Note

This large collection of postcards contains images of Christian missionary activity in various parts of Africa. Though some of the postcards have been stamped and mailed, the vast majority are unused. People researching ethnography, missiology, or the history of Christian evangelism and mission in Africa may find this collection particularly useful. Pitts Theology Library acquired this collection in three parts (2007, 2015, 2016).

Scope and Content Note

This collection contains three thousands postcards dating from the early to mid twentieth century (the bulk being from the 1930s). The images and photographs on the cards include villages, schools, churches, missions, and people. The collection acquired in 2007 has been scanned and made available on the Pitts Theology Library's Digital Image Archive (under call number MSS 353). The contents below does not yet include the postcards acquired in 2015 and 2016.

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Container List (Partial)

Box Folder Content
1 A Gauche, la Maison des Soeurs Blanches (At Left, the House of the White Sisters)
1 A L'entree du Village (At the Entrance of the Village)
1 A l'Etape (A step. ??)
1 A l'Ombre des Bamboos (In the Shadow of the Bamboo)
1 A l'embarcadere De Samkita (At a Dock in Samkita)
1 A la Porte du Dispensaire (At the Door of the Dispensary)
1 African Smile
1 Africanischer Rhythmus (African Rhythm)
1 Afrique Equatoriale (Equitorial Africa)
1 Afrique Orientale (East Africa)
1 Algemeen Zicht der Missie (Overview of the Mission)
1 Algemeen Zicht–Rungu (General View–Rungu)
1 Allee Pallissandres (Rosewood Road)
1 Allee Principale d'un Village Indigene (Main Street in a Native Village)
1 Allee des Palmiers Conduisant au Fleuve (Alley of Palm Trees Leading to the River)
1 Alleen in Een Hoekje (Alone in a Corner)
1 Allez Donc Trouver (Let Us Work)
1 Als de Pater Komt (As the Father Arrives)
1 Amadi (Congo) School (School, Amadi, Congo)
1 Amadi L'Eglise – Kerk (Amadi, The Church)
1 Ambavahadimitafo (Ambavahadimitafo)
1 Ancienne Maison and Oude Woonst (Old House and New House)
1 Anciens Remparts d'Imito (The Ancient Walls of Imito)
1 Annuntiaten van Heverlee (Annuntiatien of Heverlee?)
1 Antilope Inyala (Inyala Antelope)
1 Apres une rRde Journee (After a Long Journey)
1 Arabische Kleederdracht (Arab Clothing)
1 Arrivvee Dans un Soudan Village (Arrival in a Sudanese Village)
1 Atelier de Broderie (Embroidery Workshop)
1 Au Coeur de la Granda Foret (At the Heart of the Great Forest)
1 Au Fil de L'eau (At the Water’s Edge)
1 Au Pied de la Cascade (At the Foot of the Waterfall)
1 Au Village Chretien 't Christendrop (In a Christian Village)
1 Autel Fabrique a la Menuiserie de Kisantu (Altar Carpentry Factory, Kisantu)
1 Aux Bords de L'Ogooue (On the Banks of the Ogooue)
1 Aux Bords du Wuri (On the Banks of the Wuri)
1 Awale Speelster te Raviart (An “Awal” Player, Raviart)
1 Babumameisjes (Babumameisjes)
1 Bapteme Solennel d'un Chef au Congo Portugais (Formal Baptism of a Chief in Portuguese Congo)
1 Barque sur le Zambeze (A Boat on the Zambeze)
1 Bebe Repose (Baby at Rest)
1 Binnenste van Eene Inlandsche Hut (Interior of a Native Hut)
1 Bootjevaren (Sailing the Boat)
1 Boudewijnstad - Reunion du Dimanche (Baudoinville. Sunday Meeting)
1 Brazzaville-Mission Catholique (Brazzaville–Catholic Mission)
1 Brouillard au Lever du Soleil (Fog at Sunrise)
1 Brug Over de Lukula (Bridge Over the Lukula)
1 Calavi-En Station Secondaire (Calavi–in the Second Row??)
1 Cameroun-Eglise de Yabassi (Cameroon–Church of Yabassi)
1 Campement de Nomades (Nomad Camp)
1 Cascade de Maletsunyane (Waterfall of Maletsunyane)
1 Cascade de la Lulua (Lulua Falls)
1 Catechisme en Images Dans un Village du Sierra-Leone (Catechism Images in a Village in Sierra Leone)
1 Catechisme en PleinAair (Outdoor Catechism)
1 Cathechism en Plein Air (Outdoor Catechism)
1 Cathedrale Ste-Anne (St. Anne Cathedral)
1 Cathedrale de Brazzaville (Brazzaville Cathedral)
1 Cathedrale de Brazzaville (Cathedral of Brazzaville)
1 Cathedrale de Dakar (2) (Dakar Cathedral)
1 Cathedrale de Dakar (Dakar Cathedral)
1 Cathedrale de Ouidah (Cathedral of Ouidah)
1 Cathedrale–Bujumbura (Cathedral in Bujumbura)
1 Centraal Seminarie te Kabwe (Central Seminary of Kabwe)
1 Centre Medical (Medical Center)
1 Chapelle Batie par les Chretiens (Chapel Built by the Christians)
1 Chapelle Kapel (Chapel)
1 Chapelle Provisoire a Kikwit (Temporary Church, Kikwit)
1 Chapelle de l'Hopital de Luluabourg (Chapel of the Hospital in Luluabourg)
1 Chapelle de la Maison-Mere (Chapel of the House-Mother)
1 Chapelle de la Mission–Linzolo (Mission Chapel)
1 Chapelle des Soeurs (Chapel of the Sisters)
1 Chapelle et Chretiens D'ampaho (Church and Christians, Ampaho)
1 Chapelle et Maison des Missionnaires (Chapel and Missionary House)
1 Chappelle Provisoire Dans un Poste (A Temporary Chapel in a Post.)
1 Chappelle et Chretiens de Village des Balois (Chapel and Christians from the Village of Balois)
1 Chceme Pouciti Cernochy (We Teach the Blacks ???)
1 Chef Catechiste (Chief Catechist)
1 Chef Muyaka (Chief Muyaka)
1 Choeur de l'Eglise-Midden Koor (Choir of the Church)
1 Choeur de la Chapelle de St. Gabriel (Choir of the Chapel)
1 Chorale Indigene a Elisabethville (Native Chorus, Elisabethville)
1 Chutes Mhonda (The Falls of the Mhonda)
1 Chutes de la Lulua aux Environs Luluabourg (Lulua Falls, in the Vicinity of Luluabourg)
1 Classe de Chant par un Catechistes (Catechist Singing Class)
1 Clinique Medicale–Elisabethville (Medical Clinic (Hospital)-Elisabethville)
1 Coin d'un Village Indigene (Part of a Native Village)
1 Coin de Foret au Gabon (Part of a Forest in Gabon)
1 Coin de Village (Part of the Village)
1 Colonie Enfants Debiles–Dongelburg (Facilities for Mentally Challenged Children)
1 Comment on Construit une Eglise (How to Build a Church)
1 Congo Katende - De Missie (Katende, Congo - The Mission)
1 Congo-Propriete de Scheut (Congo–Scheut Province)
1 Congo: A la Source (Congo: At the Spring)
1 Congo: Mission de Kissantu (2) (Congo, Kisantu Mission)
1 Congo: Mission de Kissantu (Congo, Kisantu Mission)
1 Consecrations au Sacra Coeur (Consecration to the Sacred Heart)
1 Construction de la Cathedrale de Brazzaville (Construction of the Cathedral at Brazzaville)
1 Construction de la Chapelle de Notre-Dame (Construction of the Chapel of Our Lady)
1 Construction de la Chapelle de la Mission de Kialou (Construction of the Chapel of the Kialou Mission)
1 Costume en Ecorce d'Arbre (Habit of Tree Bark)
1 Cotonou-L'Eglise Catholique (The Catholic Church)
1 Cour Iinterieure de la Mission (Courtyard of the Mission)
1 Cour Interieure de la Mission (Courtyard of the Mission)
1 Couvent des Soeurs–Kisantu (Covent of Sisters, Kisantu)
1 Creche des Soeurs du Saint-Esprit a Yaounde (Creche of the Sisters of the Holy Spirit, Yaounde)
1 Dahomey - Coin de Lagune (Dahomey – A Spot in the Lagoon)
1 Dahomey Athieme le Nouveau Clocher (New Bell Tower in the Dahomey Athieme Church)
1 Dahomey sur le Fleuve Oueme (Dahomey, on the River Oueme)
1 Dahomey-Cove l'Ecole Regionale (Dahomey–Regional Cove School ??)
1 Dakar-La Cathedrale et le Port (Dakar–The Cathedral and the Port)
1 Dakar-La Cathedrale et rue Dagorne (Dakar–The Cathedral and Dagorne Street)
1 Dans Bij Een Opperhoofd (A Dance by a Chief)
1 Dans les Environs de Fataki (In the Vicinity of Fataki)
1 Dans les Paletuviers (In the Mangroves)
1 Dans les Profundeurs de la Foret Africaine (In the Depths of the African Jungle)
1 Danse d'lssia (A Dance of Issia)
1 De Kapel te Alberta (The Chapel in Alberta)
1 De Kerk van Albertstad (The Church of Alberstad)
1 De Kleken (Creeks)
1 De Lathedraal op de St. Jozefsmissie (The Cathedral of the St. Joseph Mission)
1 De Leerlingen van Het Klein Seminarie (The Students of Klein Seminary)
1 De Missie te Luebo (The Mission of Luebo)
1 De Missie te St. Truiden-bij-Lusambo (The Mission at St. Truiden-by-Lusambo)
1 De Mooie Kerk te Astrida (The Beautiful Church of Astrida)
1 De Normaalschool (The Normal School)
1 De Schoolkolonie van Niew Antwerpen (The Colony School, New Antwerp)
1 De Staatpost Van (The State Post)
1 De Toren te St. Benedictus-Hemptinne (The Tower at St. Benedict, Hemptinne)
1 De Visscher (The Fisherman)
1 De Vuurtoren en het Strand (The Lighthouse and the Beach)
1 Debut d'Une Mission (The Beginning of a Mission)
1 Depart d'Un Chef de Poste (A Mission Head Departs)
1 Depart d'Une Caravane (A Caravan Departs)
1 Deux Chretiens de la Mission St-Francois (Two Christians of the St. Francois Mission)
1 Deux Familles Chretiennes (Two Christian Families)
1 Deux Seminaristes Ewondos (Two Ewondo Seminarians)
1 Deux Types de l'Alma Mater de Luluabourg (Two Boys of the Alma Mater of Luluabourg)
1 Deux des Six Avenues Conduisant (Two of the Six Avenues)
1 Distribution du riz a Manankavaly (Distributing Rice in Manankavaly)
1 District des Bangalas (District of Bangalas)
1 Dominicaansche Missie in Belgisch-Congo (Dominican Mission in Belgian Congo)
1 Dorpsleven (Laundry)
1 Draagsters (Porters)
1 Echange de Denrees (Exchange of Commodities)
1 Ecole Normale de Kisantu (Normal School of Kisantu)
1 Ecole Normale de Tielen St. Jacques (Normal School of Tielen St. Jacques)
1 Ecole Prefessionnelle des Missions (Professional School of the Mission)
1 Ecole de Garcons, Longenschool (Men’s School, “Longenschool”)
1 Ecole des Freres Maristes (Marist Brothers College)
1 Ecole des Freres Maristes (School of the Marist Brothers)
1 Ecole des Soeurs de St. Joseph de Cluny (School of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Cluny)
1 Ecolier de la Mission d'Omvan (The Omvan Mission School)
1 Ecoliers de Race Mongo (Students of the Mongo Tribe)
1 Edifice Public (Public Building)
1 Een Bananastruik (A Banana Tree)
1 Een Hoekje Van't Kristen Dorp (A Part of a Christian Village)
1 Een Jonge Baobab (A Young Baobab)
1 Een Palmbosch (Palm Trees)
1 Een Papayaboom (A Papaya Tree)
1 Een Prauw op de Lubefu-Rivier (A Boat on the Lubefu River)
1 Een Wijze Ult Noord-Benin (A Proverb from North Benin)
1 Eene Inlandsche Keuken (Indigenous Cuisine)
1 Eene Waadbare Rivier Kangu (A Fordable Section of the Kangu)
1 Eglise Catholique 1929, Antalaha (Catholic Church, Antalaha, 1929)
1 Eglise Notre Dame au Congo (Church of Our Lady, Congo)
1 Eglise Notre-Dame du Congo–Leopoldville (Church of Our Lady of Congo – Leopoldville)
1 Eglise Provisoire de Jacqueville (Provisional Church, Jacqueville)
1 Eglise Sacre Coeur (Church of the Sacred Heart)
1 Eglise d'Idjebu (Church of Idjebu)
1 Eglise de Coquilhatville (Church, Coquihatville)
1 Eglise de Kisantu (2) (Church of Kisantu)
1 Eglise de Kisantu (Church of Kisantu)
1 Eglise de Leopoldville (Church of Leopoldville)
1 Eglise de MBANGA (Church of Mbanga)
1 Eglise de Memni (Church of Memni)
1 Eglise de Stanleyville (Church of Stanleyville)
1 Eglise des R.R. Chanoines Premontres (Church of the R.R. Premonstratensian Canons)
1 Eglise et la Famille du Cathechiste (Church and Family of a Catechist)
1 Egypte-Le Pont de Ghesireh (Egypt–The Ghesireh Bridge)
1 Eleves Catechistes Aidant les Soeurs Blanches (Student Catechists Help the White Sisters)
1 Elisabethville-La Cathedrale (Cathedral, Elisabethville)
1 Elizabeti and Filipo (Elizabeti and Filipo)
1 En Pirogue (In a Canoe)
1 En Route Pour la Visite d'un Malade (On the Road to Visit a Patient)
1 En Tournee Apostolique (At an Apostolic Tournee ??)
1 En Tournee de Confirmation (A Confirmation Tour)
1 En Voyage -La Halte – Repas (A Break for Lunch During the Voyage)
1 Enfant Chretien (A Christian Child)
1 Enfants de la Mission (Children of the Mission)
1 Enseignement aux Femmes Adultes (Education for Adult Women)
1 Entree du Village (Village Entrance)
1 Establissements "La Lowa" (Building “La Lowa” ???)
1 Etiopia-Ponte Indigeno (Ethiopia–Native Bridge)
1 Etudiantes en Philosophie et Theologie (Students in Philosophy and Theology
1 Facade de l'Eglise (Church Façade)
1 Facade du Palas du Sultan Njoya (Palace Façade of Sultan Njoya)
1 Famille Soudanaise (Sudanese Family)
1 Fanfare du Petit Seminaire (Band of the Junior Seminary)
1 Femme Portant une Marmite (Woman Carrying a Pot)
1 Femmes Atteintes de la Maladie du Sommeil (Women Suffering from Sleeping Sickness)
1 Femmes Catechistes Preparant la Nourriture des Maladies (Woman Catechists Preparing Food for the Sick)
1 Femmes Chretiennes Revenant du Marche (Christian Women Returning From a Walk)
1 Ferme de la Mission de Bingerville (Mission Farm, Bingerville.)
1 Feu d'Artifice Pour l'Inauguration du Chemin (Fireworks for the Inauguration of the Congolese Line)
1 Fierte Maternelle (Maternal Pride)
1 Fillette d'Omvan Apprenant a Tricoter (A Girl from Omvan Learns to Knit)
1 Fondation de la Mission de Bouroudou (Establishment of the Bouroudou Mission)
1 Foret de Boranus (Boranus Forest)
1 Gabon, Case de Catechiste (Gabon, Catechiste Hut)
1 Gabon-La Riviere Abanga (The Abanga River)
1 Gabon: Les Chutes de la Ngunie (Gabon: The Falls of the Ngunie)
1 Gezworen Kameraden (Sworn Comrades)
1 Gite d'Etape en Tikarie (Lodging in Tikar)
1 Grand Seminaire de Mayidi (Grand Seminary of Mayidi)
1 Grand'maman et sa Petite-Fille (Grandfather and his Granddaughter)
1 Group Photo with Church Leader
1 Groupe de Chretiens (Group of Christians)
1 Groupe des Premieres Eleves (A Group of the First Students)
1 Habitation des Missionaires Terminee (Completed Missionaries House)
1 Habitation des Missionnaires (Home of the Missionaries)
1 Halage des Billes de Bois sur le Fleuve (Hauling Logs on the River)
1 Hangbrug, Maar Niet Van Staal (Suspension Bridge, But Not of Steel)
1 Hartbeeld op de Missie van St. Trudo (Heart Statue on the Mission of St. Trudo)
1 Haute-Volta–Ougadougou (Upper Volta–Ougadougou)
1 Het Knapenkoor van St. Pieterskerk (The Boy’s Choir of St. Peter’s Church)
1 Het Panorama Vanop de Missie (The Panorama from the Mission)
1 Het Rijk van den Islam (The Realm of Islam)
1 Heure de Detente a la Mission de Bessou (Relaxation Time at the Mission of Bessou)
1 Hippopotame (Hippopotamus)
1 Hopital Lavigerie (Hospital Laundry)
1 Hopital a luluabourg (Luluabourg Hospital)
1 Hopital van Europeen (European Hospital)
1 Hopital-Vue d'Ensemble (Hospital–Overview)
1 Huis der Zusters (House of the Sisters)
1 Ik Heb je Wat te Vertellen! (I Have Something to Tell You!)
1 Il Missionario Insegna il Catechism (The Missionary Teaches the Catechism)
1 Ils Connaissent Aussi les Ventouses (They Also Know About Fire Cupping)
1 In de Kreken te Banana (In the Creeks of Banana)
1 In de Omgeving van Fataki (In the Vicinity of Fataki)
1 Inkisi en Saison des Pluies (Inkisi During the Rainy Season)
1 Inlanders Visschende (Natives Fishing)
1 Institut de Soeurs d l'Enfant Jesus (Institute of the Sisters of the Baby Jesus)
1 Institut des Soeurs de l'Enfant Jesus a Nivelles (Institute of the Sisters of the Baby Jesus in Nivelles)
1 Interieur Chapelle de St. Gabriel (Interior View of the Chapel of St. Gabriel)
1 Interieur d'Eglise de Brousse (Interior of a Scrubland Church)
1 Interieur d'Une Hutte Indigene (Interior of a Native Hut)
1 Interieur de l'Eglise, Kisantu (Church Interior, Kisantu)
1 Interieur de la Cathedrale de Stanleyville Congo Belge (Interior View of the Cathedral of Stanleyville, Belgian Congo)
1 Interieur de la Chapelle de Sandoa (Interior of the Church of Sandoa)
1 Interieur de la Chapelle des Soeurs de Saint-Joseph (Interior of the Church of the Sisters of St. Joseph)
1 Interieur de la Maison (Interior of the House)
1 Jardin d'Essais de Kisantu (Experimental Garden in Kisantu)
1 Jardin d'Essais de Kisantu: Alocasias (Experimental Garden, Kisantu: Alocasia)
1 Jesuit Mission in Congo (Jesuit Mission in Congo)
1 Jesuit in Madagascar (A Jesuit in Madagascar)
1 Jeunes Filles (Young Girls)
1 Jeunes Filles de L'Ecole de Samkita (Young Girls of the School in Samkita)
1 Jeunes Menages Chretiens (Young Christian Families)
1 Jeunes Menages Chretiens (Young Christian Families)
1 Jouer a Petite Maman (A Child Plays Mom)
1 Jour de la 1st Communion (First Day of Communion)
1 Kalvarieberg (Calvary)
1 Kangu Kerk (Kangu Church)
1 Kapel van Het Hospital (Hospital Chapel)
1 Kapel van Het Klein Seminarie (A Church of the Little Seminary)
1 Kapperssalon Voor Dames (Hairdressing Salon for Ladies)
1 Kasse-Mission (Kasse–Mission)
1 Kasse–Eglise (Kasse–Church)
1 Katholieke Ker te Laghouat (Catholic Church in Laghouat)
1 Katholieke Missie (Catholic Mission)
1 Kerk en Woning der Zusters (Church and Residence of the Sisters)
1 Kerk te Kala (Church, Kala)
1 Kerk van Ebonda (Church of Ebonda)
1 Kerk van Ndekesha (Church of Ndekesha)
1 Kerk van de Barmhartige Christus (Church of Divine Mercy)
1 Kerk van de Inlandsche (Church of the Inland Clergy)
1 Kerkje Door de Christenen (Church Built by the Christians)
1 Kerktoren van Albertstad (Church Tower of Albertstad)
1 Kimpese Mission (Kimpese Mission)
1 Kimpese-La Maison des Peres (Kimpese–The House of the Fathers)
1 Kimpese–Eglise (Kimpese–Church)
1 Kinderen Zijn Overal Dezelfde (Children Are the Same Everywhere)
1 Kinshasa L'eglise (Kinshasa – The Church)
1 Kinshasa-L'Eglise (Church in Kinshasa)
1 Kisantu Maison (Kisantu House)
1 Kissantu Panorama
1 Kolwezi L'Eglise (Kolwezi – The Church)
1 Koopt U Geen van Mijn Potten? (Want to Buy a Pot?)
1 Kunt U Dat Ook? (Can YOU Do That?)
1 Kykje in Een Inlandsch Dorp (Huts in a Native Village)
1 L'Afrique Equatoriale (Equitorial Africa)
1 L'Afrique Regarde l'Avenir avec Confiance (Africa Looks to the Future with Confidence)
1 L'Antilope (The Antelope)
1 L'Ecole Normale (The Normal School)
1 L'Ecole Provisoire des Soeurs (The Provisional School of the Sisters)
1 L'Ecole des Filles (The Girls’ School)
1 L'Eglise Apres la Messe (The Church After Mass)
1 L'Eglise Vue de Nord (Northern View of the Church)
1 L'Eglise de Lambarene (The Church of Lambarene)
1 L'Eglise de Leribe (The Church of Leribe)
1 L'Eglise de Sesheke (The Church of Sesheke)
1 L'Eglise de la Mission de Lokandu (Lokandu Mission Church)
1 L'Eglise des RR. PP. Jesuites (Church of the RR PP Jesuits)
1 L'Eglise du Nzama (The Church of Nzama)
1 L'Eglise et la Residence (Church and Residence)
1 L'Eglise et le Pont (The Church and the Bridge)
1 L'Equipe de Ecole Normale (The Team of the Normal School)
1 L'Hopital Europeen (European Hospital)
1 L'ecole Menagere de Quittah (The Household-School in Quittah)
1 L'ecole normale de Luluabourg (The Normal School of Luluabourg)
1 L'eglise de Lealui L'inoudation (The Church of Lealui the Baptist)
1 La Benediction de la Case (Blessing the Hut)
1 La Case Missionnaire (The Missionary Hut)
1 La Catechisme aux Lepreux Ches les Soeurs Blanches (The Catechism of Lepers Among the White Sisters)
1 La Cathedrale de Baudouinville (Baudouinville Cathedral)
1 La Cathedrale de Lome (The Cathedral of Lome)
1 La Cathedrale de Monseigneur Lagae (The Cathedral of Monseigneur Lagae)
1 La Cathedrale de Roma (The Cathedral of Rome)
1 La Cathedrale de St. Joseph (The Cathedral of St. Joseph)
1 La Cathedrale de Tananarive (The Cathedral of Tananarive)
1 La Cathedrale – Elisabethville (The Cathedral, Elisabethville)
1 La Chapelle de Soeurs (The Chapel of the Sisters)
1 La Classe Dans le Chimbeck (The Class in Chumbeck)
1 La Femme Africaine Attend elle Aussi la Bonne Nouvelle (African Women Also Await the Good News)
1 La Flore Congolaise (Congolese Flora.)
1 La Flotille des Canots Royaux (The Fleet of Royal Canoes)
1 La Gymnastique (Gymnastics)
1 La Halte du Missionnaire (A Missionary Rests)
1 La Joie Dans le Travail (Joy in Work)
1 La Maison Episcopale de Brazzaville (The Episcopal House of Brazzaville)
1 La Maison des Peres (The House of the Fathers)
1 La Maison des Peres (The House of the Fathers)
1 La Maison des Peres (The House of the Fathers)
1 La Maison des Soeurs (The House of the Sisters)
1 La Maison vue de Jardin, Kisantu (Kisantu, View of the House from the Garden)
1 La Messe Pendant la Halte (Mass During a Stop)
1 La Messe Pour les Malades en Afrique (Mass for the Sick in Africa)
1 La Mission de Maroantsetra (The Mission of Maroantsetra)
1 La Nepoko (The Nepoko)
1 La Nuit a la Belle Etoile (At Night Under the Stars)
1 La Porte du Dispensaire de Toma (The Door of the Dispensary, Toma)
1 La Premiere Messe du Premier Pretre Noir du Kasai (The First Mass of the First Black Priest of Kasai)
1 La Preparation de la Farine de Manioc (The Preparation of Cassava Flour)
1 La Procession a Dakar (The Procession in Dakkar)
1 La Procession du Saint-Sacrement (The Procession of the Blessed Sacrament)
1 La Rencontre de deux Missionnaires (The Meeting of Two Missionaries)
1 La Rive du Congo Avant (The Shore of the Congo Before)
1 La Soeur et la Catechisme des Tout-Petits (The Sister Reads the Catechism to the Children.)
1 La Tombe d'un Missionaire (The Tomb of a Missionary)
1 La Tombe du Pere de Foucauld (The Tomb of the Father of Foucauld)
1 La Tournee Pastorale de l'Eveque (A Pastoral Tour for the Bishop)
1 La Vie Chez Soi (Life At Home)
1 La Visite des Postes (Visiting Outposts)
1 La vie Simple de nos Maladies (The Simple Life of Our Patients)
1 Laat Toekomen Uw Rijk (Lead Your Kingdom Forward)
1 Lac aux Environs de Betafo (A Lake Near Betafo)
1 Later Word Ik Vliegenier (Later, I’ll Be a Pilot.)
1 Le Catechisme dans la Brousse (The Catechism in the Bush)
1 Le Catechiste Dans un Village (The Catechist in a Village)
1 Le Chreche Chez Soeurs (The Crèche of the Sisters)
1 Le Clocher d'Athieme (The Bell Tower of Athieme)
1 Le Couvent des Soeurs de N.D. (The Covent of the Sisters of Our Lady)
1 Le Dimanche a la Sortie de la Messe (Exiting Sunday Mass)
1 Le Dispensaire (The Clinic)
1 Le Feuve (The River)
1 Le Fleuve Ogooue a Lambarene (The Ogooue River in Lambarene)
1 Le Fleuve Ogooue a lLambarene (2) (The Ogooue River in Lambarene)
1 Le Fleuve a Lambarene (2). (The River in Lambarene)
1 Le Fleuve a Lambarene (The River to Lambarene)
1 Le Fleuve a Sesheke (The River Sesheke)
1 Le Jardin D'Essai (The Experimental Garden)
1 Le Jardin de Saint-Joseph (The Garden of St. Joseph)
1 Le Lazaret des Dormeurs (The Sleepers’ Lazaret)
1 Le Lecon de Catechisme (The Catechism Lesson)
1 Le Lecon de Gymnastique (A Gymnastics Lesson)
1 Le Leproserie de Marana (Leper Colony, Marana)
1 Le Lit du Mono a Athieme (The Riverbed of the Mono, in Athieme)
1 Le P. Libere au Ailieu de ses Catechistes (P. Libere With his Catechists)
1 Le Pain de Manioc (Cassava Bread)
1 Le Palais de Justice (The Courthouse)
1 Le Presbytere de Stanleyville (The Presbytere of Stanleyville)
1 Le R.P. Faye Disant La Messe (R. P. Faye Says the Mass)
1 Le Reve - De Droom (The Dream)
1 Le Torrent (The Rapids)
1 Le Vieux Missionnaire Instruisant (An Old Missionary Instructing)
1 Le Village in 1946 (The Village in 1946)
1 Lecon de Catechisme aux Petits (Reading the Catechism to the Children)
1 Leopard Inoffensif! (Harmless Leopard!)
1 Les 110 Enfants des Soeurs (The 110 Children of the Sisters)
1 Les Ateliers de Werkhuizen (Workshops)
1 Les Bebes au Bain (The Baby Bath)
1 Les Bons Eleves de l'Ecole Technique (The Good Students of the Technical School)
1 Les Catechistes de L'Ecole Normale en Vacances (The Catechists of the Normal School on Holiday)
1 Les Catechistes de L'ecole Normale (The Catechists of the Normal School)
1 Les Chretiens Souhaitent la Bienvenue (The Christians Give Welcome)
1 Les Ecoliers de Libanda (The Schoolchildren of Libanda)
1 Les Labours (Plowing)
1 Les Maisons des Enfants des Soeurs (The House of the Children of the Sisters)
1 Les Noms Dans la Cathedrale (The Names in the Cathedral)
1 Les Petites Filles de la Mission (The Little Girls of the Mission)
1 Les Petits Sont de la Fete (Children at the Celebration)
1 Les soeurs missionnaires de Notre-Dame (The Missionary Sisters of Our Lady)
1 Lessouto Temple de Morija (Lesotho, Morija Temple)
1 Lessouto le Repas (Lesotho Meal)
1 Let Betsimisaraka (The Betsimisaraka)
1 Liefde Christi (Love of Christ)
1 Lieve Jezus, Zegen ons Land (Dear Jesus, Bless Our Country)
1 Likoma Cathedral (Likoma Cathedral)
1 Loanda, Templo Protestante
1 Lombolombo-Wafanda-Le Village en 1940 (Lombolombo–Wafanda – The Village in 1940)
1 Lusambo La Cathedrale (Cathedral of Lusambo)
1 M. Richard Chef de Poste (Monsieur Richard, Chief of the Post)
1 Madagascar-L'Lvoloina (Madagascar–the Lvoloina)
1 Maison Mere et Noviciat (House of the Mothers and Novitiate)
1 Maison Missionnaire a Lukona (Missionary House of Lukona)
1 Maison Missionnaire a Sam-kita (Missionary House of Samkita)
1 Maison de Campagne au College (Country House at the College)
1 Maison des Peres (House of the Fathers)
1 Maison des Peres (House of the Fathers)
1 Maison des Peres a Leverville (House of the Fathers, Leverville)
1 Maison des Religieuses de la Providence (House of the Religious of Providence)
1 Maison des Soeurs (House of the Sisters)
1 Maison des Soeurs (House of the Sisters)
1 Maisons Missionnaires de Douala (Mission Houses of Douala)
1 Malades a l'Hopital de St. Trudon (Hospital Patients in St. Trudon)
1 Malades du Sommeil au Lazaret (Patients with Sleeping Sickness)
1 Matadi-Eglise (Matadi–Church)
1 Matadi: L'Eglise (Matadi – The Church)
1 Mayadi (Turnhout St-Joseph) (Mayadi, Turnhout St. Joseph)
1 Mbull Chez les Basakata (Mbull Among the Basakata)
1 Mbuma-Zending
1 Menage Chretien (A Christian Family)
1 Mgr Hyacinthe (Archbishop Hyacinthe)
1 Missie 1986 Botswana (1986 Mission, Botswana)
1 Missie der Witte Zusters te Boudewijnstad (Mission of the White Sisters in Baldwin City)
1 Missie in Katanga (Mission in Katanga)
1 Missie van Boudewijnstad (Mission of Baudouinville)
1 Missie van Mpala (Mpala Mission)
1 Missiehuis de Jacht Heverlee (Mission House of the Heverlee Hunt ??)
1 Missien der Paters van den H. Geest (Mission of the Fathers of the Holy Ghost)
1 Missien der Zusters van Berlaar–Procession (Mission of the Sisters of Berlaar–Procession)
1 Missien van Scheut (Scheut Mission)
1 Missien van Scheut: Kongo (Scheut Mission–Congo)
1 Missien van Scheutikongo (Mission of Scheut, Congo.)
1 Missien van de Broeders (2) (Mission of the Brothers)
1 Missien van de Broeders (3) (Mission of the Brothers)
1 Missien van de Broeders (Mission of the Brothers)
1 Missies de P.P v.d. H. Geest (Missions of the PP of the Holy Spirit)
1 Mission Actuelle de Kisantu vue de Jardin (Current Kisantu Mission – View of the Garden)
1 Mission Baudouinville
1 Mission Benedictine du Katanga (Benedictine Mission, Katanga)
1 Mission Catholique des Trois-Epis (Catholic Mission, Troi-Epis)
1 Mission Catholique–Conakry (Catholic Mission–Conakry)
1 Mission Dominicaine du Congo Belge (2) (Dominican Mission of the Belgian Congo)
1 Mission Dominicaine du Congo Belge (3) (Dominican Mission, Belgian Congo)
1 Mission Dominicaine du Congo Belge (4) (Dominican Mission, Belgian Congo)
1 Mission Dominicaine du Congo Belge (5) (Dominican Mission, Belgian Congo)
1 Mission Dominicaine du Congo Belge (Dominican Mission of the Belgian Congo)
1 Mission Saint-Gabriel au Congo (Mission St. Gabriel, Congo)
1 Mission School of St. Gabriel
1 Mission St. Gabriel
1 Mission d'Afrique (African Mission)
1 Mission d'Atakpame (Atakpame Mission)
1 Mission d'Ougadougou (2) (Mission of Ougadougou)
1 Mission d'Ougadougou (3) (Mission of Ougadougou)
1 Mission d'Ougadougou (4) (Mission of Ougadougou)
1 Mission d'Ougadougou (5) (Mission of Ougadougou)
1 Mission d'Ougadougou (Mission of Ougadougou)
1 Mission de Kisantu (Congo) (Kisantu Mission, Congo)
1 Mission de Kisantu: Congo (Kisantu Mission, Congo)
1 Mission de Kissantu (Kissantu Mission)
1 Mission de Maousso (Maousso Mission)
1 Mission de Sainte-Radegonde (Mission of St. Radegonde)
1 Mission de la Lukulla (Mission of Lukulla)
1 Mission des Freres-Mineurs, Congo (Mission of the Freres-Mineurs, Congo)
1 Mission des Peres Blancs (2) (Mission of the White Fathers)
1 Mission des Peres Blancs (Mission of the White Fathers)
1 Mission des Peres Blancs (Mission of the White Fathers)
1 Mission des Peres Lazaristes (Mission of the Lazarite Fathers)
1 Mission des RR. PP. Jesuits Congo Belge (Mission of the RR. PP. Jesuits, Belgian Congo)
1 Mission des Soeurs de Notre Dame (Mission of the Sisters of Our Lady)
1 Mission du Kindu (Katanga Nord) (Kindu Mission, North Katanga)
1 Mission du Senegal (2) (Mission of Senegal)
1 Mission du Senegal (3) (Mission of Senegal)
1 Mission du Senegal (Mission of Senegal)
1 Mission du Shire des Peres Montfortains (Shire Mission of the Montfortain Fathers)
1 Mission es Freres-Mineurs, Congo (2) (Mission of the Freres-Mineurs, Congo)
1 Mission es Freres-Mineurs, Congo (3) (Mission of the Freres-Mineurs, Congo
1 Mission es Freres-Mineurs, Congo (4) (Mission of the Freres-Mineurs, Congo)
1 Missionaire en Voyage (A Missionary Setting out on a Voyage)
1 Missionarissen van Het H. Hart (Missionaries of the Sacred Heart)
1 Missionnaires Catechistes des Noirs (Catechistic Missionaries of the Blacks)
1 Missionnaires de S Coeur Borgerhout-Anvers (Missionaries of the Sacred Heart, Borgerhout-Anvers)
1 Missionnaires du S. Coeur (2) (Missionaries of the Sacred Heart)
1 Missionnaires du S. Coeur (3) (Missionaries of the Sacred Heart)
1 Missionnaires du S. Coeur (Missionaries of the Sacred Heart)
1 Missionnaires en Tournee (Missionaries On Tour)
1 Missionnaries du S. Coeur, Borgerhout-Anvers (Missionaries of the Sacred Heart, Borgerhout-Anvers)
1 Missions Salesiennes (Salesian Mission)
1 Missions de Scheut: Congo (Scheut Mission: Congo)
1 Missions de Scheut: Congo (Scheut Mission: Congo)
1 Missions des Lazaristes (Mission of the Lazarites)
1 Missions des P.P de Saint Espiritu (Mission of the PP of St. Espiritu)
1 Missions des P.P du Saint Espiritu (2) (Mission of the PP of St. Espiritu)
1 Missions des P.P. du Saint-Espirit (Missions of the PP of the Holy Spirit)
1 Missions des Peres du Saint Espirit (Mission of the Fathers of the Holy Spirit)
1 Missions des Peres du St. Esprit (Mission of the Fathers of the Holy Spirit)
1 Missions des RR PP Redemptoristes (2) (Mission of the RR PP Redeemers)
1 Missions des RR PP Redemptoristes (Mission of the RR PP Redeemers)
1 Missions des RR. PP. Redemptoristes (3) (Mission of the RR PP Redeemers)
1 Missions des RR. PP. Redemptoristes (4) (Mission of the RR PP Redeemers)
1 Missions des RR. PP. Redemptoristes (5) (Mission of the RR PP Redeemers)
1 Missions des RR. PP. Redemptoristes (6) (Mission of the RR PP Redeemers)
1 Missions des RR. PP. Redemptoristes (Mission of the RR PP Redeemers)
1 Missions des RR. PP. Redemptoristes. (Mission of the RR PP Redeemers)
1 Moanda en Omstreken (Moanda and Its Surroundings)
1 Monseigneur Demol Vertrekkensgereed (Monsignor Demol Ready for His Trek)
1 Monseigneur Onderwijst (A Bishop Teaches)
1 Mooi Hoekje uit Het Albertmeer (A Pretty Corner of Lake Albert)
1 Mosquee de Djenne-Region de Mopti (Mosque of Djenne–Mopti Region)
1 Mpala (Haut-Congo) (Mpala–Upper Congo)
1 'N Jonge Familie (A Young Family)
1 'N Oude Vrouw uit Tunisie (An Old Tunisian Woman)
1 Na de Hoogmis 's Zondags (After Sunday Mass)
1 Na de Hoogmis te Nkulu (After the Grand Mass in Nkulu)
1 Native Church Nairobi, Kenya Colony
1 Negermode (Black Fashion)
1 Nieuw Antwerpen (New Antwerp)
1 Niger-Papayer (Niger–A Papaya Tree)
1 NLEMSU. Mission du Kwango
1 Nos Arbres Africains (Our African Trees)
1 Nos Arbres Africains (Our African Trees)
1 Nos Ecoles Existent Sous le Controle de l'Etat (Our Schools Are Under State Control)
1 Nos Freres Coadjuteurs (Our Coadjutor Brothers)
1 Nos Futurs Eleves Catechistes (Our Future Catechists)
1 Nos Missionnaires en Tournee (Our Missionaries On Tour)
1 Nos Pirogues (Rungu–Our Canoes)
1 Notre Chapelle (Our Church)
1 Nouveaqu Converti de Yaounde (A New Convert From Yaounde)
1 Nouveaux Baptistes (Newly Baptized)
1 Noviciat des Soeurs Indigenes (Novitiate of the Native Sisters)
1 Nsona Mbata-Coin de la Maison des Peres (Nsona Mbata–A Part of the House of the Fathers)
1 Nue d'Ensemble de la Mission (Moanda and Its Surroundings–An Overview of the Mission)
1 Oblates de L'assomption (Oblates of the Assumption)
1 Oblats de Marie Immaculee (Oblates of Mary Immaculate)
1 Oeuvre de Saint-Pierre-Apotre (Work of St. Peter the Apostle)
1 Oeuvre de la Propagation de la Foi (Work of the Propagation of the Faith)
1 On Apporte son Diner (School Lunch)
1 Op Reis en Prauw (On Tour in a Dugout)
1 Op Zijn Zondagsch (Dressed in Sunday Best)
1 Optimisme a l'Ordre du Jour (Optimism on the Agenda)
1 Oude Kapel van Ste Maria-Ber-laar (Old Chapel of St. Maria-Berlaer)
1 Overstroomd Dorp (Flooded Village)
1 Palais Episcopal de Brazzaville (Episcopal Palace of Brazzaville)
1 Palais Episcopal de Brazzaville (Episcopal Palace of Brazzaville)
1 Palais du Sultan NJOYA (The Palace of Sultan Njoya)
1 Palais du Sultan Njoya (Palace of the Sultan Njoya)
1 Palissanderboomen (Rosewood Trees)
1 Palmwijntrekker (Palm Wine Drawer)
1 Passage de la Ludisi (Passage of the Ludis)
1 Passage de la Mania (The Mania Passes)
1 Passiebloem en Vrucht (Passionflower and Fruit)
1 Paysage Africain (African Landscape.)
1 Paysage a Thabana-Morena (Landscape, Thabana-Morena)
1 Paysage–Landschap (Landscape)
1 Per Stoomboot of Prauw (By Steamship or Canoe)
1 Perilleuse Traversee de la Barre (Perilous Crossing)
1 Petite Jumelles Orphelines (Little Orphan Twins)
1 Petites Servantes du Sacre-Coeur (Small Servants of the Sacred Heart)
1 Piano Indigene (Native Piano)
1 Pierre Claver-Catechistes du Dahomey (Pierre Claver, Catechists of Dahomey)
1 Pilage et Vannage du Riz (Pounding and Winnowing Rice)
1 Plus Pratique (More Practical)
1 Premiere Chapelle de Bingerville (First Church of Bingerville)
1 Premiere Maison en Briques (The First Brick House)
1 Premiere Ordination Sacerdotalean Mayombe (First Sacerdotal Ordination in Mayombe)
1 Premiers Travaux Pour Fonder la Mission (Preliminary Work to Establish the Mission)
1 Pres de l'Eglise se Touxe une Ecole (A School Near the Church)
1 Presentation de Deux Orphelines (Presentation of Two Orphans)
1 Pretres du Sacre-Coeur (Priests of the Sacred Heart)
1 Procession, Reposoir Devant l'Ecole (Procession to the Altar in Front of the School)
1 Proeftuin van Kisantu: Pergola (Experimental Garden, Kisantu: Pergola)
1 Projet de l'Eglise Saint-Francois-d'Assisse (Church Plan of St. Francis of Assisi)
1 Puinen van de Oude Kerk (Ruins of the Ancient Church)
1 Quel Delice de Barboter dans L'eau (What a Delight to Dabble in the Water!)
1 Rapides du Mangoro (Rapids of Mangoro)
1 Recolte d'Amandes de Palmes (Collecting Palm Kernels)
1 Recolte du riz a Kisantu (Harvesting Rice in Kisantu)
1 Region du lac Leopold (In the Vicinity of Lake Leopold)
1 Reproduction d'une Sculpture Indigene (Reproduction of a Native Sculpture)
1 Republique Democratique de Congo (Democratic Republic of Congo)
1 Residence des Catechumenes (Houses of the Catechumens)
1 Residence des Peres (House of the Fathers)
1 Retour du Marigot (Return of Marigot)
1 Reunion Mensuelle des Catechistes (Monthly Meeting of Catechists)
1 Rhinoceros Abattu (A Killed Rhinoceros)
1 Rivier Lubuzi (River Lubuzi)
1 Route Carrossable (Motor Road)
1 Rungu-Salle des Machines (Rungu–Machine Room)
1 Rungu-Un Pont sur le Barrage (Rungu–A Bridge Over the Dam)
1 Rust in 't Bosch (Resting in the Bush)
1 Salle de L'Afrique Equatoriale Francaise (The Hall of French Equitorial Africa)
1 Schoolkapel in Valle Brousse (School Chapel in the Village of Crousse)
1 Seconde Maison des Peres a Kisantu (Second House of the Fathers, Kisantu)
1 Seminaire Central de Kabwe (Central Seminary of Kabwe)
1 Seminaire des Missions (Mission Seminary)
1 Sipke Van der Land (Sipke van der Land [name])
1 Soeurs Blanches sur le lac Tanganika (White Sister on Lake Tanganyika)
1 Soeurs Bleues De Castres (Blue Sisters of Castres ??)
1 Soeurs Missionnaires de Notre Dame (Missionary Sisters of Our Lady)
1 Soeurs Missionnaires de Notre-Dame (Missionary Sisters of Our Lady)
1 Soeurs de Notre-Dame (Sisters of Our Lady)
1 Soeurs de la Charite de Jesus et de Marie, Gand (Sisters of Charity of Jesus and Mary, Ghent)
1 Soin des Malades (Caring for the Sick)
1 Soir d'Orage sur l'Ogooue (Evening Storm on the Ogooue)
1 Son Excellence Mgr. Nicolas Kinsch (His Excellency Monsignor Nicolas Kinsch)
1 Sorcier en Herbe (A Witch in the Grass)
1 Sortie de Messe des Ecoliers d'Omvan (A Mass of Students Exit School in Omvan.)
1 Sortie de la Grand'Messe (After the Grand Mass)
1 Soudan Francais et Haute-Volte (French Sudan and Upper Volta)
1 Sourire d'Afrique (Smiles of Africa)
1 Sourires d'Afrique (An African Smile)
1 Sr. Feicienne et les Petites (Sister Feicienne and the Children)
1 St. Louis de l'Oubanghi-Habitation de Missionnaires-(St. Louis from Oubangi-Missionaries House)
1 Stanleyville-La Cathedrale
1 Station Secondaire sur le lac Bossumteni (Secondary Station on Lake Bossumteni)
1 Station de Lambarene (Lambarene Station)
1 Statue du Sacre-Coeur (Statue of the Sacred Heart)
1 Steenoven en Dorschmachien (Stone Kiln and ???)
1 Stemmig Hoekje uit de Missie (Voices from the Mission)
1 Sur de Tanganika (On Lake Tanganyika)
1 Sur l'Ogooue (The Ogooue)
1 Sur la Route (On the Road)
1 Svatky Frantisku (???)
1 Symphonie de Village (Village Symphony)
1 Tananarive vu du Nord Ouest (Northwest View of Tananarive)
1 Tannarive-Vue du Nord (Tannarive. North View)
1 Termitiere (Termites)
1 Tez Cernoch ma Byti Poznati (???)
1 Thysville-Eglise et Clocher (Thysville–Church and Steeple)
1 Thysville–Eglise (Thysville–Church)
1 Tire d'Embarras (Tire Embarrassment!)
1 Toekomende Tijd (A Future Season)
1 Tombeau sur le Haut-Plateau de l'Lmerina (Tomb of the High Plateau of Imerina)
1 Toon, O Moeder Maagd, Jezus Uw Zoon (Show, O Mother of God, Jesus Your Son!)
1 Tot Weerziens, Brave Menschen (So Long, Brave People!)
1 Toucoules des Religieuses a Addis Abeba (Religious Houses in Addis Ababa)
1 Tournee en Brousse (A Walk in the Bush)
1 Tra i Negri (Among the Blacks)
1 Troupeaux a l'Abreuvoir (Herds at the Watering Hole)
1 Tumba-la Jardin Legumier (Tumba–A Vegetable Garden)
1 Tumba–Moutons (Tumba Sheep)
1 Turnoefeningen (Gymnastic Exercises)
1 Twee Christen Familien (Two Christian Families)
1 Two African Children
1 Type d'une Jeune Mzabite Avec son Enfant (A Young Mzabite With His Son)
1 Types de Femmes du Haut-Congo (Types of Women of Upper Congo)
1 Ubanglstroom te Banzystad (The River Ubangl Near Banzyville)
1 Ult de Kudde (Horse Breeding)
1 Un Affluent de L'Ogooue (A Tributary of the Ogooue)
1 Un Bapteme (A Baptism)
1 Un Bapteme Dans un Poste de Catechiste (A Baptism in a Catechism Post)
1 Un Catechiste et sa Famille (A Catechist and his Family)
1 Un Coin De La Station De Samkita (A Part of Samkita Station)
1 Un Coin de la Lagune Ebrie (A Part of the Ebrie Lagoon)
1 Un Dispensaire Catholique (A Catholic Clinic)
1 Un Eveque Africain (An African Bishop)
1 Un Geant de la Foret Gabonaise (A Giant of the Forest in Gabon)
1 Un Groupe d'Enfants Avec les Soeurs (A Group of Children with the Sisters)
1 Un Indigene Mordu par un Lion (A Native Bitten by a Lion)
1 Un Jeune Congolais de Kisantu (A Young Congolese from Kisantu)
1 Un Jeune Pecheur (A Young Fisherman)
1 Un Palmier (A Palm Tree)
1 Un Paysage en Lessouto (A Landscape in Lesotho)
1 Un Pere de Scheut et Son Catechiste (A Father of Scheut and his Catechist)
1 Un Pont Suspenda (A Suspension Bridge)
1 Un Pont de Lianes Suspend (A Bridge of Suspended Vines)
1 Un Poste de Mission (A Mission Post)
1 Un Village Basuto Dans la Montagne (A Basotho Village in the Mountains)
1 Un des Dispensaire du Poste Principal (One of the Clinics of the Main Post)
1 Une Alle de Manguiers (An Avenue of Mango Trees)
1 Une Bergerie–Kisantu (A Sheepfold, Kisantu)
1 Une Caravane de Porteurs (A Caravan of Porters)
1 Une Case Indigene au Kwango (A Native Hut in Congo)
1 Une Chute sur la Riviere Madsia (A Fall on the River Madsia)
1 Une Ecole Catholique Indigene au Congo (A Native Catholic Church, Congo)
1 Une Eglise dans la Brousse (A Church in the Bush)
1 Une Jeune Maman (A Young Mother)
1 Une Jeune Maman (A Young Mother)
1 Une Magnifique Capture: un Leopard (A Magnificent Catch – A Leopard)
1 Une Maison Missionnaire de Senanga (A Missionary House of Senanga)
1 Une Mission Francaise (A French Mission)
1 Une Ordination (An Ordination)
1 Une Passerelle a Samkita (A Passage to Samkita)
1 Une Promenade en Pirogue sur la Lubefu (A Dugout Promenade on the Lubefu)
1 Une Route Africaine dans le Torrent (An African Road in the Torrent)
1 Une Route Carossable. (A Motor Road.)
1 Une Schola Africaine (An African Choir)
1 Une Simple Halte (An Informal Break)
1 Une Termitiere (A Termite)
1 Une Tournee au Village (A Walk to the Village)
1 Vallee du Mangoro (Mangoro Valley)
1 Van Hun Moeder (Far From Mother)
1 Vannerie Indigene (Native Basketmakers)
1 Verkocht Ten Voordele van de (Sold for the Benefit of the...)
1 Vicariat Apostolique de Loango (The Apostolic Vicariate of Loango)
1 Vicariat Apostolique du Togo (Apostolic Vicariate of Togo)
1 Vie Traditionelle Yacouba (Traditional Yacouba Life)
1 Vieillards Indigenes (Native Elders)
1 Village De Reo (Village of Reo)
1 Village Malgache (Malagasy Village)
1 Village Sur les Bords du Senegal (Village on the Banks of the Senegal)
1 Village de Chef Pres de Nkongsamba (Village Chief near Nkongsamba)
1 Village de la Cote Est (Village on the East Coast)
1 Village indegene des Peres Capucins (Native Village of the Capuchin Fathers)
1 Visite Dans un Village du Nyanza (Visit to a Village in Nyanza)
1 Visite de Malades au Camp des Varloleux (Visiting Patients at the Camp of the Varloleux)
1 Voor Afbetaling van Misgewaden (For Repayment of Mass Vestment.)
1 Voorloopige Kerk te Muyaga (Provisional Church of Muyaga)
1 Vruchten van Het Christen Onderwijs (The Fruits of Christian Education)
1 Vue Generale de la Mission de Brazzaville (A General View of the Brazzaville Mission)
1 Vue Generale du Poste de Kimbau (General View of the Post at Kimbau)
1 Vue Sur la Tribune (View of the Tribune)
1 Vue d'Ensemble de la Mission de Luebo (Overview of the Luebo Mission)
1 Vue d'Ensemble, Morija, Lessouto (Overview, Morija, Lesotho)
1 Vue de Tananarive (View of Tananarive)
1 Vue de la Cathedrale et des Jardins de Stanleyville Congo-Belge (View of the Cathedral and Gardens of Stanleyville, Belgian Congo)
1 Vues de la Lagune (Views of the Lagoon)
1 Vues sur l'Inkisi (View of Inkisi)
1 Waterval in Kivoe (2) (Waterfall in Kivoe)
1 Waterval in Kivoe (Waterfall in Kivoe)
1 Werk van don Bosco (Work of Don Bosco)
1 Wesley Church, Cape Coast
1 Woonhuts der Missionarissen (Missionary Huts)
1 Zagazig-en Visite Chez les Coptes (Zagazig–Visiting the Copts)
1 Zalig Nieuwjaar uit Afrika (A Blessed New Year, From Africa)
1 Zalig Nieuwjaar uit Afrika (A Blessed New Year, From Africa)
1 Zeepfabricatie (Making Soap)
1 Zicht op Den Uele (A View of the Uele)
1 Zicht op St. Maria-Missie te Tshumbe (View of the St. Maria Mission in Tshumbe)
1 Zicht op den Oever (A View of the Shore)
1 Zicht uit Noord Afrika (A View from North Africa)
1 Zivot Cernochu ma Byti Posvecen (???)
1 Zusters van Liefde van Jezus en Maria, Gent (2) (Sisters of Charity of Jesus and Mary, Ghent, (2)
1 Zusters van Liefde van Jezus en Maria, Gent (Sisters of Charity of Jesus and Mary, Ghent)
1 Zwart Lelies (Black Lilies)
1 Zwarte Priester Dient het H. Doopsel Toe (A Black Priest Delivers the Holy Baptism Again)