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Thomason Medallic Bible collection, 1970

Emory University

Pitts Theology Library

1531 Dickey Drive, Suite 560

Atlanta, GA 30322


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Descriptive Summary

Creator: Thomason, Edward, Sir, 1769-1849.
Title: Thomason Medallic Bible collection, 1970
Call Number:Manuscript Collection No. 401
Extent: .2 cubic feet (1 box)
Abstract:Consists of a 1970 reproduction of 60 medals originally produced by Sir Edward Thomason in 1830.
Language:Materials entirely in English.

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Unrestricted access.

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[after identification of item(s)], Thomason Medallic Bible collection, MSS 401, Archives and Manuscript Dept., Pitts Theology Library, Emory University.


Processed by Brandon Wason, September 2015.

Collection Description

Historical Note

Edward Thomason completed a series of 60 silver medals in 1830. These featured biblical subject matters which were inspired by paintings of old masters and each medal had a diameter of 73mm. The version owned by Pitts Theology Library is a 1970 reproduction by the Franklin Mint. These were recreated in a smaller size (44mm diameter), and struck in bronze. The typography and text has also been updated in the Franklin Mint edition.

Scope and Content Note

As in Thomason's original edition, there are sixty medals in the Franklin Mint edition. Each medal depicts a different scene from the Bible inspired by an old master.

Arrangement Note

Retains the original numbered order.

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Container List

Box Folder Content
1 1 Adam Gave Names to Every Beast of the Field and Fowl of the Air; inspired by Paolo Veronese
1 2 Eve Presenting the Forbidden Fruit to Adam; inspired by Domenichino
1 3 The Expulsion of Adam and Eve from Paradise; inspired by Guido
1 4 Cain Slaying His Brother Abel; inspired by Domenichino
1 5 Enoch Carried up into Heaven; inspired by Paolo Veronese
1 6 Noahs Ark Floating upon the Waters; inspired by Bandinelli
1 7 Noah Buildeth an Altar Unto the Lord and Offereth Sacrifice; inspired by Poussin
1 8 The Tower of Bable in the Land of Shinah; inspired by Bandinelli
1 9 Lot Parting from Abraham to Dwell in the Plain of Jordan; inspired by Titian
1 10 Lot and His Two Daughters on Their Journey from Sodom to Zoar; inspired by Rubens
1 11 Abraham Offering His Son Isaac for a Sacrifice; inspired by Carracci
1 12 Rebekah Drawing Water for Abrahams Camels; inspired by Poussin
1 13 Abraham Buried in the Cave of Machpelah by His Sons; inspired by Rembrandt
1 14 Isaac Blessing Jacob Instead of Esau; inspired by Titian
1 15 Reconciliation between Jacob and His Brother Esau; inspired by Titian
1 16 Joseph's Bretheren Selling Him to the Ishmaelite Merchants; inspired by Guido
1 17 The Interpretation of King Pharaoh's Two Dreams by Joseph; inspired by Guido
1 18 Joseph Maketh Himself Known to His Bretheren; inspired by Murillo
1 19 Jacob on His Death Bed Calling Together His Sons and Blessing Them; inspired by Rembrandt
1 20 Moses Discovered and Preserved by the Daughter of King Pharaoh; inspired by Poussin
1 21 The Rod of Moses Miraculously Changed into a Serpent; inspired by Salvator Rosa
1 22 The First Born Slain throughout the Land of Egypt; inspired by Michelangelo
1 23 Pharaoh and His Host Drowned in the Red Sea; inspired by Michelangelo
1 24 And Moses Smote the Rock and It Gushed out Water; inspired by Murillo
1 25 Moses Descending from the Mount and Finding the Israelites Worshiping the Molten Calf; inspired by Raphael
1 26 The Ark of the Covenant the Altar of Incense the Brazen Laver; inspired by Bandinelli
1 27 Moses's Brazen Serpent; inspired by Rembrandt
1 28 Balaam Smiting His Ass Who Speaketh Before the Angel; inspired by Carracci
1 29 The Sacrifice of the Red Heifer by Eleazar; inspired by Van Dyck
1 30 Joshua Dividing the Waters of the River Jordan; inspired by Rembrandt
1 31 Joshua Commanding the Sun to Stand Still; inspired by Rembrandt
1 32 A Chart of the Children of Israel's Travels from Egypt; inspired by Thomason
1 33 Jael Driving the Nail Through the Head of Sisera; inspired by Carracci
1 34 Fulfilment of Jephthah's Rash Vow; inspired by Carracci
1 35 Samson Killing the Lion on His Journey to Timnath; inspired by Le Brun
1 36 Samson Carrying Away the Gates of Gaza; inspired by Le Brun
1 37 David Cutting off the Head of Goliath the Philistine; inspired by Michelangelo
1 38 Saul and the Witch of Endor; inspired by Salvator Rosa
1 39 Absalom Slain by Joab in the Wood of Ephraim; inspired by Carracci
1 40 Solomon's Temple; inspired by Bandinelli
1 41 Solomon's Judgment; inspired by Carlo Dolci
1 42 Jeroboham Ordering the Man of God to Be Seized; inspired by Correggio
1 43 Elijah Fed by Ravens at the Brook Cherith; inspired by Paolo Veronese
1 44 Elijah Carried up into Heaven in the Presence of Elisha; inspired by Raphael
1 45 The Shunamite's Son Restored to Life on the Prayer of Elisha; inspired by Murillo
1 46 Jonah Delivered from the Whale; inspired by Leonardo Davinci
1 47 Sennacheribs Overthrow by the Angel 185,000 Smote in the Camp; inspired by Michelangelo
1 48 Shadrach Meshack and Abednego in the Firey Furnace; inspired by Carlo Maratta
1 49 Job in Distress Rebuking His Wife; inspired by Leonardo Davinci
1 50 The Divine Psalmist; inspired by Van Dyck
1 51 Daniel in the Den of Lions; inspired by Raphael
1 52 Julius Caesar Murdered in the Senate House at Rome; inspired by Correggio
1 53 The Adoration of the Wise Men; inspired by Rubens
1 54 Joseph's Flight into Egypt; inspired by Rubens
1 55 John Baptizing Christ in Jordan; inspired by Poussin
1 56 Christ Raising Lazarus from the Dead; inspired by Murillo
1 57 Christ Instituting His Last Supper; inspired by Leonardo Davinci
1 58 Christ's Agony in the Garden; inspired by Carlo Dolci
1 59 The Crucifixion; inspired by Rubens
1 60 The Ascension; inspired by Correggio