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> Personal Papers of Daniel William Alexander

Series 1
Personal Papers of Daniel William Alexander, 1902-1970, undated
Boxes 1-2

Scope and Content Note

Includes the family records of Alexander (1880-1868); records of organizations he belonged to (1919-1963); financial records (1940-1970); diaries and travelogues (1927-1937); published and unpublished works (1931-1966); personal correspondence (1927-1970); newspaper clippings (1933-1964); and miscellaneous personal papers (1902-1970).

Box Folder Content
1 1 Family Records - Birth, Marriage and Death: 1880-1968. This folder includes a certified extract from the records of the Church of the Province of South Africa declaring that Alexander was born on December 23, 1882. Also included is an abridged marriage certificate of the parents of Alexander that records their marriage date as 28 December 1880.
1 2 Family Records - Elizabeth Alexander's Passport; 1955. Elizabeth was the wife of Alexander until her death in 1959.
1 3 Family Records - Elizabeth Alexander: Expressions of sympathy at her death in 1959. Included in the folder is a copy of the program of her burial service, a list of those who sent flowers, and letters from members of the church and of the community.
1 4 Christmas Cards Received; n.d. These are cards received by the Alexander family.
1 5 Wedding Invitations Received; 1919-1948.
1 6 Order of the Crown of Thorns; 1938. The items in this folder are mainly correspondence between the Right Reverend Monseigneur F. F. Edmond, who held the title of Grand Master, Prince Edmond of Luigi. The membership of Alexander was solicited by Edmond who wrote from Atascadero, California. Apparently, the Order was intended for both Roman and Orthodox Catholic clergy.
1 7 Lodge of Free Gardeners; n.d. Included is a petition for initiation and membership signed by Alexander.
1 8 Order of Christ the Redeemer; 1954-1955. Also known as Ordinis Christi Redemptoris, this organization had simple goals. These goals were to witness for Christ, to establish chapter houses and to prepare for Christ's coming. Alexander was referred for membership by Father John V. Thomas who was an Anglican priest in Beaconsfield and a member of the Order.
1 9 Independent Order of True Templars; 1919-1934. Primarily, this folder contains commissions to special duties within the organization.
1 10 South African Coloured Ex-Serviceman's Legion; 1946-1963
1 11 Financial Records; 1963-1970. Bank statements, receipts, a will and sundry personal bills are included in this folder.
1 12 Radio Listener's License Receipts; 1940-1966
1 13 Passport; 1969. The passport of D.W. Alexander.
1 14 Travel Diaries and Address Books; 1923-1937
1 15 Travelogue; 1927-1928; 1933. Primarily, records of Alexander's journey to America and to Central Africa.
2 1 Concordat of Consecration, Copy; 1927. Although this is a copy of the original, the concordat and an accompanying certificate of good character both bear the signature of Alexander McGuire and other high ranking officials of the African Orthodox Church in America.
2 2 Memorandum of Congratulations from Vilatte; 1927. Vilatte was a man of French birth who consecrated McGuire. Controversy surrounds the claim of inclusion within the apostolic succession made by Vilatte.
2 3 Twenty-fifth anniversary of Consecration Eulogy; 1952. This work is unsigned but it was probably written by J. Mdatyulwa who was a priest in the African Orthodox Church until his death in 1958. The work traces the career of Alexander in Kenya and Uganda as well as in South Africa. The writer also provides information on the structure and work of the African Orthodox Church.
2 4 Unpublished Works; 1931-1966. Included are autobiographies, histories, works intended for publication in periodicals and addresses written by Alexander.
2 5 Articles for the African Orthodox Churchman; n.d.. Written by Alexander.
2 6 Correspondence: Personal; 1927-1969. The items in this folder concern the personal life of Alexander including his family, secular organizations and friends outside of the African Orthodox Church.
2 7 Correspondence: Management Committee for Coloured Group Area; 1965-1970
2 8 Correspondence: Young Men's Christian Association 1963-1964. Alexander was involved in trying to start a YMCA in the Kimberley area.
2 9 Correspondent Course in Memory Training; 1944. This course was taken by Alexander through Union College in Johannesburg.
2 10 Printed Personal Papers and Memorabilia; 1933-1965. Included are printed pictures of the archbishop, programs, and material from the Association for the Care of Coloured Youth and from the African People's Organization.
2 11 Newspaper Clippings; 1933-1964. The articles in this folder were taken from a highly contaminated scrapbook and photocopied on to acid-free paper. The order of their appearance in the scrapbook has been maintained. The last several pages are copies of articles found in a separate folder. These were photocopied as space permitted since no apparent order could be ascertained.
2 12 Miscellaneous Personal Papers, 1902-1970