Series 7
Clergy Records, 1955, undated
Box 13

Scope and Content Note

Includes is a list of vicar generals, archdeacons and catechists (1943); a bound volume containing short biographies (n.d.); pastoral credentials (alphabetical); oaths of obedience (alphabetical); applications for admission (alphabetical); and government approval of clergy as marriage officers (alphabetical).

Box Folder Content
13 1 Pastoral Credentials from Sources Outside the African Orthodox Church; alphabetical. Churches included are the Ethiopian Catholic Church of South Africa, the Church of Uganda, the National Church of Africa, the Church of the Province of South Africa, the Christian Catholic Apostolic Church in Zion and the Imperial Coptic Ethiopian Church in Ethiopia.
13 2 Oaths of Obedience: Minor Orders; alphabetical. Included are oaths of canonical obedience for those who were ordained doorkeepers, readers, acolytes and exorcists.
13 3 Oaths of Obedience: Subdeacons; alphabetical.
13 4 Oaths of Obedience: Deacons; alphabetical.
13 5 Oaths of Obedience: Archdeacons; alphabetical. The only three oaths that are included in this folder are those of Herman Julies, Ice Walter Mbina and Michael Moncho.
13 6 Oaths of Obedience: Priests; alphabetical.
13 7 Oaths of Obedience: Dignitaries; alphabetical. The three included in this folder are those of Zacheus Phosphoane, William Hinnings and William H. Alexander.
13 8 Oath of Obedience-Copy: Daniel William Alexander. The oath contains a pledge to the African Orthodox Church and to Alexander McGuire.
13 9 Oaths of Obedience: Miscellaneous; alphabetical. Included are oaths of priests received from other churches with Apostolic Succession through the See of Antioch, of a registrar, of a vicar-general, a provincial treasurer, of a propaganda secretary, a member of the primate's senate, a chancellor, a cleric, archpriest, a trustee and a divine healer.
13 10 Applications for Admission as Postulant of Holy Orders; alphabetical. The two applications in this folder are those of James Ackerman and Daniel James Kanyiles.
13 11 Clergy Joining the African Orthodox Church from other denominations; alphabetical.
13 12 Applications by Clergy from Denominations without valid orders; alphabetical. The four applications included in this folder are those of Albert Hlobo, M.J. Mpongwana, Henry Mordecai, Ntoko and Titus Tutu.
13 13 Clergy Applications for Reinstatement; alphabetical. Included in this folder is a list written about 1955 in the hand of Alexander entitled "those to be excommunicated." The three applications in the folder are those of William DuPreez, Charles Hockey, and Shadrach Madiba. Only DuPreez' name appears on the list indicating he left again after being reinstated.
13 14 Government Approval of Clergy as Marriage Officers; alphabetical.