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Wesleyana Artifact Collection > Miscellaneous Artifacts

Series III
Miscellaneous Artifacts, 1841-1985, undated.
Boxes 24, 35-40

Box Folder Content
40 95-001-188 Engraving of “The Birth-Place of the Rev. John Wesley, Epworth, Lincolnshire” published by London: L. Tallis (17.9cm x 13.1cm), undated (nineteenth century).
Box Folder Content
40 95-001-187 Engraving of "The John Wesley Missionary Ship," etched and engraved by George Baxter (16.2cm x 9.1cm), undated (late nineteenth century).
Box Folder Content
24b 95-001-136 Bible verses with religious poems on backs. In small wooden box covered in purple silk., undated (nineteenth century).
24a 95-001-137 Unlabeled gavel, used by Bishop Wilson [?], numbered 1, undated (nineteenth century).
24a 95-001-138 Unlabeled gavel, used by Bishop Wilson [?], numbered 2, undated (nineteenth century).
24a 95-001-139 Gavel, used by Bishop McTyeire, undated (nineteenth century).
24a 95-001-140 Gavel labeled "Gavel made from a camphor tree near the Methodist church at Hiroshima. Presented by Mr. Tanimoto ", undated (twentieth century).
24a 95-001-141 Gavel labeled "Wood from Rehoboth Church built 1786 in which Bishop Asbury held annual conferences in 1792 and 1793. Near Union W. VA. Charleston W. VA. October 1914" (length: 23.6cm), 1914.
40 95-001-224 Pamphlet, "Wesleyan Methodism in France" (Paris), 1841.
24b 95-001-142 Piece of "Wesley Oak", Frederica, St. Simons Island, GA (length 8.5cm), undated.
24b 95-001-143 Piece of olive wood (cross section) with the word "Jerusalem" written in Hebrew (diameter approx. 7.5cm), undated (nineteenth/twentieth century).
36 95-001-144 Commemorative trowel inscribed "Presented to John Petrie Esq. on the occasion of his laying the foundation stone of the Wesleyan Methodist Association Chapel: Heywood: 29th March 1850" (length 32.4cm), 1850.
24c 95-001-145 Bust of unidentified man (height 21.2cm), undated (nineteenth century?).
35 95-001-146 Drum microscope (case mounted) with mahogany case. French[?] (height 26.6cm; case dimensions 29.8cm x 12.6cm x 6.8cm), undated (mid nineteenth century).
37 95-001-147 Black bonnet, donated by Bishop Warren A. Candler, undated (nineteenth century).
38 95-001-148 Set of oak bookends (height 15.6cm), 1898.
39b 95-001-149 42 clear glass communion cups (no markings), undated (early twentieth century?).
24b 95-001-150 6 clear glass communion cups used by Emory chaplains during World War I, circa 1917.
24c 95-001-152 Small teacup and saucer with image of Epworth Church, undated (nineteenth century).
40 95-001-253 Photocopied article, “A farmhouse birthplace of Methodism in Cheshire” published in “The Chronicle”, 1956 Jun 23.
40 95-001-254 Two photocopied letters to the Editor, “Wesley vendetta” and “Wesley’s Epworth” published in “The Daily Telegraph”, 1955-1956.
40 95-001-255 United Methodist Heritage Calendar, 1985.