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Series III
Miscellaneous Artifacts, 1795-1956, undated
Boxes 24, 35-40

Box Folder Content
24b 95-001-135 Bible verses with label "Printed Bible verses from the Book of Matthew dated Autumn 1795 and Winter 1829. Donated by Helen N. Stubbs. One of these versed belonged to the grandmother of Grover Cleveland.", 1795, 1829
Box Folder Content
24b 95-001-136 Bible verses with religious poems on backs. In small wooden box covered in purple silk., undated
Box Folder Content
24a 95-001-137 Unlabeled gavel, used by Bishop Wilson [?], numbered 1, undated
24a 95-001-138 Unlabeled gavel, used by Bishop Wilson [?], numbered 2, undated
24a 95-001-139 Gavel, used by Bishop McTyeire, undated
24a 95-001-140 Gavel labeled "Gavel made from a camphor tree near the Methodist church at Hiroshima. Presented by Mr. Tanimoto ", undated
24a 95-001-141 Gavel labeled "Wood from Rehoboth Church...", 1914
24b 95-001-142 Piece of "Wesley Oak", Frederica, St. Simons Island, GA, undated
24b 95-001-143 Piece wood with "Jerusalem" written in Hebrew, undated
35 95-001-144 Commemorative trowel inscribed "Presented to John Petrie Esq. on the occasion of his laying the foundation stone of the Wesleyan Methodist Association Chapel: Heywood: 29th March 1850", 1850
24c 95-001-145 Bust of unidentified man, undated
36 95-001-146 Microscope, undated
37 95-001-147 Black bonnet, donated by Bishop Warren A. Candler, undated
38 95-001-148 Wood bookends, undated
39a 95-001-149 42 Communion cups, undated
24b 95-001-150 6 Communion cups used by Emory chaplains during World War I, circa 1917
32 95-001-151 Photographs of various Methodist ministers, circa 1880
24c 95-001-152 Teacup and saucer with image of Epworth Church, undated
40 95-001-253 Photocopied article, “A farmhouse birthplace of Methodism in Cheshire” published in “The Chronicle”, 1956 Jun 23
40 95-001-254 Two photocopied letters to the Editor, “Wesley vendetta” and “Wesley’s Epworth” published in “The Daily Telegraph”, 1955-1956
40 95-001-255 United Methodist Heritage Calendar, 1985