Series 10
Books and Pamphlets, 1976-2020
Boxes 50 - 51

Box Folder Content
50 Annual Report (booklet), 2020
50 North America Area Region 4 Midwest Conference (booklet), 2013
50 A History of the Women's Ministry Council of the CME Church from 1918 to 2009, by William C. Larkin (bound volume), 2009
50 After Thy Will: The life story of Manuela Lardizabal Valencia (bound volume)
50 Confederacion de Mujeres Metodistas de America Latina y El Caribe, (bound volume) 2015 Aug 18
50 Federacion Mundial de Mujeres Metodistas y de Iglesias Unidas Manual (bound volume)
50 From Memory to Hope, by Ethel Born (bound volume)
50 General Conference - Women's Society of Christian Service, 6th session (bound volume), 1996
50 God Trusted a Woman: Leadership lessons from the life of Dr. Frances M. Alguire (bound volume)
50 Grace Suffient: The story of Helen Kim, by Helen Kim (bound volume)
50 History of Methodist Women (WSCS), 1976-1996, General Conference The Methodist Church in Maylasia (bound volume)
50 History of the Korean Methodist Women's Society, 1897-1990, by Rhie, Keok-Joo (bound volume)
50 Itinererio de Uma Vida: Memorias de Otilia de Oliveira Chaves (bound volume)
50 Journals of Elizabeth Kissack - 3 volumes (bound volumes)
50 Led by the Hand of God: a biography of Oknah Kim Lah, by Rev. Young Joon Cho, Ph.D. (bound volumes)
50 Methodist Women A world sisterhood: A history of the World Federation of Methodist Women, 1923-1986 (bound volumes)
50 Sophia Blackmore in Singapore: Educational and missionary pioneer, 1887-1927, edited by Theodore R. Doraisamy (bound volumes)
50 Third Episcopal District Women's Missionary Society, 12th Annual Working Breakfast, March 12, 1992 (bound volumes) [Contains memorial tribute to Dr. Wilhelmina Price Lawrence]
50 Thou Hast Guided Me, by Oknah Kim Lah [Korean] (bound volume)
50 Women in the Methodist Church Maylaysia, 1885-1984 (bound volume)
50 Commisionings of Achives Display at the World Methodist Council Museum (program), 1997
51 MFMW area and unit records ledger (binder)
51 Assembly Speakers (audiocassettes in binder), 1981
51 MFMW ledger of Treasurer (bound volume), 1976-1981