Series 11
Artifacts, 1939-2016
Boxes 52 - 60

Box Folder Content
59 Batik map of Maylaysia from Alguire display (textile); 42" x 42", undated
52 Brass on Wood in Recognition for Continuing Corporation of the Northwestern Branch of the Methodist Episcopal Church Missionlary Society the Methodist Episcopal Church (plaque); 5" x 7", 1997
58 Centennial Celebration Methodist Church, Singapore (coin), 1985
58 Ceramic pendant on cord with descending dove, undated
60 Chalice used for closing communion in Nairobi; 5.5" in height, 1986
60 Communion cup carved of wood from the Rium tree in New Zealand (wood); 9" in height, undated
59 Communion plate carved of wood from the Rium tree in New Zealand; 9" in height, undated
60 Cross (wooden) on shell design base; 5" in height, undated
59 Early WFMW with official emblem (pin), undated
57 Framed cross stitch of Lord's Prayer created by Young Soo Lah, daughter-in-law of Oknah Kim Lah; 21" in height x 14" in width, 2000
57 Gold color with Tree of Life on green background (six pendents), undated
57 Gourd with etched design, claw lid; 6.5" in height, undated
58 Green velvet case containing 2 silver colored pendants on chain, 1 WMC pin, 1 WFMW pendant - Myrta Pfeiffer, President; one tiny origami bird, undated
58 Handpainted Tree of Life - WFM and UCW (textile); measures 10.5" x 11.5", undated
RR Kava ceremonial bowl presented to Dr. Alguire from Samoan Methodists (wooden bowl); measures 13.5" in diameter; 5.5" in height, undated
57 Laquered box with inlaid grape vine design on lid given to Mrs. Edith W. Ming, Jan. 19, 1988. Jin Soon Choi, Seoul, Korea (wooden box), undated
59 Leaf with handpainted design of woman, udated
58 Metal and ceramic with handpainted Tree of Life design (2 pendants), undated
59 Metal plates (five total), undated
53 MFMW ledger, 1981-1990
53 Scrapbook of 13th World Assembly, 2016
54 Shell lei presented to Dr. Alguire by the Queen of Tonga, 2000
57 Stone and wire Tree of Life (sculpture), undated
59 Thursdays in Black (pin), undated
56 Traditional Korean dress presented to Dr. Alguire, undated
52 Tree design cutout with United Nations Sustainable Development Goals stickers (wood), 12" x 13", undated
52 Tree design with red berries painted on wood cutout with base (wood), 13.5" in height, undated
58 Tree of Life WFMUCW emblem (pin), undated
59 Two Tree of Life designs (framed item); 7.5" x 5.5", undated
59 Unidentified woman (framed item); 7.5" x 5.5", undated
59 United Nations N.G.O. (pin), undated
59 WFMUCW (pin), undated
59 WFMW Assembly, 1981 - Gift from United Methodist Women (pendant), 1981
55 WFMW Constitution, 1939 Oct 26
59 WFMW History, 1923-1986 (pin), 1986
54 World Methodist Council paperweight, 1997
54 Woven basket for Bible presented to Dr. Alguire in Samoa, 2000
54 Woven pedestal basket presented to Dr. Alguire by the Queen of Tonga, 2000
58 Woven tote bag from WFMA 7th Assembly (Ethan Born name tag attached), 1986
58 Zippered canvas totebag from WFMW 8th Assembly, 1991