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Series 6
Photographs, 1854-1938
Box 33; OP 4-10

Scope and Content Note

The series contains photographs relating to Young John Allen from 1854-1938. The series contains individual and group images of the Allen family and Young John Allen and other individuals including Chinese dignitaries, students, and other missionaries such as Yun Ch'i Ho. The series also includes photographs of Allen's home in Georgia, memorials dedicated to him, and other locations in China and Korea.

Young John Allen and the Allen family
Box Folder Content
33 1 Allen, Alice Elvie, [circa 1900s-1920s]
33 2 Allen, Arthur, Emory College class picture, 1886
33 3 Allen, Arthur Houston, [circa 1900s-1920s]
33 4 Allen, Ethel Margaret, [circa 1895-1910s]
OP1 4 Allen, Ethel Margaret
33 5 Allen, Ethel and Allen Richard Turner at Young John Allen's grave, Shanghai, 1924
OP1 5 Allen, Malvina [with her Wesleyan classmates?]
33 6 Allen, Mary Houston and children, [circa 1870s]
33 7 Allen, Mary Houston, [circa 1880s]
33 8 Allen, Mary Houston, [circa 1910s]
33 9 Allen, Mary Houston, 1920
33 10 Allen, Mary Houston, [circa 1920s]
33 11 Allen, Mary Houston, group photographs, possibly the dedication of the Young John Allen Church in Shanghai, [circa 1920s]
OP1 6 Allen, Mary Houston [3 portraits]
33 12 Allen, Mary Louise [Turner] with the Philomathean Society, 1892
33 13 Allen, Young John, 1854
33 14 Allen, Young John, [circa 1870s]
33 15 Allen, Young John and his Chinese Writers Tsai and Yin, [circa 1900]
33 16 Allen, Young John with teachers and managers of the Girls' School, [circa 1900]
33 17 Allen, Young John in front of Prospect Church, Lone Oak, Georgia, 1900
33 18 Allen, Young John [circa 1906]
OP1 7 Allen, Young John with Mary Houston Allen, Edgar Allen, Alice Allen, Mary Allen, Arthur Allan, and Ethel Allen
OP1 8 Allen, Young John with Mary Allen, an unidentified Chinese teacher, and two Chinese students
OP1 10 Allen, Young John with John Simmons, George Smith, and unidentified
33 19 Loehr, George R. with his class at Huchow Middle School, Huchow, 1917
33 20 Loehr, Geoge R. in cemetery at Lone Oak, Georgia
Other people
33 21 Bell, George H., 1895
33 22 Chinese dignitaries [includes Marquis Ito, General Oyama, Admiral Ting and Viceroy Li Hung-Chang]
33 23 Lu Hsui Cheng
33 24 Pang-Syen-Su, Korea, 1917
OP1 10 Sir Robert Hart and his brass band, China, 1906
33 25 Sung Yueh Kuei, 1907
33 26 Yun Ch'i Ho
33 27 Yun Woong Niel, Yun Tchi Ho [Yun Ch'i Ho] and grandchildren, 1904
33 28 Unidentified individuals
33 29 Allen-Lee Memorial Church, Lone Oak, Georgia, 1938
33 30 House of Thomas A. Hern in China
33 31 "Lily Dale," home of Yun Ch'i Ho
33 32 School at Songdo, Korea
33 33 Young John Allen home, Grantville, Georgia
33 34 Young John Allen childhood home memorial, 1938
33 35 Young John Allen monument, Midville, Georgia
33 36 Young John Allen tree, Oxford, Georgia, 1915
33 37 Wan Kwoh Kung Pau, various title pages