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Black Print Culture collection > Arts and entertainment

Series 5
Arts and entertainment, 1821-2014

Scope and Content Note

The arts and entertainment series includes programs, brochures, and advertisements relating to performers, performances, and events dating from 1821-1995. There is a small collection of caricature and children's literature (1897-1950). There is also a small amount of material relating to entertainers, fairs, festivals, film, and theatre. The graphic arts represented include engravings and promotions for exhibitions. Programs and advertisements relating to musicians and performances comprise the largest group of materials. Also included is a modest collection of poems and a program for a sports event.

Arrangement Note

Arranged by subject.

Caricature and Children's Literature
Box Folder Content
OP39 - Bull Durham tobacco, poster advertisement with caricature, [circa 1900?]
29 1 Caricature postcard, Curt Teich and Co., [1950?]
29 2 Cream of Wheat, advertisement with caricature, 1918
OP2 26 Currier and Ives, Darktown Fire Brigade series, 1884
29 3 Gold Dust, advertisement with caricature, [1920s?]
29 4 The Jolly Chinee, stories by E. Veale, illustrations by Palmer Cox, Hubbard Publishing Company, 1896, supplement to Philadelphia Inquirer, January 3, 1897
33 7 "Ouwa Own Wattamellun Jake," advertisement, circa 1950s
OP5 2 "Running the Gauntlet--Special Course for Colored Cadets at West Point," hand-colored lithograph cover of Puck magazine, volume 7, number 163, April 21, 1880
OP2 27 Slingsbury, R., untitled portrait of two white boys, Hebert Henry Hall and his brother Frederick William Hall, in blackface, dressed as minstrels, 1892. Pencil drawing with water color and oil color. Drawing includes two dated and signed labels pasted and two printed programs for the 1891 Lincoln Mayor's Ball pasted on the verso.
33 8 Uncle Remus Brand Syrup, advertisement, 1924
OP42 - Armstrong, Ellen E., "Magician and Cartoonist Extraordinary 'Going Fine since 1889,'" poster, undated
40 1 Armstrong, Louis, promotional, “Louis Plays the Selmer,” with program on back, no date
53 26 Arnte, Billy, and Mabel Stine, with Billy Arnte's Original Dixie Troubadours (Indianapolis, Indiana), promotional photographic card, circa 1917 [Includes lyrics to "The Weary Blues."]
53 27 Brown, Anita Patti, souvenir program for Brown's "Sing-Tell-Play Company," circa 1906
37 15 Coltrane, John, Pacifica Radio Paper, September 1987
37 14 Dawson, Mary Cardwell, concert flier, April 30, 1948
37 44 District Curators, "In the Tradition," mailed advertisement, 1992
48 34 Dunham, Katherine, program, "Bel Negre: A Brilliant Dance Review," 1946
34 18 Dunham, Katherine, various printed items, 2004-2006
29 5 Gregory, Dick, Dick Gregory for President, play money, November 5, 1968
37 16 Jackson, Mahalia, "Born to Sing," Newsweek, February 22, 1954
29 6 James Crescent Players, advertisement card for "A Good Man Is Hard to Find"
48 33 Robeson, Paul, postcard portfolio, 1960

A propaganda souvenir marking the visit of Paul Robeson to the German Democratic Republic in 1960, to be awarded the "Star of International Friendship Order.

37 26 Robeson, Paul, United Freedom Fund concert, program, May 8, 1952
29 7 Sanders, Fetaque, Magician, various advertising pieces
OP4 8 Sanders, Fetaque, Magician, various advertising pieces (10 items)
40 6 Whitney, Samuel Tutt, business card, no date
Fairs, Festivals, Expositions
37 30 American Exhibiting Artists, advertisements, circa 1964
OP2 25 American Exhibiting Artists, Fall Exhibition of Oil Paintings, Free Library of Philadelphia (Pennsylvania), flier, November 27-December 19, 1964
49 11 American Negro Exposition, West Virginia Day, Chicago, Illinois, program, August 19, 1940
39 19 Amos, Emma, "Odyssey" catalog, no date
37 27 Art exhibit, Seton Hall University, program, March 22-26, 1971
37 34 Art From Africa, Phelps-Stokes Fund, advertisement, New York, New York, December 28, 1961-January 19, 1962
39 20 Bailey, Malcolm, resume printed by William Zierler, Inc., no date
42 4 Balch Institute for Ethnic Studies, "African Americans on the Silver Screen" film series, 1993
39 21 Bearden, Romare, exhibition announcements and programs, circa 1964-1997
39 22 Biggers, John, exhibition invitation, "The Art of John Biggers: View from the Upper Room," Boston Museum of Fine Arts, 1997
48 20 Black Meeting and Tourism, "Cultural Festivals and Celebrations," 1999-2000
42 5 Black Memorabilia & Collectible Show, Gaithersburg, Maryland, March 31, 2001
29 8 Bronze Jubilee at the Fox Theatre (Atlanta, Georgia), awards program, April 17, 1983
42 6 "A Century of Negro Progress Exposition," Chicago, Illinois, souvenir program, August 16-September 2, 1963
37 31 Charlotte White Franklin, exhibit invitation, 1968-1971
39 23 Cinque Celebration, Selma Burke and Lois Mailou Jones biographies [autographed], no date
OP5 3 "Colored Dance and Picnic" (Hanover, Pennsylvania) featuring Seamon Eldridge and His Orchestra, poster, no date
39 24 Community Church of New York, exhibition of paintings and drawings by Artists in Residence of the Studio Museum of Harlem, exhibit announcement, 1980
39 25 Decarava, Roy, exhibition announcement, Benin Gallery (New York, New York), 1976
39 26 Delsarte, Louis, exhibition announcements and invitations, circa 1980
37 42 Economics of Racism U.S.A.; Roots of Black Inequality, Bill Crawford, flier, no date
39 27 Edmondson, William, exhibition program, Museum of American Folk Art (New York, New York), 2000
39 28 The Evans-Tibbs Collection (Washington, D.C.), exhibition announcement, 1981
OP5 4 Feelings, Tom, poster, "Soapstone Center for the Arts president the work of Tom Feelings, Artist and Illustrator," (Atlanta, Georgia), no date
37 45 Festival of Books, Free Library of Philadelphia, program, September 13, 1954
53 28 Festival Ngoma, Olatunji Arts Center of African Culture (Harlem, New York), program, 1969
42 7 The Free Library of Philadelphia, "Black Heritage: The Pride and the Wisdom," exhibit catalog, circa 1989
39 29 Hendricks, Barkley L., exhibition invitation, ACA Galleries, 1976
39 30 Heritage Gallery (Los Angeles, California), exhibition invitation, "African American Month," 2000
37 36 Hidden Heritage: Afro-American Art, 1800-1950, invitation, August 21-October 18, 1985
29 9 Indiana Black Expo '74, 2nd Annual Evansville Black Expo Luncheon, program, June 22, 1974 [signed by Julian Bond]
48 21 Indiana Black Expo, Family Summit art exhibit, brochure, 1993
OP1 19 International Jazzfest (New Orleans, Louisiana), poster, 1969
37 41 John Edgar Wideman, Philadelphia Fire, program, November 21, 1991
29 10 John Henry Memorial Authentic Blues and Gospel Festival (Charleston, West Virginia), commemorative book, August 31-Septmeber 2, 1973
37 47 John W. Mosley, reception, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, invitation, December 10, 1992
39 31 Johnson, William H., exhibition announcements and invitations, 1996-1998
50 26 Kay, Ulysses, Jubilee World Premiere Performance, program, Jackson State University and Utica Junior College, Jackson, Mississippi, 1976
39 32 Lawrence, Jacob, exhibition announcements, D.C. Moore Gallery (New York, New York), 2000-2001
37 43 Lee Cultural Center, featuring Kristin Hunter, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, flier, no date
39 33 Lewis, Norman, exhibition invitation, Baruch College (New York, New York), 1976
37 32 Lincoln University, campus and community artists, flier, October 1-31, 1968
37 46 A Literary Evening, Lee Cultural Center, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, program, June 6, 1964
38 23 Literature Lovers, first annual dinner, program, March 3, 1925
29 11 Makeda Myoriba Dance Troupe and the Afro-American Folkloric Troup, flyer advertising performance (Atlanta, Georgia), [1960s]
39 34 Marshall, Ulysses, exhibition program, "Ulysses Marshall: Recent Paintings," The Evans-Tibbs Collection (Washington, D.C.), 1989
29 12 Mid-State Colored Fair (Murfreesboro, Tennessee), program, August 25-27, 1949
39 35 Miller Wayne, exhibition program, "Chicago's South Side, 1946-1948," Lee Gallery (Winchester, Massachusetts), 2001
37 37 Our Negro Music: A Remedy for Hate, Washington, D.C., flier, August 28, 1963
50 21 Pan Hellenic Council, Fort Huachuca, Arizona, invitation, 1944
37 29 Philadelphia Black Artists, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, advertisement April 26, 1968 [includes list of art work exhibited]
37 33 Roy Lewis, reception, postcard advertisement, April 12, 1985
37 39 Sam J. Ntiro, New York, New York, May 18-June 1, 1960
39 9 Samuel Huston College (Austin, Texas), artist series program featuring lectures and/or performances by Marion Jackson Downs, W.E.B. Du Bois, Langston Hughes, and Roland Hayes, among others, 1944
39 36 Sistagraphy, "Continuous Vision: The Sistagraphy Retrospective 1993-2003 New and Selected Works," 2003
37 38 Skunder Boghossian, New York, New York, exhibit advertisement, November 17-December 17, 1965 [includes list of art work exhibited with artist's descriptions]
29 13 Southern Association of Drama and Speech Arts, 12th Annual Conference and Drama Festival (Tallahassee, Florida), program, April 14-17, 1948
39 37 Susan Woodson Gallery, exhibition invitation, "Intimate Encounters," 2004
39 38 Tanner, Henry Ossawa, exhibit catalog, "The Art of Henry Ossawa Tanner," The Museum of African Art/Frederick Douglass Institute (Washington, D.C.), no date
37 35 Tanner, Henry Ossawa, Philadelphia Museum of Art, flier, January 20-April 14, 1991
37 28 Temple University, Seven Black Artists presentation, program, November 6-30, 1970
29 14 Vance County Colored Fair (Henderson, North Carolina), program, October 12-17, 1953
51 15 West Chester State College, April Black Arts Festival, program, April 1-7, 1973
39 39 White, Charles, exhibition guide, "Images of Dignity: A Retrospective of the Works of Charles White," no date
39 40 Woodruff, Hale, exhibition announcements and programs, 1975-1979
37 51 World Emancipation Exhibition, invitation, no date
50 27 Yazoo Negro Fair Association, Tri-County Delta Exposition, Yazoo City, Mississippi, 1950
42 8 "And Then We Heard the Thunder," Lee Cultural Centre (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania), October 31-November 10, [?]
47 53 Anderson, Marian, program for War Memorial Opera House, San Francisco, California, 1939
37 17 "Ballad for Bimshire," flier advertisement, October 18, 1963
29 15 Bill Robinson Show, souvenir program with program for performance (Portland, Oregon), October 22, 1946
42 9 Black American Film Festival, Annenberg Center, University of Pennsylvania, June-August, [?]
29 16 Black Arts Alliance, "The First Militant Preacher" by Ben Caldwell, program, [1957]
36 46 "Black Heritage Series," Warren Schloat Productions advertisement, no date
45 7 Black Repertory Group (Berkeley, California), "Purlie Victorious" by Ossie Davis, program, 1984
47 54 Blackbird Revue, theatre programs featuring Lew Leslie and Florence Mills, London, England, and New York, New York, 1926-1928
29 17 Buddy Players, flyer for "Uncle Tom's Cabin," undated
29 18 "Chicago Stagebill," Studebaker Theatre, "Native Son," starring Canada Lee, undated
46 18 Contemporary Afro-American Films, order forms for "Saba Saba," circa 1972
29 19 "The Cube (Chicago), Four Negro Plays: "Dreamy Kid," "Plumes," "The Man Who Died at Twelve O'Clock," "The No 'Count Boy," program, January 1929
29 20 Des Moines Race Players, "Fifty Years of Freedom or From Cabin to Congress," St. Paul AME Church, flier, September 4, 1934
51 2 Directory of Black Film/TV Technicians and Artists (West Coast), 1980
36 44 "Ethnic Notions," California Newsreel advertisement, no date
36 36 The Freedom Theatre (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania), flier for Ceremonies in Dark Old Men by Lonnie Elder, III
32 4 "The Friendly Triangle," presented by the Phyllis Wheatley Branch, YWCA, (St. Louis, Missouri), October 18-19, 1923
47 49 Joe Turner's Come and Gone Theater Party, fliers, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, February 9, 1992
51 3 "John Henry" featuring Paul Robeson, 44th Street Theater, opening night program, January 10, 1940
29 21 Just You and Me Two Way Talk Show (Baltimore, Maryland), An Afternoon with Dr. Gossie Harold Hudson and Paul Laurence Dunbar, 7th Anniversary souvenir program, July 27, 1991
38 24 Lew Leslie's Blackbirds of 1934 program, 1934
OP1 9 Lucia, the Cuban Epic of Love & Revolution, presented by Tricontinental Films and the Center for Cuban Studies, undated
29 22 Majestic Theatre, "Harlem" by William Jourdan Rapp and Wallace Thurman, staged by Chester Erskin, undated
33 9 Marionette Guild (San Francisco, California), The Mikado and Uncle Tom's Cabin, advertisement, undated ncle Tom's Cabin, advertisement, undated
37 48 The Missing Chapter in U.S. Film History, flier, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, no date
34 12 "Mrs. Patterson," starring Eartha Kitt, souvenir booklet, circa 1954
36 37 "The New Lafayette Theatre Wants You," sticker
36 45 "Nitty Gritty Street Theatre," Black Arts Spectrum Theatre, program, no date
OP1 10 On Black Film: a Film and Lecture series presented by the Annenberg Center for Communication Arts and Sciences, University of Pennsylvania at Talladega College, April 15-27, 19[??]
OP6 5 Othello, Paul Robeson Theatre (New York City, New York), broadside, no date
31 28 The People's Theatre Repertory, "The Wheels of Darkness," and "The Inner Shadow," by Lofton Mitchell, People's Theatre Workshop (New York City, New York), September 20, 1946 and "The Bancroft Dynasty" (playbill) and "Blood in the Night" (flyer) by Michael Lofton, 1946
36 43 Phoenix Films, mail order list, no date
29 23 Pierre Berton Show, "Malcolm X," transcript, January 19, 1965
34 8 "Playbill," Hanna Theatre (New York), "Mardi Gras," Ensemble Artistique et Culturel de la Republique de Guinee, vol. 4, no. 10, October 1967
29 24 "Playbill," Imperial Theatre (New York), "Jamaica," starring Lena Horne, vol. 3, no. 4, January 26, 1959
29 25 "Playbill," The National Theatre (New York), "Mrs. Patterson," starring Eartha Kitt, December 27, 1954
34 9 "Playbill," Mark Hellinger Theatre (New York), "The League of New York Theatres and Producers presents the American Theatre Wing's 35th Annual Antoinette Perry Awards," June 7, 1981
34 10 "Playbill," Palace Theatre (New York), "Twenty-five Years of Tony Awards," vol. 8, no. 3, March 1971
44 22 "Playbill," Phoenix Theatre (New York), "The Octoroon," vol. 5, no. 8, February 20, 1961
29 26 "Playbill," St. James Theatre (New York), "Hello, Dolly!" starring Pearl Bailey and Cab Calloway, vol. 5, no. 2, February 1968
44 23 "Playbill," Virginia Theatre (New York), "Jelly's Last Jam" starring Gregory Hines, vol. 93, no. 4, April 1993
32 12 "Playbill," Walter Kerr Theatre (New York), "Seven Guitars," starring Keith David, vol. 96, no.3, March 1996
34 11 "The Playgoer," Schubert Theatre (New Haven, Connecticut), "Mardi Gras," Ballets Africains Ensemble Artistique de la Republique de Guinee, November 6-11, 1967
36 38 Pomo Afro Homos present Fierce Love: Stories from Black Gay Life, flier, undated
53 29 "Seventy-Five Years of Freedom," by Mrs. F. Douglass Coleman (Nashville, Tennessee), pageant booklet, 1940
36 42 "St. Louis Woman," based on the novel God Sends Sunday by Arna Bontemps, music by Harold Allen, lyrics by Johnny Mercer, starring Pearl Bailey, flier circa 1946
29 27 "Stepping Stones," presented by Fred Stone and Dorothy Stone, benefit performance in aid of The Hampton Normal and Agricultural Institute (Hampton, Virginia), December 20, 1923
42 10 Theatre of the Living Arts, Vinie Burrows in "Walk Together Children" flier and ticket order form, circa 1968
OP6 13 "The Trials of a Movie Director" broadside, presented by the East Des Moines Booster Club, Printer, Robert E. Patten, March 17, 1932
29 28 Vanderbilt Theater, The Playbill, "Mulatto" by Langston Hughes and Martin Jones (signed by Rose McClendon)
48 41 "Vignette, The One Man Show, Will Anthony Madden," brochure, undated
53 30 "The Voice: A Pageant of the Origin, Growth, and Accomplishments of the Negro Baptists of America," by Maret Harrison Fowler, souvenir program (Chicago, Illinois), 1930 [Autographed by Modupe Paris.]
Graphic art
OP20 - 100 Flowers Gallery (New York), poster with photo by Robert Finnell featuring toddler wearing "Keep the Faith Baby" button, undated
OP6 15 Aché, Journal for Black Lesbians, volume 1, numbers, 3,4,6,8, 1989
29 29 Ackermann, R.A. (London), five color plates from unknown book, "A Negress spinning cotton," "A Weaver," "A Goldsmith," "A Negro Girl studying the Game of Ourri," and "Beating cotton," 1821-1822
42 11 "Adapt-o-Art," clip art catalog, circa 1960s
51 18 Afro-American Hero Posters, advertising flier, 1968
47 21 AFRI-COBRA III, exhibit catalog, University of Massachussetts-Amhearst, 1973
39 18 Alexander, Zakia Yasmeen, naming ceremony invitation, 1978
29 30 American Exhibiting Artists, Lee Cultural Center (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania), exposition flyer, February 5-27, 1995
OP2 19 "And not this man?" illustration, Harper's Weekly, August 5, 1865
29 31 "Attack on Fort Wagner," Johnson, Fry & Co. Publishers, New York
47 17 The Art and Activism of Marion Perkins, exhibition catalog, Vivian G. Harsh Society, 2013
45 28 "The Art of John Biggers," calendar, 2001
OP4 21 Ball's Great Daguerrean Gallery of the West, page 206 from Gleason's Pictorial Drawing-Room Companion, includes description of James P. Ball's studios and gallery in Cincinnati, Ohio and hand colored engraving of the gallery, April 1, 1854
39 54 "Baptême du Roi de Congo," engraved plate removed from de la Harpe, Abrégé de L'Histoire Générale des Voyages, circa 1780
OP83 Basquiat, Jean-Michel, exhibit poster, Musée Galerie (Paris, France), 1993-1994
29 32 "Battle of Bunker Hill," Johnson, Fry & Co. Publishers, New York
OP1 11 Billops, Camille, promotion for ceramic sculpture exhibition, December 11-22, 1973
37 5 Black Art, Incorporated, greeting card art, no date
OP2 17 Brooke, R.N., "Straightening the Crooked Tree," illustration, Harper's Weekly, May 3, 1873
29 33 Brown, W. Wells, "W. Wells Brown," R. Woodman (engraver)
29 34 Burge, Bob, "The Man with the Golden Arm," Artists' Marketing advertisement, no year
OP4 22 Clarke, LeRoy, Fragments of a Spiritual, three drawings by LeRoy Clarke, 1970
OP74 Clarke, LeRoy, untitled print, 1972
OP21 - Cobb, Ron, poster with cartoon, "Remember… Uncle Tom Says- "Only You Can Prevent Ghetto Fires," Sawyer Press (Los Angeles, California), 1967
29 35 Craft, Ellen, "Ellen Craft, The fugitive slave," engraving from Running a Thousand Miles for Freedom, by William Craft (1860)
42 12 Daley, F.O.C., unidentified illustration of several men on a sinking ship, engraved by F. Girsch, no date
29 36 "Death of Ellsworth," Johnson, Fry & Co. Publishers, New York
29 37 "DeSoto's Discovery of the Mississippi," Johnson, Fry & Co. Publishers, New York
31 20 Dielman, F., "Celebration of the Abolition of Slavery in the District of Columbia by the Colored People, in Washington, April 19, 1966," printed sketch, undated
37 3 "Douglass and Lincoln Confer," unknown artist, greeting card, no date
42 13 Emerson R. Terry and Associates advertisement, holiday card "May the Coming Year be Black, Beautiful, and Powerful," 1968
47 20 "An Exhibition of Portraits of Distinguished Citizens of Negro Heritage," by Laura Wheeler Waring and Betsy Graves Reyneau, Chicago Historical Society, 1946
42 14 "Field to Factory: Afro-American Migration 1915-1940," National Museum of American History (Washington, D.C.), February 1987
OP2 18 "A Hard Problem--After T. Brooks," print, undated
37 4 Harrington, Ollie, "Dark Laughter" comic panels, circa 1935-1941
OP76 Hill, Carl G., black and white lithograph, design for book cover, "Black Book: Poems by a Negro," circa 1930s [book never published?]
51 4 Huie, Albert, subject file, 1982-2010

Subject file contains fliers, clippings, an obituary, and other printed material related to Jamaican artist Albert Huie.

OP2 21 "I'm Free," tinted lithograph, Boston, Lith & Pub by J.H. Bufford, July 28, 1862
OP25 "The Image of the Black in Western Art," exhibit poster, Rice University
46 13 "In A Stream of Ink," exhibit catalog, The Printmaking Workshop, Inc. 1984
34 12 "King's Day, Havana," illustration, portion of page 37 of Gleason's Pictorial Drawing-Room Companion, 1854
OP2 29 "A Lady Going to Visit," color plate from Travels in Brazil by Henry Koster, Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme and Brown (London), 1816
33 48 Mills, Lev, program for "In Retrospect," exhibition at Studio Museum in Harlem (New York), 1975. Inscribed to Joan Lewis
OP28 - Mobley, Dozier (photographer), poster, "Think About It" featuring African American woman, nude except for belts of bullets around her waist and crisscrossing her chest and holding an M-16 rifle, no date
42 15 Mosley, John W., brochure, "Photographs 1937-67," circa 1967
29 38 Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, Hidden Heritage Afro-American Art, 1800-1950, exhibit brochure, 1987
OP5 5 "Prêche au camp-meeting. Methodistes du Nord prêchant l'abolition de l'esclavage." Hand-colored lithograph removed from the journal Courrier d'Amerique, circa 1861
OP2 6 Poster, Toussaint L'Ouverture, hand-tinted lithograph by Francois Seraphim Delpech, 1838
OP22 - Poster, with picture of Martin Luther King Jr and quote, undated
OP23 - Phillips, Bradley, poster for exhibit at Boston Athenaeum Gallery, featuring a painting of Leontyne Price as Aida, 1979
47 16 Praxis, exhibition catalog, Wayne State University (Detroit, Michigan), 2014
29 39 Puryear, Martin, "Focus: Martin Puryear," Hirshorn Museum, Smithsonian Institution, exhibit brochure, 1992
OP24 - Saunders, poster for exhibit at Galerie Resche (Paris, France), 1991
OP3 5 "Slavery Is Dead[?]," broadside, Harpers Weekly, January 12, 1967
29 40 St. Luke's Center (Washington, D.C.), An exhibit of New Paintings by Evelyn Ware, exhibit program, October 24, 1976
37 52 Stanita Designs, Greeting Card Magazine, article, February, 1969
47 18 "Stengstacke, Photographs 1964-1970" (pamphlet), Lusenhop Fine Arts, undated
OP19 - Sorbonne (Paris, France), poster for conference, "A Visual Arts Encounter: African Americans and Europe," February 2-4, 1994
39 55 Washington, E.M., four woodcuts circa 1920s-1930s, reprinted circa 1990s
OP5 1 White, Charles, artist, "Charles White 10," lithographs, 1962
OP6 20 "The Battle Cry of Armageddon," A.R. Griggs, Jr., broadside with lyrics, published by Griggs Memorial Baptist Association (Dallas, Texas), 1929
33 11 "Bob-Tailed Nag," broadside, published by Thomas M. Scroggy, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, circa 1850s
33 12 "Free and Easy, No. 2," published by H. De Marsan, New York, New York
42 16 "Goodbye to Gordon Edgley," no date
48 23 "A Hymn, Sung by James H. Walker at Parting with Sojourner Truth," 1853
33 13 "I'm off for Charleston," broadside, published by A.W. Auner, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
37 2 "Lift Every Voice and Sing (Negro National Hymn)," no date
33 14 "Look! Nelly Bly," broadside
33 15 "Nelly Was a Lady," broadside, published by Thomas M. Scroggy, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, circa 1850s
33 10 "On De Oder Side of Jordan," broadside, published by Thomas M. Scroggy, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, circa 1850s
33 16 "Our Country's Flag," broadside, published by H. De Marsan, New York, New York
48 22 "To Dead Fighters for Freedom," Herbert Mahler, 1949
OP6 9 Where We At: Black Women Artists, poster, 1972
47 19 Where We At: Black Women Artists, promotional materials, 1979, 1981, 1986
OP75 12th Hour Prayer Band No. 2 (Jacksonville, Florida), performance program, 1971
43 26 Adams, Lawrence, Tenor Soloist and Reader, Odd Fellows Hall, recital broadside, April 19, 1917
37 8 The Affiliate Choral Society of Los Angeles, Chorus of Five Hundred Voices, program, August 2, 1931
29 41 American Jubilee Singers (Successors to the Original Fisk Co.), 2 postcards, undated
29 42 Anderson, Marion, Academy of Music (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania), concert flyer, April 21, no year
29 43 Anderson, Marion, Contralto Concert program (Kansas City, Missouri), February 16, 1937
37 11 The Anderson Memorial Symphony Orchestra, concert program, November 26, 1939
29 44 Anglin, John, tenor, concert to benefit Opera Fund (Washington, D.C.), November 19, 1948
53 31 Artist Publications (Cincinnati, Ohio), promotional brochure for "Rhythm and Blues Jazz Scrapbook," circa 1950s
49 26 Belafonte, Harry, programs, 1969
29 45 Bells of Zion (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania), advertising card, undated [includes image of Marie Howard Burns, booking agent]
33 17 Black Music Association, Third Annual Tribute to Outstanding Black Performers, "The Godfather...A Tribute to James Brown," Washington, D.C. Convention Center, September 23, 1984
49 8 Black Patti Troubadours, songbook, 1898
44 24 Blind Boone Concert Company handbill advertising the company's program, no date
29 46 Blind Tom, promotional flyer for concert at Smith's Opera House, [1920s]
OP44 1 Blue Goose Records, Bill Williams, The Late Bill Williams: Blues, Rags and Ballads, album cover proofs, 1974
OP44 2 Blue Goose Records, Bill Williams, Low and Lonesome, album cover proofs, undated
OP44 3 Blue Goose Records, Larry Johnson, Fast and Funky, album cover proofs, undated
OP44 4 Blue Goose Records, Shirley Griffith, Mississippi Blues, album cover proofs, 1973
OP44 5 Blue Goose Records, Son House, The Real Delta Blues, album cover proofs, 1974
OP44 6 Blue Goose Records, Tom Shaw, Blind Lemon's Buddy, album cover proofs, undated
OP44 7 Blue Goose Records, Yank Rachell, Yank Rachell, album cover proofs, 1973
29 47 Blue Jay Singers of Birmingham, Alabama, brochure and advertising card, undated
29 48 Blue Jay Singers of Birmingham, Alabama, Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church (Downsville, Tennessee), April 25, 1939
53 32 Blue Rhythm Boys and Fletcher Henderson Orchestras, "Cabaret Dance" promotional flyer for dance at the Third Regiment Armory (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania), 1931
29 49 The Boggans, broadside advertising concert, undated
29 50 Boston Jubilee Singers, flyer, undated
29 51 Brown, Anita Patti, palm card, undated
29 52 Buckeye Harmonizers (Columbus, Ohio), promotion card
29 53 Byrdettes Gospel Singers (Detroit, Michigan), promotion card
OP34 - Caesar, Shirley and others, Big Gospel Benefit Concert (Atlanta, Georgia), poster, circa 1970s
29 54 Calvarett Gospel Singers [female quintet], advertising card, undated
29 55 C.B.S. Trumpeteers, advertisement, undated
29 56 Celebrity Club (New York City), Victoria Spivey presents Buddy Tates Band and a cavalcade of Blues Kings and Queens, broadside, January 27, 1964
29 57 Chambers on the Air, Broadcasting Gospel Sandwiches, Radio Station KWBE (Ft. Worth, Texas), undated
33 18 Citizens' Committee of Allied Organizations Academy of Music, 26th Annual Emancipation Celebration, program, January 1, 1927
40 27 Claflin University Jubilee Singers, program for performance in Marshall, Illinois, June 11, 1902
29 58 Cleveland Colored Quintet, advertising card for Seattle area appearances, undated
29 59 ColoJuba Quartet, "Jubilee Singers from the South," Observatory Auditorium (Los Angeles, California), undated
29 60 Colored Republican Club (Greenwich, Connecticut), Mid-Summer Dance, advertising cards, August 3, 1939 [with various signatures]
OP4 9 Crisp, Willie and his Orchestra, broadside for performance at Ridgeview High School (city unknown), March 21, no year
29 61 Crisp, Willie and his Great New Orchestra, broadside for concert (Charlotte, North Carolina), March 18, [1941?]
53 33 Dabney, Wendell Phillips, testimonial dinner and 84th birthday party program (Cincinnati, Ohio), 1949
29 62 Davis Sisters of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, advertising card, undated
30 1 de Paur's Infantry Chorus, program; souvenir program, undated
OP5 14 Delphin and Romain, recital, Morehouse College (Atlanta, Georgia), poster, 1984
53 34 Detroit Musicians' Association, Incorporated, "Annual Scholarship Music Festival" at New Light Baptist Church (Detroit, Michigan), souvenir program, 1952
30 2 Dixie Choral Singers, advertising card, undated
OP1 12 Dixie Hummingbirds, poster for performance, Ebenezer Baptist Church (Newburgh, New York), June 21, 1969
30 3 Dixie Melody Masters, promotional flyer, undated
30 4 Dixon, Dean, conductor, Negro Symphonic Music, program notes, May 21, 1950
30 5 Eason Gospel Singers of Philadelphia, advertising card, undated
OP2 14 Eckstine, Billy, and his orchestra, poster for performance at Cole McElroy's Spanish Ballroom (Portland, Oregon), circa 1940s
30 6 Ellington, Duke, Black, Brown and Beige, advertising card, undated
30 7 Ellington, Duke, Metropolitan Opera House (New York, New York), concert program, January 21, 1951
45 22 Eureka Jubilee Singers, concert flier, St. James African Methodist Episcopal Church (Columbus, Georgia), 1954
OP2 14 Fields, Ernie, and his orchestra, poster for performance at McElroy's Ballroom (Portland, Oregon), August 5, 1940
30 8 Fisk Jubilee Singers, broadside advertising concert in Middletown, Connecticut, November 21, 1872
30 9 Fisk Jubilee Singers, brochure [in French] advertising sale of recording by Pathé, undated [includes William L. Dawson pieces]
30 10 Fisk Jubilee Singers, "Loudin's original Fisk Jubilee Singers after a Six Years Tour Around the World," broadside advertising availability for concerts, F.J. Loudin (Ravenna, Ohio), circa 1893 [also includes ad for the Loudin key locker and window locker which Loudin invented]
30 11 Fisk Jubilee Singers, postcards, undated
30 12 Fisk Jubilee Trio, postcard, undated
OP10 - Five Kentucky Singers, poster for performance, Folkets Park, undated
OP71 - Five Kentucky Singers, poster for performance, "Day, Dawn, and Dusk," Folkets Park, undated
39 10 Georgia Sea Island Singers, Walk West Music Academy performer's profile, Minnesota History Center (Saint Paul, Minnesota), no date
30 13 Golden Echoes Female Quartette of Evansville, Indiana, members of McFarland Baptist Church, advertising card, undated
30 14 Golden Gate Female Singers of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania [includes text to "Sing Praises Unto the Lord"], undated
OP77 Gospel Concert, presented by Greater Harvest Church of Deliverance, poster, August 27, circa 1960s [featuring Gospel Redeemers, Lords of Harmony, The Mayfield Sisters, The Connally Specials, and the Lawrence Gospel Singers]
53 35 Gospel music popularity contest concert program, 1953
30 15 Greenwood Four, advertisement card, undated
48 39 Hall, Johnson, "Jubilee Singers," program, undated
30 16 Hall Johnson Negro Choir, flyer, 1933
33 19 Hampton Institute, Service of Christmas Music, program, December 15, 1935
30 17 Hampton Institute Quartette, postcard, undated
33 20 Hampton Normal and Agricultural Institute, Spring Concert, program, June 1, 1926
OP1 13 Hancock, Herbie, Taj Mahal, Malo, and Maya Angelou in Concert for Angela, Berkeley Community Theatre, February 28, 19[?]
37 13 Handy, W.C., "Saint Louis Blues," arranged by Pietro Deiro, sheet music, circa 1940
51 17 Harlem Opera, flier, 1978
30 18 Harmonizing Four of Richmond, Virginia, advertising card, undated
31 17 Hayes, Roland, program, Charlotte, North Carolina, November 23, 1925[?]
49 7 Hayes, Roland, program for concert at town hall, New York City, New York, 1937
30 19 Heavenly Four Gospel Singers, price list, undated
53 36 The Imperial Jubilee Sacred Soul Saving and Financial Drive Company of Greater Kansas City (Kansas City, Missouri), promotional poster, circa 1930
40 28 Jackson Jubilee Singers, promotional brochure, no date
30 20 Jackson, Mary Gaddie, National Gospel Singer, Cincinnati, Ohio, advertising card, undated
37 9 Jazz Club of America, The RCA Victor Encyclopedia of Recorded Jazz, mail-order advertisement, no date
OP85 Jazz Messengers, farewell concert poster, Paris Jazz Concerts, Nouvel Olympia Panoramique concert hall, undated
OP4 10 Johnson, George Leon, An Evening of Negro Music, Chorus of 100 Voices featuring Spirituals and Southern Melodies, directed by Johnson, no place, undated
30 21 Johnson, James Weldon, "National Negro Hymn: Lift Every Voice and Sing," printed lyrics
OP5 13 Jordan, Robert, pianist, Kennedy Center Concert Hall (Washington, D.C.) performance, poster, no date
OP4 23 Ju Ju: a Message from Mozambique, proof for disc recording jacket, 1972
30 22 Jubilee Gospel Singers (Dallas, Texas), advertising card, undated
48 24 Junior Black Academy of Arts and Letters, "A Taste of Sugar, A Horn of Plenty," season program, 1994-1995
48 25 KCRW (Santa Monica, California), "Reggae Beat," newsletter, 1982
30 23 Kelly Brothers, advertisement card, undated
OP4 11 Kennedy Brothers, program for concert at Holy Trinity Baptist Church (Brooklyn, New York), May 18, 1947
30 24 Killbrew Chorus proudly presents the Tomlin Chair in Concert, New Light Beulah Baptist Church (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania), April 19, 1957
33 21 King, Coretta Scott, voice recital, program, Parker High School (Birmingham, Alabama), April 25, 1958
OP1 14 King Sunny Ade and His African Beats, promotion for concert, February 24, 1983
30 25 Latour, Nick, baritone folk singer, program for concert (Montgomery, Alabama), April 22, 1955
30 26 Lift Every Voice and Sing, lyrics card, compliments of Arthur Johnson
30 27 Lunceford, Jimmie concert, invitation from Luncefordites, [1930s]
30 28 Lunceford, Jimmie, promotional material
OP2 14 Lunceford, Jimmie, and his orchestra, poster for performance at McElroy's Ballroom (Portland, Oregon), circa 1940s
30 29 Male Community Gospel Singer of Red Bank and the Zion Knights Boys Choral Club, broadside for concert (Red Bank, New Jersey), June 12, 19[?? ]
30 30 Martin and Martin Singers of Chicago, Illinois, Greater Galilee Baptist Church (Milwaukee, Wisconsin), concert program, March 27, 1941
OP86 Maultsby, Portia, poster "The Evolution of African American Music," signed, 1992
39 11 Maynor, Dorothy, Rudolph Dunbar and William Still, performance program, Hollywood Bowl Magazine, August 1946
30 31 Maynor, Dorothy, The Philadelphia Orchestra, concert flyer, March 26, 1956
30 32 Melody Aires Singers of Kansas City, Missouri, advertisement card, undated
30 33 Midwest Harmonizers, concert program (Kansas City, Missouri), September 15, 1955
30 34 Mississippi Four, quartette, Ray S. Kneeland Amusement Booking Service (Buffalo, New York), advertising card, undated
30 35 Monroe, Joesph, Jr., Wesley Temple AME Zion Church (Akron, Ohio), program, November 1, 1959
33 22 Musical Art Society, Hampton Institute (Hampton, Virginia), Jules Bledsoe, baritone, concert program, November 16, 1935
33 23 Musical Art Society, Hampton Institute (Hampton, Virginia), Doris Humphrey, Charles Weidman and their Dance Group, concert program, February 15, 1936
37 12 A Musical History of the Negro People, program, February 1953
30 36 Nathaniel Dett Choral Society, Metropolitan AME Church (Washington, D.C.), program, October 29, 1935
30 37 Nathaniel Dett Choral Society, Washington Auditorium (Washington, D.C.), program, April 23-24, 1935
40 19 National Convention of Gospel Choirs and Choruses, 24th Executive Board Meeting musical, program, 1957
30 38 National Negro Opera Company, "Aida," at the Coliseum (Chicago, Illinois), program, undated
30 39 National Negro Opera Company, Mary Caldwell Dawson Singers (Washington, D.C.), "The Ordering of Moses," program, June 30, 19[??]
30 40 National Quartette Tournament (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania), advertising card, June 1, 1951
33 24 National Association of Negro Musicians, Second Annual Scholarship Concert, program, Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, New York, New York, April 18, 1965
53 37 "Negro Spirituals vs. Classics," benefit concert at Dreamland Auditorium (California), program, 1929
30 41 New York Gospel Music Festival (New York, New York), flyer for concert at the New York Coliseum, June 8-9, no year
OP1 18 Organetta Club, poster for second recital at the Augusta Street M.E. Church, June 4, 1897
30 42 Orpheus Jubilee Singers, brochure, 1905-1906 season
47 45 Panky, souvenir program (China), 1955

Program for a Shanghai appearance of Pankey, the first American to hold a concert in China after the 1949 revolution, with Czech pianist Marie Kenuokewa.

53 38 Paris, Modupe, "The African Baritone," Church of the Good Shepherd, program, 1931
30 43 Piney Woods School Singers (Braxton, Mississippi), souvenir program, circa 1920s
30 44 Price, Leontyne, Atlanta Music Club, program, March 15, 1967
OP1 15 Purple Moon, promotional poster for concert dedicated to the spirit of John Coltrane, [Washington, D.C.?], September 22-24, 1973
34 23 Reggae (Chicago, Illinois), fliers and other print ephemera documenting the Reggae scene in the Chciago metropoltian area, including local and international artists, circa 1984-1994
40 20 Reid's Records (Oakland, California), 16th anniversary concert program, 1961
32 7 Rockaway Revue, Good Times, program, no date
30 45 Schipa, Tito Opera Recital (Oakland, California), concert program advertising "The Two Distinguished Negro Artists" J. Rosamond Jonhson and Taylor Gordon, March 20, 1927
30 46 Sedalia Singers, program for concert at Wheat Street Baptist Church (Atlanta, Georgia), April 12, 1959
30 47 Sewell, Sister L., "Oh Death I Ain't Ready," Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, song lyrics, undated
30 48 Simmons, McNair, Caution, Stevenson, and Scott, unknown male quintet, undated
30 49 Sims, Forest, ["musical wonder, the second Blind Tom"], advertisement card, circa 1922
31 18 Smith, Mamie, Memorial Concert and Dance presented by Victoria Spivey, New York, New York, flier, January 27, 1964
33 25 Society for the Study of Negro History, Benefit Musical Recital featuring Annette Elizabeth Whitehead, program, December 14, 1935
30 50 The Southernaires, concert program, Albany [New York?], May 20, 1943
30 51 The Southernaires, concert program, Albany, New York, December 8, 1947
53 39 The Southernaires, concert program, Spartanburg, South Carolina, 1945

Sponsored by the Claflin College Club. Program is signed by members.

40 21 The Southernaires, presented by the City Federation of Colored Women's Clubs (Fort Worth, Texas), 1943
40 22 Southland Spirituals Jubilee fourth anniversary celebration, program, circa 1955
37 10 Stamps, C.S. (Reverend), "Sharing in the Blessings of the Lord," sheet music, 1960
30 52 The Standard Four (Detroit, Michigan), advertising card, undated
49 2 Students Music Class at Phillips Hall, recital program, 1915 November 17
45 9 Sun Ra and the Intergalactic Research Arkestra, souvenir program from first U.K. performance (London), 1970
45 10 Sun Ra and His Space Arkestra, flyer, Carnegie Hall (New York, New York) performance, 1968
30 53 The Sunset Four of New York City, radio and concert artists, printed publicity photograph, undated [photographer Bill Loeser]
30 54 Suwanee River Quartette, flyer, undated
30 55 Tennessee Cabin Singers, Canton M.E. Church, April 15, [?]
30 56 Tharpe, Rosetta, booklet, undated
30 57 Thomas, Walter R., "The Decade of the Twenties in Harlem," in Bubbling Brown Sugar [New York, New York], undated [various signatures by Harlem musicians]
40 23 Thompson, Dick, "Negro Melodies, Plantation Songs, and Southern Refrains," broadside, no date
OP5 12 Towles, Lois, pianist, poster, no date
30 58 Triumphant Music Studio (Chicago, Illinois), Song list, undated
30 59 Wandering Boys Quartet, printed publicity photo, undated
30 60 Williams' Colored Singers (Chicago, Illinois), The World's Greatest Harmonizing Octette, advertising brochure, undated
OP2 30 Wilson's Jubilee Singers, 39th annual recital poster, no date
40 24 Wings of Grace, 10th anniversary souvenir program, 1961
OP4 12 Wings of Grace [blacked out] of Kansas City, Missouri, concert broadside, Friendship Baptist Church (Minneapolis, Minnesota), September 14, 1958
30 61 Wings Over Jordan, choir, program, brochure, photograph, song book, circa 1939-1941
30 62 Wooding, Sam, career sketch brochure, [1970s]
37 7 World Famous Harmonizing Four, souvenir program, 1974
OP44 8 Yazoo Records, album catalog proof, undated
OP44 9 Yazoo Records, Bessie Jackson and Walter Roland, album cover proofs, undated
OP44 10 Yazoo Records, Blind Willie McTell, 1927-1935, album cover proof, undated
OP44 11 Yazoo Records, Frank Stokes, Creator of the Memphis Blues, album cover proofs, undated
OP44 12 Yazoo Records, Guitar Wizards, 1926-1935, album cover proof, undated
OP44 13 Yazoo Records, Larry Carr and Scrapper Blackwell, Naptown Blues, album cover proofs, undated
OP44 14 Yazoo Records, Sam Chatmon, The Mississippi Sheik, album cover proof, undated
30 63 YMCA (Saint Louis, Missouri), Ninth Annual Circus, program, 17-20 April 1944
44 12 Collins, Janet, "Janet Collins and Her Company," no date
44 13 Collins, Janet, performance program, Eastern High School (Baltimore, Maryland), 1952
52 13 Hampton Institute Creative Dance Group, souvenir program, 1939
30 64 African American History Week Salute: An Afternoon of James Mercer Langston Hughes, in speech, music, song and dance, February 4, 1968
30 65 Baraka, Amiri, "Important Sonnet," poem card
42 17 Barnes, T.H., "The Bright Side of a Great Question," no date
37 1 Dunbar, Paul Lawrence, untitled quatrain, no date
30 66 Evans, J.T. (Reverend), "Death is Riding," poem card
30 67 Foreman, Julia B., various poems (relating to Martin Luther King, Jr.)
37 53 Hill, Roy L., program, no date [includes biographical data]
36 56 Hughes, Langston, "What happens to a dream deferred?" 1951 [with drawing by C. Bible, 1970]
42 18 Jamison, Roscoe Conklin, "The Negro Soldiers," 1946
50 16 Joans, Ted, "Heads I Win, Tails You Lose," manuscript, 1980
42 19 The Journal of Black Poetry, bulletin, November 1967
OP11 - Lewis, Ida, "I am black in the name of the westbound slaveships" poster with drawing by Charles Bible, 1972
51 5 Ming, Richard E., "Malcolm X: Radical or Martyr?" 1966
OP1 16 Poetry Project at St. Mark's Church (New York), New Years Day Marathon Benefit, 1986
30 68 Randolph, Reverend T., "You have been a Deacon for 32 years"
30 69 Reed, Cleave, "Questions Why"
30 70 Richardson, Stella, "Out in the Streets!," Temple Presbyterian Church (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania), 1971 [prepared and circulated by The Greater Philadelphia Black Economic Development Conference]
OP4 13 Yardbird Poetry Reading, presented by the Committee for Arts and Lectures and Sponsored by Afro-American Studies and English Department, University of California, April 12 19[?]
30 71 100% Wrong Club, 47th Annual All Sports Jamboree (Atlanta, Georgia), February 13, 1982
44 33 Fairway Golf Club, Silver Anniversary Yearbook, 1968
OP6 16 Hank Aaron 715 Club membership kit, 1975 [2 copies]
OP29 - Hank Aaron 715 Club membership kit poster, 1975 [2 copies]
50 8 Harlem Queens Colored World Softball Champions, blank promotionl game poster, undated
33 26 "Roar of the Crowd with the One and Only Joe Louis," boxing match, broadside [1953]
OP2 9 Rural Sports, A Milling Match between [Tom] Cribb and [Tom] Molineaux, Rutland County, September 28, 1811
30 72 Harlem Renaissance Walking Tour, map, Ephemera Press, undated
48 26 "The African American Heritage Tour Guide," undated