Series 6
Printed ephemera, 1921-1993

Scope and Content Note

The items in this series include various cards, stamps, postcards, and other printed ephemera from 1921-1993. Calendars relating to African-American history, business, organizations, and the church (1921-1993) comprise the largest part of the series.

Arrangement Note

Arranged by record type.

Box Folder Content
46 20 Afro Number News and Information, 1946
31 1 Alphabet cards
40 32 Anti-Caste magazine, published by Catherine Impey, subscription order form, circa 1880s
42 20 "Blacks in the Military: The Myth of Equal Opportunity," circa 1972
31 2 Bookmark, Eldridge and Kathleen Cleaver
42 21 Bucknor vs. Green, Eastern District of Pennsylvania, May 1854
31 3 Calling card, Mrs. Charlotte Hawkins Brown (founder of the Palmer Memorial Institute), undated
42 22 Calland, Horabell, "A Gypsy Tea" invitation, December 4, 1966
42 23 Camp Zachary Taylor, "In Place--Halt!" no date
42 24 Catholic review of the week, "A New York community plan," April 5, 1947
47 50 "Charlotta Bass Celebration on the Occasion of the Publication of her Book, 'Fory Years'," flyer, Los Angeles, 1960
42 25 Collins, Mark A., "What I Saw in Africa," no date
OP179 Conal, Robbie, "Gag Me with a Long Dong Condom," with image of Clarence Thomas, undated
42 26 Contact, February-March 1948
OP168 Daily World, August 25, 1971
42 27 Dean, Ted, photograph in Philadelphia Eagles uniform, no date
47 51 "Don't You Want to be Free?" Langston Hughes play performance, flyer, Los Angeles, 1963
45 8 Douglass, Frederick, biographical brochure, 1952
42 28 Duyckinck, Evert A., "The New York Negro Plot of 1741," no date
OP163 "Earl Fuller's Second Anniversary Dance," Armory (Washington, DC), June 16, [?]
38 22 Flyer, "The Jubilee of Freedom," African American Day, September 22, 1903
47 15 Free the New York 8, brochure, circa 1985
46 23 Great Lecture of the Season by Mademoiselle Boxdale Brown, programs, 1915
31 4 Greeting cards
47 49 "Hear William Worthy," flyer, Los Angeles, circa 1962
42 29 International Coronation of King & Queen and Fiesta (Minneapolis, Minnesota), August 7, 1962
46 19 King, Reverend Dr. Martin Luther, flyer for speaking even, circa 1968
42 30 Lawson, Elizabeth, "The American Standard of Living," Jefferson School of Social Science (New York City, New York), circa 1950s
42 31 "Listen to Charles Barkley," energy assistance brochure, no date
42 32 "Make the March a Million Strong!" sample resolution, circa 1964
42 33 Manning, Joseph C., "The Republican Party and the Ku Klux Klan," circa 1928
42 34 Mayfield, Julian, "The Monroe Kidnapping," November 1961
44 14 Michaux, Prof., "A Tribute in Loving Memory of the Late Malcolm X," broadside, circa 1965
OP147 Michigan State University (East Lansing) all-campus fast for Nigerian-Biafran relief, poster, 1970 (2 items)
42 35 Newspaper articles on NAACP and consumerism, 1966-1967
OP148 Nigeria, unidentified printed photographs of people and landscapes [possibly portions of calendars?], circa 1960s
OP161 Operation Outrage, Inc. (The North American Coalition for Biafran Relief), poster, "With Your Permission, These Children Will Die," circa 1970 (2 items)
36 41 "Our Baby Book," Wilco Calendar and Advertising Specialty Company, 1964
OP149 Oxfam, poster, "Be an Oxfam Pledged Gift Collector," Nigeria, circa 1970 (2 items)
OP150 Oxfam, poster, "Help Oxfam fight famine now," Nigeria, circa 1970
OP151 Oxfam, poster, "Help Oxfam fight famine with a Hunger Lunch," Nigeria, circa 1970
OP152 Oxfam, poster, "Help Oxfam stop feeding hungry children," Nigeria, circa 1970
OP153 Oxfam, poster, "Keep Oxfam in action--to fight human suffering in the hungry half of the world," Nigeria, circa 1970
OP154 Oxfam, poster, "Keep Oxfam in action--helping to grow more food in the hungry half of the world," Nigeria, circa 1970
OP155 Oxfam, poster, "Keep Oxfam in action--improving farming in the hungry half of the world," Nigeria, circa 1970
OP156 Oxfam, poster, "Keep Oxfam in action--spreading knowledge in the hungry half of the world," Nigeria, circa 1970
OP157 Oxfam, poster, "Oxfam hates hungry children," Nigeria, circa 1970
42 36 The Panama Canal, chapter nine, "The Negro Workers," no date [2 copies]
42 37 Pennsylvania Heritage, volume IV, number 1, December 1977
42 38 Peterson, Henry Adelbert, fiftieth wedding anniversary invitation, June 27, 1932
31 5 Post cards [1 of 2]
48 27 Post cards [2 of 2]
31 6 Postage stamps featuring Bessie Coleman
42 48 Postage stamps featuring Bessie Coleman and Bessie Smith, circa 1990s
OP174 - Poster, commemoration of the lives of Frederick Douglass and Paul Laurence Dunbar, circa 1910
OP103 Poster, on-air reading of The Autobiography of a Slave, Italian radio (Italy), January 1991
42 39 Poston, Ted, "The Story of Florida's Legal Lynching," The Nation, September 24, 1949
47 52 "Punish the Killers! Halt the Mississippi Terror," People's World, flyer, Los Angeles, 1955
OP165 - "Rome Gives Full Picture of American Negro," no date
OP164 Simon, Caroline K., "Causes and Cure of Discrimination," May 29, 1949
42 40 Spannaus, Nancy, anti-Communist article, New Solidarity, April-May 1973
42 41 Spencer, Estelle C. (Rochester, New York), business card, no date
42 42 "The Testing of Negro Intelligence," Lynchburg News (Virginia), May 31, 1966
31 7 Trading cards, Famous Quotations Series Presents: Malcolm X, Zone Productions (Berlin, New Jersey), 4 cards, 1993
42 43 "X" (newsletter articles), no date
39 12 Wanted poster, Leon Cooper wanted for murder by H.J. Sweat, sheriff, Waycross, Ware County, Georgia, 1933
42 44 West Philadelphia Broadside, August 22, 1970
47 48 "William Worthy Speaks on 'Forbidden Cuba'," flyer, Los Angeles, circa 1962
31 8 Window sticker, Prayer Pilgrimage for Freedom (Washington, D.C.), May 17, [1957]
46 27 World Premiere of the revised and extended The Ballad of the Brown King, broadside, by the Emergency Committee for the Southern Freedom Struggle, 1960
Calendars: African American history
OP33 The Afro-American Historical Calendar, 1982
39 13 The Afro-American Historical Calendar, 1988
OP67 The Art of Jonathan Green, Tide-mark Press, 1993
Association for The Study of Negro Life and History, 1965
31 9 Black American Historical Calendar-Diary, 1985
48 28 "Black History Calendar: The Art of James Denmark," 2014
OP104 Cambridge African American Heritage Trail (Cambridge, Massachusetts), 1993
36 52 Freedom Calendar, Museum of Negro History and Art, 1964
36 53 Freedom Calendar, Museum of Negro History and Art, 1966
OP34 Gallery of Greats, Miller Brewing Company, 10th edition, 1993
34 14 "Historic Black Idahoans," Mamie O. Oliver, Ph.D., 1992
OP68 Homecoming: The Paintings of William H. Johnson, National Museum of American Art, Smithsonian Institution, 1993
36 48 The House of Knowledge pocket calendar, F.H.H. Robb, 1957
36 54 The Negro Heritage Library Calendar, 1965
36 55 Negro Historical Calendar, presented by Schlitz Brewing Company, 1971
31 19 Negro History Calendar, Schenley Distributors, 1955
OP35 Twelve American Women, 1942 [artwork by Lois Maillon Jones]
OP36 We are an African People, Drum and Spear Press, 1970
36 51 We are an African People, Drum and Spear Press, 1970
Calendars: Businesses
OP144 Atlanta Life Insurance Company (Atlanta, Georgia), 1947
OP131 - Atlanta Life Insurance Company (Atlanta, Georgia), 1972
OP132 - Atlanta Life Insurance Company (Atlanta, Georgia), 1982
OP37 Booker T. Washington Laundry (location unknown), 1945
OP38 Burke's Mortuary (Forrest City, Arkansas), 1957
OP39 C. Lee Davis Funeral Home (Anderson, South Carolina), 1949
31 10 Drexel National Bank (Chicago, Illinois), "Heritage of Black America," 1980
OP40 Grissom Funeral Home (Atlanta, Georgia), 1983
OP41 Harlem Night Club (Lovejoy, Illinois), 1955
OP42 Marshall Funeral Home (Bishopville, South Carolina), 1955
OP43 Metropolitan Funeral System Association (Detroit, Michigan) [calendar pages missing, year unknown]
43 27 National Standard Life Insurance Company (Orlando, Florida), "Tribute to a Great Leader," no date [cover only]
39 14 Pilgrim Health and Life Insurance Co. (Augusta, Georgia), 1970
39 15 Ragsdale Mortuary (Phoenix, Arizona), 1964
OP44 Robert M. Day Funeral Home (West Chester, Pennsylvania), 1946
OP45 Shaw's Beauty Shop (St. Louis, Missouri), 1945
OP46 Southern Life Insurance Co. (Baltimore, Maryland), 1954
OP47 Sterile's 1 Hour Cleaning Service (Pittsburg, Pennsylvania), 1963
OP181 - Utica Daily Press (Utica, New York), 1901
Calendars: Organizations
OP48 Boston Negro Artists' Association, 1968
OP133 The Church of St. Benedict the Black and Newman Center for Grambling State University (Grambling, Louisiana), Josephite Black Arts Calendars, 1978-1979
OP49 Kentucky Negro Educational Association, 1922
OP50 Liberation Support Movement (LSM) Press, Africa 1974 Liberation Calendar, 1973
OP51 Tuskegee Airmen, Inc., 1986
36 49 Frederick Douglass Educational Center, 1953
Calendars: Religious
44 15 African Orthodox Church, 1946
OP52 Ebenezer AME Church (location unknown), 1946
OP53 First Baptist Church (Morganton, North Carolina), Rev. S.E. Duncan, 1946
OP54 Mother Bethel AME Zion Church (New York, New York), 1921
OP55 Rose Chapel Baptist Church (Lynchburg, Virginia, 1925
36 50 Unitarian Universalist calendar advertisement, 1969
Calendars: Samples
OP56 African American children and mother listening to radio, 1926
OP57 Carver, George Washington, 1944
OP58 Washington, Booker T., undated
Calendars: Other
45 23 Calendar featuring an African American pin-up girl, 1961
48 29 "Ellingtonia '95," jazz calendar, photographs by Ray Avery
OP158 Federal Ministry of Information, Lagos (Nigeria), "Nigeria: Traditional & Modern," 1967
OP160 Nigeria, "New Nigeria, No Nepotism, No Bribery, No Tribalism, No Corruption," 1967
48 30 Reggae calendars, 1979, 1985-1987
OP159 The Republic of Biafra, 1968