Series 3
Other papers, 1882-2016
Boxes 19 and OP 2

Scope and Content Note

The series consists of other papers of Emily L. Moore and J. Herman Blake from 1882-2016 and includes writings by Moore about faculty development and diversity and inclusion in higher education. There is also a significant collection of sheet music for minstrel songs with covers depicting racist stereotypes of African American men and women.

Arrangement Note

Arranged in alphabetical order.

Terms Governing Use and Reproduction

Special restrictions apply: Printed or manuscript music in this series that is still under copyright protection and is not in the Public Domain may not be photocopied or photographed. Researchers must provide written authorization from the copyright holder to request copies of these materials.

Box Folder Content
19 2 Academic diversity and inclusion, 1997-2001
OP2 1 American Civil Liberties Union of Georgia, invitation, Bill of Rights Dinner, 1999
19 3 Blake, Kim, "A Personal Dedication to Mom and Dad on their 50th Anniversary," undated
19 4 Concordia College (Ann Arbor, Michigan), circa 1981
19 5 Correspondence, 1972-2016
19 6 Detroit Hypertension Control Program, 2081-1982
19 7 Emory University, Stuart A. Rose Manuscript, Archives, and Rare Book Library, questions regarding collections, 2016
19 8 Higher Learning Commission (Chicago, Illinois), 2005-2006
19 9 Kerr, Clark, 2005-2011
19 10 Lumina Foundation for Education, Focus, 2004 Spring
19 11 Medical University of South Carolina, 2014
19 12 Moore, Emily L., "Building Mentoring Relationships for Success," 2008
19 13 Moore, Emily L., "Faculty: Passion, Strength and Collective Will," undated
19 14 Moore, Emily L., "Giving Away a Part of You," 2014
19 15 Moore, Emily L., graduate faculty committee assignments, 2005
19 16 Moore, Emily L., opening remarks, Dillard University Black History Month Celebration, 2008
19 17 Moore, Emily L., "The Perpetual Pursuit of the Impossible," 1998
19 18 Moore, Emily L. and Cynthia McCothry Smith, "The Blessings of a Century, 1916-2016," circa 2016
19 19 Moore, Emily L. and J. Herman Blake, "Diversity: Value vs. Goal," 2007
19 20 Moore, Emily L. and J. Herman Blake, "Faculty Development for a Diverse Campus," 2007
19 21 Moore, Emily L. and J. Herman Blake, "Keys to Success: Retention and Graduation of African American Students," 2005
19 22 Moore, Emily L. and J. Herman Blake, "Social Change and Diversity as an Institutional Value," 2007
19 23 Postage stamp, 25th anniversary of Sputnik, first day cover, 1982
19 24 Scholars for Educational Excellence and Diversity, 1997-2010
Sheet music
OP2 2 Academic Music Company, "Songs of the Sunny South, Number 2," 1907
OP2 3 Brewster, Clarence S. and A.B. Sloane, "When you Ain't Got No Money Well You Needn't Come 'Round," 1898
OP2 4 Bryan, Alfred and Kendis and Paley, "Good Advice," 1906
OP2 5 Bryan, Vincent P. and Charles Robinson, "I Can't Live on Love Alone," 1900
OP2 6 Davis, Collin and Horatio N. Peabody, "Is That All You've Got to Say?" 1902
OP2 7 Edwards, Gus, "Kitchy-Coo," 1902
OP2 8 Fischer, Fred, "If the Man in the Moon Were a Coon," 1905
OP2 9 Fischler, H. A., "Rastus," 1909
OP2 10 Gardner, William H. and Caro Roma, "Bamboo Baby Listen to dis Jungle Lullaby," 1920
OP2 11 Gardenier, Edward and Maurice Levi, "Ma Ebony Belle," 1901
OP2 12 Gershwin, Ira and George Gershwin, "It Ain't Necessarily So," 1935
OP2 13 Guion, David W., "Two Darkey songs by David W. Guion," 1918
OP2 14 Harrigan, Edward and Dave Braham, "Hello, Baby!" 1884
OP2 15 Havez, Jean C. and Wilford Herbert, "When you Need Me Baby Send for Me," 1902
OP2 16 Heelan, Will A. and Harry Von Tilzer, "A Little Yellow Rose from Dixie Land," 1900
OP2 17 Henry, S. R., "Polly Prim," 1904
OP2 18 Herzer, Wallie, "Everybody Twostep," 1910
OP2 19 Hill, J. Leubrie, "Chief Bunga-Boo," 1909
OP2 20 Hogan, Ernest, "All Coons Look Alike to Me," 1896
OP2 21 Hogan, Ernest and Will Accooe, "The Phrenologist Coon," 1901
OP2 22 James, Tad, "All Aboard for Cotton Town," 1934
OP2 23 Jerome, William and Harry Von Tilzer, "My Lady Hottentot," 1901
OP2 24 Jerome, William and Jean Schwartz, "Just Kiss Yourself Good-bye," 1902
OP2 25 Jerome, William and Jean Schwartz, "When Mr. Shakespeare Comes to Town," 1901
OP2 26 Johnson, J. W., Bob Cole, and Rosamond Johnson, "Nobody's Lookin' but de Owl and de Moon," 1902
OP2 27 McMahon, T. B., "I Got My Baby Back," 1898
OP2 28 Montanye, C. S. and Frank H. Grey, "Mammy Dear," 1919
OP2 29 Murphy, Stanley and Henry I. Marshall, "Cross the Mason-Dixon Line," 1913
OP2 30 Noll, Jack, "When Baby Called at Twilight, 'Daddy Dear!'" 1919
OP2 31 Queen, John and Walter Wilson, "Ain't Dat a Shame," 1901
OP2 32 Ranken, Frederick and William Loraine, "Be Careful of the Hoodoo Man," 1901
OP2 33 Selden, Edgar, "On the Harlem, When the Moon Is Bright," 1888
OP2 34 Sloane, A.B. and Clay M. Greene, "Ma Tiger Lily," 1900
OP2 35 Smith, George Totten and George A. Nichols, "My Drowsy Babe," 1900
OP2 36 Sterling, Andrew B. and Harry Von Tilzer, "Alexander Don't You Love Your Baby No More?" 1904
OP2 37 Sterling, Andrew B. and Vincent P. Bryan, "I Just Can't Help from Lovin' That Man," 1902
OP2 38 Templeton, Fay, "I Want Yer Ma Honey," 1895
OP2 39 Westendorf, Thomas P., "Pickin' on a Harp," 1882
OP2 40 Williams, Harry and Egbert Van Alstyne, "Back, Back, Back to Baltimore," 1904
OP2 41 Wolcott, C. J., "A Cakeless Cake Walk," 1900