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Series 4
Writings by others, 1990-2015
Boxes 28 - 29

Scope and Content Note

The series consists of writings written by persons other than Richard Blanco from 1990-2015. It includes the writing of author Nikki Moustaki, author and historian Darden Pyron, American fiction writer Brian Leung, and poet Sandra Castillo. Writings by others also contains poems written by young, aspiring writers, such as the entries from the Seventh Annual Merriconeag Poetry Festival, where Blanco was a judge, and the Banger High School Creative Writing Class, which wrote poems inspired by Blanco.

Arrangement Note

Arranged in alphabetical order by author.

Box Folder Content
28 5 Alsop Review, "The Writing: Collections," 2008 April
28 6 Andrade, Eric Jon, poems, 1990-1994
28 7 Banger High School Creative Writing Class, "Poems Inspired by Richard Blanco," 2015 April 3
28 8 Castillo, Sandra M., poems, circa 1993
28 9 Garcia, Thomas Neil, "Feed the Cats," undated
28 10 González, Rigobert, introduction for Richard Blanco, Rutgers University, 2014 February 18
28 11 Guerrero, Manuel, "La Paradoja de Pertenencia y Universalidad Como Acto de Esperanza a Través de la Imagen de la Imagen del Mar en la Poesía de Richard Blanco," undated
28 12 Leung, Brian, poems, 1998 August
28 13 Mason, Meredith, short story, undated
28 14 Moustaki, Nikki, poems, circa 1997
29 1 Poems, edited by Richard Blanco and Spencer Reese, 2014
29 2 Pyron, Darden Asbury, "The Christmas Pirate," short story, 1994 January
29 3 Reis, Phi, "Before My-yam-I was Me-yom-I," 2015 March 23
AV1 - The Seventh Annual Merriconeag, Poetry Festival, 2014 May 4 [original: CD]
29 4 The Seventh Annual Merriconeag, Poetry Festival, poems and program, 2014 May 4
29 5 Torres, Roxanna, "The Hands of St. Peter," 1993 May 29
29 6 Unknown authors, poems, undated
29 7 Wahl, Mark J., poems, undated
29 8 Young, Al, "For Poets," undated