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Walter R. Branham, Jr. family papers, 1848-1985

Emory University

Stuart A. Rose Manuscript, Archives, and Rare Book Library

Atlanta, GA 30322



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Descriptive Summary

Creator: Branham, Walter R. (Walter Richardson), 1850-1934.
Title: Walter R. Branham, Jr. family papers, 1848-1985
Call Number:Manuscript Collection No. 103
Extent: 5 linear feet (11 boxes), 2 oversized papers boxes and 1 oversized papers folder (OP), 18 bound volumes (BV), 71.4 MB born digital material (1 file), and AV Masters: 0.25 linear foot (1 box)
Abstract:Papers of the Walter R. Branham family of Oxford, Georgia, including correspondence, genealogical and biographical material, photographs, and scrapbooks. Also contains material related to the Singleton and Blackshear families.
Language:Materials entirely in English.

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Related Materials in This Repository

Mackay family papers (Lynn Branham correspondence).


Gift of Martha and Elizabeth Branham, 1969. Additions were donated by Elizabeth Branham in 1986 and 1987.

Custodial History

The Branhams are the creators or collectors of papers which were transferred from the family home in Oxford, Georgia.


[after identification of item(s)], Walter R. Branham, Jr. family papers, Stuart A. Rose Manuscript, Archives, and Rare Book Library, Emory University.

Appraisal Note

Acquired as part of the Rose Library's holdings in Georgia history and Methodist history.


Processed by Laura L. Carroll, Susan McDonald and Georgia Archives Institute interns, 2011.

Born digital materials processed, arranged, and described by Brenna Edwards and Zhexiong Liu, 2019-2020. Born digital materials include files taken from one optical disc. Forensic disk images were created from the optical disc using GuyMager. Individual files were extracted using FTK Imager and scanned for viruses using McAfee’s anti-virus software; none were found. Duplicate and system files have been removed, and files were scanned for personally identifiable information; none were found. Access copy retains original file names.

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Collection Description

Biographical Note

The Branham family of Oxford, Georgia, was associated with Emory College, in Oxford, Georgia, and with the Methodist Church. Walter R. Branham, Sr. (1813-1894) was born in Eatonton, Georgia. He married Elizabeth A. Flourney on October 15, 1840 in Putnam County, Georgia. The couple had six children, Verlinda (Virlinda) (1866-1959), Junius Wingfield (1841-1915), Edward Vance (1843-1902), Elizabeth (1848-1934), Walter R. (1850-1934), Martha Manley (1957-) and Henry F. (1860-1941).

Walter R. Branham, Jr. married Adeline Singleton (1861-1947) in 1881. They had five children: Walter R. Branham III, Joseph Singleton (1889-1956), Rebecca Thomas (1892-1974), Elizabeth (also known as "Billie") (1899-1989), Martha (1901-1984). The home of Reverend Walter R. Branham, Jr. and family was also home to many Emory College students who boarded with them while attending school. Walter and Adeline Branham also taught at the Chilocco Indian Training School, Indian Territory (now Oklahoma) from 1885-1887. Both Adeline (Singleton) Branham and Verlinda (Lynn) Branham attended Wesleyan college in Macon, Georgia. Rebecca T. Branham married Robert Henry Blackshear (1891-1974), a Presbyterian minister from New York who was a Navy chaplain during World War I. The couple had three sons, Hamilton, Robert Jr., and David.

Scope and Content Note

The collection consists of materials related to the Branham, Blackshear, and Singleton families from 1848-1985. The collection includes correspondence, financial records, genealogical and biographical material, printed material, photographs, scrapbooks, memorabilia, writings, and audiovisual material. The correspondence consists primarily of letters to Elizabeth "Billie" Branham and Verlinda "Lynn" Branham. There is also a substantial amount of correspondence to Rebecca and Robert Blackshear from their sons written while serving in World War II. The material relating to Walter R. Branham, Jr. documents his life as a teacher and minister, consisting of sermon notebooks, material from his tenure as Superintendent of the Chilocco Indian School in Oklahoma. Later material relating to the Branhams' documents the family's close relationship to the Emory College campus in Oxford, Georgia. The majority of the photographs are of family members, friends, military service of Robert Blackshear (Sr. and Jr.), and unidentified Emory College students and faculty. Audiotapes are of church services (1951).

Arrangement Note

Arranged by family member and record type.

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Container List

Branham family
Box Folder Content
BV1 Branham family Bible
1 1 Branham family, genealogy
BV2 Branham family, hymn book
1 2 Branham family, legal documents
OP1 1 Branham family, legal documents, 1856-1869
1 3 Branham family, religious and mixed materials
1 4 Branham, Adeline (Singleton), correspondence, undated
1 5 Branham, Adeline (Singleton), correspondence, 1886-1947
OP2 1 Branham, Adeline (Singleton), diplomas, Wesleyan College, 1880
1 6 Branham, Adeline (Singleton), funeral program, 1947
1 7 Branham, Adeline (Singleton), notebook, 1906
1 8 Branham, Adeline (Singleton), Wesleyan College materials, 1840-1936
1 9 Branham, Adeline (Singleton), writings about
1 10 Branham, Adeline (Singleton), writings by
1 11 Branham, Elizabeth (Flourney), genealogy
2 1 Branham, Elizabeth (Flourney), printed materials
2 2 Branham, Elizabeth (Flourney), writings by
2 3 Branham, Elizabeth ("Billie" or "Billy"), correspondence to both Elizabeth and Martha Branham, circa 1926-1983
2 4 Branham, Elizabeth ("Billie" or "Billy"), correspondence, undated
2 5 Branham, Elizabeth ("Billie" or "Billy"), correspondence, 1917-1929
2 6 Branham, Elizabeth ("Billie" or "Billy"), correspondence, 1931-1939
2 7 Branham, Elizabeth ("Billie" or "Billy"), correspondence, 1940-1985
2 8 Branham, Elizabeth ("Billie" or "Billy"), Chilocco Indian School, yearbooks, 1930, 1966
2 9 Branham, Elizabeth ("Billie" or "Billy"), Chilocco Indian School yearbook, 1972
2 10 Branham, Elizabeth ("Billie" or "Billy"), Chilocco Indian School, yearbook, 1976
2 11 Branham, Elizabeth ("Billie" or "Billy"), Emory College material, 1919-1930
3 1 Branham, Elizabeth ("Billie" or "Billy"), music manuscripts
3 2 Branham, Elizabeth ("Billie" or "Billy"), notebook
3 3 Branham, Elizabeth ("Billie" or "Billy"), printed materials, 1963
3 4 Branham, Elizabeth ("Billie" or "Billy"), war ration books, 1940-1945
3 5 Branham, Elizabeth ("Billie" or "Billy"), writings
3 6 Branham, Henry F., ordination papers, 1893-1895
3 7 Branham, Henry F., writings by
3 8 Branham, Martha T., correspondence, 1922-1981
3 9 Branham, Martha T., printed material, undated, 1972
3 10 Branham, Martha T., writings about
3 11 Branham, Sara, printed materials, 1936
3 12 Branham, Virlinda ("Lynn"), autograph book, 1884
3 13 Branham, Virlinda ("Lynn"), correspondence, undated
3 14 Branham, Virlinda ("Lynn"), correspondence, 1901-1958
OP3 - Branham, Virlinda ("Lynn"), diplomas, Wesleyan College, 1886
3 15 Branham, Virlinda ("Lynn"), notebook, "My Favorite Quotations," 1938
3 16 Branham, Virlinda ("Lynn"), notebook, Wesleyan College, circa 1880s
3 17 Branham, Virlinda ("Lynn"), printed materials, 1940-1959
4 1 Branham, Virlinda ("Lynn"), writings by
4 2 Branham, Virlinda ("Lynn"), writings about
4 3 Branham, Walter R. (Jr.), Chilocco Indian School (Chilocco, Oklahoma), autograph book [1], 1887
4 4 Branham, Walter R. (Jr.), Chilocco Indian School (Chilocco, Oklahoma), autograph book [2], 1887
OP1 2 Branham, Walter R. (Jr.), Chilocco Indian School (Chilocco, Oklahoma), certificate of appointment, 1885
4 5 Branham, Walter R. (Jr.), Chilocco Indian School (Chilocco, Oklahoma), mixed materials, 1884-1887
4 6 Branham, Walter R. (Jr.), correspondence, 1869-1934
4 7 Branham, Walter R. (Jr.), Emory College button, 1869
OP1 12 Branham, Walter R. (Jr.), Emory College diploma, 1869
4 8 Branham, Walter R. (Jr.), financial documents, 1888-1889
OP1 3 Branham, Walter R. (Jr.), legal documents, 1857-1859
4 9 Branham, Walter R. (Jr.), legal documents, 1883, 1907
4 10 Branham, Walter R. (Jr.), Methodist Episcopal Church documents, 1872-1874, 1927
BV4 Branham, Walter R. (Jr.), notebook, circa 1870s-1900
BV5 Branham, Walter R. (Jr.), notebook, "Book of Sermons, Nacoochie, White County, Georgia," 1875-1895
4 11 Branham, Walter R. (Jr.), notebook, "Sermons, Sparta, Ga., 1895
4 12 Branham, Walter R. (Jr.), printed material about, 1930-1970
OP1 4 Branham, Walter R. (Jr.), printed material about, 1930-1970
4 13 Branham, Walter R. (Jr.), writings about
4 14 Branham, Walter R. (Jr.), writings by
5 1 Branham, Walter R. (Sr.), correspondence, 1858-1888
5 2 Branham, Walter R. (Sr.), notebook containing sermons, undated
5 3 Branham, Walter R. (Sr.), writings about
Blackshear family
5 4 Blackshear family, Christmas card, undated
OP1 5 Blackshear family, drawing of "Blackshear Haven, Woodstock, New York," unknown artist
OP1 6 Blackshear, Rebecca (Branham), certificate of award for meritorious service in the war effort from the Price Administration of the United States of America, March 1944
5 5 Blackshear, Rebecca (Branham), correspondence, undated
5 6 Blackshear, Rebecca (Branham), correspondence, 1913-1921
5 7 Blackshear, Rebecca (Branham), correspondence, 1924-1955
5 8 Blackshear, Rebecca (Branham), printed materials
5 9 Blackshear, Rebecca (Branham), writings by [1 of 2]
5 10 Blackshear, Rebecca (Branham), writings by [1 of 2]
5 11 Blackshear, Hamilton H., correspondence, 1924-1939
5 12 Blackshear, Hamilton H., printed materials, 1950s
5 13 Blackshear, David, correspondence, 1932-1937
5 14 Blackshear, Robert H., correspondence, undated
6 1 Blackshear, Robert H., correspondence, 1921- April 1950
6 2 Blackshear, Robert H., correspondence, May 1950- August 1952
6 3 Blackshear, Robert H., correspondence, September 1952-1958
OP2 2 Blackshear, Robert H., diplomas (4), 1915-1925
6 4 Blackshear, Robert H., printed materials, 1919-1951
6 5 Blackshear, Robert H., unidentified writings
6 6 Blackshear, Robert H., writings about
Singleton family
BV3 Singleton family Bible
6 7 Singleton family, correspondence, 1888-1934
6 8 Singleton family, genealogy [1 of 2]
6 9 Singleton family, genealogy [1 of 2]
6 10 Singleton family, printed material
6 11 Harris, Corra, printed materials, 1931, undated
OP1 7 Harris, Corra, printed materials, undated
6 12 Emory College, Oxford Campus, printed materials, 1919
OP1 8 Emory College, Oxford Campus, printed materials: Oxford Echoes column, 1954
OP1 9 Emory College, Oxford Campus, print of campus by Wilber G. Kurtz
6 13 Fragments
6 14 McWaters, Lucy Eidson, legal documents, 1873, undated
6 15 McWaters, Lucy Eidson, writings about
7 1 Other correspondence, undated
7 2 Other correspondence, 1848-1978
Photographs, family
RRL Access copy of processed born digital material [Reading room access ONLY]
7 3 Branham family
OP1 10 Branham family
7 4 Branham, Edward Vance
7 5 Branham, Elizabeth F. ("Billie" or "Billy")
OP1 13 Branham, Elizabeth F. ("Billie" or "Billy"), with nursing school classmates, no date
7 6 Branham, Elizabeth (Flourney)
7 7 Branham, Henry F.
7 8 Branham, Henry R.
7 9 Branham, Junius
7 10 Branham, Richard Austin
7 11 Branham, Verlinda ("Lynn")
7 12 Branham, Walter R. (Jr.)
7 13 Branham, Walter R. (Sr.)
7 14 Blackshear family [1 of 2]
7 15 Blackshear family [2 of 2]
7 16 Blackshear, Rebecca (Branham)
7 17 Flourney family
7 18 Harris family
7 19 Matthews, Sara (Branham)
8 1 Singleton family
8 2 Thomas family
Photographs, other
8 3 Boswell, Harris ("Harry")
8 4 Colquitt, Peyton [daguerreotype]
8 5 Hurt, Early [daguerreotype]
8 6 McWaters, Lucy
8 7 Native Americans, unidentified
8 8 Children, unidentified
8 9 Groups, unidentified
8 10 Men, unidentified [1 of 7]
8 11 Men, unidentified [2 of 7]
9 1 Men, unidentified [3 of 7]
9 2 Men, unidentified [4 of 7]
9 3 Men, unidentified [5 of 7]
9 4 Men, unidentified [6 of 7]
9 5 Men, unidentified [7 of 7]
OP1 11 Men, unidentified
9 6 Unidentified family [tintypes]
10 1 Women, unidentified
Photographs, places
10 2 Branham family home
10 3 Chilocco Indian School (Chilocco, Oklahoma)
10 4 Emory College (Oxford, Georgia)
10 5 Other places
Photograph albums and scrapbooks
BV6 Branham family, photograph album [1]
BV7 Branham family, photograph album [2]
BV8 Branham family, scrapbook [1]
BV9 Branham family, scrapbook [2]
BV10 Branham, Elizabeth ("Billie or "Billy"), scrapbook, circa 1918
BV12 Branham, Verlinda ("Lynn"), photograph album, Christmas 1890
BV13 Branham, Verlinda ("Lynn"), scrapbook, 1930s-1950s
BV14 Branham, Verlinda ("Lynn"), scrapbook, 1930s-1960s
BV11 Branham, Walter R. (Jr.), Guest book, 50th wedding anniversary, 1932
BV15 Blackshear family photograph album [1]
BV16 Blackshear family photograph album [2]
BV17 Blackshear family photograph album [3]
BV18 Blackshear, Robert, scrapbook of World War I France and military life, circa 1918
11 - Glass botttle
11 - Handbags
AV1 - "Church membership," first lecture, 1951 [original: open reel tape]
AV1 - "Church membership," third lecture, 1955 May 8 [original: open reel tape]
AV1 - "Church membership," fourth lecture, 1956 April 29 [original: open reel tape]
AV1 - "Church membership," fifth lecture, 1958 May 8 [original: open reel tape]