Subseries 2.3
Miscellaneous publications and writings, 1938-1983
Boxes 45-46, OP2

Scope and Content Note

This series consists of miscellaneous publications and unpublished materials about circuses and shows.

Arrangement Note

Arranged in alphabetical order.

Miscellaneous Publications
Box Folder Content
45 3 Aungst, Dean M. When the Circus Came to Town. Lebanon, PA: Applied Arts Publishers, 1970.
45 4 Carstens, Harold H., ed. Circus Trains and Modeling. Newton, NJ: Carstens Publications, Inc., 1975.
45 5 Circus Life in Pictures: Souvenir Edition, 2nd printing. n.d. [Reprints photographs documenting Johnnie Schmidt's career with several circuses.]
45 6 Conover, Richard E. The Circus: Wisconsin's Unique Heritage. Baraboo, WI: Circus World Museum, 1967.
45 7 Gaona, Tito. Tito Gaona. Los Angeles, CA: Wild Rose, 1983.
45 8 Hitt, Michael D. History of the Roswell Railroad, 1853-1921. n.d.
45 9 Schroeder, Elli and Art "Doc" Miller. Elli Schroeder's Centerfold of the Circus and Art "Doc" Miller's Scrapbook No. 8 Newell, IO: Bireline Publishing Company, 1983.
OP2 - Sturtevant, C. G. and Stan Rogers. A Century of American Circuses: The Most Important Circuses Since 1839. 1938.
Miscellaneous Writings
46 1 Geroux, Charles L. The History of Theatres and Related Theatrical Activity in Dubuque, Iowa, 1837-1877. 1973.
46 2 "Native Americans and the Circus."
46 3 Renoff, Greg. "The Economics of the Circus in Georgia, 1865-1930." n.d.
46 4 Reynolds, Richard J. "The Circus Circles the City." n.d.
46 4 Reynolds, Richard J. "Information about circuses in Atlanta as told to Richard Reynolds by W. De Witt Austin […] in telephone conversations on September 20, 1976 and November 21, 1976." n.d.
46 4 Reynolds, Richard J. "What? - No Menagerie! The Ringling-Barnum Show in '43." n.d.
46 5 Thayer, Stewart. "The Career of James M. Nixon." n.d.
46 5 Thayer, Stewart. "Tippoo Sultan - The Man and the Beast." n.d.
46 5 Thayer, Stewart. "Where Did They Go? When Did They Get There?" n.d.