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Subseries 2.3
Notebooks, 1971-2003
Boxes 31-33

Scope and Content Note

This subseries, spanning from 1971 to 2003, consists of Bullins' notebooks which contain notes, poetry, sporadic journal entries, drafts of plays, lists, and personal musings. Of particular note is a series of typed journal entries that Bullins kept from 1975-1978, in which he chronicles the reception of his controversial play Jo Anne!!! and his thoughts on winning his second Obie from The Village Voice. In later years, he re-typed the entries, and titled the series "Artists' Journal: A Facsimile of a Life." The notebooks were assigned numbers by the Rose Library staff to facilitate identification.

Arrangement Note

Arranged in chronological order.

Box Folder Content
31 1 Notebook 1, undated [includes notes on "Ayi Kwei Armah: Two Thousand Seasons"]
31 2 Notebook 2, undated [includes notes on Tripnology]
31 3 Notebook 3, "The Book of Thought," 1971 [includes poetry, theatre notes, The Duplex manuscript, and Teacup Full of Roses notes] Teacup Full of Roses notes]
31 4 Notebook 4, 1974 [includes notes on film as a medium and Go Go treatment]
31 5 Notebook 5, 1975-1979 "Artist's Journal: A Facsimile of a Life," [includes the original dated journal entries and a later re-typed titled copy]
31 6 Notebook 6, 1975-1980 [includes dated entries of poetry, Dr. Geechee notes, and notes of the future of film]
31 7 Notebook 7, 1982-1984 [includes dated journal entries]
31 8 Notebook 8, 1989 [includes play notes, essays, philosophy notes, and letter drafts]
31 9 Notebook 9, 1991 [includes notes on Coming of Age in America, Parent Frailties, and general dated journal entries] Parent Frailties, and general dated journal entries]
31 10 Notebook 10], 1992 [includes essay notes on "The Black Man in America: Young and Old" and general screenplay notes]
31 11 Notebook 11, 1992 [includes fragments of literary notes]
31 12 Notebook 12, 1993 [includes notes on Emergency Report]
31 13 Notebook 13, 1993 [includes meeting notes and general dated journal entries]
32 1 Notebook 14, 1993 [includes play list for "The Roots of African American Drama" and general theatre notes]
32 2 Notebook 15, 1993 [includes play lists, play notes, literary notes, and "The San Francisco Foundation" notes]
32 3 Notebook 16, 1993 [includes workshop notes and sign-up sheets]
32 4 Notebook 17, 1994 [includes literary note fragments, theatre logistics, and play costs]
32 5 Notebook 18, 1995 [includes notes on professional development, Boy X Man, and general literary notes]
32 6 Notebook 19, 1995 [includes notes on "Great Black Books, "Du Bois Leadership," and letter drafts]
32 7 Notebook 20, 1996 [includes dated journal entries, Dr. Geechee play notes, essay notes, and literary notes]
32 8 Notebook 21 1996 [includes notes on promotion of plays, staff group information, and personal reminders]
32 9 Notebook 22, 1997 [includes dated journal entries, manuscript excerpts from plays, a "do not eat" list, and a manuscript of Hot Feet]
32 10 Notebook 23, 1997 [includes note fragments, actor lists for Boy X Man auditions, and contact lists]
32 11 Notebook 29, 1997 [includes notes on attending I'll Make Me a World screening, play fragments, and general notes]
32 12 Notebook 24, 1998 [includes "Qualitative Research Journal I" notes, class essays, and letter drafts]
32 13 Notebook 25, 1998 [includes literary fragments, personal reminders, manuscript excerpt of "Martha's Place," and general dated journal entries]
33 1 Notebook 26, 1998 [includes literary excerpts, notes on postmodernism, and letter drafts]
33 2 Notebook 27, 2002 [includes narrative outline of Hot Feet, excerpts from Circles of Time, and general play notes] Circles of Time, and general play notes]
33 3 Notebook 28, 2003 [includes play fragments, literary notes, Hot Feet narrative outline, and general notes]
33 4 Notebook Fragments [includes loose dated journal entries, play logistics and lists, literary notes, and contact information]