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Subseries 4.1
Printed material by Bullins, 1963-2008
Box 47

Scope and Content Note

The printed material by Bullins subseries includes essays, interviews, letters to the editor, a review, and a short story, spanning from 1963 to 2000. Notable material includes an essay written with Maya Angelou on the question of black actors playing white roles; an interview touching on the theme of rape in his work; and a letter to the editor of The New York Times, defending the work of poet/playwright LeRoi Jones (Amiri Baraka). Also included is a 1973 review of Alice Childress' A Hero Ain't Nothin' But a Sandwich and a short story in the San Francisco State University journal, Discourse. Printed work appears in New York and California newspapers, literary journals and local arts and culture newspapers.

Arrangement Note

Arranged by record type, then in chronological order.

Essays, 1963-1997
Box Folder Content
47 1 "Three Most Perfect Plays," unidentified newspaper, undated
46 1 "The Polished Protest: 'Aesthetics and the Black Writer'," Contact Magazine, July 1963
47 1 "Black Theater, Bourgeois Critics," The New York Times, August 27, 1972 [photocopy]
47 1 "Should Black Actors Play Chekov?", The New York Times, February 4, 1973 [photocopy]
47 1 "No Nothin'," The New York Times, September 21, 1977 [photocopy]
47 1 "Black Theatre," Other Stages, July 10, 1980 [photocopy]
47 1 "An Open Statement," The Village Voice, August 1980
47 1 "Celebrating La Mama's 20th," The Villager, October 15, 1981
47 1 "Bulletins," Other Stages Magazine, December 1981 [Article discusses Bullins' relationship with Amiri Baraka] Amiri Baraka]
47 1 "Bulletins: Bullins on Baraka," Other Stages, December 31, 1981
47 1 "Migration of black people to Oakland reads like an epic," Oakland Tribune, February 26, 1984 [photocopy]
47 1 "Wasted," essay in program for Wasted, Buriel Clay Memorial, San Francisco, California, 1987 Buriel Clay Memorial, San Francisco, California, 1987
47 1 "No Bull: Ode to Bobby Joe," South Bayshore, February 1990
47 1 "Two Days Shie...," Contemporary Authors Autobiography Series, 1992 [includes editorial correspondence]
47 1 "Chester Himes: Protest and Autobiographic Novels, A Personalized Reader Response," Afram Newsletter, May 1993
47 1 "From Memories," Compost, 1997 [photocopy]
47 1 "The Crisis of the Black Playwright," Black Theatre's Unprecedented Times, 1997 [photocopy]
Interviews, 1984-2008
47 2 Barbara Graham, "Way Off Broadway," San Francisco City Arts, February 1984 Barbara Graham, "Way Off Broadway,"
47 2 Kim Pearson, "Interview with Ed Bullins," The College of New Jersey, February 17, 1997 Kim Pearson, "Interview with Ed Bullins,"
47 2 Unknown, "Ed Bullins Alive," Compost: A Journal of Art, Literature, and Ideas [circa late 1990s]
47 2 Susan Kelly, "A Conversation with Ed Bullins," The Country and Abroad, February/March 1999 Susan Kelly, "A Conversation with Ed Bullins,"
47 2 Christian Meagher, "Off the Cuff: Q & A with Ed Bullins, award-winning Roxbury playwright," The Boston Sunday Globe, June 6, 1999 [photocopy] Christian Meagher, "Off the Cuff: Q & A with Ed Bullins, award-winning Roxbury playwright,"
47 2 Unknown, "Interview with Artists: Ed Bullins," The Soul of the American Actor, Fall 2000
47 2 Unknown, “US Fighter for Civil Rights Ed Bullins about the Election of Barack Obama,” unidentified German newspaper (translated), circa 2008
Letters to the Editor, 1969-1976
47 3 "Again the Readers Argue LeRoi Jones," The New York Times, December 14, 1969 [photocopy]
47 3 "Bullins to Joan Little: 'Stay Off Fast Track'," N.Y. Amsterdam News, December 13, 1975
47 3 "An Open Letter to Douglas Watt," The Soho Weekly News, June 10, 1976 [photocopy]
Review, 1973
47 4 "A Hero Ain't Nothin' But a Sandwich," The New York Times, November 4, 1973 [photocopy]
Short story, 1992
47 5 "Miss Minnie and Her New Hairdo," Discourse, October 1992