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Series 5
Writings by others, 1963-2004
Boxes 56-57

Scope and Content Note

The series consists of writings by other authors including writings about Bullins and other general writings from 1963-2004. Writings include essays, articles, book proposals, dissertations and theses, and play scripts. The bulk of this series consists of play scripts that Bullins reviewed, produced, or directed.

Arrangement Note

Arranged in alphabetical order by author.

Box Folder Content
56 1 Baraka, Amiri, The Life and Life of Bumpy Johnson, play script, 1990 Baraka, Amiri,
56 2 Brown, Cecil, King Kong's Revenge, play script, undated Brown, Cecil,
56 3 Cameron, Thomas, The Jello Wars, play script, 1991 Cameron, Thomas,
56 4 Evans-Charles, Martie, Adaptation of The Guilded Six Bits, by Zora Neale Hurston, undated Evans-Charles, Martie, Adaptation of Zora Neale Hurston, undated
56 5 Fields, Verna, "Thanksgiving Poem," 1963
56 6 French, Sam, Guidelines, a Play in Two Scenes, play script, 1981-1982 French, Sam,
56 7 Garrett, Tre, Creole Fire, play script, 2004 Garrett, Tre,
56 8 Garrett, Tre, Les Passions (A Creole Fairy-tale), play script, undated
56 9 Gray, Gairy [?], "The Art of Signifying," essay, undated
56 10 Greenberg, Sue, Rosa Parks and the Montgomery Bus Boycott, play script, 1988 Greenberg, Sue,
56 11 Hay, Samuel A., book review of New/Lost Plays by Ed Bullins: An Anthology, 1994 Hay, Samuel A., book review of
56 12 Hay, Samuel A., Ed Bullins: A Literary Biography, prospectus, 1992 [with Bullins' notes]
56 13 Henderson, Vern, "Mourn Me Not," poem, 1986
56 14 Hennessey, Mary-Francis C., "Soul on Stage, the New Black Dramatists: A Definition," Thesis, Trinity College, 1973 [1 of 2]
56 15 Hennessey, Mary-Francis C., "Soul on Stage, the New Black Dramatists: A Definition," Thesis, Trinity College, 1973 [2 of 2]
57 1 Marvin X, The King of Kokeland Meets Highpower's Daughter, play script, 1987 [for Oakland High School's Drama class] Marvin X, Oakland High School's Drama class]
57 2 Ogunbiyi, Yemi, "Ed Bullins: Surnaturalism and 'Bebop' Theatre," Chapter two in "New Black Playwrights in America (1960-1975)" (PhD diss., New York University, 1976)
57 3 Raysor, Roberta, W.W.O.R.R.D (World-Wide-Organization-of-Recovery-and-Recycling-Data) Processing, play script, 1988 Raysor, Roberta,
57 4 Reid, Grant Harper, In the Proper Groove (My Grandfather Leonard Harper's Story), typescript, undated Reid, Grant Harper,
57 5 Reed, Ishmael, Savage Wilds, play script, 1988 Reed, Ishmael,
57 6 Rubacher, Richard, Showdown with Charles Manson, play script, 1976, 1987 Rubacher, Richard,
57 7 Semia, Khetia, Limbo, play script, 1989 Semia, Khetia,
57 8 Timmreck, Shirley, Circles of Time, typescripts, 2000 Timmreck, Shirley,
57 9 Tolbert, Janice Burchall, "I Remember Kitsie," essay, undated
57 10 Unknown, "Evolution of a Playwright," essay, circa 2001 [about Bullins]
57 11 Woodward, Jonal, The Buriel of Prejudice [sic], play script, 1993 Woodward, Jonal,
57 12 Woodward, Jonal, Cherry Girls, a One Act Play, play script, 1992
57 13 Woodward, Jonal, Dining Out with Hobo John, play script, undated
57 14 Woodward, Jonal, Ma' Dear and the Preacher Man, play script, undated
57 15 Woodward, Jonal, The Melanin Factor, the Inktons, play script, October 1992
57 16 Woodward, Jonal, The Odd Strangers, play script, June 1994
57 17 Woodward, Jonal, A Smokey Affair, play script, undated