James Vinson Carmichael papers
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Series 12
Awards, certificates, diplomas, and resolutions
Boxes 84, OP3, and OP6

Arrangement Note

Arranged in alphabetical order.

Box Folder Content
OP6 8 American Airlines-Admiral of the Flagship Fleet
84 1 American Heart Association
84 2 American Red Cross-Citation
OP3 - Associated Industries of Georgia-Georgia Medal
84 3 Atlanta Chamber of Commerce
OP6 8 Clipper Club
84 4 Continental Air Lines, Presidents Club
OP6 8 Crusade for Freedom-Certificate of Appreciation
OP6 8 Emory University-Diploma
84 5 Emory Law Alumni Association
OP6 8 Georgia-Lieutenant Colonel, Aide De Camp, Governor's Staff
OP6 8 Georgia Agricultural and Industrial Development Board
OP6 8 Georgia Board of Commissioners of the Department of Industry and Trade
OP6 9 Georgia Board of Regents
OP6 9 Georgia, Commission to Revise the Constitution
OP6 9 Georgia Court of Appeals
OP6 9 Georgia Nuclear Advisory Commission
OP6 10 Georgia Science and Technology Commission
OP6 19 Georgia Senate-Resolution
84 6 Georgia Superior Court
OP6 10 Georgia Supreme Court
84 7 Kiwanis
84 8 Kiwanis-Legion of Honor
84 9 Lockheed-Ten Year Service Award
OP3 - Management Methods Magazine-Citation
OP3 - Marietta High School-Diploma
OP6 10 National Committee for the Birthday Ball for the President
OP6 10 DeKalb County Association of Classroom Teachers
OP6 10 DeKalb Education Association
OP6 10 State Democratic Executive Committee
OP6 10 United States Certificate of Merit
OP6 10 United States Circuit Court of Appeals
OP6 11 United States Commerce Department
OP6 11 United States Treasury Award