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Subseries 3.1
Poetry by others, 1977-2007
Boxes 29-30, 60

Scope and Content Note

This subseries contains poetry by others received by Carson from 1977-2007. Much of the collected poetry is related to a special edition of The Back Door, focusing on younger Irish poets. Poets' typescripts gathered for this project are indicated with: [The Back Door]. Correspondence related to this project is in Series 7: Subject files. Carson amassed a number of contributions, but the project never reached fruition. Carson has also received various drafts of poetry from friends and colleagues including Tess Gallagher, Michael Longley, Liam O'Muirthile, and Paul Muldoon. This series also includes translations of Carson's poems by others.

Arrangement Note

Arranged in alphabetical order.

Box Folder Content
29 1 Boland, Eavan: TS for The Back Door include: "The Gorgon Child," "In His own Image," "In Her Own Image," "Woman in Kitchen," "The Muse Mother," "Monotony,"with TLS from Boland, 22 July 1977
29 2 Comiskey, John: TS of The Well, a stage production of traditional music and published poetry by various writers including: CiaranCarson ["Céilí"], George Mackay Brown, Norman MacCaig, Nuala Ní Dhomhnaill, Michael Hartnett, Thomas Kinsella, Richard Murphy, Seán Dunne, Paul Durcan, Carol Ann Duffy, among others; arranged for the Dublin Theatre Festival 2000 [See also Subseries 2.4: "The Well"]
60 1 Dale, Peter Nicholas: TS, Translations of Giuseppe Gioachimo Belli's sonnets, with correspondence between Carson and Dale, 6 April 2005
29 3 Dorgan, Theo: TS, "General de Gaulle's Alexandrine Rag-Time," [circa 1998]
29 4 Foley, Michael: TS for The Back Door include: "The Ghost of James Joyce," "The Wife's Complaint," "The Husband's Message," "Pierrot's Melancholy" [after Laforgue], "Sundays," "Young Couple" [after Rimbaud], "To Mount Etna" [after Corbie?e], with ALS from Foley, 9 September 1977
29 5 Gallagher, Tess: TS, "Invaded by Souls," "The Kiss in Her Bath," "The Kiss Takes Confession," "The Kiss Considers Capital Punishment As She Motors Toward Seattle," "The Kiss Gets a New Bonnet," "Shadow Talk," "Urgent Story," with TLS from Gallagher, 12 June 1993
29 6 Gallagher, Tess: TS for "Choices" [autumn 1999]
60 2 Gillis, Alan: TS, Hawks and Doves, with correspondence between Carson and Gillis, 4 September 2006
60 3 Gillis, Alan: TS with corrections, Somebody, Somewhere, with correspondence between Carson and Gillis, 2 July 2004
- - Heaney, Seamus: "Servant Boy," "The Last Mummer," "Gifts of Rain," "The Tollund Man," "Westering;" [See Series 5: Belfast Group Worksheets]
29 7 Hinds, Michael, TS Le Jeu Avant Tout (1999) [See also Series 1: Correspondence from Hinds, 10 February 1999]
29 8 Hughes, John: TS, poems
29 9 Hughes, John: TS, poems with ALS from Hughes, All Saints Day, 1995
29 10 Hughes, John: TS, poems with correspondence between Hughes and Carson, November 2001
29 11 Johnstone, Robert: TS for The Back Door include: "Divorce," "There Existed Another Ending to the Story of O," "Autobiography," "Working with Cauliflowers,"with ALS from Johnstone, 6 September 1977
29 12 Johnstone, Robert: TS, "'Murdering Democracy' Talking Blues," "Supergrass," with ALS from Johnstone, 4 September 1986
29 13 Jordan, June: TS, faxed copy of "Love Song About Choosing Your Booze," 1993
29 14 Lindsey, Jim: TS, "Unheard Voices of the Rich," translation of Roberto Sosa
29 15 Lindsey, Jim: TS, poem with verse letter from Lindsey, 13 November 1978
- - Longley, Michael: "Altera Cithera," "Three Posthumous Pieces," "The Island," "Casualty," "Badger," "Hedgehog," "Kingfisher," "Robin," "The Adulterer;" [See Series 5: Belfast Group Worksheets]
29 16 Longley, Michael: TS for The Back Door include: "Epitaph" [in memoriam Patrick Kavanah], "Propaganda," "The End of the War," "Home Ground," "Brothers," "Self-Heal," "Botany," "New Born"
29 17 Longley, Michael: TS, "Font" [for Manus Carson], with Longley's autograph: "Blessings / Uncle Mickey / August 89"
29 18 Martin, Carl: TS, poems
29 19 Marshall, Douglas: TS for The Back Door include: Upstairs Neighbours, "Welcome," with ALS from Marshall, August 1977 Upstairs Neighbours, "Welcome," with ALS from Marshall, August 1977
60 4 McCabe, Cathal: TS, translations of Polish poems, with correspondence from McCabe, 11 October 2004
60 5 McCauley, Amy: TS, poem, no date
60 6 McEwen, R.F.: TS, "Small Favors," no date
- - McMahon, Trevor: "Moth," "Worm," "The Planter Speaks," "Old Man," "To Those Involved in Rigid Disciplines," "Rat Song," "The Fool's Soliloquy," "Poem as Mammoth;" [See Series 5: Belfast Group Worksheets]
29 20 Meehan, Paula: "Home," TS, with ALS 19 September 1993
29 21 Montague, John: TS for The Back Door include: "The Blue Room," "Waiting," "Working Dream," "The Point," "Talisman," with note from Montague
- - Muldoon, Paul: "Blowing Eggs," "The Radio Horse," "The Field Hospital," "On a Dog of Unlike Eyes," "The Lost Tribe," "The Upriver Incident," "Party Piece;" [See Series 5: Belfast Group Worksheets]
29 22 Muldoon, Paul: TS for The Back Door include: "Lull," "Truce," "Cuba," "The Weepies"
29 23 Muldoon, Paul: TS, The Annals of Chile, with fax from Carson, 8 February 1994
29 24 Muldoon, Paul: corrected proofs, The Prince of the Quotidian, with ALS from Peter Fallon, 31 March 1994
29 25 Ni Dhomhnaill, Nuala [?], "Ni de chuid an tsaoil seo," TS
30 1 Ni Uallachain, Padraigin: TS, A Stor's A Stoirin [part 1], with introduction by Carson [1994]
30 2 Ni Uallachain, Padraigin: TS A Stor's A Stoirin [part 2], [1994]
60 7 O'Kelly, Patrick: TS, "The Litany for Doneraile," no date
30 3 O'Muirthile, Liam: TS "Dán I gCuimhne Ar Mheáig Howley," "An Luascán," "Domhnach Cásca," [31 May 1995]
30 4 O'Muirthile, Liam: TS "Galar an ghrá," [July 1999]
30 5 Paulin, Tom: TS for The Back Door include: "Trotsky in Finland," "The Eye's Parish," "Anastasia McLaughlin," "At Lockjaw Hall," "Still Century," "Going in the Rain," with ALS from Paulin, 6 September 1977
30 6 Peskett, William: TS for The Back Door include: "New Year in an Empty Church," "Copy," "Camping on Dunwhich Cliff," with TLS from Peskett, 25 July 1977
60 8 Radicchi, Alessandra: TS, translations of Edoardo Zuccato's poems, with correspondence from Zuccato, 13 January 1997
30 7 Sasaki, Mikiro: TS, poem, "A Messenger of the Wind,"
60 9 Scott, M.E.: TS, "Two for Joy?" 19 October 2007
30 8 Sewell, Frankie: TS, poems with commentary by Carson; plus TLS by Carson to Sewell, 13 January 1994 and ALS from Sewell, n.d.
30 9 Takahashi, Mutsuo: TS, poems, "That Morning," "I-Myth (Private Myth)"
30 10 Verner, Scott: TS, "Blue Grass," [after: "Calvin Klein's Obsession"]
30 11 Walsh, Thomas: TS, poems with TLS from Walsh, 7 February 1994
30 12 Walsh, Thomas: TS, poems, with ALS from Walsh, 18 May 1994
60 10 Waterfield, John: TS, "The Fourth Elegy," translation of Rainer Maria Rilke, 12 November 2003
30 13 Assorted students' poetry
30 14 Unidentified authors: TS, poems
60 11 Unidentified authors: TS, poems, Poetry London Competition, 2002
Translations of Carson
30 15 Bertoni, Roberto: TS, Italian translations of selections from The New Estate to Opera Et Cetera, [December 1997] Opera Et Cetera, [December 1997]
60 12 Carson notes on French translations of Carson's Poems, with correspondence, 13 November 2003
30 16 Farina, Raymond: TS, French translations of "Catmint Tea," "The Millfield Foundry Belfast," "One Exchange Place," "Spot the Wallop," "Tru-Fit Exhausts;" with ALS from Farina, 30 June 2001
60 13 "Last Night's Fun," translated into Italian by Davide Benini
60 14 Unidentified author: TS, Swedish translations of Breaking News, no date
60 15 Questions and replies concerning Russian translations of Carson's poems, 20 September 2002
30 17 Schneider, Jurgen: TS, German translations of Carson's poems
- - Tochigi, Nobuaki, translation of "Antipodes" (from Fishing for Amber) [See Subseries 4.2: Writing About Carson, "Introduction to the Poetry of CiaranCarson"]
30 18 Zuccato, Edoardo: TS, Italian translations of Carson's poems, with TLS, 11 December 1996
- - Zuccato, Edoardo, translation of "Belfast Confetti," [See Subseries 4.2: Writing About Carson, "Poesia Inglese: La Generazione Degli Anni Settanta," by Edoardo Zuccato]
- - Zuccato, Edoardo, "Collecting Stamps," [See Subseries 4.2: Writing about Carson, "Poesia Inglese: La Generazione Degli Anni Settanta," by Edoardo Zuccato]
- - Zuccato, Edoardo, "The Irish for No," [See Subseries 4.2, Writing about Carson: "Poesia Inglese: La Generazione Degli Anni Settanta," by Edoardo Zuccato]