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Subseries 3.3
Writings about Carson, 1989-2006
Boxes 31, 60

Scope and Content Note

This subseries contains writings about Carson from 1989-2006. Writings include reviews, conference papers, and essays by students, journalists, and academics working on Carson's writing.

Arrangement Note

Arranged in alphabetical order.

Box Folder Content
31 1 Batten, Guinn: TS "Belfast Crack: Ciaran Carson's Parturient Partition," TS, [1992]
31 2 Batten, Guinn: TS "Professional Mourning and Poetic Melancholy" [from The Orphaned Imagination, 1998], TS
31 3 Brandes, Rand: "Ciaran Carson's Belfast Confetti: Politics and Beyond," TS with ALS from Brandes, n.d.
31 4 Brandes, Rand: "Ciaran Carson's The Irish for No," TS with TLS from Brandes, 16 June 1989
31 5 Brandes, Rand: "Surreal Solutions: Paul Muldoon and CiaranCarson," TS with TLS from Brandes, 1 January 1990
31 6 Brandes, Rand: "The Body and History in Seamus Heaney's 'Digging' and Ciaran Carson's 'Bloody Hand,'" TS with TLS from Brandes, 13 April 1992
31 7 Burleigh, David: "'Echoes Trickling in..' - Japan in the Work Irish Writers," TS with TLS from Burleigh, 11 October 1993
31 8 Corcoran, Neil: "One Step Forward, Two Steps Back: Ciaran Carson's The Irish for No," TS
60 21 De Angelis, Irene: 'The Labyrinth to which I hadn't got the Key': Ciaran Carson's View of Japan, September 2006
31 9 Harden, Geoff: "CiaranCarson," TS, August/September 1997
31 10 Hufstader, Jonathan: Untitled TS essay with TL from Carson, 9 December 1994
31 11 Hughes, Eamonn: "Brain-damaged and dangerous: Belfast in fiction," TS
31 12 Hughes, Eamonn: "'Town of Shadows': Representations of Belfast in Recent Irish Fiction," TS
31 13 Johnston, Dillon: "Irish Poets who are also Women," TS with TLS from Carson, 14 September 1995
31 14 Sarbin, Deborah: "'We are all now dispossessed': Postmodern History in Northern Irish Poetry," TS with TLC from Sarbin, 19 March 1992
31 15 Tochigi, Nobuaki: "Reeling with Words: Music and Intoxication in Ciaran Carson's Alphabetical Sequences" [presented September 1997 at Tokyo IASIL Conference]; TS plus assorted Carson panel handouts from various presenters.
60 22 Unidentified author: TS, "Seeking a Common Tongue: Carson, Dante, Belfast," no date