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Subseries 1.1
Civil War-era documents, 1860-1865

Scope and Content Note

The subseries consists of materials created during the American Civil War from 1860-1865. These include soldiers' letters; letters and papers of Confederate leaders, both civilian and military; documents including autographs, audits, instructions, orders, reports, manifests, petitions, passes, rosters, commissions, announcements, accounts, vouchers; and papers written by civilians and other persons.

Arrangement Note

Arranged in alphabetical order.

Additional Physical Form

The Robert F. Davis diaries in Subseries 1.1 are also available on microfilm.

Box Folder Content
1 1 Allen, J.W.; letter from Allen (Washington, D.C.) to "Dear uncle," October 16, 1861; 1 item
1 2 Allgood, Will; letter (photocopy and typescript) from Allgood (Camp Ashley) to his wife, Manday Allgood, May 1, 1862; 1 item.
23 1 American Life Insurance and Trust Company, Proposals for Slave Insurance, circa 1850s-1860
1 3 Anderson, Archer; "Instructions for officers in command of outpost of this Division," (typescript also available) Headquarters Hill's Division, by command of Brigadier General R.E. Rodes, January 28, 1863; 1 item.
1 4 Anderson, David L.; letter from Anderson, 1861-1864, mainly to his father Saxon Anderson (Talladega, Alabama) from camps in Kentucky and Tennessee; 11 items. Anderson served in the 8th Confederate Cavalry Regiment.
1 5 Anderson, Eliza C. (Mrs. George W. Anderson); letter from Anderson (Savannah) to "My dear Mary," January 1, 1864 [actually 1865]; 1 item. Writes of Colonel Don Carlos Buell's possession of her house and the loss of most house slaves in Savannah to "freedom."
1 6 Andrew [last name unknown], (1) letter from Andrew (Camp Huger, Suffolk, Virginia), to "My dear Mother," regarding family news, October 3, [no year] and (2) letter from Andrew (Camp Huger, Suffolk, Virginia), to "Dear Sarah," , 2 items. Andrew was probably from Beaufort, South Carolina.
1 7 Andrews, William P.; letter from Andrews (Dalton, Georgia) to "Dear friend," August 2, 1863; 1 item.
1 8 Arewood, Gilbrite; letter from Arewood (Camp Mangum , Raleigh, North Carolina) to his wife, Amanda Arewood, December 22, 1861; 1 item
1 9 Armstrong, Edward J., Jr., power of attorney signed by Armstrong (Rockingham County, Virginia), appointing C.W. Newton as his attorney to act for him in all matters, January 31, 1861; 1 item.
1 10 Arnsdorff, Gidieon A.; letter from Arnsdorff (no place) to "Dear mother," May 18, 1863; 1 item
OP29 - Athens Concert Hall, entertainment flyer, February 16, 1863
1 11 Atkins, James or Joe [James]; letter (photocopy and typescript) from Atkins (Macon, Georgia) to " Mal Reel [?] and Patsy Griffin" (Morgan, Georgia), June 15, 1861; 1 item. James Atkins served in Company D of the 12th Georgia Infantry Regiment.
1 12 Atkins, Thomas M.; letter from Atkins (Mobile, Alabama), to "Mrs. Holmes," May 24, 1864; 1 item
1 13 Autt, Thomas H.; letters from Autt (Montevallo, Demopolis, and Tuscumbia, Alabama) to his sister; 3 items.
1 14 Baggett, A.R. [?], letter [and typescript of letter] from Baggett (Camp Sumter, Andersonville, Georgia) to his parents, January 9, 1865; 1 item.
1 15 Baker, Bolling; statement as audited (photocopies), Post Office Department, Acworth, Cobb County, Georgia, June 30, 1863; also printed instructions to postmasters; 2 items.
1 16 Baldy, S.H.; letter from Baldy (Camp Georgia, Richmond, Virginia) to "Dear Alice," May 31, 1861; and letter from Baldy (Camp Georgia, Richmond, Virginia) to "Dear mother" May 31, 1861; 2 items. Both letters are written on Oglethorpe Light Infantry stationary.
1 17 Bancroft, George; letter from Bancroft (Medical Purveyor's Office, Columbia, South Carolina) to "Dear Charley," August 5, 1864; 1 item.
1 18 Banning, James W.; letter from Banning (James Island, South Carolina), to Mrs. James Rowe, reporting that her husband has gone to Ft. Sumpter, August 27, 1863; 1 item.
1 19 Barfield, John; three letters from Barfield (near Dalton, Georgia) to his wife, 1864; one letter from William Barfield (Petersburg, Virginia) to his sister, December 15, 1864; 4 items. John Barfield served in the 45th Alabama Infantry Regiment.
1 20 Barnett, D.T.; letter from Barnett (Camp 42nd Ala) to "Dear mother, brother, and sisters," April 4, 1864; and letter from Barnett (Dalton, Georgia) to "Dear mother, brother, and sisters," April 26, 1864; 2 items
1 21 Barnett, J.T.; (Camp Bucker, Talladega, Alabama) to "Dear mother," May 26, 1864; 1 item.
1 22 Barrow, George W.; letters from Barrow to his family (Twigg County, Kentucky), 1862-1865; mainly while Barrow was in prison at Camp Douglas (Chicago, Illinois) in 1862 and Camp Chase (Columbus, Ohio) in 1865; 5 items. Barrow served in the 50th Tennessee Infantry Regiment.
1 23 Beard, Martha A.; poem, "The rebel soldier," no date.
1 24 Beasley, James Albert; letters (typescript) written by Beasley; one while he was in the Confederate Army, September 4, 1864 (near Lovejoy Station) and the other from Atlanta, Georgia where he was attending medical college; 2 items.
1 25 Bell, R.A.; letter from Bell (Camp Cleburne) to "Dear Sir," February 6, 1864; 1 item. Bell served in the Company E of the 10th Mississippi Infantry Regiment.
1 26 Benjamin, Judah Philip; papers; 2 items. Commission for P.D. Warwick as Assistant Commissary for the 12 Tennessee Infantry Regiment, September 24, 1861 and "Form of Oath" for acceptance (not filled out); and letter (and typescript) from Benjamin (Richmond, Virginia) to Mrs. John M. Speed (Lynchburg, Virginia), January 23, 1863.
1 27 Berry, William and Peggy Mira Cox; letter (typescript) from the Berrys (McDonough, Georgia) to their daughter Amanda and her husband, William Markham (in Connecticut), December 14, 1864; 1 item. Mrs. Berry tells her children of the death of her youngest child and recounts the hardships the Berrys and their neighbors have suffered.
1 28 Bible Society of the Confederate States; Receipt for $50.00 from the Bible Society of the Confederate States to Mrs. H.H. Cumming, April 9, 1863; 1 item.
1 29 Binion, James and Dorsey; letters (photocopies with typescripts), 1861-1864; 10 items. Letters from the Binions to their "Dear Sister" which discuss battles in or around Virginia especially Richmond and Petersburg, health, and family matters. James Binion was killed in late 1862 and the remainder of the correspondence is from Dorsey.
1 30 Blackford, William H.; unaddressed circular, Inspector's Office, Richmond, Virginia, December 27, 1864; 1 item.
1 31 Blake, G.M.; letters, passes, etc., 1862-1868; 14 items. Blake was a member of the Signal Corps of the C.S.A. Some of the letters were written by Walter Blake (brother or father?). Letters of June 7, 1865 and January 13, 1866 give some idea of conditions after the war.
1 32 Bloodworth, F.D.; letter written by D.C. O'Keefe (Atlanta, Georgia), Surgeon in charge of the Institute Hospital recommending Bloodworth, 2nd Georgia Battalion, Company D, for duty; January 18, 1864; and parole, Burkeville, Virginia, April 14, 1865; 2 items.
1 33 Blunt, John; (War Station, Virginia) to "Dear wife and little child," May 19, 1863; 1 item
1 34 Brandon, William Joseph (1835-1910) and his father Thomas Wiley Brandon (1803-1874); papers, 1851-1863; 6 items. Two letters from William Joseph Brandon who served in Company F of the 18th Georgia Infantry Regiment; one letter from Brandon (camp near Fredericksburg, Virginia) to "Folks at Home," December 7, 1862; and one letter from Brandon (camp near Culpepper Court House, Virginia) to "Folks at Home," June 8, 1863. Thomas Wiley Brandon was born in Halifax County, Virginia and moved to Cass County, Georgia in 1835. His papers include a statement written by Thomas W. Brandon at Euharlee on November 1, 1851 committing himself and six other signers to pay annual pledges for the building of an academy at Euharlee (1 page); transactions with D.B. Presley from October 22, 1851-February 18, 1853 (1 page); and transactions with Wingard Patterson and Company from February 17, 1857-March 1858 (1 page).
1 35 Branson, Maggie A.; letter from Branson (Cassville, Georgia) to "Dear Mildred," July 22, no year [probably late 1863 or early 1864]; 1 item. She speaks of the house being full of refugees and that her father, 51 years old and her youngest brother, 14, have been taken into the army.
1 36 Brent, George W.; acting chief of staff; General Order No. 48, Headquarters Western Department, Corinth, by command of General Beauregard, May 20, 1862, regarding care of wounded soldiers; 1 item.
1 37 Brooks, N.J.; letter (photocopy) from Brooks (Charlottesville, Virginia) to his father, May 15, 1863; 1 item. Brooks was a member of Cobb's Legion.
OP1 1 Brown, Albert Gallatin; certificate of election, Senator in the Congress of the Confederate States of America, State of Mississippi, February 8, 1862; document signed by Governor John J. Pettus, and Secretary of State C.A. Brougher; 1 item.
1 38 Brown, G.H.; furlough for 30 days, Brown Hospital (Milledgeville, Georgia), September 12, 1864 and tax assessment made on property owned by Brown (no place), signed by H.T. Bassy, tax assessor, November, 26, 1863; 2 items. Brown served in Company D of the 7th Georgia Infantry Regiment.
1 39 Brown, J. Welsman; note to [unaddressed]; near Smithfield, North Carolina, March 27, 1865, requesting approval to move troops, signed by various officers including Archer Anderson, William J. Hardee; M.J. McMullan; 1 item.
OP28 1 Brown, Joseph E., Governor of Georgia, open letter to A.H. Colquitt and others, The Federal Union (Milledgeville Weekly), December 7, 1860
1 40 Brown, L.M.; letter from Brown (Company I of the 32nd North Carolina Regiment, Grimes Brigade, Petersburg, Virginia) to "Cousin Ann," January 20, 1865; and letter from Brown (location unknown) to "Cousin Annie," February 22, 1865; 2 items.
1 41 Bruyn, J.C.; 99-page diary kept by Bruyn who served in the 1st Volunteer Regiment of Georgia from 1862-[1863]; 1 item. Rewritten in this form in 1863 from notes the diary gives a detailed account of the siege of Fort Pulaski and life as a prisoner of war on Governors Island, New York and at Fort Delaware. Accompanying is 2-page letter from Charles H. Olmstead (Bruyn's commander) to K.M. Read; Savannah, August 6, 1921.
1 42 Bundy, G.M.; letter (photocopy) from Bundy (camp near Fredericksburg, Virginia) to his family detailing the Battle of Chancellorsville, May 15, 1863; 1 item.
1 43 Burk, John; A notice that Burk is exempt from service, was employed at the Confederate Armory of Macon, Georgia, July 27, 1863; and a leave of absence granted to John Burk from the Armory, August 3, 1863; both signed by F.B. DuBarry; 2 items.
1 44 Burns, Cardie; (Eminence College, Eminence, Kentucky) to Mr. Chester Pierce, December 5, 1864; 1 item
1 45 Burr, George W.; diary (photocopy) kept by Burr, who served in Company B of the 5th Georgia Infantry Regiment, from October 14-29, 1862. The entries begins while the company is in full retreat from Kentucky to Cumberland Gap, he discusses the actions of Generals Buell and Bragg in Kentucky, local Kentuckians unwillingness to support the Confederate cause, locations of camps and camp conditions. The entries end when the soldiers are nine miles above Knoxville, Tennessee.
MF1 4 Burr, George W., diary and papers, circa 1862-1864; Collection consists of the following four items: (1) Diary kept by George W. Burr, Company B of the 5th Georgia Infantry Regiment, with entries between August 29-October 13, 1862. The diary is concerned with the movements of the 5th Regiment from a camp in East Tennessee about 34 miles from Pikeville across the Cumberland Mountains. He describes Shakertown, Kentucky, and its inhabitants. He mentions the part played by the 41st Georgia Infantry Regiment in the battle at Perryville, Kentucky, on October 8, 1862. At back of book he gives number of miles marched between places. (2) An account book with names of men and items of clothing purchased or charged and cost of each, such as shoes, shirts, pants, drawers, and blankets; a "List of drawings for furloughs" and another list of towns with distances between. (3) Book containing names of killed, wounded, or captured in his regiment in various battles, listed by companies. (4) A narrative account of the 5th Georgia Infantry Regiment's service beginning with the names designating the companies and a description of their surroundings at Pensacola, Florida. An incomplete description of an expedition, commanded by General R.H. Anderson of Virginia, to take "Billy Wilson's Zouave Regiment" closes this brief narrative, 8 pages. Undated and unsigned, apparently written by George W. Burr.
1 46 Burroughs, William Berrien; papers; 10 items. Two poems written by Burroughs' mother, Mrs. V.G. Burroughs, daughter of John MacPherson Berrien, "Songs in the Fight," and "Bid, Bid Tie Come Unto Thee" composed in Columbia, South Carolina in October 1863. Three letters to Burroughs; one from Henry M. Cleveland, "Col. of President Jefferson Davis's Staff, Secret Service," March 16, 1896; one from Capt. Sally L. Tompkins, nurse of Confederate soldiers, who received a commission in the Confederate Army, the only woman so honored, enclosing a copy of her commission; and one from Bennett H. Young, November 11, 1914, on UCV stationery, promising to send him a copy of his book, "Confederate Wizards of the Saddle." Also included in the collection is a pencil draft of a letter from Burroughs to Dr. Thornwell Jacobs., concerned with the laying of the cornerstone of the new Oglethorpe University, January 19, 1915.
2 1 Cabe, J.D.; letter from Cabe (Camp Clingman) to "Miss C.C.C.," includes color drawing on back of letter September 7, 1861; 1 item
2 2 Caldwell family; four letters (typed copies) (1) letter from H.A. Caldwell (Zebulon, Georgia) to his uncle, Charles Y. Caldwell (Perry, Houston County, Georgia), May 22, 1850; letter from Mary W. Caldwell (Forkland Grove, Georgia to "My dear sister Julia," January 23, 1854; letter from Mary W. Caldwell (no place) to "My dear sister," January 23, 1859; and letter from [unknown] (Barnesville, Georgia) to "My dear sister Martha," Feburary 25, 1865; 4 items.
23 2 Calendar, printed by J.W. Randolph Bookseller, Stationer and Binder, 121 Main Street, Richmond Virginia, 1864
2 3 Calhoun, Archibald McLucas; letter (photocopy); from Calhoun (camp near Jackson, Mississippi) to his cousin Roderick S. McLucas; May 30, 1863; 1 item. Calhoun was a member of the 21st South Carolina Infantry Regiment. McLucas was a member of the 23rd South Carolina Infantry Regiment, Company G.
2 4 Campbell, Charles G.; letter from Campbell (Headquarters Port St. Marks, Florida) to Captain Pope, June 5, 1863; 1 item. Campbell formed the Independent Company of Georgia Siege Artillery in Bainbridge, Georgia and St. Marks, Florida.
2 5 Cannon Hospital (LaGrange, Georgia); steward's weekly account of furniture, cooking utensils, bedding, etc., July 7, 1864; 1 item.
2 6 Canton, James H.C.; letter from Canton (Jackson, Mississippi) to "Dear wife," February 12, 1865; and letter from Canton (Barrancas, Florida) to "Dear wife" May 21, 1865; 2 items
2 7 Cantrell, Stephen; Bond certificate for two thousand dollars issued to Cantrell, signed by JohnW. Duncan, April 22, 1863; 1 item.
2 8 Carson, Thomas; letter from Carson (at home) to Daniel Davis (Richmond, Virginia), May 14, 1861; 1 item
2 9 Cassville Hospital (Georgia); list of soldiers that were furloughed from hospital, returned to duty, sick received, Federal prisoners turned over to Provost Marshall, and soldiers turned over to Provost Marshall, January 1864; the list includes name, rank, regiment, company, and remarks; signed by A.J. China, assistant surgeon in charge; 1 item.
2 10 Chambers, [Hat?]; letter from Chambers to her mother, July 31, 1863; 1 item.
2 11 Chambers, S.S.; letter from Chambers (line of battle 4 miles south of Marietta, Georgia) to "Uncle Joe, Aunt Sallie, and family," July 4, 1864
2 12 Champneys, T. John; Indenture between T. John Champneys and George Macaulay, Charleston, South Carolina, January 24, 1805; letter from Henry L. Abbot, Office U. S. Mississippi Delta Survey (Washington City) to Champneys (Vicksburg, Mississippi) concerning raise on salary for good work, November 2, 1858; official copy of promotion of Champneys to Captain Engineers signed by J.P. Benjamin, Richmond, Virginia, February 15, 1862; 11 documents relating to Champneys concerning ordinance matters such as supply requisitions, arrests, passes, and certificates of indemnifications, Columbus, Kentucky, Corinth and Tupelo, Mississippi; September 22, 1861-March 31, 1863; 15 items.
2 13 Chandler, D.P.; receipt for payment of hospital bill for Chandler, Ladies General Hospital No. 3 (no location), December 24, 1864 and discharge from General Hospital No. 11 (Charlotte, North Carolina), January 20, 1865; 2 items. Chandler served in Company E of the 7th Georgia Infantry Regiment.
2 14 Chapman, S.M.; letter (photocopy) from Chapman (Tybee Island, Georgia) to his wife, November 6, 1861; 1 item. Chapman was a member of Captain G.T. Dunham's Company at Ft. Pulaski, Georgia.
2 15 Chattin, Thomas J.W.; letter from Chattin (Cartersville) to "Miss M.F. Chattin," May 22, 1862. Chattin served in Capt. Craven Smith's Regiment, Partisan Rangers.
2 16 Cheatham, Benjamin Franklin; note; 2 items. Note from Cheatham (Camp Brown, Mississippi) to [unaddressed], certifying election of J.H. Miller as major in the Mississippi Battalion Cavalry, July 25, 1861. Also includes a clipping of a portrait of Cheatham.
2 17 Chiek, Wade G.; letters from Chiek (from to "Dear Miss Flora," (Winchester, Virginia), March-October 1864; 3 items. Chiek, who served in Company B of the 7th Louisiana Infantry Regiment, wrote from Charlottesville (March 1864), Petersburg (July 1864), and from a hospital in Harrisonburg, Virginia (October 1864).
2 18 Chimborazo Hospital (Richmond, Virginia); letters from unknown soldier to his wife, March 1865; 2 items
2 19 Chisholm, J.B.; medical certificate stating that Chisholm is unfit for guard duty because of a speech impediment, General Hospital (Savannah, Georgia), signed by W.R. Waring, August 20, 1863; 1 item.
2 20 Claghorn and Cunningham, invoice for goods, 1862-1863; 1 item
2 21 Clark family; a small group of war letters, August 28, 1862-November 28, 1864, from Walter H. and Milton Clark of Georgia; 7 items. Includes pre-war letter from W.H. Clark to his father, William H. Clark during the time he was a student at Emory College, Oxford, Georgia, April 5, 1858.
2 22 Clark, Henry T.; signed document; 1 item. George Davis (d. 1896), notification of election as Confederate States Senator, Raleigh, North Carolina, December 16, 1861.
2 23 Clay [unknown last name]; letters from Clay (1) Harrisonburg, Virginia and (2-12) New Market, Virginia) to "Lizzie" (Miss M.E. Beard), March 26, 1863- January 15, 1865; 12 items
2 24 Clay, Clement Claiborne Jr.; signature [only]; 1 item
2 25 Clay County documents; petition by citizens of Clay County for appropriations to support the families of those serving in the war, May 1861; order appointing Angus C. Hagerson, J.M. Magruder, William A. Hootin as physicians for the county to care for soldier's families, July 18, 1864; Doctor's bill for caring for soldier's families, October 24, 1864; and writ of habeas corpus for W.H. Mandeville, March 13, 1865
2 26 Cobb, Lamar; letter from Cobb (Macon, Georgia) to Henry L. Beman (Atlanta, Georgia), regarding payment of troops, June 17, 1864; 1 item.
2 27 Coleman, John Alfred Feister; diary (photocopy), August 3, 1864-April 12, 1865; 1 item. Coleman served in the 17th South Carolina Infantry Regiment.
2 28 Colquitt, W.T. (Mrs.); Receipt for $2,000, to Mr. H.H. Howard from the Soldiers Relief Society. Signed by Mrs. W. T. Colquitt, president, December 12, 1862; 1 item.
OP28 4 Confederate Minstrels, broadside, undated
23 5 Confederate States of America, Advisory Council, draft resolution regarding newspaper reporting on military operations, signed by P.F. Howard, Secretary of Council, May 27, 1861
2 29 Confederate States of America, Army; autographs of division and brigade commanders and their staffs including Daniel H. Hill's Division, W.F. Brantley's Brigade, Jacob Sharp's Brigade, and Carter L. Stevenson's Division, no date; 1 item.
23 6 Confederate States of America, car register and conductors guide, form, circa 1861
2 30 Confederate States of America, District Court, Eastern District of Virginia; interrogatories, printed form, The Confederate States vs. The Branch of "The Exchange Bank of Virginia" at Richmond; signed by Thomas T. Giles receiver, no date; 1 item.
23 7 Confederate States of America, election tickets, November 6, 1861 [4 items]
2 32 Confederate States of America; forms (blank); 12 items.
OP1 3 Confederate States of America; laws, statutes, etc.; 1 item. An act to encourage the manufacture of saltpetre and small arms...signed by Thomas S. Bocock, speaker of the House of Representatives; Robert Mercer Taliaferro Hunter, President Pro-tempore of the Senate; April 17, 1862, Jefferson Davis, 2 pages, with endorsements on verso of second leaf signed by Robert E. Dixon, house clerk, and by James H. Nash, senate clerk.
23 8 Confederate States of America, Medical Purveyor's Office, Lynchburg, Virginia, invoice of medical and hospital supplies, signed by R. Taylor, Surgeon and Medical Purveyor and J.B. Tuft, Surgeon, August 11, 1864
2 31 Confederate States of America, Navy. Secret Service; cipher used during war by William H. Murdaugh, no date; accompanying is letter from J.H. Downing to Keith M. Read, October 9, 1922; 2 items.
23 9 Confederate States of America, petition to Congress, circa 1861
2 33 Confederate States of America; railroad tickets; 6 items.
OP1 2 Confederate States of America, Treasury Department; estimates of appropriations required for the support of the government for the month of December, 1862, and to meet deficiencies arising prior to 1st December, 1862...signed by C.F. Jones, acting register;1 item.
23 10 Confederate States of America, Treasury Department, Richmond, Virginia, letter to the President and Directors of the Bank of Newberry, South Carolina, signed by Secretary of the Treasury Christopher Memminger, June 17, 1861
2 34 Cook, James Walter; letter (and typescript of letter) from Cook (near Maryville, Tennessee) to his wife Sue (Prairie Bluff, Alabama); February 22, 1864; 1 item. Cook was a private in Company C of the 3rd Alabama Cavalry.
2 35 Copenhaver, T.P.; letter from Copenhaver (Drummond, Montana) to "Sister Ella," July 28, 1900; 1 item
2 36 Copenhaver, Thomas; letter from Copenhaver (Salem, Virginia) to "Dear father," April 20, 1861; 1 item
2 37 Corbitt, W.B.; 64-page diary (carbon typescript) from September 13, 1862-October 31, 1864; 1 item. Corbett served in Wheeler's Confederate Cavalry Corps and was engaged in escort service for various generals, including Hood, scouting, foraging, covering retreats, etc.
2 38 Cornwell, Bessie Reese; diary (typed carbon) kept by Cornwell (Hillsboro, Jasper County, Georgia); 1 item. The narrative begins in July of 1864 and extends past the time when Sherman's army passed. She describes the visit of "Stoneman's Raiders" and the fight between them and Wheelers Infantry at Sunshine Church and gives great detail of the actions taken by the women in the area and their circumstances.
2 39 Couch, Jackson (E.J.); letters, 1860-1863; 27 items. Includes twenty-four letters from Jackson (E. J.) Couch, from Clinton and Tazwell, Tennessee, Cumberland Gap, and Vicksburg, Mississippi, to his wife and children, from January 3, 1862-May 11, 1863. Two letters from Arminda Couch (Dalton, Georgia) to her husband, Jackson Couch, August 20 and September 9, 1862.
2 40 Craven, Braxton; note from Craven (Trinity College, North Carolina) to Mr. Hines, January 29, 1863; 1 item
2 41 Culver, John L.; receipts for tax-in-kind for various goods supplied to the Confederate States Army by Culver (Hancock County, Georgia), 1864-1865; 3 items.
2 42 Cuyler, Richard M.; letter from Cuyler (142 Pearl Street, New York) to John Williamson (Savannah, Georgia), September 1, 1867; 1 item
2 43 Dailey, Margaret; excerpts (typed copy) from the journal of Dailey (later Mrs. Wade Allen Turner, of McDonough, Henry County, Georgia); and two pages of notes concerning William Ross Stillwell, CivilWar soldier from McDonough with a brief description of the letters written by Stillwell to his wife during the war; 1 item
2 44 Daniel, J.C., poem (and typescript of poem), Jonesboro, Georgia, June 29, 1863, 4 pages
2 45 Dasher, S.R.; oath of allegiance to the United States, signed by Dasher, a Private in the 54th Georgia Infantry Regiment, District of Savannah, Georgia, May 19, 1865; 1 item.
2 46 Davant, E.J., letter from Davant (Sullivan's Island) to "My dear friend," August 9, 1882; 1 item
2 47 Davant, R.J., Jr.; Special Order No. 6 (Camp Walton near Green Pond), appointments for 5th Georgia Cavalry, February 2, 1864; 1 item
2 48 Davenport, S.V.; letter from Davenport (camp near Shelbyville, Tennessee) to Mr. Richard Wheeler (Franklin County, Georgia), April 14, 1863; 1 item
2 49 Davies, Fred L.; letter from Davies (Chimborazo Hospital, Richmond, Virginia), to "Dear Doctor," July 21, 1864; 1 item
2 50 Davis, Jefferson (Mrs.); note from Davis (Savannah, Georgia) regarding Margaret Fagan's baggage, no date; 1 item
2 51 Davis, John A.; notes from Capt. Davis (Albany, Georgia), quartermaster; one dated January 17, 1865 promises delivery of sugar to Mr. G.W. Garmany and Capt. Howard; and the second dated April 24, 1865 from Albany, Georgia tells Mr. Garmany that there is no chance of shipping anything as the enemy has possession of Macon and no trains are operating; 2 items.
2 52 Davis, Robert F.; diaries, account book, letters, receipts and passes; 17 items. Includes three diaries [and typescript] kept by Davis from March 8, 1862-May 2, 1865; an account book; and four letters from family in Decatur, Georgia. Davis served in Company E of the 7th Georgia Infantry Regiment. The three diaries are also available on microfilm [see below].
MF2 Davis, Robert F. [same as above]; diaries, (Volume 1) March 8, 1862-July 16, 1863, (Volume 2) July 16, 1863-April 18, 1864, and (Volume 3) April 18, 1864-May 2 1865. Davis served in Company E of the 7th Georgia Infantry Regiment.
3 1 Davis, Samuel; letter from Davis (Portsmouth, Virginia) to Mr. John Oliver, March 27, 1863; 1 item
3 2 Davis, Susan; letter (photocopy) from Davis (Memphis, Tennessee) to "Dear Charles," May 24, 1861; and letter (photocopy and typed copy) from Davis (West Point, Georgia) to "Dear Charles," July 31, 1865; 2 items.
23 12 DeBow's Review, New Orleans, Louisiana, subscription circular, 1862
3 3 DeSaussure, Wilmot Gibbes (1822-1886); letters, 1862-1866; 12 items. Letter (contemporary copy) from Governor Francis Wilkinson Pickens (Edgewood) to General DeSaussure in which he objects to the Councils use of funds coming from Richmond; he says if it were not for the worry it would add to troubled times he would resign as he had been stripped of power, January 26, 1862. Letter from W.S. Boyd (Williamsburb) to DeSaussure saying that he is taking care of the estate but asks for instructions in certain matters, June 28, 1862. Letter from W.S. Boyd (Campbell) to DeSaussure saying that he has no corn or fodder to send him and that it will be difficult to find, February 3, 1864. Letter from W.S. Boyd (Williamsburg) to DeSaussure asking him to arrange for him to go by railroad to pick his daughters up from school in Columbia, June 3, 1864. Letter from Reverend Stephens Elliot (no place) regarding the obituary of a mutual friend, July 1864. Letter from DeSaussure (no place) to "my dear Sister" tells of the price of salt and wood, no date. Document signed by J.H. Jenks (Charleston, South Carolina) restoring confiscated property to DeSaussure, January 25, 1866. Examples of cloth manufactured on a plantation. Two drawings of confederate flags.
3 4 Dobbs, Stephen C.; voucher for pay, signed by Dobbs (no place) member of Company E of the 11th Georgia Infantry Regiment, October 22, 1861; 1 item.
3 5 Domingos, Isaac; letter (typescript) letter from Domingos (camp ...two miles from Gordonsville, Virginia) to his son Joseph and his daughter Tallulah, April 19, 1864; 1 item. Domingos served in the 51st Georgia Infantry Regiment.
3 6 Dooley County; two lists containing the names of the county destitute; lists name of person, number of dependent children; provisions available; amount given for support; and note to committee to add E. Lee to list and to take C. Knight off the list; 3 items.
3 7 Doremus, J.E.C.; letter from a Presbyterian minister Daraemus (Parsonage, Rosedale, Louisiana) to Messrs. Martien and Company, Philadelphia publishers, May 4, 1861; 1 item.
3 8 Dorsey, John M.; letters (typescripts), letter from Jane Dorsey (New Manchester, Georgia) to husband, John Dorsey, August 24, 1862; letters from John Dorsey (Camp Young, near Savannah) to wife, Jane, November 23, 1862 and December 4, 1862; letters from John Dorsey (5 miles below Wilmington, North Carolina) to wife, Jane, January 25, 1863 and January 30, 1863; letter from [Dorsey?] to "Dear Sister," (Brown County, Mississippi?), June 18, 1867; and letter from Elizabeth Turner (Campbell County, Georgia) to nephew, John N. Dorsey, no date; 7 items.
3 9 Downs, J.T.; letter from Downs (in a field near Atlanta, Georgia) to Mrs. N. Dudley, July 25, 1864; 1 item
3 10 Dowtin, Tom; letters from Dowtin, a resident of Cass County, Georgia, to his sister and mother in South Carolina from November 12, 1860-January 10, 1862, mainly while stationed near Dumfries, Virginia; 8 items. Dowtin served in the 18th Georgia Infantry Regiment.
3 11 Dunn, R.G.; letter from Dunn (Petersburg, Virginia) to "Dear wife," July 13, 1863 and permission to visit Petersburg signed by the Provost Marshal, July 10, 1863; 2 items
3 12 Eagan, J.J.; extension of a furlough granted to Pvt. J.J. Eagan, of the 38th Tennessee Infantry Regiment due to a gun shot wound in his ankle; issued at Covington, South Carolina, December 4, 1863; 1 item.
3 13 Earle, R.G.; note (photocopy) granting a leave of absence to Colonel R.G. Earle for seven days, signed by S.W. Ferguson, Brigadier General, Virginia Cavalry Brigade, May 7, 1864; and promissory note (photocopy) for eight dollars from R.G. Earle to T.R. Williams, June 18, 1861; 2 items on 1 sheet.
3 14 Early, John C.; letter from W.F. Early (Camp Marion near Yorktown, Virginia, Cobb's Legion) to John C. Early, June 21, 1862; and letter from Willy Grice (Vicksburg, Mississippi) to Early, March 26, 1863; 2 items.
3 15 Echols, James Jewell; letter (photocopy) from Echols (Atlanta, Georgia) to "Dear Sister," October 19, 1862, describing the escape of 12 prisoners and the efforts made to recapture them; 1 item.
3 16 Edmonds, George W.; letters from Edmonds to his sister(s) from 1862-1864 (Camp Boggs, Arkansas and during the Atlanta Campaign) and then from Fort Halleck, Dakota Territory (1866); 10 items. During the CivilWar Edmonds served in the 1st Arkansas Infantry Regiment; after the war joined the United State Army and was stationed at Fort Halleck, Dakota Territory (Wyoming). [See also William M. Edmonds, his brother]
3 17 Edmonds, William M.; letters from Edmonds (Camp Beauregard (location unknown); Bowling Green, Kentucky; and Nashville, Tennessee) to his sister, Mrs. Margaret Preston, 1861-1862; 3 items. Edmonds served in the 9th Arkansas Infantry Regiment and [See also George W. Edmonds, his brother]
3 18 Edwards, W.W.; letter from Edwards (Leesburg, Virginia) to Mr. Thomas V. Humphris, November 30, 1861; 1 item. Edwards served in the 13th Mississippi Infantry Regiment.
3 19 Elliott, Robert B.; pass signed by Elliot (Savannah, Georgia) for Captain Charles Stevens of the Schooner Northern Belle, October 26, 1861; and General Order No. 27, Headquarters, Military District, Savannah, Georgia, regarding the court martial of Private Charles Haygood, 1st Regiment Georgia Regulars, Company D, for stealing and then selling a blanket to a negro, September 23, 1861; 2 items.
3 20 Enecks, William H.; letters to members of the Enecks family of Egypt, Georgia, 1861-1864; 8 items. Includes letter from Bess Bell (Bascom, Georgia) to Miss Kate Enecks which describes the formation of the Bascom Home Guards, a "Female Company," May 10, 1861; letter from W.W. Enecks (Chattanooga, Tennessee), September 3, 1863; letter from J.W. Wightman (Augusta, Georgia) to W.R. Enecks, December 7, 1863; letter from A.E Jones (Savannah, Georgia) to William R. Enecks, December 9, 1863; letter from James W. Best (camp near Dalton, Georgia), January 25, 1864; letter from [illegible] (Savannah, Georgia) to W.R. Enecks; letter from Miles Turpin, Jr. (Headquarters 63rd Georgia Infantry Regiment) to William R. Enecks, Feburary 12, 1864; and note from W.R. Enecks to Kate, no date.
3 21 Eugenia [last name unknown]; letter from Eugenia (Macon, Georgia), to her father, April 22, 1864; 1 item.
3 22 Evans, Robert; letters from Evans (Gordonsville, Front Royal and Grace Church (Richmond), Virginia and James Island, South Carolina); to his wife, Sarah Evans, 1862-1864; 7 items. Evans served in Company H of the 27th Georgia Infantry Regiment and died at Petersburg on June 15, 1864.
3 23 Farmville General Hospital (Virginia); Government Transportation invoice for shipment of medical supplies, July 9, 1864; Circular No. 9 regarding omitting "alcoholic stimulants" from hospital requisitions from the Office of Medical Director, January 16, 1864; Return of medical and hospital property received, expended, issued and remaining on hand, January 1, 1865; invoice of medicines, instruments, hospital stores, bedding, etc. issued to J.B. Tufts, February 21, 1865; four items relating to invoices for medical supplies, March 1865; and letter from H.D. Taliaferro to J.L. White regarding timely dressing of wounds by medical officers, April 17, 1865; 9 items.
3 24 Fauvails, Sam; letter from Fauvails (Pulack's House) to A.C. Richards, February 19, no year; 1 item
3 25 Fingal (steamer); ship's manifest, Savannah, Georgia, November 14, 1861; 1 item.
3 26 Forbes, Murray; letter (photocopy and typescript) from Forbes (Norwood, Bedford County, Virginia) to "My dear Mother," July 10, 1863.
OP1 4 Fort Delaware, Delaware; Prison Times; vol. 1, no. 1., 4-page manuscript newspaper published by Confederate prisoners of war at Fort Delaware, Delaware, April 8, 1865; 1 item. Publisher listed as J.W. Hibbs, Capt., 13th Virginia Infantry Regiment, Division 27. Editors: Geo. L. /Thomas, Capt., 64th Georgia Infantry Regiment, Division 24; W.H. Bennett., Capt. & ACS, Division 24; and A. Harris, Lt., 3rd Florida, Division 25.
3 27 Fowler John W.; requisition signed by Fowler to R.K. Holliday (no place), 7th Georgia Infantry Regiment, January 5, 1862; and document signed by Fowler (camp near Fairfax Court House, Virginia) attesting to the military service of Ezekiel A. Davis, October 14, 1861; 2 items.
3 28 Fowler, Thomas; letter from Fowler (camp near Vicksburg, Mississippi) to his wife, Rebeckah Fowler, April 3, 1863; 1 item
3 29 Fuller, J.V.; letters from Fuller (Richmond and Winchester, Virginia) to his wife, Elizabeth Fuller and his mother, Mary J. Lucus, 1862-1863; 14 items. Also includes two letters from W.E. Miles (Culpepper Courthouse, Virginia and Goldsboro, North Carolina), one letter from L.H. Miles, (Tullahoma, Tennessee) and one letter from J.J. Miles (Tunnel Hill, Georgia) to their sister, Mrs. J.V. Fuller. J.V. Fuller served in Company C of the 2nd Mississippi Infantry Regiment.
3 30 Garber, J.R.; letters from Garber (location unknown) to his mother, Mrs. A.M. Garber (Livingston, Alabama), 1864-1865; 2 items. Garber served in the 8th Alabama Cavalry Regiment.
3 31 George [unknown last name]; letter from George (camp near Chattanooga) to "Dear Sisters," October 12, [no year]; 1 item. The soldier served in Company F of the 6th South Carolina Infantry Regiment; 1 item
OP2 - Georgia Cavalry Regiment, 1st, Company C; muster roll, George T. Watts, Captain, James J. Morrison, Colonel, June 30-December 31, 1863; 1 item.
OP2 - Georgia Cavalry Regiment, 3rd (Danielsville, Madison County, Georgia), Captain James McDaniel's Company; muster roll and payroll; August 4, 1863-February 31, 1864
OP2 - Georgia Cavalry Regiment, 4th (Whitfield County, Georgia); Captain D.J. Owen's Company; muster roll and payroll, June 30 - August 30, 1862; 1 item.
3 32 Georgia, Commissary General's Office (Atlanta), notice to the Justices of the Inferior Court of each county in Georgia of the arrangement made for salt and its distribution to the families of soldiers, August 4, 1862
OP28 3 Georgia Comptroller General's Office, circular and notice of "An Act for the relief of Tax Payers on property lost, destroyed or rendered valueless by the Public Enemy, or by order of the Commanding Generals of the Confederate Army," Milledgeville, January 14 and 15, 1865 [2 items]
OP28 3 Georgia Executive Department, under name of the Secretary of the Executive Department Henry H. Waters, Milledgeville, June 10, 1862
23 14 Georgia, General Assembly, Bill to extend the lien of set-off and recoupment, June 1865
OP2 - Georgia Infantry Regiment, 1st, Company G; muster and payroll; February 28 - April 30 1863; 1 item.
3 33 Georgia Infantry Regiment, 5th; small bound volume containing the duty roster of Company K of the 5th Georgia Infantry Regiment, mainly in Pensacola, Florida and Bethel Springs, Tennessee, June 1861-April 1862; 1 item.
OP2 - Georgia Infantry Regiment, 6th, Company C (Houston County, Georgia); muster roll, James M. Culpepper, Captain, April 30-August 31, 1864; 1 item.
3 34 Georgia Infantry Regiment, 14th, Company E (Forsyth County, Georgia); roster, compiled by Lillian Henderson, undated; 1 item.
3 35 Georgia Infantry Regiment, 18th; The spirit of 61, vol. 1, no. 1; 1 item. 16-page handwritten newspaper issued in camp near Dumfries, Virginia; edited by A. F. Burnett, and W.W. White of the Acworth Infantry December 25, 1861.
OP28 1 Georgia Infantry Regiment, 20th, Company G (Southern Guards), notice of order to Richmond, recruitment poster, 1861
OP2 - Georgia Infantry Regiment, 36th, Company L; muster roll and payroll, March 1-September 1, 1863; 1 item.
OP2 - Georgia Infantry Regiment, 38th, Company C; muster roll and payroll, April 30-September 1, 1864; 1 item.
OP2 - Georgia Infantry Regiment, 46th, Company G; muster roll, March 18-April 30, 1862
OP2 - Georgia Infantry Regiment, 46th, Company G; muster roll, April 30-June 30, 1862
OP2 - Georgia Infantry Regiment, 46th, Company G; muster roll and payroll, April 30-June 30, 1862
OP2 - Georgia Infantry Regiment, 46th, Company G; muster roll and pay roll, June 13, 1862-August, 1862 [includes one entry for September 1862]
OP2 - Georgia Infantry Regiment, 46th, Company G; muster roll and pay roll, August 31, 1862-October 31, 1863
OP2 - Georgia Infantry Regiment, 46th, Company G; muster roll and pay roll, December 31, 1862-February 28, 1863
OP2 - Georgia Infantry Regiment, 54th, Company I; muster roll and pay roll, August 31-October 31, 1862; 1 item.
OP2 - Georgia Infantry Regiment, 54th, Company I; muster roll and pay roll, December 31, 1862-February 28, 1863; 1 item.
OP2 - Georgia Infantry Regiment, 60th, Company D; muster roll and pay roll, May 1-August 30, 1864; 1 item.
OP2 - Georgia Relief and Hospital Association (Augusta, Georgia); Shipping Book No. 2, a record of packages sent to Georgia Confederate soldiers, September 24, 1864-April 20, 1865; 1 bound volume.
3 36 Gholston, D.D.; letter from Gholston (camp near Shelbyville, Tennessee) to "Mrs. Dudley," February 2, 1863; 1 item
3 37 Godfrey, Ervin; mainly letters from Godfrey to his wife, 1856-1867; 20 items. Godfrey a Madison, Georgia, doctor, wrote from Camp Georgia, Roanoke Island, North Carolina (1861), James Island, South Carolina (1863) and Atlanta and vicinity (1864).
3 38 Gorgas, Josiah; letter from Gorgos (Richmond, Virginia) to John Letcher, August 11, 1861; 1 item. Request for some pieces of artillery.
3 39 Graham, John P.; letters (photocopies) from Graham to his wife, Susan Frances Story Graham; July 3, 1862; May 21, July 5, 10; October 10, 1863, written from Richmond, Fredericksburg, Lynchburg (2) and Chattanooga, in that order; 6 items. Also includes a clipping (with photograph of Susan in her old age) concerning the letters.
3 40 Green, Charles W.; note from Green, a prisoner-of-war at Fort Warren (Boston, Massachusetts) to I.K. Tefft, January 12, 1862, with autographs of James M. Mason and John Slidell; 1 item.
3 41 Griffin, John L.; letter (photocopy) from Griffin (Charlestown, Virginia), to "Dear Sister," August 23, 1864; 1 item
3 42 Groce, Lewis, Jr.; letter (photocopy and typescript) from Groce (near Manassas at Camp Bartow, Virginia), to his sister, August 7, 1861; 1 item. Groce, from Macon, Georgia, served in Company A. of the 20th Georgia Infantry Regiment. He did not participate in the Battle of Manassas because of a train wreck which delayed the movement of troops from Piedmont. He died June 26, 1864 of gunshot wounds at Petersburg, Virginia.
OP28 1 Grubbs, James, "Lost! $5000 reward." Flyer. Midville, Georgia, January 1864.
3 43 Guffin, James; letter (photocopy and typescript) from Guffin (camp near Kingsport, Tennessee) to wife, Mary J. Guffin and children, Januiary 23, 1865; 1 item. Guffin served in the 4th Regiment, Georgia Cavalry. Also includes is a copy of the registration for Guffin's Jackson County distillery business, August 28, 1863.
BV6 Habersham County (Georgia) welfare ledger, circa 1864. The ledger records government relief efforts in Habersham County, in accordance with An Act for the relief of the people in certain counties therein mentioned and for other purposes, Title XVII, Acts and Laws Passed by the General Assembly of the State of Georgia, 1863.
3 44 Hall family; letters (photocopies and typescripts) to and from Lindsey Hall, Francis M. Hall, and James Hall, from August 17, 1862-March 13, 1863, who were all members of Company H of the 38th Georgia Infantry Regiment; 12 items.
3 45 Hall, John A.; letter from Hall (Richmond, Virginia) to A.M. Morrow, May 15, 1862; 1 item. Hall served in Company H., 26th Alabama Infantry Regiment.
3 46 Halliday, Dickerson W.; letters from Halliday, August 7, 1861-November 4, 1861; 6 items. Halliday was born on August 19, 1836 and served in the 2nd Georgia Infantry Regiment. In the letter of August 29, written from camp near Manassas, he mentions visiting friends in the 9th, 11th, and 15th Georgia Infantry Regiments, which were also in camp there. In the 3rd letter (September 23, 1861; Camp Pine Creek near Fairfax, Virginia) he mentions that the 7th, 8th, and 11th Georgia Infantry Regiments assisted in placing a monument to Francis Bartow on the Manassas battlefield. The last three letters (October 20-November 4) are written from Richmond, Virginia.
3 47 Hammond, J.F.; letter from Hammond (West Point, New York) to L. Pope Walker, Secretary of War (Montgomery, Alabama), offering his service as Surgeon to the Confederate Army, February 28, 1861; 1 item.
3 48 Hampton, Ephraim; letters written by Hampton (mainly from Virginia (1861-1863) and Georgia (1863-1864) to his family; 13 items. He served in the Company C of the 45th Virginia Infantry Regiment until October 1862 when he was transferred to Company G of the 65th Virginia Infantry Regiment.
3 49 Hanvey, George M.; letters and documents (photocopies) relating to the service of Haney, January 1, 1859-August 7, 1889; 12 items. Hanvey served in the 1st Georgia Infantry Regiment (Ramsey's); later Company A of the 12th Battalion Georgia Light Artillery.
3 50 Hardee, William Joseph; letter from Hardee (Savannah, Georgia) to Governor Joseph F. Brown (Milledgeville, Georgia), recommending E.P. Alexander, January 21, 1860; 1 item.
3 51 Harper, Henry C.; 9-page CivilWar diary (typescript) which also includes several poems written by Harper, 1861-1863; 1 item (2 versions). Harper served in Company E of the 8th Georgia Infantry Regiment.
3 52 Harris, E.M. executor of J.V. Harris; letter from Harris (Madison, Georgia) to Vason & Davis (Albany, Georgia), March 9, 1864; 1 item
3 53 Harrison, John W.; letter from Harrison (camp near Frederick, Maryland) to "Dear Mother," September 9, 1862; 1 item
3 54 Hatten, N.F.; letter from Hatten (camp near New Market, Tennessee) to Mr. G.H. Brewer, February 15, 1864; 1 item. Hatten served in Company G of the 10th Georgia Infantry Regiment.
MF1 5 Hayden, J.A., Mrs.; CivilWar scrapbook, 1861; Scrapbook of unidentified newspaper clippings pertaining to secession and the first year of war, compiled by Mrs. J. A. Hayden in Atlanta, Georgia in 1861. Many of the clippings appear to be from the (Atlanta) Southern Confederacy. Arranged chronologically, they include news releases from correspondents on the battlefields and in army camps, letters from soldiers to friends and relatives, exchanges of correspondence between officials, poems, speeches and anecdotes. They tell particularly of the Georgia and Atlanta regiments and describe camps and camp life, food supplies, clothing, attitudes of the people, entertainments, hospitals, sickness, treatment and handling of wounded and dead, battles, marches, prisons and prisoners, religious expressions and blockade runners.
BV3 Herkimer, Josephine; scrapbook, 1861-1863; 1 item. A scrapbook, kept by Herkimer of contemporary clippings about the CivilWar taken mostly from the Baltimore papers which used many sources including foreign papers; these clippings concern almost all aspects of the War on both sides from September 1861-1863.
MF1 7 Hickman, William H., account books, 1860-1862; Account book kept by Captain William H. Hickman, a Confederate Assistant Quartermaster in the 3rd Florida Infantry Regiment at Fernandina., Florida. Further additions of CivilWar letters and poetry, Confederate military documents, legal papers and documents, miscellaneous correspondence, and letters to Mrs. William H. Hickman (Alice) from her mother, Mrs. Sarah G. Blue (1855, January 27 - January 10, 1879).
3 55 Hill and Wright; two promissory notes to Hill and Wright amounting to $1040.00 signed by D.P. Ware and Jeremiah Walter; and a sworn statement by E. Tompkins (Newton, Baker County, Georgia) that certain animals left by the enemy were now the property of Hill and Wright, September, 28, 1864; 3 items.
3 56 Hill, Daniel Harvey (1821-1889); letter from Hill (Augusta, Georgia) to Major Norman Smith (no place), regarding need of wagons, February 15, 1865; 1 item.
3 57 Hill, Fred; letter from Hill (in the line of battle [Atlanta Campaign]) to "Dear Pa," July 10, 1864; 1 item
3 58 Hill, J.A.; Receipt of J.A. Hill (Thomasville, Georgia) for $5,700 to be spent for stock, signed by Morgan Griffin, May 6, 1865; 1 item.
3 59 Hilton, Joseph; letters (typescripts) from Hilton (in Virginia), mainly to his cousin, Lizzie Lachlison of Savannah, Georgia, 1863-1864; 4 items. The letters describe daily life in the army, Gettysburg, reaction to death of Stonewall Jackson, and other personal events.
3 60 Hitt, David M.; letters from Hitt (mainly from Chattanooga, Tennessee), to his wife Jane A. Hitt, April-June 1862; 9 items.
3 61 Hoke, W.J.; letter from Hoke (Headquarters 38th North Carolina Infantry) to "Dear brother," March 24, 1863; 1 item
3 62 Holt, Hines (1805-1865); letter from Holt (Richmond, Virginia) to Hon. David Kiddoe (Cuthbert, Georgia), March 13, 1862; 1 item. Letter indicates the method of appointing officers in the Confederate Army.
3 63 Hoskins, John S.; letter (photocopy) to his wife, November 2, 1863; 1 item. He served as a captain in the 38th Mississippi Infantry Regiment.
3 64 Howard family; letters, 1860-1863; 14 items. Letters written to Dr. Thomas Henry Howard, from his brothers, Tazewell M. Howard (7 letters from Campbellton, Georgia and Tennessee); Monroe Howard (4 letters from Virginia and North Carolina) and P.L. Howard (3 letters from Virginia). Tazewell Howard served as a surgeon in the 55th Georgia Infantry Regiment; P.L. Howard may have served in the 5th Regiment, Georgia Cavalry; and Monroe Howard's unit is unknown.
3 65 Hunter, Robert Mercer Taliaferro (1809-1887); letter from Hunter (no place) to Robert Tyler (no place), April 16, no year; 1 item. He says "My prospects for uniting the South seem to be improving."
4 1 Ivy, John H.; letter from Ivy (Atlanta, Georgia) to "Friend Dagg," August 10, 1864; 1 item. Ivy, a 2nd Lieutenant, served in Company G of the 38th Tennessee Infantry Regiment. In this letter, Ivy reports the names of several Confederate solders who were killed, wounded, or taken prisoner during the Atlanta Campaign, specifically the Battle of Peachtree Creek, which took place on July 20, 1864.
BV1 Jackson County, Georgia; conscription record book, November 1864- January 1865. Includes the following lists: persons for examination by Examination Board; persons rejected by Board for physical disability, conscripts between 18 and 45 enrolled for service; conscripts recommended for light duty; deserters and absentees arrested and sent to the Provost Marshal; and soldiers on furlough. Each entry may include date of enrollment, name, age, height, complexion, eyes, hair, occupation, residence, and remarks. This book was later used as a cash book by Cofer and McCalla (Atlanta, Georgia) business firm, 1866-1867; 1 bound volume.
4 2 Jackson, A. , Mrs.; telegram from Mrs. Jackson (Columbus) to General Gideon Pillow Jackson Miss., November 17, 1861.
4 3 Jackson, James W.; inventory of the effects of Jackson who died in Polk Hospital (Atlanta, Georgia), June 9, 1864, signed by surgeon in charge Robert Battey. Jackson served in Company A of the 9th Battalion Mississippi Sharp Shooters, Tucker's Brigade.
4 4 Jackson, Thomas Jonathan; letter from Jackson (near Mount Jackson) to J.A. Harman (no place), April 14, 1862; 1 item.
4 5 Jacobs, Lawton; letter from Jacobs (Richmond, Virginia) to Miss Edmons Hainback, (Black & Whites, Virginia), March 5, 1865, telling of the difficulties in delivering goods purchased by Miss Hainback and of having these goods sent by American Express; 1 item.
4 6 James [unknown last name]; letter from James (Gadsden County, Florida), January 15, 1863; letters from James (Camp Leon, Florida), March 26, 1863- August 25, 1864; and letter from James (Baldwin, East, Florida) all to "Dear Sallie;" 8 items.
4 7 Jamison, David Flavel (1810-1864); letters (and transcripts), 1861; 9 items. Flavel was President of the South Carolina session convention during his term as Secretary of War of South Carolina. Letters to Jamison concern the turning over of South Carolina troops to the Confederate Army, plans for Fort Sumter, regular army activities, and the dispensation of weapons. Letter from C.G. Memminger (Montgomery, Alabama) to Jamison (Charleston, South Carolina) about the mustering of South Carolina troops, March 2, 1861; three letters from Colonel Maxey Gregg to Jamison, January 27, 1861 (Sullivan's Island), February 7, 1861 (Fort Moultrie), and March 13, 1861 (no place); letter from Thomas F. Drayton (Charleston, South Carolina) to Jamison, about a plan for firing upon Fort Sumter, March 2, 1861; letter from B.G. Wilkins (no place) to Jamison about presenting a company flag, February 13, 1861; letter from Z.T. Foster (Fort Sumter) to Jamison, about a bank draft, April 5, 1861; letter from Governor Francis Wilkinson Pickens [Charleston] to Jamison, about dispensation of rifles, March 13, 1861; and George W. Earle (Charleston, South Carolina) to Jamison, asking to resign when the State troops are turned over to the Confederacy, April 20, 1861.
4 8 Jennings, Solomon; letters from Jennings (mainly in Virginia) to his wife, Susannah Jennings, 1861-1862; 3 items. He served in the 45th Virginia Infantry Regiment.
4 9 Jewel, William; letters from Jewel (near Atlanta, Georgia), June-August 1864; 4 items.
4 10 Jewell, James; letter (photocopy) to "Dear Sister" from Camp Tiller, Griffin Georgia, June 14, 1862; 1 item. Jewel served in Echols Battery, Georgia Light Artillery.
4 11 Jimmie [unknown last name]; letter from Jimmie (Richmond, Virginia) to "My Dear Dee," June 29, 1862; 1 item.
4 12 Johnson, D.F.; letter from Johnson (camp between [?] and Fredericksburg, Virginia) to "Dear Mrs. Sarah," August 17, 1863; 1 item. Johnson was a member of the 3rd Battalion, Georgia Sharpshooters.
4 13 Johnson, D.G.; letter from Johnson (Crossroads New Kent County, Virginia) to "Dear Ella and Pa," May 12, 1862; and letter from Johnson (Richmond, Virginia) to "Dear Ma and Pa" June 19, 1862; 2 items. Johnson served in Cobb's Brigade, 15th North Carolina Infantry Regiment.
4 14 Johnson, D.M.; letter from Johnson (Shelbyville, Tennessee) to "Dear Father," January 31, 1863; 1 item. Johnson served in Company E of the 10th Mississippi Infantry Regiment.
4 15 Johnson, George W.; document signed by Johnson (Bowling Green, Kentucky) certifying the election of William E. Simms and Henry C. Burnett as Confederate States senators, January 10, 1862; 1 item.
4 16 Johnson, Herschel V.; letter from Johnson (Oglethorpe University, Midway, Georgia) to Reverend Henry Cleveland, December 3, 1864; also signed by Samuel K. Talmage, President of the University; confers honorary degree to Cleveland for helping to transport the university's library to safety and saving the university from Sherman's destruction; 1 item.
4 17 Johnson, S.M.; letter from Johnson (Corinth, Mississippi) to S.C. Johnson, May 5, [1862?]; 1 item
4 18 Johnston, J.H., receipt for goods, August 11, 1864; and copy of document (Coweta County, Georgia) emancipating slaves and agreement for their living arrangements until the end of the year, August 11, 1865; 2 items
4 19 Johnston, O.H.; letter from Johnston (Camp Clark, Shieldsboro and Camp Deason in Pass Christian, Mississippi) to "My Dear Wife," September 6 and 9, 1861; letter from Johnston (Columbus, Kentucky) to "Dear Wife and Boys," December 1, 1861; 2 items
23 18 Joint Resolution in Relation to the Indebtedness of the Confederate States, Legislature of the State of Texas, signed by Secretary of State R.J. Townes, March 3, 1863.
4 20 Jones and Grant (Richmond, Virginia); bill for goods sold to John Talman, Jr. April, 1864; 1 item
4 21 Jones, Samuel; letter from Jones (Charleston, South Carolina ) to T.B. Roy (Charleston, South Carolina), January 11, 1865; 1 item. A report of his operations in the defense of Savannah, Georgia.
4 22 Jordan, George W.; letter from Jordan (Camp near Bristol, Tennessee), to his sister, May 29, 1864; 1 item. Jordan was a surgeon in the 59th Tennessee Infantry Regiment.
4 23 Josh [last name unknown]; letter from Josh (Fort Pulaski, Georgia) to "Dear George," March 28, 1862; 1 item.
4 24 Keahey family; letters (typescripts) from G. H. Keahey and Niel Godwine (April-August 1861 from Warrenton, Florida; Wartrace, Tennessee in 1863; and Georgia, 1864), to Miss Mary A. Keahey (Skippersville, Alabama); 12 items. G.H. Keahey, brother of Mary Keahey, was in Company F of the 7th Alabama Infantry Regiment. Lt. Niel Godwine, suitor of Mary Keahey, was a member of the 33rd Alabama Infantry Regiment. One letter is by George Keahey, cousin of Mary Keahey; he was in the service, but his unit not known.
4 25 Keen family; letters, February 1, 1861 - December 31, 1864; 23 items. Letters written between Mrs. Eleanor H. Keen (Petersburg, Virginia), wife of Baptist minister T.G. Keen, and her daughters, Fannie Keen (at school in Richmond, Virginia); and Mary Keen Armistead and her husband, John Armistead. The letters are mostly concerned with town and family gossip, social and economic situations, fashions, troop movements, and the bombardment of Petersburg.
4 26 Kelly, Patrick; sworn statement of Kelly that being a subject of the Queen of Great Britain and not a subject of the Confederacy, he was exempt from all military duty in service of the Confederacy; written by and sworn to William H. Brannan, justice of the peace of Muscogee County, Georgia, September 24, 1862; 1 item.
4 27 Kemper, James Lawson; letter from Kemper (Richmond, Virginia) to P.T. Moore (on New Market Road), hold enemy advancement on New Market Road, September 29, 1864 and note from Kemper (Richmond, Virginia) to [?] Thorne, thank you for book, February 23, 1876; 2 items.
4 28 Kenney, Susan A.; letters from J.B. Mason, S.W. Jenkins, J.S. Jenkins, who most likely all served in the 9th, then 58th Alabama Infantry Regiment, 1863-1864; 22 items. The letters are mainly from Chattanooga, Tennessee and then from various places during the Atlanta campaign.
4 29 Kent, George W.; letter from Kent (Jefferson Barracks, Missouri) to "Dear Father and Mother," December 2, 1863; 1 item
4 30 Kershaw, Joseph B.; invoice for subsistence stores sent to Colonel Kershaw's Regiment from Camden, South Carolina on their way to Virginia; issued by Joseph Walker (Charleston, South Carolina), April 27, 1861; 1 item.
4 31 Korkscrew, Kornelius (pseud.); letter to "Mister Editor" from Korkscrew (Camp Wilson [Chatham County, Georgia]), January 22, 1862; 1 item. States that he is a member of 25th Georgia Infantry Regiment and while well-educated uses colloquialism to satirically defend the regiment.
4 32 Kreeger, John M.; letter from Kreeger (Fort Screven, Georgia), to [illegible], November 18, 1861; 1 item.
4 33 Kyle [Kiles], W.O.; 4-page diary in the form of a letter written by Kyle, July 14, 1864; 1 item. Kiles served in Company F of the 32nd Mississippi Infantry Regiment. The entries describe his Company's movements while retreating from Tennessee toward Atlanta from May 2-June 14, 1864.
4 34 Lane, A.J.; letter from Lane (Camp Davis, near Guyton, Georgia) to "My Dear Sir," March 26, 1862; 1 item. Lane served in the 49th Georgia Infantry Regiment.
4 35 Lanier, J.S.; letter from Lanier (camp near Cedar Creek) to "Miss Linie," April 20, 1864; and letter from Lanier (In the field near Marietta, Georgia) to "Miss Hodges," June 25, 1864; 2 items.
4 36 Lanneau, Fleet, letter from Lanneau (Charleston, South Carolina) to his mother, Wednesday, 1861; 1 item. Note on letter says Lanneau died two weeks after writing this letter.
4 37 Latimer, Thomas H.; letter from Latimer (Headquarters, Camp Direction, Macon, Georgia) to "Dear Friend and Brother," October 20, 1862; 1 item.
4 38 Law, William A.; (1) furlough given to Law (General Hospital, Huguenot Springs, Virginia )of Company I of the 6th Regiment South Carolina Cavalry signed by W.T. Watkins, Senior Surgeon, September 10, 1864; discharge from Wayside Hospital (Florence, South Carolina), November 28, 1864; order to report to duty, Columbia, South Carolina, December 20, 1864; and oath to the Government of the U.S., signed by Lt. W.K. Norton (Raleigh, North Carolina), May 9, 1865; 4 items.
4 39 Lawrence, W.H.; letter from Lawrence (bridge near Rome, Georgia) to his wife, October 9, 1864, 1item. Lawrence served in Company K of the 8th Alabama Calvary Regiment. The letter discusses family financial matters as well as the regiment's planned attack on Rome, Georgia the following day.
4 40 Leavell, George W.; letter from Leavell (DeKalb County, Georgia) to "Lieutenant W.W. Crockett," January 14, 1865 and order to examine Leavell's health, Athens, Georgia, September 16, 1864; 2 items. Leavell served in Company E of the 7th Georgia Infantry Regiment.
4 41 Lee, Robert E.; General Order No. 9, Headquarters Army of Northern Virginia, holograph copy of General Lee's farewell message to his troops, reported to be copied by a courier of General Lee, April 10, 1865; and holograph copy of the agreement entered into "in regard to the surrender," Appomattox Court House, April 10, 1865; 2 items.
OP1 5 Lee, Robert E., Lee's General Order No. 9, Chicago: Lakeside Press, R.R. Donnelly and Sons, 1944; 1 item.
4 42 Lee, Stephen Dill; contemporary copy of official report from Lee (Columbia, Mississippi) to A.P. Mason, January 30, 1865; 1 item. A report of operations at Palmetto Station, Georgia, September 29, 1864.
4 43 Letcher, John; signed document to [unaddressed], Richmond, Virginia, February 15, 1862; 1 item. Certification of Robert Mercer Taliaferro Hunter (1809-1887), as Confederate States Senator.
4 44 Lewis, James; letter from Lewis (Centerville, Virginia) to "Dear Friend," October 10, 1861; 1 item
4 45 Lewis, R.R.; letter from Lewis (Charlotte, North Carolina) to "Dear Wife," May 6, 1864; 1 item
4 46 Lightfoot, John S.; diary (typescript) written by Lightfoot, May 7 - December 1, 1864; 1 item. Lightfoot served in the 45th Alabama Infantry Regiment. The diary document events during the Atlanta campaign.
4 47 Lin, M.M.; letter from Lin (Lawrence County, Tennessee), to "Dear sisters," family news, September 12, 1861; 1 item.
4 48 Lindsey, J.B.; letters from Lindsey to his family, 1862-1863; 4 items. Lindsey served in the 48th Tennessee Infantry Regiment. Lindsey writes from Corinth, Mississippi (April-May 1862) and Tullahoma, Tennessee (January, June 1863).
23 19 List of camp calls, 186?
4 49 Loftin, Martha S.; affidavit of Loftin, widow of William B. Lofton, private in Company I of the 51st Georgia Infantry Regiment, Calhoun County, February 12, 1863; 1 item.
4 50 Longstreet, James (1821-1904); letters (photocopies and transcripts) to and from Longstreet (and other); 41 items. Letters from Robert E. Lee (1807-1870) to Longstreet, June 23, 1863-October 29, 1867, 5 letters. Letter from Walter Herron Taylor (1838-1916), to Longstreet, October 27, 1864, 1 letter. Letters to Longstreet from Daniel Harvey Hill, Lafayette McLaws, S.R. Johns M. Scales, E.P. Alexander, J.E. Johnston, James A. Seddon, Fitzhugh Lee, and George Washington Custis Lee, dated between May 3, 1875 and December 17, 1887; 9 letters. Letter from Edward Porter Alexander (1835-1910); letter to George Edward Pickett (1825-1875), June 16, 1866; 1 item. Letter from Longstreet to Robert E. Lee, October 28, [1863]; 1 item. Letter from Benjamin Harvey Hill (1823-1882), to W.J. Park, January 22, 1867; 1 item.
OP3 - Louisiana Infantry Regiment, 6th, Company K; muster roll, January 1-February 31, 1862; 1 item.
OP3 - Louisiana Infantry Regiment, 6th, Company K; muster roll, September 1-October 31, 1862; 1 item.
OP3 - Louisiana Infantry Regiment, 6th, Company K; muster roll, March 1-April 30, 1863; 1 item.
OP3 - Louisiana Infantry Regiment, 6th, Company K; muster roll, May 1-July 1, 1863; 1 item.
OP3 - Louisiana Infantry Regiment, 6th, Company K; muster roll, June 30-August 31, 1863; 1 item.
OP3 - Louisiana Infantry Regiment, 6th, Company K; muster roll, November 1-December 31, 1863; 1 item.
OP34 1 Louisiana state documents relating to the establishment of the Confederate States of America, 1861
OP1 6 Love, John D.; Confederate Patent No. 76 issued to Love for an improved combination invalid bedstead. Signed by Rufus R. Rhodes Commissioner of Patents. Patent issued from the Confederate states of America, Patent Office, Richmond, Virginia, February 25, 1862; along with the patent are three pages of manuscript description of the bedstead and 1 page of drawings by John D. Love; 1 item.
MF1 1 Lovett family, letters, 1859-1864; 14 letters, eleven of which were written between November 15, 1859 and March 10, 1865 by or to various members of the Lovett family of Troup and Merriwether Counties, Georgia. One by William Lovett to his friend, Sarah J. McGahee, November 5, 1859 and one to his wife Sallie (McGahee) Lovett, March 10, 1864; seven by Sallie Lovett to her husband William, March 26, 1862 - February 14, 1864; two by J.D. McGahee, Sallie's brother to Sallie and William Lovett; one by a woman who signs herself "I am the injured," the signature is undecipherable and the addressee is not indicated; one by S.C. Roberts (Charleston, South Carolina) to his sister, Mrs. J.A. Woodruff (Graham P.O., South Carolina), March 13, 1862; and one by G. R. Adderton, Confederate soldier, to his mother, October 30, 1864. William Lovett was in Company E of the 41st Georgia Infantry Regiment, at least from March 26, 1862 through March 10, 1864 at which date he was in camp near Dalton, Georgia. J.D. McGahee, brother of Sally, William Lovett's wife was also a Confederate soldier, but the two letters by him were written before he joined the army. The S.C. Roberts letter contains information about wartime activities in and near Charleston and mentions the "great Naval victory gained by the Merrimac."
4 51 Lucas, F.W.; receipt for $100.00 for horse shoes to Rich and D.B. Taylor for the Georgia Salt Manufacturing Company, F.W. Lucas (Athens, Georgia); May 10, 1861; 1 item.
4 52 Lynchburg Hospital (Virginia); two letters and receipt relating to hospital furniture, clothing, etc. turned over to me (W.W. Hammen) by Surgeon James L. White, March 1, 1865; 3 items.
4 53 MacKall, William Whann; letter from Brigadier General MacKall (Richmond, Virginia) to "Dear General," August 8, 1862; 1 item.
4 54 Maguire, Thomas; list (photocopy) of property stolen by the Union Army from Maguire presented to the inferior court of Gwinnett County, Georgia to be exempted from taxation for the year 1864; 1 item.
4 55 Mahoney, E.; letter from Mahoney (Nassau, New Providence) to Mrs. William F. Black, July 20, 1863; 1 item
4 56 Magnus, Charles, portrait cards, circa 1862
4 57 Manley, Joseph W.; letters from Manley to his family (Franklin County, Georgia), 1862-1864; 13 items. Manley served in Company H of the 34th Georgia Infantry Regiment. The letters were written from Cumberland Gap (August-September 1862), Vicksburg, Mississippi (April 1863), Tennessee and the Atlanta campaign (May 1863-May 1863).
4 58 Marcum, E.W.; letter from Marcum (camp near Cartersville, Georgia) to "Dear cousin," January 24, 1864; 1 item.
4 59 Marston, William W.; 26-page diary (photocopy) of Assistant Surgeon Marston, 12th North Carolina Infantry Regiment, May 14-August 8, 1863; 1 item. Diary tells of his participation in Gettysburg Campaign, telling mainly of marching and weather, with occasional comment about country and people.
4 60 Martin, George W.; various receipts and permissions to purchase goods mainly in Gallatin and Nashville, Tennessee; 7 items
4 61 Matthiessen, Frederic G.; printed writ of garnishment issued to Matthiessen (Charleston, South Carolina), by the Confederate States of America, District of South Carolina, September 5, 1862; and reply from Matthiessen; 2 items.
4 62 Mayes, S.M.; letter (photocopy) written and signed by 10 federal prisoners at Camp Sumter (Andersonville, Georgia) to Lieut. S.M. Mayes, 2nd Georgia Infantry Regiment, to accompany a watch they gave him in appreciation for his "noble and charitable conduct," September 20, 1864; 1 item.
5 1 McCollum, A.C.; letter from McCollum (near Orange County Court House, Virginia) to "Miss M.C.," May 5, 1865; 1 item
5 2 McCord, James A.; letter from McCord (Franklin, Tennessee) to his brother John William McCord (Jackson, Georgia), December 3, 1864; 2 items. Both brothers were members of the 30th Georgia Infantry Regiment. James discusses the Battle of Franklin to his brother who was recuperating at home from a wound received at the Battle of Jonesboro. Also includes a clipping of an obituary of Mrs. Mary Ann McCord (1815-1840), apparently the mother of John and James.
5 3 McCue, C.A.; letter from McCue (Glasgow, Kentucky) to "Dear Elizabeth," September 16, 1863; 1 item. McCue served in the 37th Kentucky Mounted Infantry, Company C.
5 4 McGaughey, John T.B.; letter from McGaughey (Verona, Mississippi) to "Dear Cousin," January 11, 1865; 1 item
5 5 McHollaway, Robert; letter from McHollaway (no place) to "Dear brother," December 11, 1862; 1 item
5 6 McKensie, R.; pass issued to McKensie (Oglethorpe Barracks, Savannah, Georgia), November 14, 1863; 1 item. McKensie served in Company C of the 3rd Georgia or South Carolina Infantry Regiment.
5 7 McKinney, Chris C.; letters; from McKinney to his wife, Mary (Petersburg, Tennessee), October 1, 1861-November 8, 1864; 9 items. McKinney served in the 8th Tennessee Infantry Regiment. He writes from camps in Virginia (October, Kentucky (October 1862), Tennessee (November 1862-May 1863), Georgia (March 1864), and Alabama (Novembre 1864).
5 8 McLeod, James; letter from McLeon (Bruceville, Alabama) to "Miss A.J. Williams," May 28, 1862; 1 item. McLeod served in Hilliard's Legion.
5 9 McMaster, M.; oath of allegiance to the United States, signed by M. MacMaster (Charleston, South Carolina), March 16, 1865; 1 item.
5 10 McMullen, W.J.; statement of subscriptions made at Marshallville, Georgia, to aid Capt. W.J. McMullen's Company, August 1861; 1 item.
5 11 McRae, Dandridge (1829-1899); letter from McRae (Headquarters McRae's Brigade) to Thomas L. Snead (Prices Division), July 14, 1863; 1 item. Report on the assault upon the town of Helena, Arkansas.
5 12 McTier, John H.; letter (photocopy) from McTier [near Atlanta], to his wife, August 24, 1864; 1 item. McTier served in the 41st Georgia Infantry Regiment.
5 13 McWhirter, A.J.; letter (photocopy) from McWhirter (Kingston, Georgia) to Capt. T.F. Jones, 16th Georgia Battalion, May 2, 1863; 1 item.
5 14 McWhorter-Ward family; letters, August 16, 1845-December 1, 1891; 13 items. Six letters written by A.J. Ward of the Company C. of the 5th Alabama Infantry Regiment mainly from Fredericksburg and Richmond, Virginia in 1863. Two letters were written by J. McWhorter from Alabama in May and September 1864. Additional correspondence includes letter from Edward Mashburn to Henry Ward (Mount Mariah, Alabama) on August 16, 1845 and letter from Ella Cross to her mother on December 1, 1891. In addition there is a poem by John F. Cunningham entitled "The Carrier Dove" and a cranial chart of Miss Nancy H. Ward by M. Lee.
5 15 Merrick [last name unknown]; letter from Merrick (Charleston, South Carolina), to "My dear Mamie" [mother], regarding the welfare of his brother George on Morris Island, February 2, 1861.
5 16 Mibb, Mrs.; pass issued to Mrs. Mibb and Dr. Houser to visit Mibb's sick husband of the 1st North Carolina, signed by J.R. Jones (Richmond, Virginia), August 8, 1862; 1 item.
5 17 Miles, James Jefferson; letters from Miles written mainly to his sister, Mrs. Elvira Elizabeth Fuller, 1862 and 1864; 10 items. Miles served in the 3rd Mississippi Infantry Battalion, later the 45th Mississippi Infantry Regiment. Most of the letters were written between January-October 1864 during the Atlanta campaign.
5 18 Miller, Robert H.; letters from Miller to his parents, 1861; 9 items. Miller served in Company F of the 14th Louisiana Infantry Regiment. Letters were written from Richmond and Yorktown, Virginia.
5 19 Missouri, State of, laws, statutes, etc.; true copy of "An act to provide for holding an election for representatives to the Congress of the Confederate States of America," no place, no date; 1 item.
5 20 Mitchell, Joshua M.; printed document declaring Mitchell a prisoner of war (Vicksburg, Mississippi), July 7, 1863 (photocopy); oath of allegiance to the United States, June 17, 1865 (photocopy);; and prison discharge from Johnson's Island, Ohio, January 17, 1865 (photocopy); 3 items.
5 21 Mitchem, Eugene E.; letter (photocopy) from Mitchem (Point Lookout, Maryland) to his wife, Fannie, July 3, 1864; 1 item. Mitchem served in the 7th Georgia Cavalry and was captured at Louisa Courthouse, Virginia on June 21, 1864.
5 22 Mize, T.A.; letter from Mize (Camp Sumter, Georgia) to "Dear Cousin," May 5th 1864; 1 item
5 23 Mobley, James M.; letter, 1864; 1 item. Letter from Mobley (Milledgeville, Georgia) to John W. Park (Greenville, Georgia) stating that General Wagner had not received a reply from the Governor of Georgia, and that when the telegram is received Park will be notified, April 28, 1864. [See also: Benjamin L. Mobley papers, MSS75)
5 24 Moffitt, Aaron and Milo Moffitt; letters from Aaron and Milo Moffitt to their father, Aaron Moffitt (Pleasant Grove, Virginia), 1862-1864; 11 items. Aaron served in Company G of the 62nd North Carolina Infantry Regiment and Milo served in Company H of the 38th North Carolina Infantry Regiment, later Company E of the 44th North Carolina Infantry Regiment.
5 25 Moffitt, Zeno; two letters from Moffitt (Camp near Weldon, North Carolina), to his family, May 6 and May 7, 1864; 2 items. Moffitt served in Company F of the 24th North Carolina Infantry Regiment.
5 26 Montfort, Theodorick W.; letter from Montfort (Fort Pulaski, Georgia) to "Dear Ma," April 5, 1862 (includes typescript); and receipt for expense at Fort Pulaski, May 15, 1862; 2 items. Montfort, from Macon County, Georgia, served in the 25th Georgia Infantry Regiment.
5 27 Moore, Andrew Barry (of Perry County, Alabama); parole, issued upon his release from prison at Ft. Pulaski, Savannah, Georgia, August 13, 1865; 1 item.
5 28 Moore, Patrick T. (1821-1883); report from Brigadier-General Moore (Richmond, Virginia) Head Quarters, 1st Brigade, Virginia Reserves (with attachments) to James L. Kemper, responding to the report of Thomas Walton regarding the guarding of Richmond, January 21, 1865; 1 item.
5 29 Morgan, J.L.; pass issued to Morgan by the Mayor Office (Savannah, Georgia) to travel anywhere in Georgia, January 27, 1864; 1 item.
5 30 Morris, William S.; letter from Morris (Richmond, Virginia) to J.A. Seddon requesting the detail of W.H. Jewell of the 21st Mississippi Infantry Regiment as telegraph operator, August 31, 1864; 1 item.
5 31 Morrow, J.M.; letter from Morrow (camp near Warwick courthouse, Virginia) to his father J.H. Morrow, September 18, 1861; 1 item. Discusses plan to attack Fort Monroe and states the 10th Regiment is near Warwick, Virginia. Morrow probably served in Company E of the 10th Georgia Infantry Regiment (Clayton Sharpshooters)
5 32 Mosby's Battalion; order from W.C. Frankland (Mosby's Battalion) to present claims, July 27, 1864 (photocopy); petition of James C. Janney (Hillsboro, Virginia) to Colonel John S. Mosby asking that impressed property be restored, April 9 1864 (photocopy); order (Loudoun County, Virginia) to Nathan Neer, Edwin H. Potts, and James H. Clendening to evaluate property impressed by Mosby's Battalion, signed by S.H. Price, oath of same men to be truthful in evaluation, and evaluation of impressed property (photocopy), May 18, 1864; oath of allegiance to the United State of B.L. Owens (Richmond County, Virginia), June 5, 1865 (photocopy); and pass and oath of Confederate Allegiance for "Miss Elliot" of Baltimore, Maryland, January 1, 1863 (photocopy); 7 items.
5 33 Moses, L. Z.; letter from Moses (Centreville, Virginia), to "Dear father, mother, brothers and sisters," regarding the battle of Dranesville, Virginia, December 21, 1861; 1 item.
5 34 Murff, R.S.; letter from Murff (camp of the 20th Mississippi Infantry Regiment, Grenada, Mississippi) to Reverend S.C. Johnson, February 25, 1865; 1 item.
5 35 Nabors, W.M.; medical certificate for furlough from Catoosa Hospital (Griffin, Georgia), August 3, 1864; 1 item. Nabors served in Company D of the 28 Alabama Infantry Regiment.
5 36 Neal, Moses; letter from Neal (Green County) to his son, M.C. Neal; July 1, 1863; 1 item
5 37 Newton, J.B.; eave of absence granted to Newton, Company D of the 5th Regiment, signed by Edward G. Bird, Springfield, September 12, 1862; 1 item.
5 38 Nichols, John B.; bond certificate for four thousand dollars issued to Nichols, signed by John W. Duncan, April 21, 1863; 1 item.
5 39 Nihoof, D.F.; letter from Nihoof (Dublin Depot) to "Friend Bob," February 18, 1865; 1 item.
5 40 Organ W.H.; small notebook containing some accounts and thoughts, circa 1862; 1 item. Organ served as Assistant Quartermaster of the 4th Battalion, Tennessee Cavalry. Also includes six receipts for various items purchased by the unit in Stanford, Kentucky.
5 41 Peacock, D.W.K.; letter from Peacock (Macon, Georgia) to G.W. Garmany (Quitman, Georgia), April 12, 1865; 1 item
5 42 Pearl, Dyer; letter from Pearl (Nashville, Tennessee) to W.B. Tinsley (Savannah, Georgia), October 24, 1861; regarding Confiscation Act of 1861; 1 item.
5 43 Pegram, W.J.; receipt signed by Pegram of the 3rd Corp., for various articles captured by Maj. Collins of McRae's Brigade, October 28, 1864; 1 item.
10 2 Pendleton, Edward, autograph book from Fort Warren, Massachusetts with signatures of Confederate prisoners, 1862; 1 item.
5 44 Peoples, J.R., discharge from Catoosa Hospital (Griffin, Georgia), September 10, 1864; 1 item. Peoples served in the 52nd Tennessee Infantry Regiment.
23 22 Pettus, John J., Governor of Mississippi, letter addressed to the Governor of Georgia, official seal affixed, November 30, 1860.
5 45 Philips, E.; letter from Philips (Goldsboro, North Carolina), to Miss Ann Bright, May 18, 1862; 1 item.
5 46 Platen, Charles G.; 22-page diary most likely written by Platen, November 11-November 22, 1863; 1 item. Platen, a Savannah, Georgia resident, was stationed at Sullivan's Island, South Carolina. The diary is illustrated with a few sketches (some in color), including a rough diagram of the harbor showing location of fortifications. Platen is listed as serving in the 1st Georgia mentions many members of the 18th Georgia Battalion. On front: "Property of Mrs. P. [Pauline] B. Platen."
5 47 Polk, Leonidas (1806-1864); letter from Polk (Ft. Pillow, Tennessee) to [Gideon J. Pillow] regarding fortification of Island No. 10 on the Mississippi River, August 17, 1861; 1 item.
5 48 Porter, Albert Quincy; 41-page diary (typed photocopy), January 20, 1864-May 30, 1865; 1 item. Porter, from Franklin County, Mississippi, was a member of Company D of the 22nd Mississippi Infantry Regiment (Rodney Guards). The diary is in two parts, the first covering the period, January 20-July 7, 1864 and the second covering the period, February 2-May 30, 1865. He was apparently a musician in the regimental band and occasionally a medical assistant as well as being a regular infantry soldier. The diary tells of his illness in hospitals in Mississippi and Alabama, of revivals among the soldiers, of his involvement in the Atlanta Campaign, and of the soldier's reactions and official statements on the occasion of the Southern surrender and the assassination of Abraham Lincoln.
5 49 Post General Order No. 1; in shorthand, 1864; 1 item
23 23 Prayers, printed, 186? [2 items]
5 50 Preston, John Smith (1809-1881); letter from Preston (Columbia, South Carolina) to [unaddressed], December 1861; 1 item. Preston replies to inquiry regarding requisition for arms and accoutrements.
5 51 Price, John F. and W.F.; (1) letter (typescript) from W.F. Price (Corinth, Mississippi) to his parents, Mr. and Mrs. W.W. Price (Mifflin, Henderson County, Tennessee), April 24, 1862 and (2) letter (typescript) from John F. Price (camp near Dalton, Georgia) to his parents, Mr. and Mrs. W.W. Price, January 4, 1864; 3 items. W.F. probably served in the 12th Regiment, Tennessee Cavalry.
5 52 Pussell, Joseph C.; parole issued to Pussell in Company E of the 1st Regiment of Mississippi Light Artillery, signed by G.L. Andrews (Meridian, Mississippi), May 1865; 1 item.
5 53 Rabb, Hezekiah; letters (photocopies with typescripts), from Rabb, to his wife and family, May 24, 1862-June 26, 1864; 21 items. Rabb served in Company E of the 33rd Alabama Infantry Regiment was stationed in Florida (May 1862), Tennessee (Wartrace and Chattanooga, February-November 1863), and Georgia (December 1863-June 1864). Also includes a copy of his service record and an extract from Confederate Military History: A Library of Confederate States History telling about the involvement of the 33rd Alabama.
5 54 Ragland, H.D.; letter from Ragland (Huntersville, Virginia), to John E. Spindle (Camp Johnson, Virginia), regarding replacing a horse, February 28, 1862; 1 item. Ragland served as Wagonmaster to the 44th Virginia Infantry Regiment and Spindle was the Quartermaster.
5 55 Raintree, J.M.; letter from Raintree (Portsmouth, Virginia) to "Dear Thom," June 14, 1861; 1 item
5 56 Randall, James Ryder (1839-1908); letters and clipping; 3 items. Letter from Randall (Wilmington, North Carolina) to General M.C.M. Hammond, with attached letter from Whit T. Taliaferro to General Hammond both relating to procurement of whiskey, September 16, 1863. Letter from Randall (Baltimore, Maryland) to Charles Randall [Augusta, Georgia?], regarding business prospects, September 22, 1865. Also includes newspaper clipping of two poems by J.R. Randall.
5 57 Rector, Henry Massey; document certifying the appointment of Robert W. Johnson and Charles B. Mitchel as Confederate States senators, signed by Rector (Little Rock, Arkansas), November 9, 1861; 1 item. Reynolds, John C.; letter from Reynold (C.S. Engineers Office, Macon, Georgia) to John W. Glenn, January 21, 1865; 1 item.
5 58 Reid, Anna; letter from Reid (Seaside, South Carolina?), to "My dear friends," writer appears to be the governess of the children of Preston Brooks, November 9, 1861; 1 item.
5 59 Reynolds, Isaac Vermillion; letters (typescripts) from Reynolds to his wife, July 20-August 9, 1863; 3 items. (1) July 20, 1863 from Page County, Virginia and (2) July 30, 1863 and August 9, 1863 from Rockingham County, Virginia. The last of these letters gives a detailed account of movements from June 15 to July 7, 1863, before, during and after the Battle of Gettysburg. Reynolds served in Company A of the 16th Virginia Cavalry Regiment.
5 60 Reynolds, J.C.; letter from Reynolds (C.S. Engineers Office, Macon, Georgia), to John H. Glenn (Macon, Georgia), January 21, 1865; 1 item.
5 61 Reynolds, Robert D.; letter from Reynolds (Montgomery and Mobile Railroad) to "Dear Cousin," August 21, 1863; and letter from Reynolds (Pickett Camp near Pensacola, Florida) to "Dear Cousin," September 12, 1863; 2 items. Reynolds served in Company F of the 15th Alabama Cavalry.
5 62 Richards, Rodolphe R.; letters from brothers Rodolphe R. Richards, James H. Richards, and Henry Richards to their family (Savannah, Georgia), 1861-1864; 19 items. Most of the letters were written from Fort Screven, Green Island, Georgia (1861-1862), Fort Johnson, James Island (1863), and Fair Ground Hospital, Atlanta, Georgia (1864).
10 1 Riddick, Elbert; photocopies of letters from Elbert Riddick to his wife Lavina Riddick (Gatesville, North Carolina), 1861-1863. Most of the letters were written from northern Virginia. Riddick served in Company C of the 19th North Carolina Infantry Regiment.
5 63 Rivers, J.; autograph album kept by Maj. Rivers while a prisoner-of-war at Fort Warren (Boston, Massachusetts), 1862; 1 item. There are autographs of 132 other prisoners, military and political. Rivers served in the 49th Georgia Infantry Regiment.
6 1 Roach, James L.; letter from Roach (High Shoals, Georgia) to "Dear Doctor," September 3, 1864; 1 item
6 2 Rogers, J.P.; letters from Rogers to his family (in North Bend, Alabama), September 10, 1862-March 2, 1864; 4 items. He writes from Bridgeport, Alabama (September 1862), Albany, Kentucky (October 1862), Rhea County (October 1862) and Camp Lookout Bridge, Tennessee (March 1863) and Tunnel Hill, Georgia (March 1864).
6 3 Rogers, John; letters from Rogers (in Virginia) to his family, 1861-1864; 9 items. Rogers served in Company E of the 12th Alabama Infantry Regiment.
6 4 Rowe, J.A.; letter from Rowe (Camp Kinston, North Carolina) to "Nancy Ann," June 29, 1863 (includes typescript); and letter from Rowe (Camp James Island) to "Nancy Ann," September 11, 1863; 2 items
6 5 Rudasil, H.F.; letter from Rudasil [near Richmond] to "Dear brother," June 17, 1862; 1 item. Rudasil may have served in the 4th North Carolina Infantry Regiment.
6 6 Ruggles, Daniel (1810-1897); letters, 1861-1863; 1875; 20 items. Letters concerning the movement of enemy troops and the reports of field officers to Ruggles from May 27, 1861 to August 26, 1863, mostly addressed to his headquarters at Columbus, Mississippi. Also includes one letter written by Ruggles (Laredo, Webb County, Texas) to the son of one of his friends advising him as to his future and telling him of his own war experiences and his subsequent life, August 26, 1875.
6 7 Rush, John Wesley (1833-1903); letters (photocopies and typescripts) from Rush (Camp Chase, Columbus, Ohio) as a prisoner of war to his family; 2 items. Wesley, a Methodist minister and editor of the Alabama Christian Advocate served in the Confederate Army in an Alabama regiment, possibly as a chaplain.
6 8 Russell, J.P.; letter from Russell (camp near Canton) to "Miss Fannie," November 4, 1863; 1 item
6 9 Russell, Joseph C.; parole issued to Russell at Vicksburg, Mississippi, July 8, 1863; 1 item. Russell had been captured on July 4, 1863 at Vicksburg.
23 24 The Sabre Exercise, instruction card, circa 1861
6 10 Sanders, James M. (d. 1862); letter (typescript) from Sanders [near Malvern Hill, Virginia] to his father, August 10, 1862; 1 item. Sanders served in Company C. of the 16th Georgia Infantry Regiment. Sanders died at Sharpsburg, Maryland in the Battle of Antietam on September 17, 1862.
6 11 Sandlin, Alfred W.; letters from Sandlin mainly to his wife, Lucinda Sandlin (Mooreville, Mississippi), October 1861-February 1865; 9 items. Sandlin wrote from Christian County, Kentucky (October 1861), Okolona, Mississippi (June 1862), as a prisoner of war at Johnson's Island, Ohio (April 1864-February 1865). Sandlin served in the 1st Mississippi Infantry Regiment and was captured at Port Hudson, Louisiana on July 7, 1863. There is also a letter to Lucinda Sandlin from her brother James A. McDonald (Blackwell, Virginia) who served in the 2nd Mississippi Infantry Regiment, March 15, 1863.
6 12 Satterfield, John H.; Surgeon's Certificate of Exemption (from military service) for Satterfield, June 14, 1864; letter from A.H. Rane (Chicago, Illinois) to Reubin Satterfield (Cartersville, Georgia) regarding John Satterfield's location, October 29, 1865; bill of lading, April 10, 1867; two additional notes; 5 items.
6 13 Scarborough, R.P.; letters from Scarbrough to his cousin Miss Araminta Williams, November 1861-January 1865; 6 items. He wrote from Manassas, Virginia (November and December 1861, Mount Gilead, North Carolina (April 1864), Petersburg, Virginia (July 1864-January 1865). One letter is from S.E. Scarborough in Mount Gilead, North Carolina (April 1864).
6 14 Schneidan, Gustavus A.; four military passes issued to Schneidan from the Provost Marshal's Office, Charleston, South Carolina, April 16, 1863-April 11, 1864, one issued from Provost Marshal's Office, New Orleans, Louisiana, April 13, 1865; oath from the United State of America, Department of the Gulf, attesting allegiance to the Governor of Sweden and Norway, November 17, 1864; 6 items
6 16 Seckingar, W.R.; prison release order for Seckingar resident of Effingham, Georgia with an oath of allegiance to the United States signed as a condition of release, signed by W.R. Richardson, Camp Chase, Ohio, June 11, 1865; 1 item.
6 17 Seddon, James A. (1815-1880); letter, 1862; 1 item. Letter from Secretary of War Seddon (Richmond, Virginia) to William H. Hidell (Richmond, Virginia), stating that the compliant Hidell had registered as to the appointment of officers would be investigated, December 30, 1862.
6 18 Sharp, J.M.; letters from Sharp to his wife, Eliza Sharp, July 16, 1864-January 24, 1865, from Covington, Georgia (July-August 1864), Augusta, Georgia (August-September 1864) and Meridian, Mississippi (January 1865); 5 items.
6 19 Sharpe, Thomas Alphonso (1799-1862); diary (typescript) written by Sharpe from March-November 1864 while a prisoner of war at Camp Chase, Ohio. The diary (35 typed pages) was kept while Sharpe was a prisoner at Camp Chase, Ohio and until his return to Demopolis, Alabama after his release. The diary contains accounts of weather, purchases, money lent, list of conditions and experiences in the prison camp. Also includes a petition from several prisoners to Colonel W.P. Richarson asking for better rations, October 14, 1864.
6 20 Shirers, Arthur; Statement of indebtedness made by Shirers & Co. (Sparta, Georgia), to the Clerk of the Confederate Superior Court (Savannah, Georgia), May 6, 1862; 1 item
6 21 Shuler family; letters from S.M. (Spartan McCain) Shuler, Harrison A. Shuler, and Alfred Shuler to their families, 1861-1865; 22 items. S.M. Shuler, who served in Company G of the 6th South Carolina Infantry Regiment, wrote (four letters) from Germantown, Virginia (August 1861), Charlottesville, Virginia (September-October 1861), and Yorktown, Virginia (April 1862). Harrison A. Shuler, who served in Company D of the 3rd South Carolina Battalion, wrote (five letters) from Petersburg and Richmond, Virginia (July-August 1861) and Maryland (September 1861) Alfred Shuler, who served in Company D of the 18th South Carolina Infantry Regiment, wrote (seven letters) from Camp Desassure, Summerville, South Carolina (July 1863-January 1865). Also includes one letter from Jeremiah Carroll, who served in Company F of the 6th South Carolina Infantry Regiment, wrote (5 letters) from Richmond and Fredericksburg, Virginia (May-December 1862) to Mr. Shuler.
6 22 Simmons, W.C.; letter from Simmons (Yorktown, Virginia) to Lemuel Dudley (Madison County, Georgia), February 12, 1862; 1 item.
6 23 Simpson, William D.; letter from Simpson (Richmond, Virginia), to his wife, February 17, 1865; 1 item.
MF1 6 Simms, Jere H., "Last night and last day of John Morgan's raid," circa 1913; pamphlet titled "Last night and last day of John Morgan's raid," Chronicled by J.H. Simms, of East Liverpool Morning Tribune," East Liverpool, Ohio, 40 pages, illustrated.
6 24 Slappey, George H. (1812-1886); photographs (copies) of Slappey, who served in Joe Brown's Guard during the Atlanta Campaign and of his wife, Nancy Ball Slappey (1814-1888) and letter (photocopy and typescript) from T.Sumpter Belvin (prisoner of war at Fort Delaware) who served in Company A of the 11th Georgia Infantry Regiment, to his father, March 1, 1864.
6 25 Slaughter, J.H.; letter from Slaughter (Big Spring Virginia) to "Dear Brother," September 4, 1861; 1 item.
6 26 Smart, Rees P.; letter from Smart (Headquarters, Walker's Tent, Metairie Race Course, New Orleans, Louisiana) to his sister, Miss Jane Smart, May 8, 1861; 1 item. The Smart family lived in northern Louisiana. On stationary with Confederate States of America flag (with eight stars) printed by Lathrop of New Orleans.
6 27 Smith, B.F.; certification of pay for Smith from Chimborazo Hospital (Richmond, Virginia), November 12, 1862; 1 item.
6 28 Smith, John; letter from Smith (Crossville, Dawson County, Georgia), to Mr. C. Hines, December 6, 1863; 1 item.
6 29 Smith, Thomas; furlough granted to Smith to go to Savannah, Georgia for three days; signed by Capt. W.H. Wittberger, Camp Walton, January 21, 1864; 1 item. Smith served in Company A of the 5th Regiment, Georgia Cavalry.
6 30 Smith, W.L.; signature on cut endorsement; 1 item.
6 31 South Carolina Convention, 1860-1862; certified copy of the ordinance of secession, Charleston, December 20, 1860; 1 item.
OP28 1 South Carolina Convention, Roll of Members, December 17, 1860
23 27 South Carolina Convention, Roll of Members, December 1860-1861
23 28 South Carolina Declaration of Independence, commemorative cards, December 20, 1860
6 32 South Carolina Infantry Regiment, 7th; unidentified Confederate soldier, diary; 1 item. He apparently was a farmer in civilian life, married to a woman named Ann, he took part in the First Battle of Bull Run. His entries are short and consist mostly of the weather and a verse of scripture for each day, for part of 1861.
OP34 2 South Carolina state documents relating to the establishment of the Confederate States of America, 1861
23 29 South Carolina State Hospital, Lunatic Asylum, Resolution to increase rates, signed by W.H. Smith, Secretary to the Board, March 1, 1863.
MF1 2 Sparks, Ovid G.; papers, 1848-1899; materials consist of the following eight items: (1) "Lizzie" (Augusta, Georgia) to Miss Josephine V. Breazeal (Macon, Georgia); February 24, 1848, ALS, 3p.; (2) A marriage contract between Ovid G. Sparks, Josephine V. Breazeal and John T. Hardeman, Jr., trustee, providing for Josephine's property (slaves) 2 p.; (3) Petition of The Mayor (Ovid G. Sparks) and Council of Macon, Georgia to Hon. James A. Seddon, Secretary of War, Richmond, Virginia, February 14, 1863, ADS, 3 p. Signed by Sparks and six aldermen. The petition seeks to have members of the fire and police department exempted from military duty in order to protect the people of Macon and the vast stores, resources and industrial facilities essential to the Confederate War effort; (4) "Cleone" (Laurens County, South Carolina?) to Miss Hattie J. Sparks (Macon, Georgia); October 15, 1876, ALS, 5 p.; (5) Richard H. Clark (Atlanta) to Hon. O.G. Sparks, June 22, 1894, 1 ALS, 3 p.; (6) Richard H. Clark (Atlanta) to Hon. O.G. Sparks, March 31, 1895, 1 ALS, 2 p.; (7) "Roll of Sparks Guards at Camp Fairfield, Richmond, Virginia;" and (8) Biographical information about Henry Breazeal, 1 p. in pencil.
6 33 Statham, Ida; letter from Statham (no place) to "Mrs. Conyers," no date; 1 item
6 34 Stevenson, V.K.; two bond certificates for ten thousand dollars each, issued to Stevenson (Atlanta, Georgia), February, 19, 1861, signed by John Duncan; 1 item.
6 35 Stiles, Joseph Clay; letter from Stiles (Richmond, Virginia) to "My dear Sarah," [month unknown] 20, 1862; regarding religious conversion of troop; 1 item.
6 36 Stoker, M.B.; medical certificate stating that Stoker (from Chambers County, Alabama) is unfit for duty, January 28, 1864; 1 item.
6 37 Stribling, W.F.; two letters to Dr. Stribling: (1) letter from Frances S. Scott (Fredericksburg, Virginia) inquiring about the health of her son Hugh, March 26, [no year]; (2) letter from D. Pennybacker is a statement to be presented to the Board of Directors of Central Lunatic Asylum, Staunton, Virginia on the property of an inmate, Mrs. Nancy Lincoln, January 31, 1865; 2 items.
6 38 Strong, J.B.; letter from Strong (Chattanooga, Tennessee) to "Dear cousin", July 13, 1862; 1 item. Strong served in the 55th Georgia Infantry Regiment.
6 39 Sullivan, George Washington; letter from Sullivan (Columbia, South Carolina) to his wife, November 30, 1862; 1 item.
6 40 Swann, Henry C.; letter (typescript) from Swann (Manassas Junction) to "Miss Lid," January 1, 1862; 1 item. Swann was a Confederate soldier, probably from Alabama.
6 41 Tattnall County, Georgia citizens; resolution forming the "Minute Men" association, 1860; 1 item. Signed by 26 men.
6 42 Tattnall, Josiah; two endorsements on requisitions signed by Tattnall (C.S. Marine Barracks, Savannah, Georgia), December 10, 1864; and receipt signed by Tattnall for the steamer Savannah and its arms, ammunition and accoutrements, (Savannah, Georgia), May 14, 1861; 3 items.
6 43 Taylor, B.T.; letter from Taylor (Camp Troup Artillery) to "Dear Sister," October 20, 1864; 1 item
6 44 Taylor, G.W.; documents (photocopies) stating that Taylor has a substitute for military service, July 13, 1863 and copy of doctor's report stating G.W. Taylor's unfitness for military service, April 1, 1864; 5 items. Filed with these are several miscellaneous items.
6 45 Taylor, J.W.; letter from Taylor (Camp Milton, Florida), to Miss Lucy J. Evans, mentions fight at Ocean Pond [Olustee], March 28, 1864; 1 item.
6 46 Taylor, Richard D.B.; certification (Camp near Fredericksburg, Virginia) that Taylor furnished John M. Cope as a substitute (and paid $3000.00), April 18, 1863; honorable discharge due to disability, October 23 1863; and seven receipts; and list of sale of property in Clarke County, Georgia of Taylor, deceased, October 5, 1864; 10 items. Taylor served in the 24th Georgia Infantry Regiment.
6 47 Taylor, Thomas; letters (typescripts) from Taylor (Dalton, Georgia and Nashville, Tennessee) to his sister, May-December 1864; 2 items.
6 48 Taylor, W.H.; document signed by Taylor, extract from Special Order No. 280 to Captain, Company E of the 28th Georgia Infantry Regiment; Headquarters, Department of Northern Virginia, December 27, 1862; and document signed by Taylor, extract Special Order No. 93, to Captain, Company E; Headquarters Department of Northern Virginia, April 3, 1863; 2 items.
6 49 Telfair County; affidavits of Martha Brickell McEachin, widow of Edward Jordan McEachin, Company H of the 20th Georgia Infantry Regiment, 1863; affidavit of Mary Ann McEachin, widow of John Thomas McEachin, Company H of the 20th Georgia Infantry Regiment, 1863; petition of Green H. Brewer, June 22, 1864; and petition of Green H. Brewer, November 4, 1864; 4 items
6 50 Tennessee Infantry Regiment, 23rd; abstract of provisions made from September 1861-May 8, 1862 to men in hospital, August 14, 1862; 1 item.
OP34 3 Texas state documents relating to the establishment of the Confederate States of America, 1861
6 51 Thomson, M.S.; promissory note signed by Thomson mayor of the City of Macon, Georgia to pay $200.00 to M. Landaner and Brothers for aid in clothing the volunteers, July 16, 1861; 1 item.
6 52 Thornton, Samuel S.; letter from Thornton (Camp Buckner, Talladega, Alabama) to "Miss Eliza J. Burnett," June 8, 1864; and letter from Thornton (Camp Buckner, Talladega, Alabama) to "Dear cousin," July 10, 1864; 2 items
6 53 Thornton-Speir family; letters, 1862-1864; 19 items. Two letters from Hiram H. Thornton, who served in Company C of the 53rd Georgia Infantry Regiment, Richmond, Virginia (July-August 1862). Letter from Felix B. Thornton, who also served in the same company, from Williamsburg, Virginia (July, no year). Two letters from John T. Spier, same company, from Fredericksburg, Virginia (February-March 1863). Also includes three letters from civilian James H. Spears (Polk County, Georgia) to his sister, Mrs. Hiram H. Thornton from May-September 1864; several unidentified letters, and some tax receipts.
6 54 Thrasher, A.M.; letter (photocopy and typescript) from Thrasher (Petersburg, Virginia) to John Stovall, August 22, 1864; 1 item. Letter tells of death of Mr. Stovall's son, Robert G. Stovall. Stovall and Thrasher served in Company D of the 3rd Georgia Infantry Regiment.
6 55 Tillinghast family; letters to Cornelia E. Tillinghast (Gillisonville, South Carolina) from her brothers Edwin L. Tillinghast, Robert G. Tillinghast, and Thomas F. Tillinghast, who all served in the 3rd South Carolina Cavalry, 1861-1866; 15 items. Ten letters from Edwin L. Tillinghast, a physician, from various places in Virginia (August 1861-September 1866); one letter from Thomas F. Tillinghast from Camp Jackson (April 1864); and one letter from Robert G. Tillinghast from Camp Morgan, Grahamsville, South Carolina (March 1863).
MF1 3 Traynham, W.T., letter, 1864; letter from W. T. Traynham (Camp, Florence, Alabama) Company F of the 3rd Regiment Engineering Troops, to his wife M.A. Traynham (McDonough, Georgia); November 13, 1864; 1 item. Traynham discusses his concern over the health of his wife and family, and the education of his children. He then gives a day by day account of his activities from October 31 through November 12, during which time his regiment assisted troops in crossing the Tennessee River on "Pontoon boats."
MF1 8 Traweek, Ira, letters, 1861-1865; 17 letters of Ira Traweek of Greenville, Alabama, a member of the Jeff Davis Battery of the Alabama Artillery serving with the 2nd Corps of the Army of Northern Virginia. Sixteen of the letters are written to Traweek's sister, Mrs. M.D. Loomis of Summerfield, Alabama, and one to his nephew, Tom Loomis. Traweek writes about camp life, the various movements of his battery, the battles of Fair Oaks (letter of June 5, 1862) and Chancellorsville (letter of May 19, 1863), substitutions in the Confederate army (letters of January 7, February 1, and May 19, 1863). Traweek was captured by Union troops at Fisher's Hill, Virginia, on October 19, 1864, and spent the remaining months of the war in the Federal prison at Point Lookout, Maryland.
6 56 Tucker, John Randolph; letter from Tucker (Richmond, Virginia) to H.A. Crane, October 8, 1862; regarding his brother Alfred Tucker's death; 1 item.
6 57 Tunno, M.R.; letters and notes written to Tunno, ordinance officer, concerning matters of supplies and ordinance procedure such as purchase and payment for supplies, shipment of supplies, and accounts in Savannah, Georgia, Columbus, Mississippi, Charleston, South Carolina, and Fayetteville, North Carolina from April 27, 1861-March 11, 1865 and warrant of pardon and oath of allegiance to the United States of W.M. Tunno, Washington, D. C., December 9, 1865; 17 items.
6 58 Twiggs, D.E.; pass (photocopy) signed by Twiggs and issued to George W. Ford (New Orleans, Louisiana), August 1, 1861; 1 item.
6 59 Tyler, John, Jr.; letter from Tyler (near Ellison's Mills, Hanover County, Virginia) to [?] Roane, detailed report regarding the Battle of Cold Harbor, June 4, 1864; 1 item.
6 60 Unknown civilian (initials A.E.D.); letter signed "your loving Sister, A.E.D." (Solitude, Georgia) to "My ever dear Brother," describing the horror of the Atlanta Campaign and the destruction that took place, especially in Decatur, December 6, 1864; 1 item.
6 61 Unknown civilian (initials L.E.C.); (1) letter from civilian to "My dear Aunt Amanda," undated and (2) letter to "My Dear Cousin Charlie," undated; 2 items.
6 62 Unknown civilian-Charlotte, North Carolina; letter from civilian to "Dear Auntie," August 19, 1864; 1 item.
6 63 Unknown soldier [illegible]
6 64 Unknown soldier-Atlanta Campaign; 1-page narrative written by a soldier regarding his experiences during the Atlanta Campaign, June 4-30, 1864; 1 item.
6 65 Unknown soldier-Atlanta, Georgia; letter from soldier to "Dear Wife," July 2, 1861; 1 item.
6 66 Unknown soldier-[Catlettesburg, Kentucky]; letter from soldier to "Dear Friend," February 29, [no year]; 1 item.
6 67 Unknown soldier-Charleston, South Carolina; letter from soldier to "Dear Elliot," August 26, 1862; 1 item.
6 68 Unknown soldier-[Chattanooga, Tennessee]; letter from soldier (camp at Grayhams on the river), to "Dear Cosin," August 17, 1862; 1 item.
6 69 Unknown soldier-Fort Pulaski, Georgia; letter [fragment] from soldier (Ft. Pulaski, Georgia), to "My dear sister," offering humorous description of their camp, January 12, 1860; 1 item.
6 70 Unknown soldier-Fredericksburg, Virginia; letter (fragment) from soldier to "Dear Mother," May 16, 1982, 1 item.
6 71 Unknown soldier-Grenada, Mississippi; letter from soldier to "Dear Mother," December 14, 1862; 1 item.
6 72 Unknown soldier-Harrisonburg, Virginia; letter from soldier to "Dear Brother," July 8th, 1861, 1 item.
6 73 Unknown soldier-Huguenot Springs, Virginia; letter [fragment] from soldier to "Dear mother," August 13, 1863; 1 item.
6 74 Unknown soldier-Lynchburg, Virginia; letter from soldier (Lynchburg, Virginia), to his wife and children, June 14, 1862; 1 item.
6 75 Unknown soldier-Lynchburg, Virginia; letter from soldier [Lynchburg, Virginia], to his mother and sister, September 4, 1862; 1 item.
6 76 Unknown soldier-Richmond, Virginia; letter from soldier to "Dear Brother," August 17, 1862; 1 item. Soldier probably served in the Company E of the 12th Alabama Infantry Regiment (DeKalb Invincibles).
6 77 Unknown soldier-Shelbyville, Kentucky; letter [fragment] from soldier (camps at Shelbyville) to "Dear Cossin," January 18, 1863; 1 item.
6 78 Unknown soldier-Skinker's Neck, Virginia; letter from soldier to "Dear Brother," March 1, 1862; 1 item.
6 79 Unknown soldier-[to family in Warrior-Creek Stand, Alabama]; letter [fragment] to unknown, undated; 1 item.
7 1 Vaiden, Joseph C.; appointment (photocopy) of Dr. Vaiden as assistant surgeon, April 4, 1863, signed by James A. Seddon, Secretary of War; 1 item.
7 2 Varner, B.R.; letter from Varner (Cedar Grove) to "Sarah," August 8, 1862; 1 item
7 3 Vaughn, John C.; signature on cut endorsement; circular letter from Vaughn "To the people of the 7th Senatorial District," Sweet Water, Monroe County, Tennessee, regarding slavery, January 29, 1861; 2 items.
7 4 Virginia Infantry Regiment, 23rd; names of registered voters in the 23rd Regiment stationed at Hamilton's Crossing and the results of election for a member of the House of Representatives of the Confederate States of America for the 4th Congressional District, May 28, 1863; 1 item.
OP4 - Virginia Infantry Regiment, 31st, Company A; October 31-December 31, 1863; 1 item.
OP4 - Virginia Infantry Regiment, 31st, Company D; October 31-December 31, 1862; 1 item.
OP4 - Virginia Infantry Regiment, 31st, Company D; February 28-April 30, 1863; 1 item.
OP4 - Virginia Infantry Regiment, 44th, Company K; April 30-June 30, 1863; 1 item.
7 5 Virginia Infantry Regiment, 44th; requisition for 100 pounds of nails for the 44th Regiment, Camp Scott, December 31, 1861; 1 item.
7 6 Wade, [unknown first name]; request for leave of absence made by Pvt. Wade, A Troop, 5th Georgia Cavalry, Camp Davant, signed by Capt. W.A. Wittburger, October 21, 1863; 1 item.
7 7 Walden, Charles Robert; diary (photocopy) of Walden (of Talladega, Alabama), September 1863-May 1864; 1 item. Walden served in the Washington Battalion of the Louisiana Artillery and mainly writes from around the vicinity of Petersburg, Virginia until his death in May 1864.
7 8 Walker, John K.; letters from Walker to his family, February-November 1863; 4 items. Walker served in Company K of the 6th North Carolina Regiment and rote mainly from various camps in Virginia.
7 9 Walker, Joseph; document signed by Walker (Charleston, South Carolina), containing an account to State of South Carolina, January 31, 1861; 1 item.
7 10 Walker, Leroy Pope; printed document signed by Walker (Montgomery, Alabama), appointing William Duncan, assistant surgeon at Fort Jackson, Georgia, May 18, 1861; 1 item.
7 11 Walker, M.W.; diary, 1861-1864; 1 item. Diary contains entries for a portion of one year dealing mainly with troop movements; there are a few miscellaneous notes. Book is largely illegible.
7 12 Ward, Joseph W. (d. 1864); letters from Ward, May 1861-December 1864; 23 items. Ward, who served in Company L of the 24th Mississippi Infantry Regiment, wrote from Marion Station, Mississippi (November 1861), Savannah, Georgia and Fernandina and Sanderson, Florida (December-January 1862), Corinth and Tupelo, Mississippi (May-July 1862), Chattanooga, Murfreesboro and Shelbyville, Tennessee (July 1862-March 1863).
7 13 Warthen, George W.; letter from Warthen (Camp 28th Georgia Infantry Regiment, Baldwin, Florida) to "Dear Sister," April 15, 1864; 1 item
7 14 Wayne, Henry Constantine (1815-1853); letters, 1860-1862; 10 items. Includes note from Wayne (Milledgeville, Georgia) to General M.C.M. Hammond, [date missing]; letter from John McIntosh Kell (Darien, Georgia) to Wayne, concerning his commission in the Navy of the State of Georgia, April 6, 1861; 8 letters written between Wayne, J.N. Hudtwalcker (Prussian Consulate in Savannah), and Georgia Governor Joseph E. Brown in March 1862, concerning the drafting of men under the protection of the Prussian consulate in Savannah.
7 15 Weaver, Benjamin Putnam (1831-1864); letters (typescripts) from Weaver, five to his wife, Jenny; two to his wife's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Maguire (Rock Bridge, Gwinnett County, Georgia); and two to Capt. Thomas Maguire, his father-in-law, April 1862-November 1864; 14 items. Weaver, who served in Company B of the 42nd Georgia Infantry Regiment, wrote from Tennessee (April-December 1862), near Atlanta (May-August 1864) and Florence, Alabama (November 1864). Also includes a brief regimental history of 42nd Georgia Infantry Regiment, typescript of pages from a Weaver family bible, and two related newspaper clippings.
7 16 Weeks, A.B.; letter from Weeks (Enterprise, Mississippi), to his wife and children, October 26, 1863; 1 item. Weeks served in Captain Samuel G. Bain's Vaiden (Mississippi) Light Artillery.
7 17 Welborn, William Wesley; letters (typescripts) from Welborn to his wife, Zilpha and others, July 1863-May 1864; 35 items. Welborn, who served in Company F of the 1st South Carolina Infantry Regiment, wrote from Petersburg, Virginia (August-September 1863); Chattanooga, Morristown, and Bull's Gap, Tennessee (September 1863-April 1864); and Charlottesville and Gordonsville, Virginia (April 1864). He apparently was killed in the Battle of the Wilderness, May 5-6, 1864.
7 18 Wells, T.J.; letter (typescript) from Wells (camp near Rome, Georgia) to his wife, October 4, 1863; 1 item. Fears Rosencrantz will be reinforced and Bragg can receive but little.
7 19 Werner, V. & Co. [Firm: Macon, Georgia]; proposal for sale of the Dixie Works to the Confederate States government, no date; 1 item.
7 20 Wheeler, Dan, Jr., letter from Wheeler (camp near New Market, Virginia) to "Dear Willie," November 15, 1864; 1 item.
7 21 Whelan, Peter; letter from Whelen (Augusta, Georgia) to Mr. and Mrs. Capt. Black, August 11, 1866; 1 item
7 22 Whitehead, William R.; account for services rendered by Whitehead, surgeon of the 44th Virginia Infantry Regiment, March 4, 1862; 1 item.
7 23 Whiting, William Henry Chase (1824-1865); note, 1864; 1 item. Note from Brigadier General Whiting (Wilmington North Carolina), to the superintendent of the Wilmington & Western Railroad to delay the departure of the Paris battery until the infantry could go with it, December 9, 1864. The enemy had been reported as moving on the railroad from New Bern and Shepardsville.
7 24 Wiley, Thomas J.; papers; 3 items. Wiley was a private in the 42nd Georgia Infantry Regiment from Newton County, Georgia. The papers consist of a furlough written by Capt. Thomas J. Mercer, April 11, 1862; a letter from Wiley to his mother telling her of the conditions at Vicksburg, Mississippi, March 19, 1863; and a letter from J. M. Bryan to Wiley's wife telling her of her husband's death, May 6, 1863.
7 25 Wilkes, John K.; letter from Wilkes (Camp Fisher near Dumphreys, Virginia), to "Dear father," describes battle fought and causalities incurred, February 15, 1862; 1 item.
7 26 Wilkes, W.C.; photocopy of letter from Wilkes (Forsyth, Georgia) to E. Steadman, regarding the Monroe Female University, November 7, 1863; 1 item.
7 27 Wilkinson, F.M.; letter from Wilkinson (camp near Columbus, Georgia) to "Dear Father," February 22, 1864; letter from Wilkinson (camp on White Marsh Island) to his father, C.R. Wilkinson, April 4, 1864; and letter from Wilkinson (Camp Pemberton near Savannah, Georgia) to "Dear Father," April 14, 1864; 3 items.
7 28 Willcox, Caroline M.; letter from Willcox (Jacksonville), to "Dear Lind," November 26, 1861; 1 item.
7 29 Willcox, J.C.; letter (and copy of letter) from Willcox (Madison, Florida) to J.J. Daniel (Commander of Conscripts for the State of Florida), November 15, 1864; and leave of absence to Willcox, signed by W.G. Poole (Tallahassee, Florida), March 15, 1865; 3 items. Willcox commanded Company B of Munnerlyns Battalion.
7 30 William [unknown last name]; letter from William (Camp near Dalton, Georgia), to his sister, January 25, 1864; 1 item.
7 31 Williams, J.J.; letter from Williams (Bonneau's Depot, South Carolina), to unidentified general, November 1, 1864; 1 item. He asks that payment for the provisions be sent as soon as possible so that he could buy corn for the poor of his district.
7 32 Williams, Lewis B.; tax receipt signed by Williams and issued to William A. Jennings of Orange County, Virginia, October 29, 1863; 1 item.
7 33 Williams, Matthew J.; diary of Williams, a resident of Marietta, Georgia, recounting daily life in an area occupied by federal troops, August 2-September 27, 1864; 1 item.
7 34 Williamson, J.W.; letter from William (in line of battle near Atlanta) to "Miss Armittie Williams," August 1, 1864; 1 item
7 35 Wills, Josiah; tax receipt issued to Wills by the City of Norfolk, Virginia, November 20, 1861 for taxes on real estate, two slaves, and a horse; 1 item.
7 36 Wilson, W.W.; letters from Wilson to various, June 1861-June 1866; 9 items. Wilson, a surgeon, served in the 35th Georgia Infantry Regiment. Includes orders to report to duty from Colonel William Phillips (June 1861) and Chief Surgeon H.V. Miller (July 1862); discharge certificate for W.H. Wilson (no date); and request for an additional medical certificate from J.C. Mingledorff (no date).
7 37 Winder, John Henry (1800-1865); letter (photocopy), 1864; 1 item. Letter from Brigadier General Winder (Andersonville, Georgia) to Dr. A. Reedy [?], (Americus, Georgia), stating that the camp "is one of the healthiest locations in this part of the Confederacy," October 5, 1864.
7 38 Withers, John; extract from Special Orders No. 69 to Thomas W. Thomas, Richmond, March 26, 1862; extract from Special Orders No. 2 to J.M. Hawkins, Richmond, January 3, 1861 [1862]; and Special Orders No. 259, Adjutant and Adjutant General's Office to president of the Union Manufacturing Company, October 31, 1864, all signed by Withers; 3 items.
7 39 Wofford, William T. (1824-1884); letter (photocopy), 1862; 1 item. Letter from Wofford (Manassas, Georgia) to John Hardin, inquiring about his health after having been wounded in battle.
7 40 Woods, W.S.; certificate recommending extension of furlough, July 6, 1864, signed by Robert Battey; 1 item. Woods served in Company G of the 28th Tennessee Infantry Regiment.
7 41 Woody, Green B.; letters from Woody to his family, October 1862-May 1863; 5 items. Woody, who served in Company C of the 58th North Carolina Infantry Regiment, wrote from Clinton, Mississippi (May ?) and Mitchell County, North Carolina (February 1863). Also includes May 3, 1863 letter from George Robinson to G.B. Woody and an October 3, 1862 letter from R.T. Chambers to his mother.
7 42 Workman, Will; letters from Workman to "Dear Miss Jane," August-October 1864; 2 items. Workman, who served in Company K of the 7th South Carolina Cavalry, wrote from Red Oak Camp, Lynches Creek (August 1864) and Richmond, Virginia (October 1864).
7 43 Worthen, Appie; letter from Worthen (Barnesville, Georgia), to his uncle, January 4, 1864; 1 item.
7 44 Wright, Ambrose Ranson; report from Wright (Headquarters, Wright's Division, Adams Run, South Carolina) of his operations in the defense of Savannah, Georgia to T.B. Roy, January 20, 1865; 1 item.
7 45 Wright, M.H.; letter from Wright (Arsenal, Atlanta, Georgia) to Joe Wheeler, regarding the requisition of rifles and the behavior of Colonel Ross, January 28, 1863; 1 item.
7 46 Wylly, Alexander W.; letter from Wylly (near Milltown), to "very dear wife and beloved children," containing his last wishes (although he did not die in the war), June 22, 1864; four receipts for the Savannah Morning News, 1861, 1864; letter from U.S. Bell (Savannah, Georgia) to Wylly, April 4, 1864; 6 items.
7 47 Yancey, William Lowndes; receipt for salary as Commissioner of the Confederate States of America, London, November 30, 1861; 1 item.