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Subseries 1.3
Confederate memorabilia, 1860-1865

Scope and Content Note

The subseries contains a variety of memorabilia relating to the Confederacy. These include Confederate uniform accessories such as belt buckles, buttons, and epaulettes; playing cards, a bible, and postage stamps.

Arrangement Note

Arranged by type of material.

Box Folder Content
11 1 King James version, Oxford University Press, 1855. Carried by Rev. Henry Lucas (later rector of Christ Church, Fort Frederica and St. Marks, Brunswick, Georgia) during service in the Confederate Army.
11 2 Belt buckle, from the Battle of New Hope Church, Georgia, C.S.
11 3 Belt buckle, Palmetto design imprinted, 2 versions
11 4 Belt buckle, from the uniform of William Henry Stiles (1834-1878), C.S.A.
11 5 Buttons, (5) from the Confederate Navy uniform of John Albert Peterson. Peterson served on the gunboat Savannah.
11 6 Buttons, Palmetto button from a Confederate uniform.
11 7 Epaulettes (2) from a Confederate uniform.
OP5 - Handkerchief printed in London during the CivilWar and sold for the benefit of the Confederacy. Decorated with portraits of Confederate leaders. Very fragile.
11 8 Socks (2) sent to G. Preston by Mrs. Robert E. Lee for his sons during the war.
Commemorative medal
11 9 Stonewall Jackson
Playing cards
11 10 Playing cards, handmade by John Hill Hewitt while he was manager of the Blackmar music store in Augusta, Georgia. 43 items
11 11 Confederate States of America, Treasury Department. Wax seal impression, Original by John Huntley Foley and executed by Joseph S. Wyon in London, 1864.
11 12 Great Seal of the Confederacy, metal replica (in case) cast for J.T. Pickett in 1874
11 13 Jefferson Davis, 10 cents, 1863 (14 items)
11 13 Jefferson Davis, 2 cents, 1863 (1 item)
12 1 Soup Bowl from the wardroom china of the CSS Alabama. An ironstone piece manufactured by E. F. Bodley & Co., Burslem, England