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Series 3
Printed material, 1860-1977

Scope and Content Note

The series consists of engravings and lithographs relating to the American Civil War (1861-1865). The engravings and lithographs include images of individual Civil War officers, geographic locations including cities and battle scenes, vessels, and contemporary illustrations from publications. The series also includes sheet music and political cartoons relating to the Civil War which illustrate a political or social message.

Arrangement Note

Arranged by subject, then in alphabetical order.

Political cartoons (by publisher)
Box Folder Content
OP9 2 Bufford, John H. "Jeff's last shift, capture of Jefferson Davis, May 10, 1865, at Irwinsville, Georgia," lithographer John H. Bufford, Bufford's Print Publishing House, Mass., 1865. Signed with initials JEB, supposed artist Joseph E. Baker. One of the variations on the popular theme of Jefferson Davis's capture by Union soldiers. In a wooded setting Davis, wearing a bonnet and dress and wielding a Bowie knife, tries unsuccessfully to flee from three armed Union soldiers. One soldier grabs Davis's arm, while the others point their weapons at him. A woman, possibly Davis's wife, raises her hands in alarm. The quotation at bottom, attributed to Mrs. Davis, reads: "The men had better not provoke the President as he might hurt some of 'em."
OP10 1 Currier & Ives. "The Folly of Secession," New York, 1861. Governor F. W. Pickens of South Carolina and President James Buchanan fight over the Union cow as Georgia milks the cow into a bucket labeled "City of Savannah." The cow is labeled "The Union. I have a good Constitution, and can stand a pretty strong pull!"
OP9 3 Currier & Ives. "Jeff Davis on His Own Platform," New York, circa 1861-1862. Jefferson Davis is draped in a Confederate flag and is about to be hanged from a gallows, the trap door of which is labeled "Secession Trap." Other Southern leaders, including Robert Toombs, P. G. T. Beauregard, Alexander Stephens, and Francis W. Pickens await their turn with nooses around their necks. Though unattributed, this print was probably issued by Currier & Ives.
OP9 4 Currier & Ives. "The Political Siamese Twins," New York, circa 1864. Generals George B. McClellan and William Pendleton are joined by "The Party Tie"
OP9 5 Currier & Ives. "Selling Out Cheap," New York, circa 1870. Charles Sumner makes a deal with the Devil. "Letter to Colorado Citizens" and "Sumner's Speech Against Grant" hang from the desk.
OP9 6 Currier & Ives. "South Carolina's Ultimatum," New York, 1861. Governor F. W. Pickens of South Carolina is standing before the "Peace Maker" cannon as he lights it while President James Buchanan looks on in alarm. The U.S. flag flies over Fort Sumter in the distance.
OP9 7 Serrell & Perkins. "According to an Act of Congress. Exhibitions at $8 per day," New York, no date
OP9 8 Strong, Thomas W. "Little Bo-Peep and Her Foolish Sheep," from a drawing by John H. Goater [?], Strong's Dime Caricatures (No. 2), New York, circa 1861. The second in a series of caricatures criticizing the secession of several Southern states from the Union during the last months of the Buchanan administration. Bo-Peep, representing the Union, tries to protect the sheep (two of which are labeled Virginia and Kansas). Seven of the sheep (representing the states that seceded) flee into a Palmetto forest full of wolves representing the European powers. An old dog "Hickory" (Andrew Jackson) lies dead in the grass while another, "Old Buck" (James Buchanan), flees toward the left.
OP9 9 Unknown. "Headquarters at Harrison's Landing, See evidence before Committee on Conduct of the War", signed by "Potomac," circa 1862. Satirical view of George B. McClellan, Union Army General, relaxing with feet up and drink in hand at Harrison's Landing after ending the Seven Days Battles by leading the army of the Potomac in stopping the Confederates at Malvern Hill.
OP9 10 H.L. Hunley (Confederate submarine). "Submarine torpedo-boat H.L. Hunley," on dock in Charleston, South Carolina, December 6, 1863, engraving from painting by C.W. (Conrad Wise) Chapman
OP9 10 Manassas (Confederate ram). "The Ram Manassas as she appeared in passing the Harriet Lane after receiving a broadside from the Mississippi," lithograph by Bowen & Co., Philadelphia, circa 1863
OP9 10 Monitor (Union ironclad). "Federal turreted Monitor cleared and submerged for action off Fort Sumter, April 7, 1863," hand colored engraving
OP9 10 Petrel (Confederate privateer). "Destruction of the Privateer Petrel by the St. Laurence," lithograph, 1862, engraving by R. Hinshelwood from a painting by Paul Manzoni, published by Virtue & Co., New York
OP13 - Ewell, Richard S. "Gen. Richard S. Ewell," engraving by Kurz & Allison Art Studio, Chicago, no date
OP14 - Grant, Ulysses S. engraving by W.E. Marshall, no date
OP9 11 Grant, Ulysses S. "The Council of War," engraving by William Sartain, no date. Ulysses S. Grant seated with William T. Sherman outside of tent.
OP15 - Hill, Ambrose P., "Gen. Ambrose P. Hill," engraving by Kurz & Allison Art Studio, Chicago, no date
OP10 2 Jackson, Thomas Jonathan [Stonewall]. "'Stonewall' Jackson, from a photograph from life," lithograph, no date
OP9 13 Jackson, Thomas Jonathan [Stonewall]. Engraving by A. Varin, published by M. Knoedler, New York, no date
OP16 - Jackson, Thomas Jonathan [Stonewall]. "Lieut. Gen. Thomas J. Jackson and His Family, engraving by William Sartain, published by Bradley & Co., Philadelphia, 1866
OP17 - Jackson, Thomas Jonathan [Stonewall]. "Genl. Stonewall Jackson at the Battle of Chancellorsville, May 4, 1863," engraving by A. L. Weise and Co., published by John Smith, Philadelphia, 1867
OP9 14 Jackson, Thomas Jonathan [Stonewall]. "Death of Stonewall Jackson," lithograph, Currier & Ives, New York, 1872
OP18 - Johnston, Joseph E. "Gen. J.E. Johnston," engraving by Kurz & Allison Art Studio, Chicago, no date
OP9 15 Johnston, Joseph E. "General Joseph E. Johnston," engraving by A.B. Walter, published by W.W. Bostwick, Cincinnati, Ohio, 1872
OP19 - Johnston, Joseph E., unknown engraver, no date
OP10 3 Lee, Robert E., "Sold by the authority of the Lee Memorial Association for the erection of a monument at the tomb of Genl. Robert E. Lee, Washington & Lee University, Lexington, Virginia," engraving by A.B. Walter, 1870
OP10 4 Lee, Robert E., unknown engraver, published by Southern Press, Baltimore, Maryland, no date
OP9 16 Lee, Robert E., unknown engraver, no date
OP9 17 Lee, Robert E., "Surrender of General Lee," lithograph, Currier & Ives, New York, 1873
OP20 - Lee, Robert E., "Lee and His Generals," lithograph, published by John Smith, Philadelphia, 1867
OP32 - Lee, Robert E. and Stonewall Jackson. "The Last Meeting," framed lithograph, by Everett B.D. Julio, engraving by Fred Halpin, St. Louis, Missouri, 1869 [Framed artwork]
OP21 - Lee, Robert E., "Lee and His Generals," color lithograph, Andrew B. Graham Co., Washington, D.C., 1907
FR1 Lee, Robert E., Stonewall Jackson, and Jefferson Davis, three-way lithographic print of portraits, Currier & Ives, New York, circa 1860s. [Framed artwork]
OP22 - Lincoln, Abraham. Color engraving, "Lincoln Family," published by John Kelly, New York, no date
OP23 - Lincoln, Abraham. Color engraving, "President Lincoln and Family Circle," published by J. Hoover, Philadelphia
OP24 - Sherman, William T., "Sherman at Savannah, Ga.," from the original picture by Lt. Col. Otto Botticher," lithograph, published by John C. Buttre, New York, 1865
OP9 18 Sumner, Charles, "Hon. Charles Sumner, The Great Senator and Statesman. The Champion of Civil and Political Equality for the Colored Race," engraving, Currier & Ives, New York, no date
OP9 19 "The Union Volunteer," colored lithograph, Currier & Ives, New York, 1861
OP9 20 Unknown soldier in camp with tents in background holding rifle with bayonet affixed, no date
Geographic locations
OP10 5 Andersonville Prison (Georgia). "Numbers 1 and 2 comprise Andersonville Prison an area of 26 acres, nearly 5 acres of which was an uninhabited swamp. In June, July and August 1864, 33,000 Union prisoners were crowded on the remaining 21 acres," circa 1864, lithograph, sketched by John Burns Walker, Company G, 141st Regiment, published by T. Sinclairs Lith., Philadelphia
OP10 6 Andersonville Prison (Georgia). "Representing the imprisonment of 33,000 Union soldiers during the months of June, July, and August, 1864," circa 1865, sketched by John Burns Walker, Company G, 141st Regiment, published by T. Sinclairs Lith., Philadelphia
OP10 7 Andersonville Prison (Georgia). "Bird's-Eye View of Andersonville Prison from the South-east", circa 1890, colored lithograph [Apparently drawn for Sparks from the Campfire by John W. Morton, Jr., but not used in it]
OP25 - Atlanta, Georgia, "Battle of Atlanta," color chromolithograph, Kurz & Allison, Chicago, 1888
OP28 1 Atlanta, Georgia, "The John Neal ante-bellum home on the southwest corner of Washington Street and Mitchell, General Sherman's Atlanta Headquarters, 1864," engraving by George Ramney, no date.
OP29 - Atlanta, Georgia, "View of the Public Square," by Nathan B Abbott (Lieutenant) and Henry C. Eno, circa 1865.
OP9 21 Charleston, South Carolina. "Plan of the Approach and Attack on Fort Sumter by the Federal Ironclad Fleet, April 1863," reproduction
OP9 21 Charleston, South Carolina. "White Point Battery, Charleston," December 24, 1863, engraving, by C.W. (Conrad Wise) Chapman
OP9 22 Columbia, South Carolina. "Camp Sorghum [prison], Columbia, S.C.," lithograph, 1865. [Part of larger lithograph showing 12 prison scenes, from sketches by Capt. Robert J. Fisher, 17th Missouri Infantry Regiment, lithograph by E. Sachese & Co., Baltimore, published by R.J. Fisher, Cincinnati, Ohio]
OP9 23 Cowan, Tennessee. "View of Military Post Cowan, Tennessee," lithograph, drawing by Sergeant N. B. Abbott, printed by Henry C. Eno, New York, circa 1864.
OP26 - Diascund Bridge, Virginia. "The Fifty-Ninth Virginia Infantry - Wise's Brigade, Diascund Bridge - May 1863," lithograph,engraving by C.W. (Conrad Wise) Chapman, no date. [2 copies]
OP9 24 Fredericksburg, Battle of. "Battle of Fredericksburg, Va. Dec 13th 1862, color lithograph, published by Currier & Ives, 1862
OP34 6 Georgia, magazine pages about Georgia during the war, circa 1861-1865
OP27 - Kennesaw Mountain, Georgia, "Battle of Kenesaw Mountain," color chromolithograph, published by Kurz & Allison, Chicago, 1891
OP10 8 Manassas, Virginia. "2nd Battle of Bull Runn, Va. August 30th, 1862," lithograph, published by Charles Manus, New York, 1863
OP9 25 Richmond, Virginia. "Libby Prison, the only picture in existence, as it appeared August 23, 1863," lithograph, by A. Moen, Richmond, Virginia, published by William A. Mountcastle, Richmond, Virginia, circa 1882
OP9 26 Richmond, Virginia. "Evacuation of Richmond Va. by the Government of the Southern Confederacy, on the Night of April 2nd, 1865," published by Currier & Ives, New York, 1865
OP10 9 Savannah, Georgia. "First Flag of Independence Raised in the South by the Citizens of Savannah, Georgia, November 8th, 1860, dedicated to the Morning News," lithograph, drawn by Henry Cleenewercke, engraved by R.H. Howell, dedicated to the Savannah Morning News, no date
OP9 27 Shiloh Campaign (April 1862). "Nelson Crossing the Tennessee River," engraving, Nelson crossing the Tennessee River at Pittsburg Landing, by [?] Hardson, no date
OP28 1 Unidentified engraving, camp site, no date
OP9 27 Vicksburg Campaign (October 1862 - July 1863). "Porter's Bombardment of Grand Gulf," engraving, drawn by T. Nast Del, engraved by J. Rogers, no date
OP9 27 Vicksburg Campaign (October 1862 - July 1863). "Running Batteries on the Von Phul," engraving, by Richardson, the steamer Von Phul running the Confederate batteries, no date
OP9 27 Wilson's Creek, Missouri. "Battle of Wilson's Creek, Charge by Gen. Lyon," engraving, by J. Rogers, expressly for Victor's History of the Rebellion [from Orville J. (Orville James) Victor, The history, civil, political and military, of the southern rebellion, circa 1861-1868?]
Illustrations from periodicals and other images
OP10 10 Atlas to accompany the official records of the Union and Confederate Armies 1861-1865. Accompanying report of O. M. Poe, Corps of Engrs. U.S. Army Series I, Vol. XXXVIII, Part I, pages 137 and 139, Plate CXXVIII, Julius Bien & Co., Lith. (New York), [1895?]. Views of Rebel Lines near Atlanta, Campaign of 1864, twelve views on one sheet
OP28 2 The Common Soldier of the CivilWar, by Bell I. Wiley, 1973, page 21, color image of "The 3d Kentucky (CSA) at mess before Corinth, Mississippi, May 11, 1862." [RESTRICTED]
OP33 - The Great Locomotive Chase by K. Cantin, 1977
OP9 28 The Illustrated London News, "The War in America, The Town and Fortifications of Savannah - From a Sketch by our Special Agent, April 9, 1863, page 432
OP9 29 Illustrierte Zeitung, published by Frank Leslie, April 13, 1861, No 192, VII, No 10, cover only. Illustration featuring A.B. Roman of Louisiana, John Forsyth, Jr. of Alabama and Martin Crawford of Georgia
OP9 30 Le Monde Illustré, "Guerre d'Am?rique - Arrière-garde du général Sherman, parti de Méridan pour se rendre à Selma," unknown volume, no date, page 261
OP10 11 Life Studies of the Great Army, by Edwin Forbes (1839-1985), circa 1876. Steel engravings of war scenes. Plates 1, 3, 5-9, 12, 16-17, 19, 25, 28, 30-36
OP9 31 "Our Generals," leaflet for sheet music, published by D. P. Faulds, Louisville, Kentucky, circa 1866. Depicts Joseph E. Johnston, A.P. Hill, William J. Hardee, Braxton Bragg, Stonewall Jackson, Sterling Price, P.G.T. Beauregard, and James Longstreet
OP28 1 The Soldier in Our CivilWar, published by Frank Leslie, 1885, page 32. "Review of the Clinch Rifles on the Parade-Ground of the United States Arsenal at August, Ga., February 1861.
OP9 32 The Soldier in Our CivilWar, published by Frank Leslie, 1893, page 94. "The Engagement at Bealington, Va., Between Ohio and Indiana Regiments and a Detachment of Georgia Troops"
OP9 32 The Soldier in Our CivilWar, published by Frank Leslie, 1893, pages 285-287. "Scene in Savannah, Ga., on the Receipt of the News of the Occupation of Tybee Island by the Federal Forces - Indiscriminate Flight of the Inhabitants," "Tybee Island, Savannah River, Ga., View of the Lighthouse and Barracks - Destruction of the Lighthouse by the Confederates, on its Evacuation," and "Fort Pulaski During the Second Day's Bombardment, Friday, April 11th, 1862"
OP10 12 Pictorial History of the War of 1861, published by Frank Leslie, illustrations relating to Savannah, Fort Pulaski, Tybee Island, Warsaw Island, Fort Volcan, Bird Island, loose pages 155-156, 223-228, 299-300, 349-356
Sheet music
OP35 1 Bellak, James, "General Pope's Grand March," 1861
OP35 2 Boker, George H., and Asa B. Hutchinson, "Close His Eyes, His Work Is Done," 1861
OP35 3 Bradbury, William B., "Marching Along," 1861
OP35 4 Mack, E., "General McClellan's Grand March," 1861
OP35 5 Morris, George P. and J. R. Thomas, "Annie of the Vale," 1861
OP35 6 Root, George F., "The Battle Cry of Freedom," 1862
OP35 7 Root, George F., "Brother Tell Me of Battle," 1864
OP35 8 Root, George F., "Just After the Battle," 1864
OP35 9 Root, George F., "Tramp! Tramp! Tramp! of the Prisoner's Hope," 1864
OP35 10 Root, George F. and H. S. W., "Vacant Chair," 1861
OP35 11 Rossitor, Ednor and B. Frankl Walters, "I Remember the Hour When Sadly We Parted," 1863
OP35 12 A Volunteer, "600,000 More," 1862
OP35 13 Wamelink, J. T., "Colonel Clark's Grand Triumphant March," undated
OP35 14 Winner, Septimus, "Maryland, My Maryland," undated
OP35 15 Work, Henry C., "Brave Boys Are They," 1861
OP35 16 Work, Henry C., "Kingdom Coming," 1862
OP35 17 Work, Henry C., "Song of a Thousand Years," 1863