Subseries 2.3b
Other prose and poetry translations, 1969-1999
Box 28

Arrangement Note

Short stories, essays, speeches, translations and other are arranged in alphabetical order. Interviews are arranged in chronological order.

Box Folder Content
28 1 "Christmas is Something Else," typescript draft, December 1969 [variant title: "This Ain't All]
28 2 "Christmas is Something Else," galley proofs, December 1969 [published in House and Garden]
28 3 "A Letter to Fred," typescript, August 21, 1989 [published in Essence; editorial correspondence included]
28 4 "A Letter to Fred," typescripts, 1989 [includes editorial correspondence from Essence]
28 5 "The Magic Mama, typescript, November 1969 [published in Redbook]
28 6 American Poetry Review, "An Interview with Lucille, Conducted by Chard deNiord, January 12, 2010," typescript, March 2010 [editorial correspondence included, among the final interviews given in Clifton's lifetime]
28 7 Black Is?, "Black Poetry," typed television transcript, December 9, 1970
28 8 Anthony Piccione and Stan Sanvel Rubin, "Brockport Writers Forum Interview with LucilleClifton," typescript, November 13, 1987 [editorial correspondence included]
28 9 Vivien Hartog, "The Psychology of Creativity: An Interview with LucilleClifton," Winter 1989 [selected poems included]
28 10 Emily Gates and Beth Carloss, "LucilleClifton," typescript circa 1990s
28 11 Betty Parry, "A Conversation with LucilleClifton," typescript, Spring 1990
28 12 Nightsun, "Interview with LucilleClifton," typescript, April 14, 1991 [editorial correspondence included]
28 13 Shirley M. Jordan, "Interview with LucilleClifton," typescript, October 27, 1991 [correspondence included]
28 14 Hilary Holladay, "LucilleClifton: an Interview by Hilary Holladay," typescript, May 1998 [editorial and interviewer correspondence included]
28 15 Charles H. Rowell, "An Interview with LucilleClifton," typescript, August 2, 1998
28 16 Susan Somers-Willet, "A Music in Language: A Conversation with LucilleClifton," January 10, 1999 [correspondence included]
28 17 Marilyn Kallet, "Doing What You Will Do: An Interview with LucilleClifton by Marilyn Kallet," typescript, February 1999 [editorial correspondence included]
28 18 Theresa Sotto, "LucilleClifton," typescript, undated
Short Stories
28 19 "The Artist Guy," manuscript and typescript draft
28 20 "Booker T.," typescript draft
28 21 "Faces of Sorrow and Love," typescript draft
28 22 "A Fantasy About Charlie and His Bird," typescript draft
28 23 "gone," typescript draft [1]
28 24 "gone," typescript draft [2]
28 25 "The Zooman's Wife," typescript draft
28 26 Poetry Reading Transcript, Frostburg State College, typescript, January 6, 1983 [correspondence included]
28 27 Untitled Remarks, San Francisco AWP Panel, manuscript, March 31-April 2 [remarks on literary and personal ancestry] [originally filed in series 5: Subject and organization files, with "Associated Writing Programs, 1988-2000"]
28 28 Untitled Remarks, Friendship Educational Center, manuscript, May 15, 1990 [Guest Speaker for "Celebrating Reading with" program; letter of invitation included]
28 29 Untitled Remarks, Southern Maryland Reading Council, manuscript, October 17, 1990 [Guest Speaker; correspondence included]
Poetry translations
28 30 Kosk-Kosicka, Danuta, translations of "heaven," "praise song," "my dream about time," "moonchild," "one year later," "blessing the boats," poems by LucilleClifton
- - Schreibman, Susan, Spanish translations of "miss rosie," i was born with twelve fingers…," "the death of thelma salyes," "[cruelty. don't talk]," "shapeshifter poems," "crazy horse names his daughter," "the message of crazy horse" [See Correspondence (Series 1): April 30, 1990]
28 31 Fragments
28 32 Proposal for future book projects, typescript, July 29, 1970
28 33 Review of Jazz Cleopatra Josephine Baker in her Time and Ragtime Tumpie, typescript, October 26, 1989
28 34 "Things Everybody Knows but Nobody Mentions," manuscript, undated
28 35 Translation of "Africa" and "Black Woman," galley proof, undated
28 36 Introduction to and Editor of Nyabngi: Again Awakened, Again Renewed: An Anthology of Contemporary Poems, typescript, undated [introduction is missing]