Subseries 7.1
Printed material by Lucille Clifton, 1956-2005
Boxes 62-63; OP 3 and OP 5

Scope and Content Note

Printed material by Clifton includes her book reviews, children's literature, essays, interviews, poems, and short stories. Book reviews of note include Clifton's review of fellow artist and friend, Alice Walker's The Color Purple. Of her printed children's stories, many are published in elementary workbooks and teacher journals, as examples of how to successfully broach issues of race and diversity in the classroom. Her poems, printed on flyers, and in journals and programs, are divided chronologically from 1956 to 2005. Finally, Clifton's interviews and short stories appear in a range of newspapers and magazines, from well-known magazines like House and Garden to collegiate publications like Washington College Magazine.

Arrangement Note

Arranged by record type, then in chronological order.

Book reviews, 1977-1988
Box Folder Content
62 1 "If I Don't Know My Last Name, What is the Meaning of My First?," Ms., February 1977 [review of Roots: The Saga of an American Family]
62 1 "'The Color Purple' tells its story in letters," The Sun, July 18, 1982
62 1 "Children of Long Ago," The New York Times Book Review, July 17, 1988
Children's literature, 1971-1982
62 2 "Goodnight," Teacher's Read-Aloud Anthology, Level 9, 1971
62 2 "The Boy Who Didn't Believe in Spring," Ms., August 1973 [photocopy, in the "Stories for Free Children" series]
62 2 "Everett Anderson's Friend," Language, 1980
62 2 "The Lucky Stone," The Reading Connection, 1982
Children's literature, 1989-1991
62 3 "13A Poem," Springboards 2, 1989
62 3 "Listen Children," Scholastic Scope, February 17, 1989
62 3 "The Magic Star and the Flying Girl," booklet by LucilleClifton and the Children in K-3 in Buffalo, New York, June 3, 1991
Essays, 1972-1990
62 4 "A Little Bit About a Lot of Black Folks," The New York Times Book Review, May 7, 1972 [jointly authored with Fred Clifton]
62 4 "We Know this Place," Essence, July 1976 [photocopy]
62 4 "We Are the Grapevine," Essence, May 1985
62 4 "A Letter to Fred," Essence, November 1989
62 4 "We Are the Grapevine, Kokayi, Winter 1989
62 4 "Graceful Passages," Essence, May 1990 [written with other women writers in celebration of how far they have come in the last twenty years]
Interviews, 1981-2005
62 5 "LucilleClifton: 9'Her Poetry Puts Her Life on Paper'," Barbara J. Selmo and Denise D'Agostino, The Trinity Tripod, March 10, 1981 [includes correspondence]
OP3 11 "Warmwisewoman: LucilleClifton reads at Washington College," Andrea Kehoe, The Collegian, April 1989
62 5 "Writer LucilleClifton: a 'Warmwisewoman,'" Andrea Kehoe, Washington College Magazine, Summer 1989
OP3 12 "'a good woman': an interview with poet LucilleClifton," Lisa Monroe, Plume Literary Supplement, 1989-1990 [includes interviewer correspondence]
62 5 "Poetic Voice: A Talk with LucilleClifton," Pamela Woodruff, Jambalaya, Winter 1993/94 [includes interviewer correspondence]
62 5 "An Interview with LucilleClifton," in "LucilleClifton, Poet: Special Selection,"Charles H. Rowell, Callaloo, 1999 [includes the poems "A Meditation, "Searching for the Ox," "Seeing the Traces," "Seeing the Ox," "Catching the Ox," "Herding the Ox," "Coming Home on the Ox's Back," "The Ox Forgotten, Leaving the Man Alone," "The Ox and the Man Both Gone Out of Sight," "Returning to the Origin, Back to the Source," "Entering the City With Bliss-Bestowing Hands," "End of Meditation," "Alabama 9/15/63," "Photograph: The Lynching," "Signs," "Study the Masters," and "The Times]
62 5 "No Ordinary Woman: An Interview with LucilleClifton," Hilary Holladay, Poetry in America, April 1999 [includes the poems "i am accused of tending to the past," "light," and "hag riding"]
62 5 "LucilleClifton and Sonia Sanchez: A Conversation," Elisa Davis, Callaloo, 2002 [includes poems "Here," "stop," "The Baby," "Powell," "In 1844 explorers John Freemont and Kit Carson discovered Lake Tahoe," "Tuesday nine eleven '01," "Wednesday nine twelve '01," "Thursday nine thirteen," "Friday nine fourteen," " Saturday nine fifteen," "Sunday morning nine sixteen," and "Monday sundown nine seventeen"]
62 5 "LucilleClifton," Sarah Ingber, The Horn Gallery Magazine, Fall 2003
62 5 "LucilleClifton," Catherine Young, Buffalo Spree, September 2004 [photocopy from publisher]
62 5 "Lucille Clifton's Other Life: Children's Author," River Gazette, December-January 2005
Poems, undated, and 1956-1969
62 6 "let there be new flowing," Poetry in Motion, undated
62 6 "LucilleClifton: Tree of Life," unknown publication, undated [photocopy of original, includes poems "Oh where have you fallen," "Remembering the Birth of Lucifer," "Whispered to Lucifer," "Eve's Version," "Lucifer Understanding at Last," "The Garden of Delight," "Adam Thinking," "Eve Thinking," "The Story Thus Far," and "Lucifer Speaks in his Own Voice"]
62 6 "still there is mercy, there is grace," The Art of Survival or...Life After Saint Ben's, undated
62 6 "won't you celebrate with me," Program for The Loft: A Place for Writings and Literature, undated
62 6 "Would I might climb across the," in "Poets in Our Midst," Hilltop, circa 1950s
62 6 "Scarlet Room," and "Crucifixion," Asterisk, May 15, 1956
OP3 13 "for De Lawd," Program for Spring Poetry Festival, University of Massachusetts Fine Arts Council, March 10-13, 1969
62 6 "Miss Rosie," informational flyer for Discovery '69, April 28, 1969
62 6 "Good Times" [includes: "In the Inner City," "My Mama Moved Among the Days," "Miss Rosie," "The Ist," "Good Times," "Those Boys that Ran Together," "The Meeting After the Savior Gone 4/4/68," "For De Lawd," "If I Stand in my Window," "Ca'line's Prayer," "Tyrone 2," Tyrone 3," "Now My First Wife," "The Way it Was," "Pork Chops," and "Admonitions"], The Massachusetts Review, Winter 1969.
OP3 14 "Moon walkers," in The New York Times Magazine, December 21, 1969
Poems, 1972-1977
62 7 "Lately," Mademoiselle, April, 1972
62 7 "God Send Easter," in booklet entitled Out of Sight, February 1974
62 7 "All of Us are All of Us," Broadside Memories: Poets I Have Known, March 1974 [includes editorial correspondence]
62 7 "Spring Song," in flyer for Poetry on the Parkway, August 17, 1976
62 7 "the thirty-eighth year," and "Salt" in "An Ordinary Woman: Poems by LucilleClifton," AAUW Journal, October 1976
62 7 "Easter Sunday," in flyer for "Willie Birch Easter Sunday Series: An Exhibition of Paintings," September 4-October 1, 1977
62 7 "There is a Girl Inside," American Poetry Review, 1977
Poems, 1982-1987
62 8 "My Dream About You God," the G.W. Review, 1982
62 8 "My Friends," Elan, May/June 1982
62 8 "On the Occasion of Maryland's 350th Birthday," Maryland Heritage News, Winter 1984 [includes editorial correspondence]
62 8 "winnie song," Baltimore City Paper, October 25-31, 1985 [includes editorial correspondence]
62 8 "Roots," flyer for Poetry Today Series, California Institute of the Arts Division of Critical Studies, April 23, 1986
OP3 15 "In the Inner City," poster, 1987
62 8 "california lessons," Maryland Poetry Review, Spring/Summer 1987
Poems, 1988-1989
63 1 "LucilleClifton: fifteen poems" [includes "shapeshifter poems," "at Gettysburg," "at nagasaki," "at Jonestown," "the lost women," "[here is another]," "crazy horse names his daughter," "the message of crazy horse," "[cruelty. don't talk]," "my dream about the poet," "[what spells raccoon]," "sorrow song," "if our grandchild be a girl," "the death of Thelma sayles," and "[this belief]"], The American Poetry Review, September/October, 1987
63 1 "Presenting LucilleClifton," Poetvision, 1988 [companion volume to Poetvision video]
63 1 "the boy white," in booklet entitled "Photos in Translation: Sixteen Poems by Lucille Clifton's Poetry Workshop," February 1988
63 1 "breaklight," flyer for LucilleClifton Poetry Reading, Colorado State University, February 26, 1988
63 1 "4 daughters" and "the death of fred clifton," Essence, September 1988 [includes editorial correspondence]
63 1 "from the wisdom of sister brown," After V, Winter 1988
63 1 "she.," booklet entitled Beast: Inspirations from a sculpture by Homer Lee Elliott, 1989
63 1 "if our grandchild be a girl," Essence, February 1989 [includes editorial correspondence]
OP3 16 "the thirty eighth year," Poetry and Literature, November 30, 1989
63 1 "poem in praise of menstruation," flyer for Poetry Series, Georgetown University and The Folger Shakespeare Library, 1989-1990
Poems, 1990-1994
63 2 "Five Poems by LucilleClifton" [includes "the poet," "my poem," "Africa," "speaking of loss," and "homage to my hips], Townson Times, May 2, 1990
63 2 "The Killing of Trees," the G.W. Review, 1990
63 2 "Here Yet Be Dragons," program for LucilleClifton: Readings in Contemporary Poetry, Dia Center for the Arts, March 5, 1991
63 2 "if our grandchild be a girl," [variant title: "i wish for her"], Family Stories, August 1991 [includes editorial correspondence]
2 "it was a dream," "daughters," and "climbing" in "Three Poems," Belles Lettres: A Review of Books by Women, Winter 1992-93
OP5 - "atlas," Streetfare Journal, Volume 7, Number 5, 1993 [sponsored by Transportation Displays Inc.]
63 2 "to my friend, jerina," The Healing Woman, April 1993 [includes editorial correspondence]
63 2 "at the cemetery, walnut grove plantation, south carolina, 1989," Studio One, Spring 1994
63 2 "the mississippi river empties into the gulf," Diotima, Summer 1994
Poems, 1994-1998
63 3 "what the mirror said," Rethinking Our Classrooms: Teaching for Equality and Justice, July 1994 [includes editorial correspondence]
63 3 "june 20" and "daughters," Potamic Review, Winter 1996
63 3 "the gift," Tempus, Spring 1998
63 3 "this key, this heart," April 1998 [photocopied from Phi beta Kappa program; includes correspondence]
63 3 "what comes after this," The Independent, May 4, 1998
Poems, 1998-2002
63 4 "'Some of the Bone has Gone Missing'," American Poet, Summer 1998 [includes editorial correspondence]
63 4 "birthday 1999," and "Praise Song," flyer for Readings and Conversations with LucilleClifton and Denise Chavez, December 8, 1999
63 4 "Listen Children," Present Time, January 2000 [includes correspondence]
63 4 "milo," Squaw Valley Community of Writers Omnium Gatherum and Newsletter, 2000-2001
63 4 "it is hard to remain human on a day," excerpt from "The Times," The Sun, March 25, 2001
63 4 "Here Rests," The New Yorker, July 16, 2001
63 4 "wishes for sons," Ms., Summer 2002
63 4 "Telling Our Stories," flyer for The Spoken Word Series, Georgia Tech's Ivan Allen College, October 28, 2002
Poems, 2003-2005
63 5 "female," For My Health: Project Wish, 2003 [yearly personal journal]
63 5 "stones and bones," The North American Review, March-April 2003
63 5 "blood" and "mercy," Beloit Poetry Journal, Summer 2003
63 5 "after oz," Callaloo, 2004
63 5 "surely I am able to write poems," broadside published for the Kent State Wick Poetry Program, March 12-14, 2004 [includes Clifton's autograph]
63 5 "quilting," pamphlet entitled Strengthening the Process of Informed Consent to Address Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Health Care and Research, June 28-29, 2004
63 5 "The line," Baltimore, September 2005
Short stories, 1969-1971
63 6 "The Magic Mama," Redbook, November 1969 [includes correspondence]
63 6 "Christmas is something else," House and Garden, December 1969
63 6 "The End of Love is Death and The End of Death is Love," Atlantic, March 1971