Subseries 2.3
Writings by others, 1922-1987
Boxes 18 (folder 8)-19

Scope and Content Note

The subseries consists of typescripts and manuscripts of writings by others collected by Coan from 1922-1987. Most of the material is composed of essays, articles, and addresses pertaining to the history of the African Methodist Episcopal Church in Africa. Coan collected some of these works for his research; others were sent to him for review by friends, family, and colleagues.

Arrangement Note

Arranged in alphabetical order.

Box Folder Content
18 8 Battles, Ford Lewis, "Weaving a Hair Suit for the Christian," March 3, 1959
18 9 Bland, Mrs. Margaret, "Highlights of the 3rd Quadrennial Convention of the Young People's Department of the Women's Missionary Society," no date
18 10 Burnet, Rev. Amos, "Ethiopianism," The Christian Missionary Review, London, 1922
18 11 Chapman, Carrie M., "Children and the Peace," circa 1945
18 12 Cook, Ann, "Toward a Diachronic Approach to the Study of the Negro Dialect," April 10, 1967
18 13 Greene, Bishop S.L., "Emancipation: A Continuous Process," no date
18 14 Hilliard, Asa G. III, "Selected Bibliography (Classified) on African-American History from Ancient Times to the Present: A Resource Packet," circa 1982
18 15 Lewis, Cecil and G.E. Edwards, "Historical Records of the Church of the Province of South Africa," London Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge, 1934
18 16 Membe, Rev. John Lester C., A Short History of the A.M.E. Church in Central Africa, 1900-1962, typescript of book, circa 1969
18 17 Middleton, Rev. J.A., "A Paper on the Prophet Amos," no date
18 18 Modisapodi, D.S., "The Future of the Church in South Africa," circa 1940s
18 19 Redkey, Edwin S., "Bishop Turner's African Dream," April 1964
19 1 Richardson, Harry V., "The Black Church in the Black Experience: The Black Church Overseas," 1987
19 2 Robinson, Dr. James McConkey, "A Critical Inquiry into the Scriptural Bases of Confessional Hermeneutics" and "Kerygma and History in the New Testament," no date
19 3 Swain, David L., "Comments on Japanese cultural history," Furloughed and New Missionary Conference, Area Meeting for East Asia, June 1965
19 4 Thornton, Edward E, "A Report on the Program of Human Development at Crozer Theological Seminary," June 14, 1968
19 5 Unidentified author, book review, George Rapp's Harmony Society 1785-1847, by Karl J.R. Arndt, University of Pennsylvania Press, no date
19 6 Unidentified author, "Introduction," paper on Christianity and psychoanalysis, no date
19 7 Wells, James, D.D., The Life of James Stewart, Second Edition, circa 1920s
19 8 Vance, Gwendolyn W., "The Life and Thoughts of Dr. Josephus Roosevelt Coan," outline, 1978
19 9 Whiston, Dr. Lionel A., "Exploring the Word," no date
19 10 Wolfbrecht, Walter F., "What a Protestant Church Wants Its Seminaries To Be and To Do," Theological Education, Winter 1966
19 11 Zuck, Dr. Roy B., "Is Christian Education Biblical?" opening address at the Missions Seminar on Christian Education, Scripture Press Foundation, November 29-December 2, 1967