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Subseries 1.1
Cuttino family
Boxes 1-2 and 62, 66-67, OP4-5, BV1-2

Scope and Content Note

This series is composed largely of material collected by Dr. Cuttino in preparation for the publication of History of the Cuttino Family (1982). The bulk of the papers is original and photocopied correspondence (1795-1982) the earliest of which are: a letter (1795) from Savage Smith of Georgetown, S.C., to Reverend Richard Furman, concerning his forthcoming marriage to Elizabeth Cuttino, oldest child of William Cuttino; letters from Peter Cuttino, brother to Elizabeth, to the Reverend Iverson Brooks (photocopies, 1822) and the Reverend Peter Ludlow (1828); and a series of letters (1828-1829) from Archar Benjamin Smith, son of Savage Smith and Elizabeth Cuttino, to his first wife Mary DeWees. Remaining general correspondence is that between G.P Cuttino and persons knowledgeable in Cuttino family history.

Family records include a photocopy of the certificate of sale of land lot no. 88, Georgetown, S.C., to Elizabeth Coon Cuttino (Mrs. William Cuttino), 1816; the transcript of the will of Henry Cuttino (1854) reproduced in the History of the Cutting Family; recollections of Thomas Peter Smith, ca. 1900; application to the South Carolina Huguenot Society; and a "Genealogy of the Cothonneau Family." Also found in these papers and reproduced in the history is the Cuttino coat of arms and photographs of Cuttino ancestors. A ledger book entitled "Swinton of Swinton" relates the family genealogy of Josephine Saluda Swinton (Mrs. David S. Cuttino, Sr.).

Miscellaneous materials included in this series are news articles and obituaries, family reunion information, "family trees," Confederate States of America muster rolls, material concerning Revolutionary War hero Denis Cotteneau, and a history of Ile de Re', the ancestral home. Short manuscripts written by various family members and two Bibles complete the series.

Box Folder Content
1 1 Correspondence, Savage Smith, (1) letter to Rev. Richard Furman, 1795 (photocopy)
1 2 Correspondence, Peter Cuttino, (2) letters to Rev. Iverson Brooks, 1822 (photocopies) and (1) letter to Rev. Peter Ludlow, 1828
1 3 Correspondence, Archar Benjamin Smith letters to Mary DeWees, 1828-1829 (photocopies)
1 4 Correspondence, General: 1935, 1940, 1942, 1950, 1959-1961, 1965, 1967
1 5 Correspondence, General: 1972, 1974-1975
1 6 Correspondence, General: 1977-1979
1 7 Correspondence, General: 1980-1982, n.d.
1 7a General, 1983-84
1 7b Legal documents, Peter Cuttino and Ths. Baskerfield, 1710-1732 (photocopy)
1 8 Certificate of sale, 1816, land lot no. 88, Georgetown, S.C. (photocopy) to Elizabeth Coon Cuttino (Mrs. William Cuttino)
1 9 Will of Henry Cuttino, 1854 (handwritten transcript)
1 10 Recollections of Thomas Peter Smith, c. 1900 (photocopies; partial transcript)
1 11 "Genealogy of the Cothonneau Family": Compiled by D.S. Cuttino, Sr. (?)
1 12 "Genealogy of the Cothonneau Family": Correspondence removed from above item
1 13 "Genealogy of the Cothonneau Family": Notes removed from above item
1 14 "Genealogy of the Cothonneau Family": Poem (1890) removed from above item
1 15 Antipedo Baptist Church (Georgetown, S.C.): Minutes, 1805; historical marker, 1983
1 16 Commemoration service, 23 September 1984
2 1 Lineal descent forms, lists
2 2 Lineal descent forms, lists
2 3 Cemetery lists and headstone transcripts
2 4 Applications to Huguenot Society of South Carolina
2 5 Muster rolls, Confederate States of America (photocopies; each notes Cuttino family members)
2 6 Family reunion membership lists, newsletters
2 7 Miscellaneous (includes excerpt from T.E. Kemmerer, Histoire de l’ile; L'insula Re'a. 2nd ed., 1888. Saint Martin-de-Re': Imprimene A Jeanne-d-Arc, Re'mpression, 1966)
2 8 Cuttino coat of arms
2 9 Photographs
62 1 Photographs: David Smith Cuttino
62 2 Photographs: Mae Swinton Cuttino
62 3 Photographs: David Smith and Mae Swinton Cuttino
2 10 Printed material (map, news articles, brochure, obituaries)
2 10a Miscellaneous material removed from Cuttino family Bibles (BV 1 and BV 2)
2 10b Miscellaneous material removed from Cuttino family Bibles (BV 1 and BV 2)
2 11 Manuscript material (The Portia Story; The Cuttino Family; excerpt from "Oft Told Tales"; The Merry Widow of Georgetown; or the Fire Story)
2 12 Research paper (Peedee River Research by D.S. Betts, 1978)
2 13 Cuttino, George P. History of the Cutting Family. Atlanta, Ga.: produced by the Emory University Office of Publications, copyright by G.P. Cutting, 1982. Addenda et corregenda added 1986: Box 4
2 14 "Swinton of Swinton," compiled by D.S. Cutting, Sr. (?)
2 15 "Swinton of Swinton," Notes removed from above item
2 16 Family tree (photocopy, 2 pages); "Swinton of that Ilk"
2 17 Swinton of Swinton, Berkshire, Scotland
2 18 Swintons in America, compiled by G.P. Cuttino
2 19 Swinton genealogy (via Bonneau family of South Carolina)
2 20 Potts-Swinton family information compiled by William H. Chandler and George Peddy Cuttino [received 05-10-91]
2 21 Family Tree: Coat of Arms
OP4 - Cuttino Family Genealogical Chart
OP4 - Cuttino Family Genealogical Chart
66 2 3 land plats (1705, 1735), Henry Peter Cuttino, Craven County, South Carolina (photocopies)
OP5 - Geological Survey Maps (5), 1943, South Carolina
BV1 Cuttino family Bible
BV2 Bible of David S. Cuttino [Sunday School Teacher's Edition)