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Subseries 2.1
World War II material
Box 5

Scope and Content Note

This subseries contains writings by the donor as well as a few notes from German prisoners of war; and printed material that includes European concert and theater programs, guide books and scattered issues of a number of periodicals. There are also some items of memorabilia that the donor brought back from wartime Europe.

Box Folder Content
5 1 "History of the POW Censorship Detachment"
5 Notes, OCS, 1943
5 Fascist postcards and enemy POW letters
Printed material
5 European theater and concert programs
5 European guide books
5 New Soldiers Handbook, 1942
5 Overseas editions of the following magazines: Life, 10 April 1944; Time, 23 April 1945; and New Yorker, 21 April 1945 and 17 May 1944 Time, 23 April 1945; and New Yorker, 21 April 1945 and 17 May 1944
5 Stars and Stripes, 12 issues (scattered)
5 La Vigie Marocaine, 9 September 1943
5 L'Echo D'Algier, 7 June 1944
5 Union Jack, 8 May 1945
5 Signal Corps Bulletin, 13 April 1945
5 Star Spangled Banner, [Bill Mauldin]
5 ASPD, [Nazi propaganda magazine]
5 La Svastica, [Italian propaganda magazine]
5 Red Cross sticker
5 Ration book
5 German and Italian mailbags
5 Tin containing ration coupons