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Subseries 2.3
Professional papers
Boxes 8-61

Scope and Content Note

Subseries 3 consists of correspondence, writings, printed material and miscellaneous items relative to Dr. Cuttino's professional career as a medieval scholar and professor of history at Emory University. A large number of offprints of the donor's colleagues at Emory and elsewhere are included. Some of the materials in this subseries are CLOSED to researchers.

Correspondence and Committee papers
Box Folder Content
8 1-3 Correspondence: deceased (arranged alphabetically) [RESTRICTED]
9 1 Correspondence: Galbraith [RESTRICTED]
9 2 Correspondence: Galbraith [RESTRICTED]
9 3 Correspondence: deceased [RESTRICTED]
9 4 Records: Rhodes Scholarship, 1936-1939 [RESTRICTED]
9 10 Unsorted correspondence [RESTRICTED]
9 11 Unsorted correspondence [RESTRICTED]
9 12 Committee papers [RESTRICTED]
10 1 Correspondence and records: University ceremonies [RESTRICTED]
10 2 Correspondence and records: College honors program [RESTRICTED]
Professional Organizations
OP3 1 Broadside, University of Iowa, 24th Historical Conference, undated
11 1 Papers, Medieval Academy of America meeting held at Emory, March 1984
11 Printed material: Medieval Academy of America, 1973 Directory of Members
OP2 1 Printed material: Atlanta Constitution, 1973
11 2 List, Fellows of the British Academy: Corresponding fellows in U.S.
14 Offprints [of GPC colleagues]
15 Offprints [of GPC colleagues]
16 Offprints [of GPC colleagues]
17 1 Correspondence re 1967 GPC "Open Letter" in Emory Magazine
17 2 Series of articles to Wheel, "And Gladly Wolde He Lerne and Gladly Teche" 1985 [includes "Proposal to Establish Programs in Women's Studies and Critical Theories"]
17 3 "Thoughts of a Retiring Chief Marshal for a Last Convocation"
17 4 Book review for Emory Wheel: Law and Revolution by Harold J. Berman, 1985
17 5 English Medieval Diplomacy by George P. Cuttino, 1985: Reviews and correspondence
17 6 Book reviews
17 Speculum: A Journal of Medieval Studies, April 1954, part 2: "King's Clerks and the Community of the Realm" by George P. Cuttino
17 Abstracts of Dissertations for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy, vol. XI: "The Conduct of English Diplomacy in the Fourteenth Century" by George P. Cuttino
Miscellaneous materials
18 Miscellaneous re Vivian Hunter Galbraith, 1977 [GPC colleague (?)]
18 Pamphlet: 80th Rhodes Anniversary, 1973
18 Photographs: GPC and Franklin Mint collection exhibit GPC's Franklin Mint exhibit and election as fellow of Society of Antiquaries
18 Franklin Mint Almanac, Jan 1978 [featuring GPC
18 Heard Heritage, 8 issues, 1972-1979 [genealogical and historical bulletin of Heard County, Ga.]
18 Brochure: Royal Pavilion of Brighton Re Becket motion picture film
18 Manuscripts: 5 honors papers and theses written by GPC students at Swarthmore and University of Iowa
19 Georgia State Senate commendation of GPC
19 Pamphlet: Southwind, 1983 publication of Calhoun High School students
19 Manuscript: "Mercy for Miss Awdy"
19 Book review: GPC's Saddle Bags and Spinning Wheel, Gason Register A, ed. by GPC
19 Correspondence (1 piece): Emory coat of arms James F. Glenn coat of arms
19 Program: British American Festival, Durham, NC (June 1984)
19 List of GPC students earning A's, 1953-1984
19 Booklet: Academic Dress
19 Photographs of engravings of details of Michelangelo's "The Last Judgement"
19 Material concerning the death of Allen Post who had facilitated Cuttino's receipt of a Rhodes Scholarship.
19 Goose and Gridiron Society of United States: Coat of Arms
19 "The Cauldron of Mitteleuropa": Original manuscript, 6 July-1 August 1938 [diary of travel in pre-war Central Europe]
19 "The Cauldron of Mitteleuropa": Photocopies of original manuscripts for reproduction purposes (2)
19 "The Cauldron of Mitteleuropa": Offprint
19 "The Cauldron of Mitteleuropa": Typescript
19 "The Cauldron of Mitteleuropa": Carleton Chapman correspondence and receipts, 1990
19 "The Cauldron of Mitteleuropa": Kendall Landis correspondence re Franz von Bitter, 1990
19 Correspondence, writings, collected material
19 Retirement as Chief Marshal: "The President, Trustees, and Faculty of Emory University join in honoring Professor George P. Cuttino, Chief Marshal of the University, 1976-1984", 14 May 1984 [photocopy-original in Emory University Archives manuscript collection]
19 "The Merry Widow of Georgetown of The Fire Story" by GPC for Proceedings and Papers of Georgia Association for Historians, 1989
19 "The Last Laugh" by Thomas Pierpont
19 Pierpont
19 Correspondence: Walter Blass, 1990
19 Dooley's Book by George Peddy Cuttino: Drafts
Additions received 3-88
20 Life and Look magazines, 1968-1972 (on JFK's death); Loose newspapers and books, 1940-1970s; Diaries, 1940s Look magazines, 1968-1972 (on JFK's death); Loose newspapers and books, 1940-1970s; Diaries, 1940s
21 Correspondence, 1930-1960s
22 Correspondence, 1949
23 Correspondence, 1946-1947
24 Printed materials and diaries
25 Correspondence, 1930s and 1970s
26 Correspondence, 1970s-1980s
27 Correspondence, 1980s
28 Correspondence, 1930s-1950s
29 Correspondence, 1930s-1940s
30 Correspondence, 1940s-1970s
31 Correspondence, 1930-1940s, 1970s; Cancelled checks, 1940s-1952
32 Correspondence, 1980s
33 Correspondence, late 1970s-1980s
34 Correspondence, 1970s-1980s
35 Correspondence, late 1940s-early 1950s; 1960s
36 Correspondence, 1960s-early 1970s
37 Correspondence, 1960s-1970s
Additions received 4-88
38 Professional papers: Correspondence B-O (E.U. bags 1-3 of 26)
39 Correspondence, P-Z; recommendations and Emory recommendations A-Z (E.U. bags 4-6 of 26)
40 Correspondence, 1970s with publishers (E.U. bags 8, 10, 11 of 26)
41 Correspondence, personal 1950s-1960s; appointment books 1980-1986 (E.U. bags 9 of 26)
42 Personal papers and class notes, 1930s (bags 13 and 14); professional papers and correspondence, 1977-1987 (bag 12); appointment books 1950-1979 (bag 14); (E.U. bags 9, 12, 13, 14 of 26]
43 Professional papers-Bryn Mawr, Swarthmore, Emory subject file (E.U. bags 15, 16, 17 of 26)
44 Professional: Correspondence-recommendations; research material; personal: Correspondence and miscellaneous 1980s (E.U. bags 7, 8, and part of 19 of 26)
45 Personal: Correspondence 1960s and 1980s; manuscripts 1934; Professional: Correspondence and miscellaneous, 1981-1986 (E.U. bags 20-22 and part of 19 of 26)
46 Correspondence: WWII letters and Rhodes scholar letters 1936-1946
47 Correspondence: WWII letters and Rhodes scholar letters 1936-1946
48 Correspondence: WWII and Rhodes scholar letters 1936-1946
Additions received 5-1-87\
49 Oriel Round, 1937 to date (E.U. bag 26 of 26)
50 Offprints by others
50 Offprints by George P. Cuttino
50 Featherston genealogy and attached ALS from Priscilla F. Martin, 6 Sep 1982
50 ALS from Priscilla Martin, 28 Oct 1982
50 Featherstone genealogy information from Ann Featherstone Mason, 27 Dec 1982
50 Cuttino genealogy: Tombstone records
50 Peddy Genealogy
50 Offprints
50 Address book
50 Piers Gaveston, Earl of Cornwall 1307-1312: Politics and Patronage in the Reign of Edward II by J. S. Hamilton, Mar 1985
50 Christmas Cards "With Christmas Greetings..." Rhodes House, Oxford, 1984 (1), 1985 (1)
50 Writings and poetry by [George P. Cuttino ?]
50 Class record books, ca. 1936-1981 (14 books-book 1 includes 5 booklets from University of Iowa)
50 Great Seal of Edward II (Equestrian/Reverse)
50 Great Seal of Edward II (Majesty/Converse)
50 World War II papers of George P. Cuttino-reports, correspondence
50 Personal 201 file of George P. Cuttino
50 New Testament [crumbling]
50 Privy Seal of Edward II
50 "The Limits of Historical Study" by Sir Maurice Powicke: Lecture delivered at Swarthmore College, 1949 (cassette tape)
50 "The Limits of Historical Study" by Sir Maurice Powicke: Lecture delivered at Swarthmore College, 1949 (cassette tape)
50 Military proclamations appointing George P. Cuttino to different ranks in the United States Army (4)
50 Obituaries and memorial services information, 1991
51-58 Unprocessed additions
59 Family photographs
OP2 3 Oversized certificates, awards, photographs
OP1 1 Plaques
60 The Franklin Mint History of the United States, 1 wooden case and 1 volume
61 The Franklin Mint History of the United States, Historical Reference Folders, 1776-1976