Series 3
Posters, circa 1960-1994

Scope and Content Note

The series contains various posters collected by Danowski relating to the 1994 South African elections, Psychedelic posters from the 1960s-1970s counterculture; as well as posters created by Funky Features (San Francisco), Oz magazine (London), Unicorn Bookshop (Brighton, U.K.). There is also a single poster relating to Sinn Féin relating to self-determination for Irish people.

The largest group within the poster series is the South African election posters relating to elections held in South Africa in 1994, the first free election held in South Africa after the end of apartheid, therefore also the first held on a non-racial basis and with universal suffrage. The election was conducted under the direction of the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC). There are twenty one political parties represented among the posters, as well as independent candidates and posters from the Voter Education Programme of the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC).

Arrangement Note

Arranged in alphabetical order.

South African political posters, 1994
Box Folder Content
OP16 - African Christian Democratic Party [3 items]
OP17 - African Muslim Party [5 items]
OP15 - African National Congress [30 items]
OP26 - African National Congress
OP27 - African National Congress
OP18 - African National Congress [9 items]
OP19 - African National Congress
OP20 - African National Congress
OP47 - Cape Independent Alliance [4 items] Candidates: Owen Henderson; Clive Keegan; Arthur Weinburg; Buddy Chaaban
OP48 - Communist Party [1 item]
OP49 - Democratic Party
OP50 - Democratic Party
OP53 - Democratic Party
OP54 - Democratic Party
OP55 - Freedom Front [2 items]
OP7 13 Federal Party [1 item]
OP - Independent Electoral Commission/Voter Education Programme [15 items] (also includes small IEC flag)
OP7 14 Independent Local Candidates, Candidates: Andre Pentz; Randolph Mort; Dr.Achmat Davids; Ebrahim Hendriks
OP7 15 Independent Local Candidates, Candidates: Andre Pentz; Randolph Mort; Dr.Achmat Davids; Ebrahim Hendriks
OP52 - Inkatha Freedom Party [4 items]
OP6 34 Jackson Mac Low: A Retrospective Concert in Celebration of His 60th Birthday, 1982
OP7 5 Keep It Straight and Simple Party-Anti-tax [1 item]
OP56 - Konserwatiewe (Conservative) Party [2 items]
OP7 16 National Party
OP7 17 National Party
OP57 - National Party
OP58 - National Party
XOP18 - National Party [13 items]
OP7 3 Pan African Congress of Azania [1 item]
OP7 4 Peace and Democracy [1 item]
OP33 - Progressive Party [1 item]
OP7 8 Sports Organization for Collective Contributions and Equal Rights (SOCCER Party) [1 item]
OP7 9 South African Communist Party Congress [1 item]
OP7 10 Southern Africa Cuban Solidarity Conference [1 item]
OP7 11 Women's Rights Peace Party [1 item]
OP7 12 Workers International Vanguard League (Revolutionary Working Class Party) [2 items]
OP7 7 Workers' List Party [4 items]
OP59 - Ximoko Progressive Party [1 item]
Funky Features (San Francisco, California)
OP62 - Zodiac posters, 1967 (Cancer, Capricorn, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Pisces, Scorpio) [7 items]
Unicorn Bookshop (Brighton, UK)
OP63 - Advertisements for Peace (Nos. 1-3, 6-9, 11-15, 20, and The Last Unicorn) [14 items]
OP63 - Other posters [4 items]
OP9 - Gehenna Press, The, "The Work of Fifty Years, 1942-1992"
OP5 1 International Times, supplement poster from No. 1, 4-5 (June 9, 1967)
OP5 2 International Times, advertisement, January 1968
OP64 - Oz magazine advertisements, benefits/concerts for the Oz obscenities trail, The Trial of Oz play [19 items]
Psychedelic posters-1960's-1970's counterculture
OP65 - Europe [4 items]
OP65 - United Kingdom (including Firebird Visions, Alastors Dream Co., Impact Printing, Ben H., and Martin Sharp) [62 items]
OP30 - United Kingdom, Osiris Visions [26 items]
OP66 - United States (including David and Tina Meltzer) [12 items]
OP40 - Yippie Youth Convention, Chicago, Illinois, 1968 [Poster includes psychedelic images and graphics combined with text by Doc Stanley, Abbie Hoffman and others advising demonstrators at the Convention]
Literary Events, 1960s-1990s and undated
OP6 21 "Allen Ginsberg, Peter Orlovsky, and Stephen Taylor," readings, Uppsala, Sweden, January 26, [?]
OP22 - "Andrei Vozneseksky," Project Artaud People's Hall, San Francisco, California, October 22, 1971
OP22 - "The Arts & Censorship," The Defense of Literature and the Arts Society, Royal Festival Hall, London, December 9, 1968
OP4 12 "Beatitude Benefit Poetry Reading," Savoy Tivoli, San Francisco, California, September 18, 1979 [poster signed by many of the poets]
OP4 12 "Beatitude Poets: 5th Annual Benefit Reading for Beatitude Magazine," Savoy Tivoli, San Francisco, California, May 15, 1980 [poster signed by many of the poets]
OP6 17 "Benefit for the Tibetan Nyingmapa Meditation Center," Allen Ginsberg, Berkeley, California, June 6, [?]
OP6 20 "Benefit Poetry Reading for the Tibetan Nyingmapa Meditation Center," Gary Snyder with Robert Bly, Berkley, California, January 29, [?]
OP22 - "Brother Antoninus: The Savagery of Love," Wheeler Auditorium, Univeristy of California, Berkeley, November 9, 1966 [2 copies]
OP6 22 "Bukowksi Reads His Poetry," City Lights Poets Theater, Berkeley, California, May 31, [?]
OP22 - "Charles Olson Festival," Faculty Club, University of Iowa, November 5-11, 1978
OP22 - "Christopher Logue reads Kings at King's," Kings College, London, October 15, [1991]
OP22 - "Dannie Abse, Jean Abse," Universita Di Macerata, Italy, April 21, 1988
OP22 - "Dannie Abse: Poet," Film Theater, Princeton University, March 22, 1989
OP22 - "The Eve of '84," by Gielijn[?], One World Poetry, 1983[?]
OP22 - "Ferlinghetti Reads and Sings New Poems," Project Artaud's People's Hall, San Francisco, California, September 10 [?]
OP6 31 Fielding Dawson, lecture and reading, Duke University, April 22-23, [?]
OP10 - "The Final Academy," readings, films, and exhibitions, Ritzy Cinema, London, England, September 29-October 2, [?]
OP22 - "Four Poetry Events", The Architectural League of New York, [1968] [includes poets John Perreault, Anne Waldman, Ted Berrigan, John Giorno]
OP22 - "Fourth Annual Conference on the Great Mother and the New Father," Burntside Lake, Minnesota, May 29-June 8, [?]
OP22 - "Fourth Annual San Francisco International Poetry Festival: Dedicated to the Spirits of Federico Garcia-Lorca, and Imprisoned Korean Poet Kim Chi Ha," Palace of Fine Arts, San Francisco, California, June 6-8, 1980
OP31 - "Friends of the McNeese University Library, in honor of the Library's 25th Anniversary present James Dickey," Lake Charles, Louisiana, November 11, 1986
OP22 - "Galway's International Poetry Festival," Galway Arts Centre, Ireland, April 1-April 5
OP22 - "Grand Evening Cruise: A Welsh Academy Special Offering," Cardiff, Wales, June 14, [?], [includes poet Dannie Abse]
OP22 - "Haiku, Kanka, Long Sufi Raps Etno Muziek & Poezie," Emanuel Lorsch,, Paradiso, [Romania], February 27, [?]
XOP5 - His Holiness Dudjom Rinpoche, St. Mark's Church, New York City, New York, October 29, 1975
XOP4 - His Holiness Dudjom Rinpoche, The Town Hall, New York City, New York, November 9, 1976
OP22 - "'Jayne Anne Phillips Sweethearts'," Bull's Head Bookshop, Durham, North Carolina, June 8, 1976 [3 copies]
OP6 28 Judith Chernak and Zina Rohan, readings, The Turret Book Shop (London, England), May 22 and June 6, 1991
OP22 - "Keystone Korner Jazz and Poetry Benefit: Amiri Baraka," San Francisco, California, April 12, [?]
OP22 - "Kings by Christopher Logue," New Theatre, Kings College, London
OP22 - "Kings, Christopher Logue: Book Signings and Readings in the Bookshop," The Turret Book Shop, London, June 5, 1991
OP22 - "Lawrence Ferlinghetti: Speaking his Poetry," United Farmworkers Benefit, Lone Mountain College, San Francisco, California, April 3-8, [?]
OP4 22 "The Living Theatre presents Gregory Corso and Frank O'Hara Reading their Poetry," 1959
OP2 8 Magazin UFO: Cut-up Environment, no date
OP22 - "Mammoth Poetry Reading," Lost Horizon Bookstore, Santa Barbara, California, March 14, 1985, [includes Bruce Lader and Abd al-Hayy Moore]
OP22 - "Michael McClure & Thom Gunn: Together Giving a Reading," Campion Hall, University of San Francisco, February 23, 1978
OP22 - "Milton Acorn Reads Revolutionary Poetry," Spartacus Books, [Vancouver, British Columbia] January 24, [?]
XOP12 - "On Miracle Ground VII: International Lawrence Durrell Conference," Avignon, France, July 1-4, 1992
OP22 - "Nine Dutch Poets: American Tour," 1982
OP22 - "P 85," One World Poetry, November 12-17, 1985
OP6 33 "The Page is Printed," Ted Hughes exhibition, Emory University, Atlanta, Georgia, April 8-May 31, 2000 [2 copies]
OP22 - "Peter Pegnall: Reading a Selection of His Own Poetry," Duke's Head, Richmond, Virginia, November 27, [?]
OP22 - "The Pleasure of Being Heard: A Symposium on the Life and Work of the Poet George Oppen," Archive for New Poetry, University of California at San Diego, California, May 15-16, 1986
OP22 - "Poets in Beeston," Beeston Library, Nottinghamshire, February 7-June 6, [?], [includes Christopher Logue and Dannie Abse]
OP22 - "Poets' Theatre," David Bromige, Michael Palmer, and Michael Davidson, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art Civic Center, San Francisco, California, February 26, 1976
OP22 - "Poet's Theatre Presents Basil Bunting," San Francisco Museum of Modern Art Civic Center, San Francisco, California, April 29, [?]
OP22 - "Poetry International," Queen Elizabeth Hall, London, 1969 [includes poets W.H. Auden and Anthony Hecht]
OP22 - "Poetry International," Queen Elizabeth Hall, London, 1970 [includes poet W.H. Auden]
OP6 18 "Poetry Lights Music: A Benefit Dance Concert," Allen Ginsberg, Detroit, Michigan, February 26, 1967
OP22 - "Poetry Reading by Dannie Abse," Faculty Lounge, [Denison University], April 12, 1989
OP22 - "Poetry Reading for the Greek Resistance," Helen Kazantzakis,, Fugazi Hall, Berkeley, California, April 20, [?]
OP22 - "Poetry Reading with John Heath-Stubbs, F.T. Prince, and Stephen Spender," London University, February 4, 1972
OP22 - "A Reading by British Poet Dannie Abse," Philomathean Society, University of Pennsylvania, November 8, 1985
OP22 - "Seventeenth California International Antiquarian Book Fair," Ambassador Hotel, Los Angeles, February 16-17, 1984
OP22 - "Six Poets Reading,"" Red Baudelaire's, Santa Barbara, California, July 22, 1979 [2 items] [includes Norman Mailer]
OP4 28 "Soho Square," Soho Literary and Arts Week, no date
OP22 - "Sonke Festival: Many Cultures, One People," University of Zululand Stadium, South Africa, March 19, 1994 [includes Nelson Mandela]
OP4 1 "St. Marks Poetry Project New Year's Benefit 1983," New York, New York, 1983 [illustrated by George Schneeman]
OP6 19 "Tea at the Ritz," Raving Beauties, Donmar Warehouse Theatre (London), November 13, [?]
OP22 - "Transformation," Angels of Fire, South Bank Centre, London, November 25, 1988
OP22 - "Uncommon Market," Chalk Farm, London, January 29, [?]
OP22 - "The Young American Poet Anthology: Six Readings" May 20-25, [?]
OP6 36 William S. Burroughs, book signing, Turret Book Shop, London, England, June 1, 1988
OP2 10 William S. Burroughs, reading, University of California, Berkeley, November 6, [?]
OP6 15 William S. Burroughs, reading, Veteran's Hall, Santa Cruz, California, May 13, 1981
OP6 37 William S. Burroughs, reading, Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, Minnesota, October 24, [?] [2 copies]
OP29 - William S. Burroughs with Bryon Gysin, "Le Colloque de Tanger," Geneva, Switzerland, September 24-28, [?]
OP2 17 William S. Burroughs with John Giorno, Duffy's, Minneapolis, Minnesota, March 22, 1981 [3 copies signed by Burroughs]
OP6 16 "The Wound," Ted Hughes, The Little Theatre Club, London, England, February 3-27, [?]
OP22 - "The Young American Poet Anthology: Six Readings" May 20-25, [?]
Literary promotional materials, 1960s-1980s and undated
OP2 7 "Allen Ginsberg: A Viking Author," no date
OP2 13 "Apocalypse Rose," Charles Plymell, no date
OP23 - "Auction," Ox Head Press, Marshall, Minnesota, 1981
XOP11 - Circus, poems by Gael Turnbell with prints by Pamela Scott, 1983
OP5 3 Dan Berrigan, "Our Apologies," no date
OP23 - "Dannie Abse: Funland & Other Poems," Dannie Abse, Hutchinson, 1973, [2 copies] [inscribed by Abse]
OP23 - "Dannie Abse: Way Out in the Centre," Dannie Abse, Hutchinson, no date
OP5 4 "Jim Dine: The Picture of Dorian Gray," Petersburg Press, London, 1968
OP23 - "The Illustrated Shepherd's Life," W.H. Hudson, The Bodley Head, no date
OP4 29 "Gerard Malanga is Available," circa 1960s
OP23 - "International Times," Amsterdam, no date
OP6 9 "Giulia Niccolai: Poema and Oggetto," no date
OP23 - "Jeremiad Chants: An Absolute Polemic by William Levy," Amsterdam, Genova, 1979
OP23 - "The Kilpeck Anthology Edited by Glenn Storhaug - Five Seasons Press," 1981
OP23 - "London Review of Books, " August, 1 1985
OP23 - "Maya Broadsides," Serendipity Books, Berkeley, California, 1970
OP23 - "The Moving Times," [London], 1965, (includes William Burroughs)
OP23 - "Music of the Troubadours," Ross-Erikson, Inc., Santa Barbara, California, April 1979
OP23 - "Ninja," John Jacob, Pentagram Press, [no date]
OP7 2 Now, volume 2, no date
OP23 - "Order and Chaos Chez Hans Reichel by Henry Miller," Loujon Press, New Orleans, no date
OP23 - "Pandemonium: Special Limited First Edition," no date
XOP6 - "Pete Brown's First Real Poetry Band," no date
OP23 - "Soon it Will be Night," Alexis De Vilar, no date
OP23 - "'Sweethearts' by Jayne Anne Phillips," Truck Press, 1976
OP2 20 UFO, volume 1, June 1971
OP23 - "The Virgin Sperm Dancer: An Ecstatic Journey," Ginger Gordon and William Levy, Amsterdam, Uitgeverij, The Hague, The Netherlands, 1972
OP23 - "Wanted: Audience for Ins and Outs Magazine," Amsterdam, The Netherlands, no date
OP23 - "Wanted: New Amsterdam Magazine Seeks Part-Time People," Amsterdam, The Netherlands, March 23, [1961] [2 copies]
OP11 - William S. Burroughs, The Western Lands, no date
OP23 - William Hoffer, Bookseller Vancouver, British Columbia, no date
XOP13 - YANAGI volume IV, 1977 [2 copies]
Art exhibitions, 1900s-1990s and undated
OP6 10 "A Cavigliano (Ponte dei Cavalli)," Galleria d'arte Silvio R. Baviera, April 18, 1981-May 29, 1981
OP24 - "Berwick by Kirkup," Bongate Gallery, Alnwick, Northumberland, March 7-25 [1972]
OP13 - Blackshaw, Basil, U.S. Tour, 1996-1998
OP24 - "Color Xerox Show," Steef Davidson and Harry Hoogstraten, One World Poetry, March 22-April 5, 1980
OP32 - "Exhibition of Palestinian Posters 1967-1979"
OP24 - "Five Fine Printers," Jack Stauffacher, et. al., Memorial Union Art Gallery, University of California, Davis, February 25, 1979
XOP3 - "Four Cheers for Atlanta! The City Celebrates its Past," A multimedia exhibition inaugurating the James M. Cox Gallery in Walter McElreath Hall, October 29, 1975-April 3, 1976 [2 copies]
OP24 - "Heroes, Heroines & Fans," Marylyn Miller, Floating Foundation of Photography, New York City, June 9-August 21, 1983
OP24 - "Hometown: The People of Athy, Co. Kildare, Ireland 1962-1985," John Minihan, Olympus Gallery, September 17-October 18, [1990] [inscribed by Minihan]
OP67 - "Hsiung Shih Biennial Exhibition," Hsiung Shih Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan, 1987
XOP7 - Marcel Duchamp, Hatton Gallery, New Castle upon Tyne, England, May 16-27, [?]
OP34 - "Metall plastik aus Japan," Museum fur Kunst und Gewerbe, Hamburg, May 14-June 22 1980
OP4 23 "Pictures of Life in the West of Ireland by Jack B. Yeats," Walker's Gallery, 118 New Bond Street, 1904
OP24 - "Seven Decades of MacDowell Artists," James Yu Gallery, New York City, October 24-28, 1976, [includes Benny Andrews]
OP24 - "Six Ordinary Happenings by Allan Kaprow," Haste Building, University of California, Berkeley, March 7-May 23, [?]
OP24 - "Skoob Tower Ceremony, Gardens of the Inner Temple," [London], September, 1966
OP24 - "Son Et Lumiere: for Bodily Fluids & Functions and for Earth Air Fire & Water," Mark Boyle and Peter Schmidt, Cochrane Theater, London, March 1-2, [?]
OP35 - "Maharaja of Rewa," Victoria and Albert Museum Photograph Collection, circa 1870
OP12 - "Talk is Cheap: A Street Poster Exhibition," Collaborative Projects Inc. (COLAB), 1984
XOP16 - Time Out: London's Liveliest Guide, no date [signed by William S. Burroughs]
XOP10 - "Unfinished Paintings & Objects by Yoko Ono," Indica Gallery, London, England, November 7-18, 1965 [?]
OP4 29 "Visuele Poëzie," exhibit featuring the work of Hans Clavin, G. J. de Rook, Herman Damen, and Robert Joseph, Felison (Velsen, Netherlands), 1974
OP24 - "Waiting for Minihan," Guiness Hopstore, June 16-September 27, 1991 [inscribed by Minihan]
Music/Film, 1960s-1990s and undated
OP25 - "Adeles Keus," Organisatie Bureau Jaques Senf, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, no date, [accompanied by Frans Ehlhart]
OP25 - "Thom Hoffman: Agenda Gratis," The Netherlands, December [?]
OP25 - "Dias Presents Two Evenings with Yoko Ono," Africa Center, London, September 28-29, [?] [inscribed by Ono]
OP25 - "Experimental Music Presented by Michael White," Commonwealth Institute, London, April 8-20, [?]
OP4 24 "fierce Thing 6 out Spring 92," 1991
OP25 - "Frank Zappa," 1967
OP25 - "The Fugs on ESP-disk," no date
OP25 - "The Great Rock and Roll Swindle," no date
OP25 - "Harold Norse of CourseReading at Ins and Outs Press," [audio], no date
OP25 - "Hendrix [Move]," Royal Albert Hall, London, November 14, 1967
OP25 - "'Je t'aime (moi non plus): Jane Birkin," no date
OP25 - "The Mothers of Invention," Royal Albert Hall, London, September 23, [?]
OP25 - "Paul Klein: Piano," Silliman College, Yale University, March, 8, [?]
XOP8 - "PTOOF! - the deviants underground l.p.," 1968
OP25 - "Sebdi presents Michael McClure, George Montana, Freewheelin' Frank," Berkeley and San Francisco, California, January 15-17, [1967]
OP4 14 The Trip (1967) promotional brochure, 1967
OP4 13 "Video Sutra II: KQED San Francisco," featuring Andy Warhol, Michael McClure, the Grateful Dead, and others, April 26, 1967
XOP234 - Warhol, Andy, "Chelsea Girls," 1966
OP4 25 Warhol, Andy, "Empire," premiere screening, 1964
OP42 - Warhol, Any, "The Nude Restaurant," 1967
OP25 - "Yoko Ono," Cochrane Theatre, London, November 17, [?]
OP25 - "Yoko Ono: Music of the Mind & the Fog Machine," Saville Theater, London, December 8, 1967
Theater, 1960s-1990s and undated
OP4 5 "Bread and Roses," The Power Center for the Performing Arts, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, February 5-8, 1975
OP6 25 "Cooking the Books," benefit in support of the 1989 Riverside Literature Programme, London, December 5, [?]
OP6 5 "Cyberspace 2, Caravan of Dreams Touring Theatre, UK Tour November '88," Institute of Contemporary Arts, 1988
OP4 5 "An Evening of Mystery and Imagination with the Legendary David Berglas," Lyric Theater, London, April 21, 1991
OP2 4 "FST, Coming soon . . People get ready!" Free Southern Theater, Inc., May 29-June 1, [?]
OP4 5 "Odeon Theatre National, Saison 1980-1981," Odeon Theater, Paris, September 23, 1980-May 24, 1981
OP4 5 "The Plough and the Stars," Sean O'Casey, Young Vic Company, London, May 2-June 22, 1991
OP4 5 "Revolt of the Good People," Jasudowicz, City Lights Theater Ensemble, Mason Street, San Francisco, California, no date
OP4 5 "Second Choices," The Cape Moving Company, Studio 35, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, April 15, [?]
OP4 5 "Three Festivals of Liberal Expression," Theatre de la Chimere, Paris, April 3-May 21, 1966
Political posters, 1960s
OP2 5 "Be Victorious as He, Vote Nov. 8," no date
OP6 11 "Boycott Britain at the Olympic Games: Britain's Record in Ireland," no date
OP21 - "Cannabis: The Putting Together of the Heads," Hyde Park, London, July 16, [?]
OP6 11 "End Internment," August 1972
OP43 "First Class Citizens Can Vote D.C. Wants Home Rule"
OP21 - "The First Masturbation," Campaign for Greater Love and Nuclear Dismemberment, Trafalgar Square, London, March 27, [?] [features Norman Mailer]
OP21 - "Fourteen Hour, Technicolor Speech: International Times Free Speech Benefit," Alexandra Palace, [London], April 29-30, [?], [2 copies]
OP21 - "Free John Now!" John Sinclair Freedom Fund, no date
OP21 - "Greek Freedom Rally," Trafalgar Square, London, April 21, [inscribed by Melina Mercouri]
OP36 - "Haltet die Diebe," no date
OP5 5 "Here and Now for Bobby Seale," no date
OP21 - "Human Be-In," San Francisco, California, January 14, 1967
OP21 - "Imperialism Means Aggression," no date
OP21 - "International Cannabis Alliance for Reform (ICAR): First International Cannabis Legalization Conference," The Kosmos, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, February 8-10, 1980
OP21 - "International Times, No5.5.," [London], December 24, 1966
OP21 - "Legalize Pot Rally," Hyde Park, London, July 16, [?]
OP21 - "Peace for London," Underzone, Southampton, no date
OP21 - "Release 1: A Benefit for the John Giorno Defense Fund," New York, November 21-22, [?]
OP21 - "Smash Capitalism: Vote Communist," no date
OP5 6 "Society in Conflict: International Congress," Brussels, September 7-12, 1970
OP21 - "Strike Anywhere," Berkeley Common Street Sheet, no date
OP44 - "UAW Supports Freedom March"
OP45 - "We Demand Decent Housing Now!"
OP46 - "We Demand an End to Police Brutality Now!"
OP21 - "Women Vote!," Malta Trust and Speak, undated
Original artwork, undated
OP5 7 Abrahams, J. David, "Turret Books, Kensington," Ink sketch, no date
OP2 18 Aisenstein, Sergio, "Artes Visuales Caro," print, 1978
OP6 38 Allen, S. Jane, Untitled drawing, no date
OP61 - Beikson, Bill, Birthday collage, no date
OP - Beikson, Bill, Painting and calendar, no date
OP - Berner, Robert, Collage on wood, no date
OP6 1 Cobbling, Bob, Untitled lithograph, no date
OP6 2 Malanga, Gerard, "Tap Dance," no date
OP22 23 Nelson, David, and Richard Barton, Untitled drawing, September 15, 1964
OP6 3 Steadman, Ralph, "Artist Proof," no date
OP5 9 Unknown Artist, "Our Lady of the Rubble," no date
OP - Unknown Artist, Untitled drawing, no date
OP2 19 Unknown Artist, Untitled drawing and poem, no date [handwritten note on reverse reads "Ebba Bovegard"]
OP2 22 Unknown Artist, Untitled print [collection of letters spelling "acrobat"], no date
OP - Unknown Artist, Untitled print, no date
OP5 8 "W.B. is a Virus," no date
OP2 21 Williams, Heathcote, Tesco parody poster, no date
Russian art and culture
XOP17 - Prints of politicians [3 items]
OP38 - Art and theatre events [2 items]