Series 5
Irish Troubles Material
OP198-214, 223

Scope and Content Note

This series contains material relating to the Irish Troubles, a period of political conflict and violence in Ireland from the 1960s-1990s.

Arrangement Note

Arranged in alphabetical order.

Box Folder Content
OP216 - "Demonstrate for British Withdrawal from Ireland," Whittington Park, London, England, January 30, 1988
OP198 - Government of Northern Ireland, "Don't be provoked, keep calm and help defeat terrorism," no date
OP199 - Government of Northern Ireland, "The IRA don't heal any wounds…they only inflict them," 1972
OP200 - Government of Northern Ireland, "The IRA has the final solution to the housing shortage…but you can't live there," 1972
OP201 - Government of Northern Ireland, "The IRA has planned a future for you…you've got 10 seconds," 1972
OP202 - Government of Northern Ireland, "The IRA provide more work…for the firemen," 1972
OP203 - Government of Northern Ireland, "The terrorists will take care of you…in their own way," 1972
OP204 - HQ Northern Ireland, "Beware of booby trapped cars," no date
OP205 - HQ Northern Ireland, "Don't accept gifts from strangers. Gifts can kill," circa 1973
OP206 - HQ Northern Ireland, "Left Unattended? Your car could become a bomb," 1970
OP207 - SNorthern Ireland Office, "Law and order balance sheet," 1973
OP208 - Northern Ireland Office, "They may look harmless, they could be firebombs," 1973
OP209 - Northern Ireland Office, "Your finger on the dial can take the finger off the trigger," 1970
OP210 - Royal Ulster Constabulary, wanted poster, "MURDER These photofit impressions and descriptions are of 2 females the police wish to interview in connection with the murder (by shooting) of members of the security forces at ANTRIM ROAD, BELFAST, on the night of 23 MARCH 1973"
OP41 - Sinn Féin, "Self-determination for the Irish People," circa 1972 and "Stop strip-searches," circa 1984 [2 items]
OP217 - Unidentified, "Wanted: Irish Freedom," Grand Jury Protest, San Francisco, California, November 14, 1972
OP211 - Unidentified, "£50,000 reward is offered for information leading to the conviction of any person or person guilty of murder or explosions," no date
OP212 - Unidentified, "Boycott Britain at the Olympic Games," circa 1972
OP213 - Unidentified, "The killers' code: 1 'Torture, tar, bullets and bombs are the ways to keep people on our side,'" no date
OP214 - Unidentified, "You wouldn't give a terrorist a gun…so don't let him have your car!," 1972
Other materials
OP223 - Plaque, "In proud memory of two brave Republican soldiers, Sean Sabhat and Fergal O Hanluin who were killed by British Forces at Brookeborough, Co. Fermanagh, on New Year's Day 1957," 1975