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Series 7
Audiovisual material

Scope and Content Note

This series consists of audio recordings related to individual authors. The recordings include poetry readings, lectures, interviews, and recordings of poetry festivals and other events.

Arrangement Note

Arranged in alphabetical order.

Restrictions on Access

Special restrictions apply: Use copies have not been made for audiovisual material in this collection. Researchers must contact the Rose Library at least two weeks in advance for access to these items. Collection restrictions, copyright limitations, or technical complications may hinder the Rose Library's ability to provide access to audiovisual material.

Processing Note

Notes for Richard Aaron/Am Here Books collection of Beats-related recordingss have been transcribed from Aaron's notes accompanying the acquisition.

Box Folder Content
AV2 - Beacham, Jon, "What I saw on the Periphery," 2011 April 19 [original: 16mm]
- - Cohen, Margie, "Memorial Meeting, Durrant's Hotel, London," 1984 October 8 [original: audiocassette]
AV2 - Brakhage, Stan, Lovemaking, undated [original:8 mm]
LP1 - Grubbs, David & Eli Keszler, One and One Less [original: phonograph]
LP1 - Koestenbaum, Wayne Lounge Act [original: LP record]
Richard Aaron/Am Here Books collection of Beats-related recordings
AV1 The Berkeley Poetry Conference, fifth poetry reading, Robert Duncan, introduction by Thomas Parkinson, 1965 July 16 [original: reel to reel]
AV1 The Berkeley Poetry Conference, 11th poetry reading, Robert Creeley, introduction by Robert Duncan, 1965 July 22 [original: reel to reel]
AV1 The Berkeley Poetry Conference, seventh lecture, Robert Creeley, "A Sense of Measure," introduction by Robert Duncan, 1965 July 23 [1] [original: reel to reel]
AV1 The Berkeley Poetry Conference, seventh lecture, Robert Creeley, "A Sense of Measure," introduction by Robert Duncan, 1965 July 23 [2] [original: reel to reel]

Regarding all four tapes of the Berkeley Poetry Conference: "Recording(s) on Scotch brand/3M reels, with printed information stickers on the cases and the tapes. Although issued in an official way by the Language Laboratory, it seems unlikely that the reels would have had much if any commercial life, and their format might imply that they were made to order. It is also not specified that they were made in the year of the conference itself, although clearly they are contemporary. A landmark gathering, the Berkeley Poetry Conference was a dynamic programme of readings, lectures, and seminars."

AV1 Burroughs, William S., "Port of Saints," circa 1965 [original: audio cassette]

"60 minute vintage cassette by WSB [Burroughs] made in the middle to late 1960s (date evidence is Vic Damone song, Selma news reference from 1965, tape process similar to FAMED reading held in April 1965 in NYC--this is probably from around that point--number of radio stations are NYC), tape itself which was in use from middle 60s on. Title is "Port of Saints" (but I think I may have supplied--based on parts of scrapbook that was used in the making of "Port of Saints.") WSB reading his own writings from a variety of sources interspersed with radio broadcasts and static. Quite similar in feel to his scrapbooks. I purchased from William, circa 1971. Sound quality excellent and the effect of auditing is quite similar to the experience of sitting down with a Burroughs scrapbook. Some of the content almost certainly came from the scrapbook that was the basis of "Port of Saints." That book came about as a result of a transcription that I made of one of William's 1960s scrapbooks. I delivered the transcription to William and the next day he called me and told me that he was prepared to publish after some shuffling of the text. So the Covent Garden/Am Here Books first edition was a result."

LP1 da Costa, Noel, "The Free Music Store: Black Music," 1970 January 27 [original: reel to reel]

"Presented by Noel da Costa and friends, recorded at WBAI. Dub from master tape made for KPFK. 1. Hale Smith, "Variations for Violin and Piano," Sanford Allen on violin and Alan Booth on piano. 2. Jacques Coursil, "Forms," Coursil on trumpet, da Costa on Violin, Pat Dixon on cello, David Tzenzon on bass. 3. Jacques Coursil, "Gift," Coursil on trumpet. 4. Noel da Costa, "5 Verses with Vamps," Evalyn Steinbach on cello, David Garvey on piano. 5. Afro-American Singing Theatre, "Improvisations," Ed Taylor, director, Jean Faulkner and Sam Rivers. Highly rare work from this NYC funded operatic group formed by legendary jazz great Sam Rivers."

AV1 Ginsberg, Allen and Gregory Corso, "Beatniks at the University," KPFA recording, 1959 August [original: reel to reel]

"Sound quality excellent. Remarkable recording, a number of poems seem to be uncollected. Poetry reading before a student audience at the University of Chicago. This is not the famed "Howl" reading that was in Chicago earlier in the year as a benefit for Big Table."

AV1 Hollo, Anselm and Nathaniel Tarn, poetry reading, circa 1970 [original: reel to reel]

"Sound quality not great. Tape begins with public reading by Ansel Hollo. Then Tarn reads starting with "Beautiful Contradictions." Reading ends 2/3 of the way through the tape. He mentions that the book had just been published in the United States for the first time, so that would be 1970. I do find a mention of an April 15, 1970 reading by the two poets at the University of Notre Dame. It is quite possible this is a recording of that event. On the box this is described as tape number 2 and it is quite likely that the first part of Anselm Hollo's reading is not present."

AV1 Maclise, Angus and Hetty, Tony Conrad, and Elsyn, "New Jersey tapes," 1968 August [original: reel to reel]

"1. "In the Studio," Hettie [on] organ and tanpura, Tony [on] horn, Angus [on] cimbalom. 2. "Night Wing," Hettie [on] tanpura, Tony [on] horn, Elsyn [on] vocal and flute, Angus [on] drums, Cyzea [on] dulcimer. 3. "Conch Shell," Tony playing conch and horn [with] unattributed string instrument. 4. "Second Night," night sounds and orchestra similar to number two. 5. "Bridge NIght Wing." This work appears to be unknown. It was originally in the Ira Cohen archive and I retained the work before selling the archive."

AV1 Maclise, Angus and Hetty, and Raj (Loren Standlee), "Invasion of the Thunderbold Pagoda," undated

"Title supplied by me but unmistakable with "Maya" section. High quality sound. This is a variant of the work, presumably an outtake. From the Ira Cohen archive, purchased by me in 1971. Retained after sale of the archive. Laid into box is a slip with Ira Cohen address and note stating, 'for B-wind Ekta Master.'"

AV1 Rexroth, Kenneth, KPFA edited excerpts, 1957 March 30 [original: reel to reel]

"A blistering attack on Ezra Pound. Unclear if this was ever broadcast. Quality of tape sound is poor--this may have been salvaged at the time due to the stridency of the argument."

AV1 Sanders, Ed, reading at Atlier East, 1966 February 2 [original: reel to reel]

"Recording made by Paul Blackburn. Excellent sound quality. Sanders had recently had his Peace Eye store busted for pornography and at the end of the reading he gives a long and interesting report on what had happened. The Paul Blackburn tapes are at the University of California, San Diego--where there are four other Sanders tapes of the period. This is one that escaped. A highly important artifact from the 1960s. He announces that the FUGS first album was out and after one month had already sold 10,000 copies--a phenomenal success for a Folkways issue."

AV1 Waldman, Anne, Untethered, commercial recordings, 2017 [original: CD] (2 copies)
AV1 Waldman, Anne, Harry's House, commercial recordings, undated [original: CD]