Series 2
Writings, 1970-2010
Boxes 5-13, 19, 21

Scope and Content Note

This series consists of writings by Seamus Deane and others from 1970-2010. Materials include drafts, proofs, notes, and a small amount of correspondence directly related to the writings.

Deane's writings consist of critical pieces, notebooks, novels, poetry, and translations, demonstrating Deane's range as both critic and creative writer. His critical essays and periodicals, the majority of which pertain to Irish literature, history, and politics, have been grouped chronologically. Many of these drafts are early versions of pieces that appeared in the New Yorker and the Times Literary Supplement, including his dialogue between W.B. Yeats and James Joyce written for the TLS in 1992. Deane's notebooks contain both critical notes and creative writing, including several drafts of poems. Of particular interest are multiple versions of his prize-winning novel Reading in the Dark (1996), a semi-autobiographical work set in the years leading up to the Northern Ireland Troubles. There are also multiple drafts of poems, approximately half of which are from Deane's three volumes of poetry: Gradual Wars (1972), Rumours (1977), and History Lessons (1983). The other drafts are of uncollected and unpublished work. Drafts of collected poems have been grouped by volume, with poems arranged in alphabetical order by title. Uncollected and unpublished works are grouped separately in alphabetical order by title or first line. The series also contains translation materials, including copies of source texts, drafts, and notes. The majority of the translations are by Deane, with the exception of the Italian translation of his poetry volume Gradual Wars.

Writings by others documents Deane's relationships with Irish, British, and American writers. There is a small amount of writing about Deane, including book reviews and a thesis. The majority of the material consists of essays, plays, poems, and short stories sent to Deane by various writers. Of particular note are drafts of poems by Seamus Heaney, including a complete typescript of North with Heaney's corrections. Other notable materials include typescripts of several of Brian Friel's plays for the Field Day Theatre Company, a typescript of Colum McCann's Everything in This Country Must, and plays and short prose by Thomas Kilroy and Hugh Maxton.

Arrangement Note

Arranged in alphabetical order by record type.

Writings by Deane
Box Folder Content
5 1 Book reviews, circa 1973-1997
5 2 Books of criticism, Foreign Affections: Essays on Edmund Burke, preface and introduction
5 3 Books of criticism, An Introduction to Irish Literature, proof
5 4 Edited collections, Field Day Review 6, circa 2010
5 5 Essays and periodicals, 1975-2000 [1 of 2]
5 6 Essays and periodicals, 1975-2000 [2 of 2]
5 7 Essays and periodicals, Deane/Heaney profile for the New Yorker, proofs, March 2000
5 8 Essays and Periodicals, "Politics and Literature" series for the Irish Press, 1970
5 9 Essays and periodicals, undated
6 1 Introduction, Brian Friel's Faith Healer, 1990
6 2 Notebooks [1 of 4]
6 3 Notebooks [2 of 4]
6 4 Notebooks [3 of 4]
21 5 Notebooks [4 of 4]
6 5 Notes
6 6 Novels, Reading in the Dark, complete draft [1 of 2]
6 7 Novels, Reading in the Dark, complete draft [2 of 2]
7 1 Novels, Reading in the Dark, complete draft with corrections
7 2 Novels, Reading in the Dark, draft, "Part One, Chapter Two"
7 3 Novels, Reading in the Dark, draft, "Section One"
7 4 Novels, Reading in the Dark, draft, "Stairs, February 1945" through "Katie's Story, August 1950"
7 5 Novels, Reading in the Dark, draft, "Rats, September 1950" through "Sergeant Burke, October 1954"
7 6 Novels, Reading in the Dark, draft fragments
7 7 Novels, Reading in the Dark, "editing of sections"
7 8 Novels, Reading in the Dark, proof, Alfred A. Knopf [1 of 2]
7 9 Novels, Reading in the Dark, proof, Alfred A. Knopf [2 of 2]
8 1 Novels, Reading in the Dark, proof, Jonathan Cape [1 of 2]
8 2 Novels, Reading in the Dark, proof, Jonathan Cape [2 of 2]
19 8 Novels, Reading in the Dark, proof with corrections, Jonathan Cape
8 3 Novels, Reading in the Dark, table of contents
8 4 Novels, Wizard, draft fragments and notes
8 5 Novels, unidentified work, draft
8 6 Poetry, Gradual Wars, drafts
8 7 Poetry, History Lessons, drafts
8 8 Poetry, Rumours, complete and variant typescripts
8 9 Poetry, Rumours, drafts
8 10 Poetry, Rumours, page proof with corrections, May 1977
8 11 Poetry, Rumours, page proof, circa May 1977
9 1 Poetry, uncollected poems [1 of 2]
9 2 Poetry, uncollected poems [2 of 2]
9 3 Poetry, uncollected sequence, "Late Afternoon Hotel"
9 4 Poetry, untitled poems and fragments
9 5 Radio programs, Raidió Teilifís Éireann (RTE)
21 6 Report and notes on Edward Said, 1999
9 6 Translations by Deane, Field Day Anthology of Irish Writing Volume IV, English translations from the Irish
9 7 Translations by Deane, Gradual Wars in French
9 8 Translations by Deane, Gradual Wars in German
9 9 Translations by Deane, Italian poetry (Zanzotto, Luzi, Ungaretti, Leopardi)
9 10 Translations by Deane, Mac Cumhaigh, Art, "The Chuchyard at Cregan"
9 11 Translations by Deane, Turning Tides: Modern Dutch and Flemish Verse in English Versions by Irish poets, circa 1994
9 12 Translations of Deane, Gradual Wars in Italian
Writings by others about Deane
10 1 Book reviews
10 2 Gori, Lucia, "Temi della poesia e della narrative di Seamus Deane da While Jews Rot," thesis, 1999
10 3 Heaney, Seamus with Brian Barfield, "January Review: The Arts in Ireland," BBC Radio Four Northern Ireland, circa 1972
10 4 Reading in the Dark essays and reviews
Writings by others
10 5 Bennett, Ronan, Reading in the Dark: an adaptation of the novel by Seamus Deane, play, 2000
10 6 Birch, Sister Michele, "And Again the Dance," poem
10 7 Brown, George MacKay, "The Fight at Greenay," short story
10 8 Cantwell, Kevin, Border States, poetry collection
10 9 Clay, Diskin, poems
10 10 Cobey, Patricia, "Jesus," short story
10 11 De Freyne, Leo, "Rendevous (A Romance)," experimental prose
10 12 DeLuna, D.N. and Glenn Burgess, The Political Imagination in History: Essays concerning J.G.A. Pocock, book description
10 13 di Camillo, Kevin Thomas Patrick, poems
10 14 Friel, Brian, Aristocrats, play
11 1 Friel, Brian, Dancing at Lughnasa, play
11 2 Friel, Brian, Faith Healer, play [variant title: Bannermen]
11 3 Griffin, Michael, Thomas Dermody, Selected Writings, Field Day Editions
11 4 Healy, Dermot, poems
11 5 Heaney, Seamus, Belfast Group Worksheet: "Icon", "Limbo", "Wedding Day", "The Last Mummer", "High Street, Belfast, 1786", "Tweed", "Dawn", "Bye-Child" Heaney, Seamus, Belfast Group Worksheet:
11 6 Heaney, Seamus, The Cure at Troy: A Version of Sophocles' Philoctotes, play
11 7 Heaney, Seamus, Electric Light, "In Memory of Rory Kavangh" and "The Gaeltacht," poems
11 8 Heaney, Seamus, Field Work, "Preludes in Glanmore," poems [collected as "Glanmore Sonnets"]
11 9 Heaney, Seamus, Field Work, poems
11 10 Heaney, Seamus, North, complete typescript with corrections [includes "Glanmore Sonnets"]
11 11 Heaney, Seamus, North, Hercules and Antaeus," "On an Ancient Site" [variant title "Belderg"], and "The Digging Skeleton," poems
11 12 Heaney, Seamus, "An Open Letter," typescripts
11 13 Heaney, Seamus, packet of poems [includes "A Villanelle for Marie," "A Toy for Catherine," "A Kite for Michael and Christopher," "A Peacock's Feather," "A Hank of Wool," "A Cart for Edward Gallagher," "A Deer in Glanmore," "Near Anahorish: A Visitation," "New Worlds," and "Late Offerings"]
11 14 Heaney, Seamus, Seeing Things, poems from Part I
11 15 Heaney, Seamus, Seeing Things, poems from "Squarings" sequence
11 16 Heaney, Seamus, Station Island, revisions, "Section XII" and "Chekhov on Sakhalin"
11 17 Heaney, Seamus, Station Island, Sweeney poems
11 18 Heaney, Seamus, Sweeney Astray, typescript
11 19 Heaney, Seamus, uncollected poems, "For a Young Father"
11 20 Heaney, Seamus with Seamus Deane, Seamus Heaney: The Incertus Years, pamphlet, 1989
11 21 Huxley, G.L., "Memories of the Northern Ireland Civil Rights Association and Thoughts Concerning Bloody Sunday," essay, 2001
11 22 Keady, Martin, Brigid McLoughlin, screenplay based on Reading in the Dark, 1999 Reading in the Dark, 1999
12 1 Kilfeather, Siobhán, untitled typescript on 18th-century Irish women writers, circa 2000
12 2 Kilroy, Jon, "The Early Riser (a poem for Rory)"
12 3 Kilroy, Thomas, The Bracken Play, play
12 4 Kilroy, Thomas, Double Cross, play
12 5 Kilroy, Thomas, short prose
12 6 Lerner, Laurence, poems
12 7 Mahon, Derek, "The Last Dane," poem
12 8 Mathews, Aidan C., Exit: A Play in Five Scenes, 1983
12 9 Mathews, Aidan C., poems
12 10 McCann, Colum, Everything in This Country Must, novella and two stories
13 1 McCormack, W.J. [Hugh Maxton], "Bomb Culture," poem
13 2 McCormack, W.J., The Dog in Office: a responsible pantomime, 1983
13 3 McCormack, W.J., Erasmus Series, "Introduction to The Plough and the Stars, essay
13 4 McCormack, W.J., "Swift Mail: Thirty Postcards to a Friend," cover page
13 5 McGahern, John, "May They All Climb Trees: Change in Our Time," essay, circa 1999 [published as "What Ever You Say, Say Nothing"]
13 6 Michaels, Leonard, "Murderers," short story
13 7 Muldoon, Paul, "Paul Muldoon Poetry Reading," transcription, Irish Seminar, Dublin, July 18, 2003
13 8 Muldoon, Paul, untitled play based on James Joyce's "The Dead"
13 9 Ó Crualaoich, Gearóid, Cultural Tradition, essay collection
13 10 O'Grady, Desmond, "These Fields in Springtime," poem
13 11 O'Reilly, Sean, Curfew and other stories, short story collection
13 12 Pine, Richard, "Rough Edges: Commitment in Contemporary Irish drama," essay, 1989
13 13 Rosenberg, Carolyn, "Let Our Gaze Blaze," book chapter, 1979
13 14 Sheehan, Ronan, "Paradise," short story, circa 1991
13 15 Students' essays, University of Notre Dame
13 16 Tate, James, "The Crushing Rose," poem
13 17 Tate, James, short stories
13 18 Tessier, Thomas, poems
13 19 Unidentified author, untitled short story
13 20 Unidentified authors, poems