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Subseries 11.3
Video recordings: VHS tapes, 1977-1997
Boxes 392-397, AV1

Interviews and Features
Box Folder Content
392 1 "JD: Questions on Deliverance, filmed at the University of South Carolina, [1970s?]
392 2 "7:30 Newsroom," JD interviewed by Jim Welch re Jimmy Carter inauguration and "Strength of Fields," South Carolina Educational Television, ca. January 1977
AV1 - "Two Poets, Two Friends" JD and Robert Penn Warren at Lake Katherine (CBS Cabel Presentation) 1982 [original: VHS]
392 4 "News Feature: James Dickey," 60th birthday feature presentation, USC Television, 28 January 1983
392 5 "Art's the Thing," JD discusses and reads from Bronwen, the Traw and the Shape-Shifter, South Carolina public television program, 1984
392 6 "Nightline," JD appears on Ted Koppel program re use of language, 3 September 1986
392 7 Wayfarer: A Voice From the Southern Mountains, JD reading from the book and discussing his collaboration w/ William A. Bake, promotional film for Oxmoor House, Inc., 1988
392 8 "Reading Minds," JD reads from and talks about Wayfarer, program produced by Community Access Television, Nashville, TN, November 1988
392 9 "Author to Author: the Modernist Movement in Poetry," JD and R.W.B. Lewis discuss the topic, Omni Videotape Series, 1990
392 10 "The Rough South: the Stories of Tim McLaurin," introduction by JD, North Carolina Public Television, 1990, w letter [ca 1990] in Series 1
392 11 "The Sacred Word: the Elements of Poetry," features JD in program from Literary Visions series of Maryland Public Television, 1992
392 12 "The Writer's Circle of South Carolina," JD discusses Deliverance, The Whole Motion and Alnilam, South Carolina Public Television 1992
AV1 - "Lord Let Me Die, But Not Die Out: James Dickey, Poet," feature of Encyclopedia Britannica Educational Corporation, n.d. [oiginal: VHS]
393 14 Tales of the Unknown South," JD commentary at beginning and conclusion of "Ashes," dramatized short story by Julia Peterkin, South Carolina Educational Television, n.d. [2 copies]
393 15 JD participating in Appalachian Day at DeKalb Community College, 1 March 1984
393 16 JD reading at Sigma Tau Delta National Convention, Athens State College, Athens, AL, 23 March 1984
393 17 JD reading at Flannery O'Connor Forum, Georgia College, Milledgeville, 27 April 1988; also includes panel discussion w/ JD, William I. Hair, Sarah E. Gordon, and Marion Stowell, 28 April 1988
393 18 "James Dickey: A Poet On His Own Terms" [1987 South Carolina Man of the Year], 1987, [c.2 also includes news item re the award]
393 18a 1987 South Carolinian of the Year, James Dickey
393 19 "James Dickey At 70," University of South Carolina tribute, 1993 [2 copies]
393 20 "James Dickey Day At Austin College, Jerry Leniecum and his English students presenting poetry projects on JD works; also includes JD portrait entitled "Potpourri: An American Poet," 1993
394 21 "James Dickey Tribute," memorial tribute at University of South Carolina, 27 January 1997
Performances of James Dickey Works
394 22 "Call of the Wild," screenplay by JD, Charles Fries production, 1978
394 23 "May Day Sermon," promotion tape for Bridget Hanley dramatic performance of JD poem, 1995
394 24 "May Day Sermon," dramatic performance by Bridget Hanley, n.d.
395 25 "On Stage," performance by storyteller and Celtic harpist, Patrick Bell, California Public Television, 1985
395 26 "Hemingway Award Press Conference," background feature re the award and including press conference led by Pierre Salinger, 11 January 1985
395 27 "The Ritz Paris Hemingway Award: 1985 Inaugural Year," 29 March 1985
395 28 "Tom Dickey of Atlanta," home video of Tom Dickey's collection of Civil War projectiles, 7 May 1987
395 29 "California's Gold: Jack London," recorded from California Public Television w/ letter from Steve Beckham dated 25 May [1988?] [See also: Series 1
395 30 "World War II Night Fighter Reunion, 1990," reunion of 418th Night Fighter Squadron, Cincinnati , 22 May 1990
395 31 "Super Poems," animated program of Edmund Skellings poems read by Edmund Skellings, 1993
395 32 "Jim Northrup: With Reservations," stories of Jim Northrup Anishinaabe/Ojibwe/Chippewa traditions, 1995
395 33 "Mark Van Doren: Portrait of a Poet," feature on the life and work of /van Doren, 1995
395 34 "Two Proud Heritages," program from South Carolina Television series "High Flight," n.d.
395 35 "Troubadours," features musical performances of Ray Bookbender, n.d.
Videocassette Recordings: Other Tapes
396 1 Excerpt from "The Southern Voice," part 2, host, Terry Kay WETV, Atlanta, February 1984 [3/4" videotape]
396 2 "Lord, Let Me Die," South Carolina ETV Network, n.d. [3/4" videotape]
396 3 "Lord, Let Me Die, But Not Die Out," n.d. [beta tape]
396 4 "Personnel Orientation: Supv. Needs To Know," South Carolina ETV Network, n.d. [3/4" videotape]
396 5 "Personnel Orientation: What Is EPMS?" South Carolina ETV Network , n.d., [3/4" videotape]
397 6 SPC V Preview ("damaged"), n.d. [3/4"videotape]
397 7 "2 Poets: Act I," n.d. [3/4" videotape]
397 8 "2 Poets: Act II," n.d. [3/4" videotape]
397 9-10 "SPC IV Sampler: James Dickey," South Carolina ETV Network, n.d. [3/4" videotape]
397 11 Unmarked [3/4" videotape]