Subseries 1.6
Microfilm, 1919-1968
MF 1 - 22

Scope and Content Note

The series consists of microfilm reels of records relating to American Communism, including dissertations about American Communism; Communist periodicals; and other research material. For some of this microfilm, the original letters and documents are present in this collection. For the location of the originals, see the index. Asterisks denote reels containing at least some material that is not present in the collection in the original form.

Box Folder Content
MF1 Asteriou, Socrates James. The Third International and the Balkans, 1919-1945. University of California (Berkeley), 1959
MF2 Auerbach, Jerold Stephen. The LaFollette Committee: Labor and Civil Liberties in the New Deal. Columbia University, 1965
MF 3 Benson, Norman Frank. The Origins and Impact of an American Radicalism: A History of Technocracy, Inc. Ball State University, 1965
MF 4 Betten, Neil Bernard. Catholicism and the Industrial Worker During the Great Depression. University of Minnesota, 1968
MF5 Brooks, Robert R. R. The United Textile Workers of America. Yale University, 1935
MF6 Burnett, James Thomas. American Trotskyism and the Russian Question. University of California (Berkeley), 1968
MF7 Carlson, Lewis Herbert. J. Parnell Thomas and the House Committee on Un-American Activities, 1938-1948. Michigan State University, 1967
MF8 Comerford, Robert J. The American Liberty League. St. John's University, 1967
MF9 Cooke, Robert John. The Political Career of Anna Eleanor Roosevelt: A Study of the Public Conscience. Syracuse University, 1965
MF10 Czarnecki, Edgar Ralph. Factors Affecting the Growth of American Labor Union. Georgetown University, 1967
MF11 Eagles, Keith David. Ambassador Joseph E. Davies and American-Soviet Relations, 19371941. University of Washington, 1966
MF12 Fink, Gary M. The Evolution of Social and Political Attitudes in the Missouri Labor Movement, 1900-1940. University of Missouri (Columbia), 1968
MF13 Foster, Jack R. Union on Trial: The United Mine Workers of America, District No. 11 of Indiana, 1930-1940. Ball State University, 1967
MF14 Fothergill, Garland Wayne. Stalinist Communism and Fascism: A Study in the Ambivalences of New Republic Liberalism. University of Minnesota, 1966
MF15 Gahn, Joseph Anthony. The America of William Gropper, Radical Cartoonist. Syracuse University, 1966
MF16 Gnizi, Haim. V. F. Calverton: Independent Radical. City University of New York, 1968
MF17 Gray, James. The American Civil Liberties Union of Southern California and Imperial Valley Agricultural Labor Disturbances: 1930, 1934. University of California (Los Angeles), 1966
MF18 Hanson, Betty Crump. American Diplomatic Reporting from the Soviet Union, 1934-1941. Columbia University, 1966
MF19 Hareven, Tamara Kern. The Social Thought of Eleanor Roosevelt. Ohio State University, 1965
MF20 Harrison, George Joseph. An Historical Analysis of The Social Frontier: A Journal of Educational Criticism and Reconstruction. Rutgers, 1968
MF21 Heitman, Sidney. Nikolai Bukharin's Theory of Revolution. Columbia University, 1963
MF22 Hoffman, Benjamin Guy. The Political Thought of James Burnham. University of Michigan, 1969
MF23 Kahn, Eleanor Nora. Organizations of Unemployed Workers as a Factor in the American Labor Movement. University of Wisconsin, 1934
MF24 Kane, Norman Jay. Towards a Minority of One: Vito Marchcantonio and American Foreign Policy. Rutgers University, 1968
MF25 Kearney, James Robert III. Anna Eleanor Roosevelt: Years of Experiment, 1884-1940. University of Wisconsin, 1967
MF26 Korey, William. Zinoviev on the Problem of World Revolution, 1919-1927. Columbia University, 1960
MF27 Krueger, Thomas A. The Southern Conference for Human Welfare, 1938-1949. University of Minnesota, 1965
MF28 LaGumina, Salvatore John. Vito Marchcantonio: Labor and the New Deal (1935-40).St. John's University, 1966
MF29 Lapomarda, Vincent Anthony. Maurice Joseph Tobin, 1901-1953: A Political Profile and an Edition of Selected Public Papers. Boston University, 1968
MF30 Leinenweber, Charles Robert. Immigration and the Decline of Internationalism in the American Working Class Movement, 1864-1919. University of California (Berkeley), 1968
MF31 Liebes, Richard Alan. Longshore Labor Relations on the Pacific Coast, 1934-1942. University of California, 1942
MF32 Lipsky, Michael. Rent Strikes in New York City: Protest Politics and the Power of the Poor. Princeton University, 1967
MF33 Lowenfish, Lee Elihu. American Radicals and Soviet Russia, 1917-1940. University of Wisconsin, 1968
MF34 Mabon, David White. The West Coast Waterfront and Sympathy Strikes of 1934. University of California (Berkeley), 1966
MF35 Merkley, Paul Charles. Reinhold Niebuhr: The Decisive Years, 1916-1941: A Study of the Interaction of Religious Faith and Political Commitment in an American Intellectual. University of Toronto, 1966
MF36 Mullay O.P., Sister Camilla M. John Brophy, Militant Labor Leader and Reformer: The CIO Years. Catholic University of America, 1966
MF37 Nelson, Daniel Melvin. The Development of Unemployment Insurance in the United States, 1915-35. University of Wisconsin, 1967
MF38 Novak, Estelle Gershgoren. Proletarian Poetry in the United States: Theory and Practice from 1926 to 1939. University of California (Los Angeles), 1968
MF39 Peck, David Russell. The Development of an American Marxist Literary Criticism: The Monthly New Masses. Temple University, 1968
MF40 Radosh, Ronald. The Development of the Corporate Ideology of American Labor Leaders, 1914-1933. University of Wisconsin, 1967
MF41 Resis, Albert. The Profintern: Origins to 1923. Columbia University, 1964
MF42 Rosenblum, Gerald. Modernization, Immigration, and the American Labor Movement. Princeton University, 1968
MF43 Rosenstone, Robert Allan. The Men of the Abraham Lincoln Battalion: Soldiers and Veterans, 1937-1965. University of California (Los Angeles), 1965
MF 44 Rotter, Seymour. Soviet and Comintern Policy Towards Germany, 1919-1923: A Case Study of Strategy and Tactics. Columbia University, 1954
MF 45 Ryle, James Marchtin. International Red Aid, 1922-1928: The Founding of a Comintern Front Organization. Emory University, 1967
MF 46 Salmond, John Alexander. "Roosevelt's Tree Army:" A History of the. Civilian Conservation Corps, 1933-1942. Duke University, 1967
MF 47 Schneier, Edward Vincent. The Politics of Anti-Communism: A Study of the House Committee on Un-American Activities and its Role in the Political Process. Claremont Graduate School, 1964
MF48 Shapiro, Stanley. Hand and Brain: The Farmer-Labor Party of 1920. University of California (Berkeley), 1967
MF49 Skeels, Jack William. The Development of Political Stability Within The United Auto Workers Union. University of Wisconsin, 1957
MF50 Sofchalk, Donald Gene. The Little Steel Strike of 1937. Ohio State University, 1961
MF51 Stein, Harry Hart. Lincoln Steffens: An Intellectual Portrait. University of Minnesota, 1965
MF52 Urquidi, Donald William. The Origins of the Italian Communist Party, 1918-1921. Columbia University, 1962
MF53 Van Osdell, Jr., John Garrett. Cotton Mills, Labor and the Southern Mind: 1880-1930. Tulane University, 1966
MF54 Wheeler, Robert Hulings Lappe. American Communists: Their Ideology and Their Interpretation of American Life 1917-1939. Yale University, 1953
MF55 Whisenhunt, Donald Wayne. Texas in the Depression, 1929-1933: A Study of Public Reaction. Texas Technological College, 1966
MF56 Wilson, John Scott. Norman Thomas, Critic of the New America. University of North Carolina (Chapel Hill), 1966
MF57 Wolters, Raymond Reilly. The Negro and the New Deal Recovery Program. University of California (Berkeley), 1967
MF58 Yorburg, Betty G. People in Protest: Three Generations of American Socialists. New School for Social Research, 1968
Radical periodicals
MF59 The Coal Digger. 1928-1930
MF60 The Crusader. 1918-1921. [14 different months, number of different issues, incomplete run]
MF61-92 - Daily Worker. August 1, 1929-November 3, 1939
MF93 Farmers' National Weekly. January 30, 1933-January 15, 1934
MF94 Farmers' National Weekly. January 15, 1934-August 21, 1936
MF95 Labor Defender. January 1926-December 1931
MF96 Labor Defender. January 1932-December 1937
MF97 Labor Unity (Chicago). January 1927-February 1935
MF98 Midwest Labor (Duluth). April 2, 1937-February 7, 1941
MF99 Midwest Labor (Duluth). February 14, 1941-February 11, 1944
MF100 New International. Vol. 1, nos. 2, 4, 5, 7-10. May 5, 1917-February, 1918
MF101 Duplicate of Reel 100.
MF102 Southern Worker (Chattanooga). September 1930-September 1937
MF103 United Action (Minneapolis). August 1, 1935-August 20, 1936
MF104 The United Farmer (Bismarck, NO DATE). March 1, 1926-July 1931
MF105 Western Worker. January 1, 1932-September 30, 1935
MF106 Western Worker. October 3, 1935 December 31, 1936
MF107 Y.C.L. Builder. 1932-1936
MF108 The Young Worker (New York). Vols. 1, 9-31. February 1922-December 28, 1931
MF109 The Young Worker (New York). Vols. 10, 14-17. January 4, 1932-April 28, 1936
MF110 The Workers' World. Vol. 1, nos. 1-10, 12-15, 17-35. April 4, 1919-November 28, 1919
Miscellaneous research materials
MF111 Earl Browder material. Microfilm of Draper's correspondence and transcribed interviews with Browder (Original in this collection)
MF112 Browder Expulsion Materials. (See Subseries 1.1: Earl Browder materials)
MF113 Draper correspondence with James P. Cannon: March 2, 1954 - April 8, 1958
MF114 Minutes and Discussion of International Situation by Alexander Bittelman, Earl Browder and others September 14, 1939 - September 16, 1939 (circa 100 pp.)
MF115 Lovestone Material. Includes 5 interviews by Draper with Jay Lovestone (1954) and writings and documents by or about Lovestone. (Originals included in this collection.)
MF116 Josephine Truslow Adams: Correspondence from the F.D.R. Presidential Library (See Subseries 1.2: American Communist Party, 1930-1945)
MF117 Harry L. Wicks Material. 2 theses (1923) re Workers Party Policies; 2 essays and 1 letter (1929) re Lovestone faction; (See Subseries 1.3: American Communism, 1919-1929 for 1923; See Subseries 1.2: American Communism, 1930-1945 for 1929)
MF118 Interviews and Letters: Cyril Briggs - 7 letters, 1958; Sam Darcy - 3 interviews, 1957; William F. Kruse - memorandum, 1958 re the Negro question; Maurice Spector - interview, 1957; Albert Weisbord - interview, 1958; 2 talks, 1958; Zack Kornfeder - 6 letters, May-June, 1954 and April 1958
MF119 Herbert Benjamin Material: Reports and letters (1936-1940) re Unemployment Movement (related material in Box 17, folder 15)
MF120 Tenth National Convention Discussion Bulletin, no date From Robert Minor Papers, Columbia University
MF121 Bound Source Material - Communist Party Documents (See Subseries 1.2: American Communism, 1930-1945)
MF122 Gitlow Exhibits used in connection with Browder vs. The Communist Party. Excerpts of radical pamphlets and periodicals, letters, and minutes of meetings