Series 6
Biographical information and memorabilia, 1905-1979
Box 30-32

Scope and Content Note

Series 6 contains biographical information and memorabilia from 1905 to 1967. Files of academic correspondence and records deal with White’s studies at Emory College (1905-1908), Columbia University (1910-1923), and University of Chicago (1923-1927). Included are the references White gathered in 1910 and 1911 for application to graduate school and copies of his master’s thesis from Columbia University (1911) and his doctoral dissertation from the University of Chicago (1927).

Another group of biographical folders deal with White’s service as a psychologist in the U. S. Army in 1918. This group contains his personal army records and correspondence (1918-1919), notes taken in training (1918), reports prepared for the army (1918), copies of The Caduceus published at Camp Gordon, Georgia (1918-1919), and part of a World War I personnel manual. The reports include psychological studies of black soldiers.

Other materials in the biographical series are an undated typescript of reminiscences, biographical fact sheets, certificates and awards, clippings, programs of special events (mostly academic) in which White participated, and photographs. In addition, there are materials relating to his wife Helen Chappell White, his son Chappell White, his mother Florrie Cook, and his brother-in-law Frank Chappell.

One box of memorabilia contains a notebook White kept on various Phi Beta Kappa and Emory University matters, appointment books (1950-1967), bookplate, and a souvenir paper weight and medal.

Arrangement Note

Box 32 is comprised entirely of memorabilia.

Box Folder Content
30 1 Academic records: Emory College, 1905-1908
30 2 Academic records: References, 1910-1911
30 3 Academic records: Columbia University, 1910-1923
30 4 The Ethical Psychology of Herbert Spencer, MA thesis, Columbia University, 1911
30 5 Academic records: University of Chicago, 1923-1927
30 6 The Work Curve in Memorizing, PhD dissertation, University of Chicago, 1927
30 7 Notes and drafts, The Work Curve in Memorizing
30 8 Test sheets for preparation of The Work Curve in Memorizing
30 9 Army records and correspondence, 1918-1919, undated
30 10 Military service: Notes and reports, 1918
30 11 Military service: Miscellaneous records, printed matter, 1918
31 1 Reminiscences, biographical fact sheets
31 2 Certificates, awards, 1914-1957, undated
31 3 Clippings, 1923-1957
31 4 Clippings: Phi Beta Kappa Presidency, 1952
31 5 Clippings, 1954-1957
31 6 Clippings: Selection of successor, 1956
31 7 Programs, 1929-1951
31 8 Programs, 1954-1967
31 9 Programs, 1958-1962, undated
31 10 Photographs
31 11 Writings of Helen Chappell White, 1934-1937
31 12 Clippings: Helen Chappell White, 1953-1955
31 13 Clippings: Helen Chappell White, Florrie Cook, and Frank Chappell
32 Notebook: Phi Beta Kappa (Emory's Gamma Chapter and United Chapters) and Emory University
32 Appointment books, 1950-1967
32 Bookplate
32 Paper weight (from American Iron and Steel Institute, 1955)
32 Medal (60th anniversary of Life of Georgia)
32 Southern Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools, Commission on Curricular Problems and Research, A roll call of southern educational groups. Lexington, KY: University of Kentucky, 1946.