Subseries 2.1
"Witness to the Holocaust" television series recordings, 1978-1981
Boxes 25-26, 71-72

Scope and Content Note

Subseries consists of video recordings of a television series produced by the Witness to the Holocaust project. The Emory University Center for Research in Social Change began production of the series, entitled "Witness to the Holocaust," in April 1979. An interview with Major General George T. Duncan was filmed in November 1978, and it served as the prototype. It aired over Channel 5 (CBS-WAGA) and Channel 30 (PBS-Atlanta Public Schools). Copies of these programs were distributed to national PBS officials and to other institutions in West Germany, Israel and the United States. Several educational institutions in the United States purchased the series to use in conjunction with Holocaust courses. A second set of programs was produced in May 1981. This entire series aired over the educational network in Miami, Fla., starting in December 1981.

Arrangement Note

Arranged in chronological order by air date.

Restrictions on Access

Special restrictions apply: Researchers must contact MARBL in advance to access audiovisual materials in this subseries.

Box Folder Content
25 1 11/7/78: Major General George T. Duncan (Ohrdruf)
25 2 4/23/79: Dr. Douglas Unfug (historian), Major General George T. Duncan (Ohrdruf)
25 3 4/23/79: Fred Roberts Crawford (Dachau and POW camp)
25 4 4/30/79: Meir Kahane (Conference of Jewish Activists)
25 5 [5/7/79: Frank A. Bezares, Cantor Isaac Goodfriend, Sylvia Becker: no recording in collection]
25 6 5/7/79: Dr. David R. Blumenthal, Dr. Manfred Hoffman and Dr. Jack Boozer (professors at Emory in religion)
25 7 5/21/79: Sally Chase (Auschwitz survivor)
25 8 [5/21/79]: William A. Scott (Buchenwald) and Alex Gross (Buchenwald survivor)
25 9 6/4/79: John Glustrom (Buchenwald), Leo Pine (Buchenwald) and Dennis E. Wile (Buchenwald)
25 10 6/4/79: Thomas J. Spruill (Dachau) and Jesse Lafoon (Dachau)
25 11 4/16/81: Lilli Kopecky (Secretary General of the Public Committee of Auschwitz and Other Concentration Camp Survivors in Israel, Auschwitz survivor)
25 12 4/16/81: Bert Weston (Ebensee)
25 13 4/21/81: William Ned Cartledge (Gardelegen Massacre) and Matthew Nesbitt (Bergen-Belsen)
25 14 4/21/81: Fred Bohm (Nordhausen) and William B. Lovelady (Nordhausen)
26 15 5/14/81: Reverend Albert C. Wildman (Wobbelin), Frank A. Bezares (Gunskirchen) and Major General George T. Duncan (Ohrdruf)
26 16 5/14/81: Kaethe Solomon (Witness to the Holocaust Project) and Reverend Albert C. Wildman (Wobbelin)
26 17 5/28/81: Iris Mitchell Bolton, Colonel Curtis Mitchell (Bergen-Belsen) and Representative Edouard V. M. Izac (Buchenwald, Dachau, Nordhausen)
26 18 5/28/81: Dr. James W. May (Tasha labor camp, Nordhausen) and Lieutenant General William W. Quinn (Dachau)
25 Unidentified VHS cassette, Blumenthal - Religious Implications, undated
71-72 Preservation masters