Subseries 2.2
Publications, 1979-1988
Box 27

Scope and Content

This subseries consists of monographs and periodicals published by the Witness to the Holocaust project, included reprints of books written by liberators and a journal combining articles written by witnesses with scholarly articles on the Holocaust. Reprints include four 1945 publications received from liberators, some written and published by Army units, and a compilation of transcribed talks given at Emory University by Lilli Kopecky, a survivor of Auschwitz.

Arrangement Note

Arranged in chronological order by publication date.

Box Folder Content
27 1 The Seventy-First Came ... to Gunskirchen Lager, reprinted 1979. [Donated to the Project by Frank A. Bezares.]
27 2 Dachau, reprinted 1982 (2nd edition). [Donated to the Project by Jesse Lafoon.]
27 3 Atrocities and Other Conditions in Concentration Camps in Germany, Report of the Committee Requested by General Dwight D. Eisenhower through the Chief of Staff, General George C. Marshall to the Congress of the United States, reprinted [1982?]
27 4 In the Shadow of the Flames: Six Lectures on the Holocaust by Lilli Kopecky, 1982.
27 5 KZ: Bildbericht aus funf Konzentrationslagern, ["A Pictorial Report from Five Concentration Camps"], reprinted 1983.
27 6 Emory Studies on the Holocaust, [Volume 1], [1985], edited by Dr. David R. Blumenthal
27 7 Emory Studies on the Holocaust an Interfaith Inquiry, Volume 2, [1988], edited by Susan M. Hanover and Dr. David R. Blumenthal