Series 2
Election material, 1930-2001
Boxes 7-14

Scope and Content Note

The Election materials series, 1930-2001, (3.5 ft.) contains three subseries: Membership, Nomination and Correspondence. The Membership subseries consists of the frequently updated membership roster (with new initiates) and the related requests for information regarding existing members. It also contains Membership memorabilia such as printer's blocks, stamps and keys(contained in box 8) and Membership cards(boxes 9 and 10). As all members were eligible to vote in the biannual elections, the chapter went to great lengths to keep a current listing of members-in-course, as well as alumni, honorary and associate members. The Nomination subseries is further subdivided at the folder level into Student Nominations and Alumni Nominations, with Honorary Membership nomination subsumed under the latter. In practice, student nomination materials were lists of eligible students along with their GPA (though other factors including academic leadership were taken into account), that were then commented on by the election committee. Alumni and Honorary nominations took the form of a personal recommendation from Phi Beta Kappa members that often included a CV and biographical information. When the election committee had finished making its nominations successful candidates were contacted by the secretary with an invitation to membership. The Correspondence subseries contains these letters of invitation and the acceptance (and occasional rejection) letters from nominees. Initially the chapter only archived letters of acceptance but from 1960 onwards both the outgoing letters of invitation and the responses were preserved. This is reflected in the folder headings.

Arrangement Note

Organized into three subseries: (2.1) Membership, (2.2) Nomination and (2.3)Correspondence.

Description of Subseries