Series 3
Events, 1929-1983
Boxes 15-17

Scope and Content Note

The Events series, 1929-1983 (1.5ft) is divided into four subseries: Banquets, Triennial Councils Addresses and Visiting Scholars. The Banquets sub-series covers a series of individual and periodic events sponsored by the chapter. These include the Chapter Installation banquet, a banquet for Princeton Dean Christian Gauss in honor of Emory's Centennial celebration, Spring and Fall Initiation dinners (prior to the late 1950s this information is contained in the Secretary's papers), Atlanta Area Dinners (a chapter-sponsored event through the 1960s) and the 25th and the 50th anniversaries of the chapter's founding. The Triennial Councils sub-series contains the records of three Triennial councils (1937, 1961, 1967) that generated significant amounts of correspondence. This is especially true for the 1937 Triennial council which was hosted by the Emory chapter. The minimal correspondence related to other triennial councils is contained in the Secretary's files under United Chapters Correspondence. The Addresses subseries contains the text of the periodic public academic addresses that were a part of the Chapter's functions and role as a liberal arts honor society. These are archived from 1929 up to 1960 and include one address from 1971. The sub-series for "Visiting Scholars" takes up where the "Addresses" sub-series leaves off beginning in 1957. The Visiting Scholar program was established at the Triennial council of 1955. Selected academics were sent on tours of Phi Beta Kappa's chapters where they spent two days attending classes, meeting members and giving a public lecture.

Arrangement Note

Organized into five subseries: (3.1) Banquets, (3.2) Triennial Councils, (3.3) Addresses, (3.4) Visiting scholars, and (3.5) 50th Anniversary Symposium.

Description of Subseries