Series 3
Audiovisual material, 1985-2003
Boxes 13-16

Scope and Content Note

The Audio-Visual series is divided into subseries according to the medium of production. These include images (photographs and slides) as well as VHS and U-Matic 60 tape cassettes, all corresponding to events sponsored by the department. The photographs have been foldered chronologically. Within the folders, photos from specific events have been grouped in separate envelopes with the event flyer clipped to the front. Unlabelled photos have been labeled as such and enclosed within the date range that their original placement suggests. All slides are contained in a single box and remain in the organization in which they arrived in the archive. Labeled but undated materials, organized alphabetically, and those with no labels whatsoever are contained in box 16 along with several of the U-matic tapes. All of the original camcorder tapes have also been copied onto VHS and are found labeled and dated in box 15. Unlabelled VHS tapes have not been viewed to determine content.

Arrangement Note

Organized into two subseries: (3.1) Images and (3.2) Video recordings.

Restrictions on Use and Reproduction

Special restrictions apply: Researchers must contact MARBL in advance to access audiovisual material in this series.

Description of Subseries