Subseries 2.1
Writings by J. Willis Hurst, 1966-2007
Boxes 2-3

Scope Content Note

Writings by J. Willis Hurst include speeches, drafts of research papers and articles, and typescripts submitted for publication. Writings pertain to cardiology related concerns and techniques, pedagogy, medical cases, and other topics. One undated typescript is about Lyndon B. Johnson.

Restrictions on Access

Special restrictions apply: Selected materials are closed to research until 2057 in accordance with Emory University Archives access policy for doctor/patient records.

Box Folder Content
2 9 Speeches, 1966-1973and undated
2 10 Writings by Hurst, 1972-2007 and undated
2 11 Typescript, J. Willis Hurst about Lyndon B. Johnson, undated
2 12 "Arteriovenous fistulas following abdominal hysterectomy," article manuscript and research materials, undated
2 13 "Electrocardiography", 7226-1 11, paper draft, undated
2 14 "The heart and neoplastic diseases," typescript, undated
3 1 "Abnormalities of the S-T Segment," typescript, 1995
3 2 "Self-learning clinical medicine under the guidance of a true teacher," pre-print, undated
3 3 "Teaching medicine: The use of the problem list as a teaching tool," typescript intended for publication, undated
3 4 "Thoughts about the abnormalities in the electrocardiogram of patients with acute myocardial infarction with emphasis on a more accurate method of interpreting S-T segment displacement," typescript, undated
3 5 "Stethoscope inspection," typescript, undated and clipping 2009; print of 1964 article "Ausculation of the heart" by J. Willis Hurst and Robert Schlant
3 6 Patient chart book: Senator Walter F. George, 1957 [RESTRICTED until 2057: CR]
3 7 Bedside notes: Senator Walter F. George; Dooly Hospital, Vienna, GA, 1957 [RESTRICTED until 2057: CR]